Moving APT Review 2022: Best Interstate Mover

Bottom Line: Moving APT offers numerous moving services to both residential and corporations. The company does everything from full-service relocation to storage services and auto transportation.

Moving APT is a popular moving broker with over 20 years of experience in the business. The company will help you get the best and most affordable movers for your upcoming residential or corporate moves. Moving APT only partners with reliable moving companies, and it also provides an easy moving quote calculator on its website.

Moving APT
Moving APT Review 2022: Best Interstate Mover

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Moving APT is one of our favorites on our list of the Top Long-distance Movers. Moving APT has wide network of moving companies and haulers it partner with to make your move easier and completed successfully.

Moving APT Overview

Moving APT was established in 1999 as a five men crew with two moving trucks. The company since then has developed dramatically and is now offering brokering services all across the nation. Moving APT movers are always ready to assist with your relocation, whether from your home, condominium, apartment, or office.

The company will connect you with only professional, expert, and courteous moving consultants in the industry. These moving consultants ensure the efficiency and timeliness of the entire moving process, thereby matching our customer satisfaction goal.

Regardless of how long the distance of your move is, Moving APT makes every move unique by providing moving services, which also include professional online moving estimates or physical consultation and moving quotes.

We understand that each customer has different moving requirements, and thus our job is to figure out your specific moving needs and requirements.

We will then tackle them with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness as possible. Thousands of Moving APT’s previous clients endorsed the company with good reputations on professional moves.

Although Moving APT is mainly known as a long-distance relocation service, the company also provides quality moving services with professional training and utmost care with the intention of taking away moving stress off customers’ shoulders.

Kindly note that Moving APT is not a mover itself; it is rather a brokerage company that contracts out your moving job to professional and reliable moving companies for completion.

Company information

Parameters Company details
US DOT NUMBER 22,47,863
MC NUMBER 7,31,090
Carrier NO
BBB Rating Yes
AMSA ProMover certification No rating
Broker Yes

The above information is based on our findings as at April, 2020. Continue reading to understand more about Moving APT’s services and rates.


  • Customized relocation plans
  • Free storage up to a month
  • Free quotes
  • Price matching
  • Background-checked staff
  • Informative online pricing


  • Same cost estimated for mostly different moves
  • Non-responsive customer service chat

Features and Services of Moving APT 

Moving APT majors in the handling of interstate relocations for residential and corporate clients all across the nation. The company also make arrangement for cleaning, packing, storage, and auto transport services.

Heavy machinery, pianos, antiques, and artworks are also movable with Moving APT movers.  Let’s look at various services available at Moving APT.

Residential Moving Services

Moving APT offers a residential moving services to relocate families and individuals to a new home. The company will connect you with a reliable, certified, and qualified mover closest to your old location that will transport your personal stuff.

Moving APT is in relationship with carriers that are DOT-approved and members of the AMSA having many years of experience in the moving business.

Representatives of Moving APT will supervise every aspect and inclusions of the move, such as pickup, delivery, special handling of certain belongings, and continuous communication.

Customers on residential moves are provided with a moving checklist by Moving APT. In the checklist are the things you need to know and/or do before you relocate to enable the proper organization of your move.

Among the tasks listed include submission of a change of address, information on things to do on a moving day, and how to get yourself and home ready for the delivery of your stuff.

Moving APT finds the moving companies and handles all the hauling process while you handle the items on the checklist. You can get moving items like boxes, tape, cushioned packing supplies, paper wrap, and so on at low cost with Moving APT.

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Corporate Moving Services

If you have previous experience in moving an entire company, then you know how stressful and time-consuming the process can be. There is a need for you to get the furniture and electronics used in your office for daily business to the new office space in one piece.

To avoid delay in operation, Moving APT is one of the carriers in the country that can offer long-distance moving services for individuals and companies.

The company gives you a competitive rate as an added benefit when you opt for its corporate moving services. The complication, stress, and cost of moving a business or many offices to another part of the country (as contained in the office moving checklist) are much.

With Moving APT, you get competitive pricing, and varieties of services to relocate your office equipment safely while your business keeps running.

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Cross-country Corporate Moves

This involves a customized strategy to move the business. Your belongings are always protected as each employee at Moving APT, and the moving company’s representatives are licensed and bonded. Moving APT states that it offers varieties of options for relocating a company to ascertain the possibility of a customized moving plan.

Moving APT Packing Services

The packing process remains one of the most difficult parts of relocation. You can simply hire a professional mover and packer for your packing if you feel like you can’t handle the process so they can relieve you of the total stress involved in packing.

