Budget Rental Truck Review 2024

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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The center ground between hiring an expensive full-service moving company and requesting for your friend’s truck to relocate your belongings are truck rentals. Budget Truck Rental is one of the renowned truck rental services in the United States.




Budget Truck Rental

  • Highly Professional
  • No hidden fees
  • Budget-friendly pricing

Budget Truck Rental is cheaper compared to U-Haul, and it also offers some kind of discount to customers, although it doesn’t have many trucks size in its collection.

With over 1,100 locations in all of the 48 states, Budget truck rental has a great number of extra equipment and services in its selection. Due to the ever-competitive mileage rates and as well as recurring promotions, this truck rental service is rated as the best value.

Budget truck rental might equal or beat the cheaper quote you received from other truck rental services out there. The company provides you with easy and trusted relocation van rentals at no killer costs. It also has discounts that match almost every customer’s budget and is available nationwide.

Let’s look at what the company has to offer by reviewing some of the frequently asked questions of the consumers of the company.

Budget Truck Rental at a Glance

The low base rates (affordability) offered by Budget Truck Rental is what gives it the strength to rule others in the industry. The company relates with DIY movers on how to embark on the journey without breaking the bank. Car rentals are the main business at which people recognize Budget, which you probably might have used during vacation or business trip.

However, the company also has a truck rental branch, which is saddled with the responsibility of delivering affordable services for movers, small businesses, or large businesses.

The budget makes their services available to everyone with their presence in over 1,700 locations in the United States and with 30,000 trucks in their fleet.

How does Budget Truck Rental work?

Similar to other truck rental companies out there, Budget provides you with two options which are either to rent a moving truck for 24 hours making round trip relocation within your locality, or a multi-day 1-way trip to relocate to another state or city. Be prepared to pay just a 24 hours rate if you are moving locally.

If however, your move requires more than that, then you will have to pay based on the number of days. Compared to other truck rental companies, the Budget gives you mileage on long-distance relocation.

Similarly, there are always discounts available for you with the Budget. To view your options, click on the Deals part on the website.

What Size of the Truck does Budget Rental Truck offer?

If you are looking to rent a truck from Budget, then you are in great luck, as they provide you with full details about the available sizes of their moving truck. Budget offers just three standard sizes, unlike some truck rental companies that offer numerous options making it difficult for customers to choose.

The three truck size discussed below has the capabilities of taking care of any type of relocation, be it studio move or large family home:

12 ft. Small Truck

This size is Budget’s smallest truck in size. For an individual relocating to college with just normal dorm room’s stuff, this truck size is perfect. For those relocating their studio apartments as well, this truck is also a perfect fit.

The truck is also a good option for those relocating in or close to the larger city due to its size and ease of parking. The 12ft truck can haul about 3,100 pounds with 120 medium moving boxes or 1–5 medium-sized furniture items as reported by Budget.

The company, however, suggests that it would be nice to upgrade to the next truck size, which is 16ft so as to avoid uncertainties if you are relocating to a long distance.

Below is a brief look at some important features of Budget’s small Truck:

  • Rear Door Height: 5’5
  • Rear Door Width: 5’11
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 10,050 lbs
  • Miles Per Gallon: 8–14 MPG
  • 2 seats
  • Clearance: 9’0
  • Interior Length: 10’0
  • Interior Height: 6’0
  • Interior Width: 6’3
  • 380 Cubic feet
  • Payload Weight: 3,610 lbs
  • Miles Per Gallon: 8-14 MPG

16 ft. Medium Truck

This truck size is known as Budget’s most widely known truck rental option; as it is mostly used by people planning to relocate a 1- bedroom or small home. This medium size truck should have the capability to hold 3–4 bedrooms conveniently.

It is noted by Budget that these medium-sized trucks are perfect for moving small businesses as well. The truck size can haul 3,500 pounds, with 250 medium relocation boxes or 1–10 medium furniture items.

This truck size also has the capability to load ramp with towing capacity, unlike the 12ft truck.

Below is a brief look at some important features on Budget’s medium Truck:

  • 830 Cubic Feet
  • Payload Weight: 5,524 lbs
  • Load Ramp Width: 2’ ⅜”
  • Clearance: 11’
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 12,000 – 12,500 lbs
  • Rear Door Height: 6’1
  • Rear Door Width: 7’4
  • Two seating
  • Interior Length: 16’
  • Interior Height: 6’7
  • Interior Width: 6’3
  • Load Ramp Capacity: 1,000 lbs
  • Miles per Gallon: 6-10MPG

26 ft. Large Truck

This particular size might be a perfect fit for your move if you are relocating your family to a new home. The truck is nicely designed for long-distance relocation and can conveniently take care of 2–3 bedroom home moves.

