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Moving in Las Vegas: All You Need to Know

Moving to or from Las Vegas can be a difficult experience, aside from the sheer emotional impact of relocation, you’ll also have to deal with logistics, pricing and even manual labor and heaven know it can all get a little overwhelming. At, we understand what you might be going through, and we’ve compiled resources from all over the internet to make your transition to another city as smooth as possible.

So whether you’ve had your fill of the sub-tropical weather and public transportation system, or you’re in the mood to seek your fortune in the City of Bright Lights, we have compiled an article containing all you need to know about moving from Las Vegas, including how to select the best moving companies in Las Vegas from a list of literally hundreds, how to pay less for better service and move in the Gambling Capital of the World with your pockets and property intact.

How To Choose The Best Moving Companies In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city of excess, and it probably comes as no surprise that there are a lot of moving companies in Las Vegas. Each moving company will have its unique pricing and service options, but in our survey of the best moving companies in Las Vegas, we have done our best Rainman impression and figured out the most important factors you should consider when choosing a moving company in Las Vegas.

Competitive Pricing

Now, you need to understand that the only thing keeping these moving companies in Las Vegas from charging arbitrary prices is the fact that their rivals may want to undercut them by charging slightly lower, so when you come into negotiations with an idea of how many rivals moving companies in Las Vegas charge, you’re already halfway to getting a great deal. Choosing a moving company that offers you the best price — while considering other factors like customer service and accessory services — is pretty much a no-brainer.

Customer Reviews

Generally, the moving companies in Las Vegas with the best customer reviews will ultimately offer the best service. You can find these reviews on Google, Yelp or Twitter, and you should also look out for how the company interacts with its clients on these social media sites, their responsiveness to client requests and how speedily they respond to client problems.

Service Options

If you have a lot of property that’s precious to you, and you want to take it all to your new home, you might encounter a bit of a problem. Luckily, some moving companies in Las Vegas offer a range of services that can make this easier. You can choose to have your property packed for you, have them help you move your couch down from the top floor in your high rise apartment or maneuver the heavy pieces of your modern art installation from your door to the truck.

Insurance and Licensing

You may not like to think about it, but accidents happen. When choosing a moving company in Las Vegas, you can help reduce the chance that these accidents will occur by choosing a mover that is fully registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation.

How To Move In Las Vegas

Whether you’re moving to or from Las Vegas, there are a number of factors that will determine if it’s going to be a walk in the park or a migraine inducing mess. We’ve done some research into most of these factors, listed them below and we’ll go on to discuss how you can use this knowledge to ensure a stress-free moving experience.

  • When do you plan to move?
  • How much do you plan to move?
  • Any extra services?
  • Are you moving furniture?
  • How far away are you moving?
  • Are you moving delicate items?
  • Do you want the full service option?

Your Moving Date

Las Vegas gets its peak influx of tourists between November and January, so if you’re planning on hiring a moving company in Las Vegas during these months, best believe that it would be more difficult and that moving companies in Las Vegas will charge an arm, a leg and a toe ring for their service.

One of the reasons why movers in Las Vegas may be unavailable for moving is seasonality. At certain times of the year, there might be higher demand for moving companies, worse traffic, or slightly worse weather conditions. When this happens, moving companies in Las Vegas will either be unavailable or they’ll simply charge higher prices for the inconvenience.

So, pro-tip, if you’re thinking about moving from Las Vegas, and you intend to use one of the moving companies in Las Vegas to do so, choose months other than November, December and January, avoid moving during the weekends and factor in the higher price for transportation during rush hour.

How Much Are You Moving?

If you’re moving the contents of a four-bedroom apartment, you wouldn’t expect to have it as easy as the single guy with just a one-bedroom, a guitar, and a microwave, right?

Exactly, the number of things you’re moving determines the size of the truck the moving companies in Las Vegas will send to pick them up, the time you spend packing and is directly proportional to the energy you’ll expend into moving.

So, if you have a lot of property you can choose to give out some toys and clothing to charity or close friends to reduce both cost and energy spent on the moving process.

Accessorial Services

Think of this as the extra things that affect the logistics of moving. Moving companies in Las Vegas take these little hindrances into account and will typically help you handle them. For a small price, of course. So, before you go ahead and hire a mover in Las Vegas, be sure to let them know about anything you think will add to the difficulty of moving your property.

Pro-tip: it is highly advisable to hire a local moving company, by which we mean a moving company in Las Vegas itself as they would typically be able to anticipate these extra needs and solve them.

Are You Moving Furniture?

In our opinion, moving companies were invented when a particularly frustrated homeowner took a look at his couch, glanced again at the width of his doorway, went “nope” in his head, and went to call his friend Tom who needed a couple of dollars and had strong shoulders. True story.

With that said, moving furniture is often the most frustrating part of relocation and the reason moving companies in Las Vegas make the bulk of their money. Typically, the moving companies in Las Vegas will charge a flat rate for these services and you’ll have to decide if it’s something you want to do.

