Companies That Offer Military Discounts

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 27, 2023

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To appreciate your relentless service, Moving Feedback has compiled a list of moving companies that discount military members and veterans.

Companies That Offer Military Discounts

We understand that you want your relocation as a new army recruit or a veteran soldier to be timely, cost-effective and stress-free, regardless of the reason behind the move whether you are on temporary duty or changing your station permanently.

These military discounts will ease the cost of your upcoming move, whether you are going for truck rentals, shipping services, moving companies, or storage facilities. Moving from one place to another can come with a high price, and even doing it more often can lead one into debt regardless of your entitlements.

To make it through a move without breaking the bank, you will need to be efficient and also take advantage of every possible military discount available to you as well as any money-saving tips available to you.

The movers we researched are available across the country, although most local movers offer military discounts. Locate the movers nearest to you to figure out your options.

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Top Moving Companies that Offer Military Discounts

Whether you just joined the army or a high-ranked officer facing a permanent change of station (PCS) or temporary duty (TDY) assignment, we understand you need a cost-efficient, timely, and stress-free way to move.

To narrow your search for moving assistance, we gathered a list of movers that offer moving discounts and deals for military members (with identification). You can easily locate movers that recognize and appreciate the sacrifice you and your family make.

You can access the companies we researched anywhere in the country, but lots of local movers offer military discounts. Get military discounts from these best moving companies:

1. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines offers discounts close to 50% for members of American Legion and Veteran Advantage. Speak with any of their representatives for other discounts.

There are lots of risks involved in packing up your items and transporting them when moving from one place to another regardless of the distance involved.

The possibility that your belongings might break while in transit is inevitable, but with FVP, you can be sure you won’t be paying to repair or replace any of your damaged possessions. Full Value Protection (FVP) is a premium moving coverage you generally pay additional for.

Protection worth about $100,000 is being offered free of charge by North American Van Lines on every military relocation. The company also offers military discounts in packing, protection plans, relocation and storage services, as well as tariff rates (when crossing state lines).

North American also offers full value protection worth up to $100,000 with no deductible to Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

For more information on military discounts from North American, contact their local office nearest to you as each location offers different discount options. North American Van Lines is also one of our top interstate moving companies.

2. Oz Moving & Storage

This company offers a 10% discount to military members for all local relocation services and is available in New Jersey, California, and New York. OZ Moving also offers a 5% discount on long-distance moves to military members.

This company is very friendly with active military and veterans due to their courage and services rendered to the country to protect it and its citizens. Oz gladly offers moving discounts to active, veteran, and retired military members of the U.S. Army, Marines, Reserves, Navy, and Air Force.

Oz’s teams of moving experts provide varieties of moving services to military and veteran families on local and long-distance moves, planning your move, packing your possessions, loading and unloading them, as well as unpacking them if you require additional help to settle in your new home.

Oz Moving crew will show uttermost respect to the veteran, their families, as well as their belongings when they are ready to relocate.

Oz also provides free moving boxes for military members and veterans alongside the 10% discount. Oz Moving is also one of our best New York movers.

Truck Rental Companies that Offer Military Discounts

If you are moving to a new base under a personally procured move (PPM), and you opt for the DIY options for this military move, then you are fortunate to have options.

There is 20% discount from Budget to active military members and 10% from Penske on moving truck rentals for both active military members and veterans.

Here are picks for rental truck companies that offer military discounts:

1. Budget Truck Rental

The company offers a whole 30% off your moving truck rental. The Budget also offers a 15% discount on its rental cars if you are far from your privately owned vehicle and need a car to drive.

Using the discount code USMIO, military members in the United States traveling with order gets 20% off their moving truck rental.

However, this discount is only available to active military members possessing traveling orders, and it doesn’t affect taxes, damage waivers, fees, and other additional costs.

Customers are required to make an online reservation on and enter the promo code to redeem the offer. Upon confirmation of the rental deposit, the customer will be sent a confirmation number.

Note: A combination of discounts with any other discounts, coupons, offers, special promo, or commercial rates is not allowed. Discount rates may vary depending on the location and season. Fees, taxes, and surcharges are additional.

Customers must be of Budget age with credit, and driver requirements.

Consult our full review on Budget, which contains their pricing, customer service, as well as little hidden fees.

2. Penske Truck Rental

This company offers military discounts on moving truck rentals at its over 2200 locations across the country. The website states that 10% off is automatically added to your 1-way rental online reservation.

An additional 10% will also be added when you show them your military ID card during the pickup of your rental truck. Penske also assists both active and veteran military members by providing them a specialized call center to help them all through their DIY moves.

Penske is the main company here when looking for one that honors service members. The company employs recruits and supports military veterans and is also in partnership with Support Military Spouses to act as courier service to military families and partners.

NB: This discount is only available to active military members possessing traveling orders, and it doesn’t affect taxes, damage waivers, fees, and other additional costs.

You only need to show them proof of your military or veteran status during pickup of your rental truck to qualify for the discounted offer regardless of the rank you belong to.

Moving Container and Storage Companies that Offer Military Discounts

These options allow much-discounted rates for military personnel. Not less than four best moving containers and storage companies offer military discounts from 10% to 50%.

Apart from this list, Zippy Shell and other moving container companies also offer little discounts to military members often.