It is noted by Budget that these large-sized trucks are perfect for moving any size of business.

The truck size can haul 12,000 pounds, with 500 medium relocation boxes or 1–15 medium furniture items. This truck size also has the capabilities to load ramp and tow vehicle. The truck is not ideal for smaller relocation and as such is not recommended, even though it is perfect for larger relocation of 5–8 rooms.

Below is a brief look at some important features present on Budget’s large Truck:

  • Load Ramp Capacity: 1,000 lbs
  • Payload Weight: 9,180 lbs
  • Clearance: 13’
  • Rear Door Height: 6’7
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 26,000 lbs
  • Interior Length: 26’
  • Miles per Gallon: 8-10MPG
  • 3 seating
  • Interior Height: 8’1
  • Rear Door Width: 7’10
  • Load Ramp Width: 2’ ⅜”
  • Cubic Feet: 830
  • Interior Width: 8’1

What are other services offered by Budget Truck Rental?

A great number of additional features are being offered by Budget Truck Rentals at a most affordable rate to make your relocation much comfortable. The accessories are, however, available based on arrival (first come, first served).

The following equipment can be added to your truck rental based on your needs:

  • Hand trucks: This is an L-shaped, 2 wheeled hand trucks which are very useful in moving heavy home appliances and many boxes without causing any damages to the stairs.
  • Car carriers: These trailers are perfectly fit for 4-wheel vehicles and a drive that involves all-wheels. The highest weight car carriers can carry 4,055 lbs and a width of 6ft 7inches.
  • Car dolly: Using a car dolly will help reduce the accumulation of mileage to your car. You will be able to pull your car to the back of the rental truck as the car dolly lifts the front wheels off the ground. Available car dollies can lift both 16ft and 24ft trucks on 1-way relocation.
  • Furniture moving pads: With these pads, your furniture gets prevented from scuffing and also enables you to wrap fragile items. Moving pads can be added to any moving truck or van rental.
  • Plate-Pass: When you drive pass toll gates, plate-pass saves you more time.

What are the Costs of Renting Budget Moving Van Rental?

Although the Budget offers a base rate that is cheaper than its competitors, however, that doesn’t make the company the cheapest in the industry. It is generally known that Budget can request additional fees during the move, meaning that you may later find yourself paying beyond the initial total in your quote while delivering excellent service.

You will pick up and drop off your moving truck at the same place in local relocation. You can return your moving truck to another place from where you picked it up in Budget’s 1-way moving truck rentals. Details of how costs are being fixed to both local and 1-way relocation are as follows:

Mileage is a major determinant in the difference between Budget’s rental cost for local relocation and 1-way relocation. The total number of miles you drive determines the mileage cost in local relocations while 1-way relocation is different, as it includes estimated mileage in the general cost.

If you are relocating to a different state, 1-way relocation will suit your needs but note that rental costs vary from one state to another. This means that your total cost could increase or decrease based on the states you are relocating from and to.

The full breakdowns between local and one-way moves are stated below:

Local Move

  • Taxes and fees
  • Mileage (cost/mile)
  • Cost for Budget truck (daily)
  • Day of the week (Booking on Sunday through Thursday is cheaper than over the weekend)
  • Any additional, such as a Budget trailer rental
  • Gas
  • $150 deposit
  • Any liability chosen coverage

One-way Move

  • Day of the week (Booking on Sunday through Thursday is cheaper than over the weekend)
  • Cost for Budget truck (daily)
  • Mileage (included)
  • Taxes and fees
  • Any liability chosen coverage
  • Gas
  • $150 deposit

Any additional, such as a Budget trailer rental

Once you do not pass the time allocated to you for the truck usage, return with gas that is not up to the one in the tank before pick up, or come back with a dirty truck, the $150 deposit will be refunded to you without cutting a change from it. Although it may take a week for the deposit to get to your bank account, just plan it well.