These professionals will come to your home with the necessary packing materials to pack all your household items for you.

If you are looking to save cost on packing, you can request for packing materials from Moving APT instead of hiring professional packers.

Although this may take you more time, you will save money in the process. Moving Apt offers packing services with professional packers who are highly trained to carefully and properly handle your items.

Packers arrive at your location (home or office) with all required packing supplies and make an inventory of your belongings.

This list will enable you to move with everything you own and also avoid breaking any item. You can get the right packing materials at a discounted rate from Moving APT if you plan to do the packing by yourself.

Moving APT Features and Services – Summary

  • Interstate moves
  • Local moves
  • Corporate relocation
  • Loading and unloading
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage
  • Auto-shipping
  • Government and military moves
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full-value coverage
  • Moving supplies included
  • Piano transport
  • Hot tub transport
  • Appliance disconnection and/or reconnection
  • Custom crating
  • Furniture assembly and/or disassembly

How much does Moving APT cost?

There is nothing special with Moving APT prices. We discover the company’s prices are mostly average when we received 2 full-service moving quotes from them upon request. We were quoted $7,652 by Moving APT for moving a 4-bedroom home from Los Angeles to Denver, which is about 1,174 miles.

The same move of the same size of home from Memphis to Chicago, which is about 546 miles would cost $4,587. The flat rate quotes issued by Moving APT cover fuel, tolls, taxes, and other expenses, so you can determine in advance how much you will pay the mover.

Among the factors that affect the moving cost include the miles between the current and destination locations as well as the season of the year.

On the Moving APT website is a moving quote tool where you will be required to supply your current and destination locations, phone number, name, email as well as your moving date before you can be issued a moving quote.

However, when we used the quote tool, it was quite confusing when it starts generating the same cost for every different move. That was when we were informed that their representatives would contact them with a moving quote. Better!

There are many cases where the estimated moving price given by Moving APT reps got reduced significantly than the overall price of the job. It gives a sign of relief. The price given was also different from the one received from the online quote tool on the company’s website.

Although you can gain an insight into what your move will cost from our chart provided below, however, you will need to contact the company and speak with any Moving APT representative to get a more accurate quote.

Average Costs of Moving APT

Move Size Long-distance Moves Local Moves
Studio or 1-bedroom apt $1,440 to $2,500 $200 to $500
2-bedroom apt $4,000 to $4,800 $400 to $700
3-bedroom house $7,200 $560 to $1,000
4-bedroom house Up to $16,000 $800 to $2,000+

We received another moving quote for a move from Los Angeles to Denver, which involves 1,174 miles, and a move from Memphis to Chicago, which involves 546 miles.

Moving distance in miles Home Cost
1,174 1,335 mi. $7,650
546 8,670 lbs. $4,580

The following services are included in the prices:

  • Blanket wrapping for furniture
  • Loading and unloading
  • Transportation
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture
  • Basic liability coverage
  • 30 free days of storage (optional)

When looking at the services included in these prices, they are essential, but at the same time are not too low. In summary, they are relatively closer to the standard rates in the industry.

Packing of moving boxes and elevator services is not included in these prices, although they are not being charged by Moving APT when offered.

Full-Value Protection (FVP) which provides protection to your valuable belongings for as much as their replacement cost is also not included in our moving quotes.

However, FVP is available with Moving APT for additional fees, and we always advise our clients to purchase it for their valuable stuff like artwork, bed frames, and so on.

There is a price-matching policy at Moving APT, which makes the company match any price given by another moving company.

What About Cancellation

You will receive a full refund if you cancel your booking with Moving APT at least a week before your moving date.

Other Things to Know about Moving APT

Now that you are fully aware of the basics things about Moving APT, it is time to discuss a few other things about the company that caught our attention.

Moving APT gives Binding Estimates

A binding moving estimate will be sent to you after you submit your request for a moving quote once you fill out your moving details via the phone or online.

If you need to make an addition to the number of boxes or furniture you previously estimated, then you certainly will receive an increase in the price as well.

This fee doesn’t come as a surprise as the company will clearly indicate in your estimate that this can happen if precise and accurate moving inventory is not provided.

On the other hand, the company will also reduce your price on a moving day if the number of items to be moved is lower than what was originally estimated. This is why we recommend you to overestimate the number of moving boxes you will need to move.

Getting a better rate than expected is always preferred than being slapped at a more significant rate than what you estimated for.

Understand more about moving quotes in our post here to guide you through the entire process.