1. U-Pack

Consider U-Pack for your next moving container option. U-Pack offers extra discounts to military personnel. You only have to select your relocation date and moving equipment, whether a freight trailer or ReloCube.

The company will see that it is delivered to your new station. To save 50% on your military move, enter the code MIL50 when booking with U-Pack.

This implies that 50% will be taken care of by U-Pack on your moving cost. Fortunately, the discount is applicable to your overall bill, which includes fuel costs, protection plans as well as other additional fees. Make sure you inform them that you are in the military when making reservations.

When you receive a discount on your move from U-Pack or any other container company, you will be able to stay within budget or even below it so you can keep the difference to yourself.


10% will be deducted off your local move if you are an active military member or a veteran, and this includes storage and after delivery fees.

You can only use the 10% from PODS if there is no bigger discount available, but we will grab any opportunity to save cost any time. When moving long-distance, PODS also offers 30 days free storage to customers.

You only need to contact PODS and tell them you are or have been in the military to be eligible for the discount. PODS will then pick up the loaded container and deliver it to your specified destination.

Although the military discounts offered by PODS only apply to local moves, it comes with great help when moving off base, out of dorms, or into a bigger home.

Although you cannot combine the discount with another offer, it will still help you save some money on the moving cost.


This company set out to help move members of the military with their local and long-distance relocations. Using the code MILOFF20, active military members will get $20 off their moving and storage services. SMARTBOX stated that the discount is perfect for all the arms of the military.

The company will help you with secure and safe moving and storage services of your belongings, whether you are being deployed or going for basic training. The discount can be used by any branch of the military and can be used on both moving and storage services.

Military moves always include family members due to frequent relocations and transfers from one location to another. SMARTBOX provides you with moving and storage services that allow you and your family to move with ease.

NB: Once eligible for the discount, you cannot combine it with any other discount from SMARTBOX.

4. CubeSmart

Contact CubeSmart for short or long term self-storage unit for your belongings. The storage company offers a 10% discount to all active military members, together with other promotions or specials that are available at the moment of your move. Just present your military ID to them immediately after you receive your unit to receive the discount.

You can only find the best military storage discounts with CubeSmart. Unlike others, CubeSmart allows you to combine the 10% discount with any other available discounts.

You can save a lot of money with CubeSmart when you combine several storage discounts such as a discount on online booking and referral discounts.

5. RightSpace Storage

This company has its locations in the United States and is a leading self-storage company. The company offers the first-month offer with a rate if you make an online reservation as well as 5% after you move. Reservation can also be made in-store, and you still get your 5% discount.

The military discount from RightSpace is applicable after the first free month (if any) and can be used on any storage unit size. We are yet to write reviews on RightSpace Storage – coming soon.

Car Shipping Services that offer Military Discount

1. uShip

Consider uShip for all kinds of shipping (car, boat, boxes, or mattress) services. The online marketplace is in partnership with TroopID to offer discounts and promos exclusively to active members, veterans, and retired military members as well as their spouses up to 50% on their relocation. We are yet to write reviews on uShip – coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions on Military Discounts

How much of my move will the military discounts cover?

For movers, it is based on the company. The amount of time given to you based on your rank and the distance of your move will determine the amount of your move that will be covered by the military discount.

Consult the entitlement calculator at the Defense Department to determine what the military will pay for or how many items you are permitted to move. Everything is covered, including pets and POVs.

Which type of military discount will save you the most money?

This depends on the discount and the overall costs of your move. Generally, discounts are given in percentage of your charge if your relocation is expensive, while the greater difference is shown on cheaper moves when given a cash discount. Below is a comparison between a move that costs $100 and $1000 on how each type applies.

You would save more on $1,000 move when you apply PODS 10% discount to your container rental but not much on the $100 move. You would, however, save a higher percentage from the $100 move with a discount that deducts a fixed amount from the overall moving cost.

A $50 discount from U-Pack would leave a huge difference in a $1,000 move. If the discounts are almost the same, make sure you include any fees that could add to the overall cost to see the cheaper option from each company’s total.

Regardless of the amount gotten from the discount, you can still spend it on the move by hiring someone from HireAHelper or TaskRabbit to help you carry your belongings to and from the moving truck or moving container.

Is there tax-deductible on military moving expenses?

There are certain time and distance tests that you must pass to deduct moving expenses. Only active-duty members of the Armed Forces can skip the tests if they are moving based on a permanent change of station. Deduction of unreimbursed relocation expenses can be made on Form 3903.


Check the wide network of reputable and reliable national moving companies on for both local and long-distance movers that offer military discounts. All of these companies possess relevant licenses and are insured, so there is no cause for alarm when hired.

Please be aware that even if a company advertises military discounts, it doesn’t mean its entire locations offer the discount at the same rate. So be sure to ask of this when looking for a company to hire.

Below is the list of top moving companies that provide military discounts as summarized:

  • North American Van Lines: Full-value protection (FVP) added on moves as well as discounts on other services
  • Oz Moving & Storage offers 10% and 5% off on local and long-distance moves respectively.
  • Budget offers 20% off moving truck rentals
  • Penske: offers 20% off moving truck rentals
  • U-Pack: offers $50 off moves
  • PODS: offers 10% off local moves
  • SMARTBOX: offers $20 local moves
  • CubeSmart: offers 10% off self-storage
  • RightSpace Storage offers 5% off self-storage