Hidden fees: Budget is known to hit their customers with unexpected fees, although its base rates are low. These hidden fees could add extra bucks to your total bill. Some of the hidden bills are stated below:

  • Per-mile fee: You will be asked to pay a rate per mile for local moves, and that could be a minimum of $0.60 and a maximum of $1.00. We strongly recommend that you talk with a representative in your location to see if you can negotiate a little, as some old customers were able to cut down higher rates.
  • Gas fee: Since the overall cost of gas depends on how many miles you travel, it is therefore not added to your truck rental rate. We also advise you to keep this vital point in kind while you go shopping or spend money on other stuff. Gas fees can be much based on the distance you are relocating.
  • No-show fee: Reservations can still be canceled at about 48hours before your pick-up time. It will then cost you $50.00 to cancel after the 48hrs grace period.
  • Late-return fee: You will be charged the normal truck daily rate each day the truck spends in your care after the allotted time has passed. A fee of $85 will be paid daily by long-distance relocation for the additional day, including $0.85/mile.

What are the Available Budget Rental Discounts for Customers?

Apart from the affordable base rates offered by Budget, the range of discounts offered by the truck rental company includes:

  • 20% off all orders placed by United States Military personnel.
  • 20% off all orders placed for members of AARP.
  • 20% off local relocation and 15% off one-way relocation for EMT, fire and police members.
  • 20% off local relocation and 15% off one-way relocation for Motor Club members.
  • 20% off local relocation and 15% off one-way relocation for Students.
  • 20% off local relocation and 15% off one-way relocation for members of Bar Association.
  • 40% off one-way relocation between selected states.

What are the Insurance Options?

Rental companies are mostly worried about what could happen to their trucks rather than what could happen to your belongings during the move when you rent a moving truck, and Budget truck rental service is included on this.

Although the company provides three protection plans that you can choose from, but note that only the premium plan has the exact insurance cover that matches the type of belongings you are moving to your new home.

The other plans only cover the moving truck itself. This is understandable as the trucks are much expensive.

Three truck rental insurance plans are being offered by Budget and may differ based on location. The packages include:

  • Complete Protection: This type covers roadside assistance, physical damage waiver, personal accident, cargo, and supplemental liability.
  • Choice Protection: This type covers supplemental liability, physical damage waiver, and roadside assistance.
  • Value Protection: This type covers roadside assistance and physical damage waiver.

An Auto Tow Protection of about $15,000 which is able to cover for damages from hail, collision while it is being transported through a Budget dolly or car carrier, fire, flood or any other form of damage is also being offered additionally and can be added to any of the plans as mentioned above.

What are the other services offered by Budget?

Loading and Unloading Assistance – Budget truck rentals can provide you with loading and unloading assistance when needed. The company does so by connecting people relocating with relocation day assistance via an online marketplace for moving labor known as Movelift.com.

Towing Equipment – Budget truck rental also provides various types of towing equipment for those looking to transport their car together with their belongings at a cost. Budget is offering car carriers and trailers attached to the back of your moving truck rental.

Car dolly is also made available to customers to tow their car behind the moving truck rental apart from the car carriers. 4WD, RWDD, and AWD vehicles can all be transported by the dollies as stated by Budget.

Moving Accessories – The company provides you with essential moving accessories such as furniture pads and hand truck rentals for your relocation. They also make Plate-Pass available for you, which makes making payments and passing through toll-lanes easier for a long-distance mover.

How does Budget Moving Experience look like?

Getting how to make a reservation with Budget and their relocation process is very easy. If you are driving your moving truck from one state to another, you might encounter some hurdles, but in most cases, it is very easier to pick up your rental truck and return it to where you rent it after the move.

Let’s look at some of the company’s moving experience.

Making your Reservation

To those who don’t like phone calls, Budget also allows you to make reservations online. With the help of an online instant quote generator, you can get it done in minutes without having to supply your contact details unless you are already determined to book the moving truck.

According to a customer, “we didn’t spend more than 5 minutes to get a quote issued for our hypothetical relocation from Salt Lake City to Seattle, and it doesn’t even require us to submit our email address before we get full pricing details.

The price offered to us by Budget is way cheaper compared to what U-Haul with the same moving truck and the same trip would charge, and there is no discount included yet.” The online reservation system from Budget gives you the chance to see the auto towing and additional options with a full price attached.

You can as well include the dolly option as you make a reservation when you plan to pull your vehicle behind your moving truck. However, note that your pricing may vary based on where you currently live and the date you are moving.

Loading and Unloading your Truck

Loading and unloading is your task immediately you pick up your moving truck from the company on moving day. It is advisable for you to choose a small-sized truck that will safely contain all your belongings.