1. What is a Binding Estimate?

A binding estimate is the type of moving estimate that makes sure there is no increment to your price as long as your items don’t exceed what you informed the moving company to load and haul on your moving day.

Note that an estimate is recognized as binding only when it is indicated in writing or on the moving estimate itself.

2. Moving APT Moving Experience

A significant number of satisfied customers wrote most of the reviews of Moving APT on Moving Feedback. The few complaints on the site are directed to the moving truck companies, and Moving APT responded to the complaints by stating how they help customers address the issue after the move.

Some of the bad reviews seem to be doctored. Although Moving APT received just a C rating from the BBB, it still holds a 5-star rating from its more than 200 consumer reviews.

The Better Business Bureau attributed the C rating to the company’s inability to solve the problems causing customers complaints. Moving APT rates 4.9/5 on Moving Feedback, 8.4/10 on Consumers Advocate and as well as 4/5 stars from clients who received great services from their representatives and reasonable rates from the company.

3. Moving APT Brokers Moving Services to other Movers

The variety of services this company is able to provide is as a result of it being a moving broker. This comes with no worries at all.

The majority of their preferred movers are relocation brokers or broker/carrier hybrids. The only indication here is that your relocation process might be a little different from what you expected.

Different movers otherwise known as moving carriers on Moving APT will contact you after you submit a request for a moving quote on the company’s website.

This is the company that will handle your relocation by bringing its moving truck and crew to load and deliver your belongings safely.

You can see Moving APT as the middleman who connects you to the movers that match your moving needs on contract.

4. Moving APT’s Mode of Operation

Moving APT helps individuals and corporate staff relocate by providing varieties of moving, auto transport, and storage services.

They will find you the best and perfect mover to help you with your relocation in North America or all around the globe regardless of the distance involved.

Their moving consultants are highly experienced in the moving business and will approach your move with professionalism, carefulness, and quality services.

Just commit your move to the hands of professionals whose reputation in the business grows day by day with our customer base skyrocketing due to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

They get you the perfect moving company that suits your specific needs. The following are mandatory for all movers that Moving APT works with:

  • Possess liability insurance
  • Provide clean, durable, and professional relocation tools and equipment
  • Licensed and insured
  • Trustworthy drivers and movers
  • Specialty services such as art and antique moving, paper shredding, piano moving, cleaning services, packing, unloading, heavy machinery, furniture repair, and auto transport.
  • Evaluated and monitored moving companies who are supervised from start to finish
  • Discount services for the elderly, military member, or disabled

5. Hiring Moving APT

The entire quoting process with Moving APT is friendlier compared to other movers. You start the process online, and you will later be called for the relocation quote. Make sure the company have an in-home survey before they issue you a final quote.

A pre-survey estimated cost may be given to you on how much your coming relocation may cost as well as the cost of the services.

Contact a Moving APT representative with the details and specifics of your move, and the representative will swing into action to get you the best moving company for your moving project. The final moving quote is explained for transparency, and you will seal the deal with your signature provided you are cool with it.

Moving APT Q & A

Can Moving APT track my belongings?

Yes. This can be done by your customer service representative to give you a real-time update on the current location of your belongings.

How do I determine the accuracy of Moving APT’s online quote?

The estimate given by movers through their online quote tools is just a baseline. You still need to contact the company to receive a more accurate quote based on your moving needs. There are differences between two offices or households, so you will only be given a final quote once a Moving APT representative conducts an on-site survey at your home or office to see what you are moving.

What information do I need to prepare before I contact Moving APT for a moving quote?

You will be saving a lot of time when you are well prepared before you contact Moving APT for a moving quote. The following information is required by Moving APT to give you a moving estimate which will show the cost of your relocation:

  • The addresses of your current and destination locations
  • A room-by-room inventory of things you need to move with the garage, basement, and output, moldings inclusive.
  • If you want to include packing service.
  • If you need packing materials and supplies.
  • Expected relocation date

Can I get storage from Moving APT as I can’t bring in every item in my delivery to my new location?

Yes. Moving APT can help you schedule storage for your belongings for up to a month, mostly at no extra cost.

Can Moving APT help move my extra vehicle as there is no one to drive it to my destination?

Yes. Moving APT is in a relationship with many best car shipping companies and will find you the most efficient and cost-effective option to move your auto.


Moving APT provides you with many choices to relieve you of the stress associated with moving from one place to another. Moving APT representatives have the right experience, reliable moving companies, and resources, prices to come up with cost-effective and stress-free moving plans.

Ready to get a quote? If you are planning a move and ready to enjoy Moving APT services, visit to get your binding estimate.

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