With that, your things are more secure from sliding and braking situations. Just as it is with all truck rental companies, loading and unloading is your responsibility.

You can, however, add some relocation services made available for you by Budget through Movelift.com. Movelift.com allows you to distinguish between prices from different companies.

The prices given for our relocation varies very well. It is either we pay just $200 for extra help on loading or above $1,000 for the exact amount of time and a precise number of moving companies.


It will be very much easy for you to unload and return the moving truck to the same place where you picked it from if you are just relocating your belongings locally. If you are moving to another state (hire out of state movers), on the other hand, the extra costs might be incurred on you.

For instance, except you already registered for Budget’s Plate-pass system, you should prepare your mind to pay tolls by yourself if you cross any toll roads on your interstate trip.

Using Plate-pass doesn’t mean you won’t pay the tolls just that it helps you speed up the process, so you don’t have to dig out all the change you have left in your purse.

What do Customers say about Budget Truck Rental?

Budget truck rental is a business located in different states across the country. This, however, could give rise to inconsistent service offered throughout the different locations.

The ease of making moving truck reservation is what customers love the most about Budget Truck rental. Their process is segmented into four parts, which include picking up your moving truck, searching for a location, selecting additional services, and supplying your personal information.

Some customers, however, would love to go for huge truck sizes for their move. Overall, customers confirmed that Budget truck rental ways of doing things are streamlined for easy dealing.

What are the Pros and Cons of Budget Rental?


Budget is good at what they do. The employees are very nice, the online chat and the website are user-friendly, and many promotions could bring a reduction to your costs. Consider the reviews below:

  • Never had Bad Feeling talking to a Rep

In this current age, most customers are always wrong, and many customer service reps working for different organizations can also be so frustrating and rude when interacting with you.

The representatives at Budget are all nice and professionals both online and on the phone. They always question me on what else I need them to do for me.

I never back out from the interaction with bad feelings, as they always find a way to talk to me maturely.

  • User-friendly Website

Getting a quote from the site was very easy. Immediately you supplied both pickups and dropped off dates and locations; customer representatives will be available for you to chat with directly.

The way the company provides additional services like rental of hand trucks, furniture pads, and GPS is really appreciated, while they also make sure the services are optional.

All the buttons on the site for decision making are bold and visible. To locate whatsoever you are looking for, drop-down menus are also available.

  • Guarantee on the Preferred Pickup Location

This is one thing I am not sure about, as I didn’t go ahead with the rental. However, the website shows that your preferred pick-up location is guaranteed.

Changes in the location are uncommon according to the site. In the event of one, the company ensures that your new pick-up point is closer to you. That would be another great advantage if that should be true.

  • Budget offers many Promos

When renting a moving truck, the first page contains various promotional codes that can be used at checkout. To determine the cost without promos, I had to refrain myself from it.

I would have made use of the promo codes if I were certainly going through with the relocation.

The partnership between AARP and Budget makes it easier for members to save a lot. For those making local relocation, they can have a break, as they pick up and drop off within the same locality.

The site also makes people believe that relocating during the mid-week and mid-month means the availability of moving equipment and truck is certain and at reduced rates. That is great information to have when preparing for a move.

  • A Day Rental is Possible

Reservation and pickup can both be done on the same day in as much as the required moving truck is readily available.


  • One can easily get confused with the Pricing

I was of the thought that the price offered by Budget would be lower than other truck rental companies when I began to research a relocation with them.

When you hear things like limitless miles on a journey to Florida from New Jersey, you are filled with excitement.

I already had it thought through that I would do some other running with the moving truck once I am done in the evening because I still have the time.

Since it is stated by one of their online representatives that you will not receive any form of a refund, even if you complete week relocation in less than five days, I was over-excited, but not as expected.

Basically, you will be charged for a whole day even if you drop off the moving truck any minutes pass the schedule drop-off day; however, driving unlimited miles back to the drop off point is always cool.

  • You might be passed around to get Answers

I was being passed from one customer representative to another while they are all trying to maintain their cool. My questions remain unattended.

I was asked to interact with the local dealer when I asked questions about the available insurance plans I saw online.

I was also referred to the local dealer when I asked questions about how old the fleet was. I was as well referred to the local dealer when I asked about test drives and how about the safety components of the moving trucks.

  • It is difficult to find Safety Information

The information about the safety of the vehicle remains in the dark, as no one is ready to provide an answer neither was anything about it on the website. I would be much concerned as a parent who was going to drive a big truck over a long distance.

I was asking questions about the biggest moving truck available for rent because the safety question was important to me.

However, on the other hand, I was able to understand that the Budget has a fleet of 27,000 moving trucks.

And the features of the car according to the website says almost all the moving trucks have different kind of components that are driver-friendly, which include automatic transmissions, power brakes, air conditioning, AM/FM stereos, and power steering. Many of the models also have lift-gates or walk ramps.

  • It is hard to understand Insurance Options

Many protection plan choices are available online, together with their explanations. However, a note is included on changes that may occur based on the state where you are renting from. A national customer representative, when asked, will refer you to a local dealer.

If I purchase liability, it will provide coverage for me on anything I hit on the road, and it costs $19 daily, collision would provide total coverage for me (100%) and cost $30 daily, while personal and cargo would provide coverage for myself and my belongings values at about $12,000 excluding electronics and would cost me $12 daily.

The protection price is not added to the estimated price given to you, so you would have to pay for it at the point where you pick the moving truck. This is also a way of making you feel like you are being swindled.

  • No Modification is allowed to the Reservation made Online

You will have to place a call to their customer service representative before you can make any amendments to your reservation.

I was only able to get an online representative to modify for me during our chat, as all efforts to do it on my own prove abortive.

To get to the option where I would be allowed to speak with an online representative, I had to create a new order.

  • Insurance

The state you are relocating from is a key factor in deciding your options, as there are many. Budget truck rental coverage on personal protection is not that given much attention, and this is so in many states as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to present documents when picking up my Budget truck rental?

Yes, Budget Truck Rental requires a driver’s license from a state within the United States if you are planning to rent a truck. Canadian driver’s licenses are also accepted, while foreign nationals may present their passport and national driver’s license to rent a truck.

If you are planning to rent a truck while visiting the US, you must show proof of a return trip to your country, or you may be charged additional fees by Budget.

Individuals who want to rent a truck but do not have a driver’s license will need another person to go with them, as that individual will show their license and assume responsibility of driving the truck.

Do I need to present a credit card when reserving by truck at Budget?

Yes, Budget requires a credit card to secure a reservation. Your credit card is charged for the $150 deposit, while the company will charge the final sum of the rental on the same card.

You may ask them to charge another credit or debit card when you return the truck and check out. If you choose to cancel your reservation, there is a fee.

Is it okay to leave the Budget truck with a near empty tank of gas when I am returning it?

Yes, you are not required to fill the gas tank when you return the Budget truck, but it may be a good idea to do so. Truck rental companies can overcharge you for gas if the tank is empty on return, and it usually costs less to fill it up yourself before returning the truck at a Budget location.

I am worried about my furniture and appliances moving around in the truck. Is there any way to protect them from damage during transit?

Yes, it is important to secure your furniture and appliances before you get on the road. One option is to use rope to tie the furniture or appliances to the edges of the moving truck. That ensures they do not move around and suffer damage.

Another option is to cover them with soft material, such as massive blankets or comforters. These act as a cushion, similar to putting delicate items in bubble wrap. Even if the furniture moves around, the padding of the blanket or comforter protects it from damage.

Do any of the Budget insurance options protect my possessions if they are stolen during transit?

Individuals who are loading a Budget truck and driving it to a new home or apartment nearby should not be concerned about theft. The truck rarely leaves your sight, and the entire move should be complete within the same day. If you are using the Budget truck for a cross country move, it is more complicated. You will have to stop overnight, which means parking the truck at a hotel or motel.

Budget does not, unfortunately, offer any insurance coverage that protects the items inside the truck in case of theft. Their damage waivers insurance does cover the theft of the truck, but not anything inside. If you require such insurance, you may have to ask your insurance company if they offer any such policies.

Are specific days better for renting Budget trucks for local moves?

Yes. If you are planning a local move using a Budget truck, try to rent it for a weekday. Pick up the truck after the morning rush hours, and try to load it up, and arrive at your destination before 4pm or 5pm.

That ensures you avoid the times of heaviest traffic. Renting a truck on a weekday may also be cheaper, as more people tend to have time for DIY moves during the weekend.


Budget Truck Rental is absolutely the best option for you if you are planning to get an affordable rental truck. They are heavily present all over the nation, and the base rates they offer is one of the best, if not the best, including a different kind of additional services they offer based on your location. Stay tuned for more informative posts from this page!