How Far Away Are You Moving?

Moving companies in Las Vegas will classify moves into short distance (usually within 50 miles) and long distance moves. Short distance moves will typically cost less than long distance moves, and movers in Las Vegas have been known to charge significantly more for interstate or long distance moves.

Honestly, there’s not much you can do to reduce these charges as inter-state and intra-state moving rates are pretty much fixed in our survey of most of the moving companies in Las Vegas.

Payment for Extra Care

You’ll inevitably have items in your homes like your large screen TVs or your home computers that require a more delicate touch than the rest of your property. While the moving companies in Las Vegas might be professional and great at their jobs, they are still business people and will expect to get paid more for taking extra care with certain items.

We’ve known homeowners who have gotten a bit upset at these extra charges and decided to take the risk. In our opinion, it is something you should consider on an individual basis, as at the end of the day it’s usually just a fixed charge and it’s generally easier to watch Netflix without a crack on your TV screen.

Full Service

Moving companies in Las Vegas offer the full-service moving option to people who’d rather just spend the whole day at the strip and come back to see all their property neatly packed and transported to their new home. If this seems like a fantastic idea to you, then check out the list of movers in Las Vegas offering the full-service option, screen out the moving companies in Las Vegas who either do not have this service or charge too much for it, and remember to make use of the tips we’ve given you to select the right one.

Activities in Las Vegas

Regardless of if you’re moving to or from Las Vegas, there are tons of places that you absolutely must experience at least once. So when you’re done choosing from the best moving companies in Las Vegas, make sure to check out the following Las Vegas attractions that might not be as loud as the Strip but still offer a great time.

You could explore the beauty of nature in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, or check out the Mob Museum of your interests like in crime and its punishment. If you’re more of a romantic,  you can explore the remnants of the Titanic at the Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Bring yourself back to the present with the Pop Culture Walking Tour with complimentary cocktails, and end the day with a relaxing evening at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden.

Cost of Living In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a relatively expensive city to live and work in. Research indicates that, on average, residents of Las Vegas spend more on housing, utilities, and transportation than in other cities in the United States. The average cost for basic utilities for a decent-sized apartment is about $174, and you can expect to spend an additional $60 monthly for a bus pass if you don’t have a car.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the middle of the city is $1,268, and if you want to actually own an apartment, get your wallets ready to shell out an average of  $3,349 per square meter.

Best Neighborhoods In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is similar to pretty much any other city in the United States in the sense that there are good neighborhoods, and there are places you should only visit with your head on a swivel and 911 on pre-dial. Some of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas include:

Green Valley Ranch

Located in Henderson, Nevada with a population of 19,956, Green Valley Ranch scores high in diversity, housing, nightlife, and family friendliness while also having refreshingly low levels of crime.


Although not quite as highly ranked as Green Valley High, Westgate — located in a neighborhood in Henderson, Nevada with a population of 65,925 — still ranks among the best places to raise a family in Las Vegas.


Located in Clark County, with a population of 125,001, Summerlin is one of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas, while it scores lower in housing than both Westgate and Green Valley Ranch, it more than makes up for it in diversity and nightlife.

Your Moving Costs In Las Vegas

Things in Las Vegas are usually built to be louder and larger than life. Unfortunately, this means that the cost of hiring a moving company in Las Vegas is also similarly inflated. Our survey shows that the average price for labor quoted by moving companies in Las Vegas is around $150 per hour. Compare this to the between $75 to $100 per hour charged by movers in Houston and the $25 to $50 per hour charged by movers in San Diego, and we begin to see why you might be interested in leaving.

This high hourly cost of labor means that even if moving companies in Las Vegas have all other costs identical to their counterparts in other states, you may end up paying relatively more due to the higher cost of labor. So, if you want to estimate the amount a moving company in Las Vegas will charge, you can simply multiply it by the number of workers and then by the number of hours they'll be working to get a rough estimate of the total cost of labor.

So if you live in a two-bedroom apartment with belongings that'll take a two-man team about 6 hours to move, and you select a moving company in Las Vegas with hourly rates of  $150, you'll end up paying $1,800 just for labor.

Remember that this does not include the cost of things like cardboard boxes and duct tape, materials for packing that the movers in Las Vegas will make use of, or even transportation costs.

You can see how important it is to not just choose the best moving company in Las Vegas but to negotiate in such a manner that you get the absolute best deal.

Brace yourself because Las Vegas is among the cities with higher costs of living in the country for a reason. Labor costs charged by moving companies in Las Vegas are higher than average with an hourly rate of about $150 per hour compared to the between $75 to $100 per hour charged by movers in Houston and the $25 to $50 per hour charged by movers in San Diego.

When you add the extra costs (transportation, packing materials, and tips) charged by the moving companies in Las Vegas, you might be looking at an all inclusive payment of up to  $4,500 to hire movers in Las Vegas for an out of town relocation.

Don’t tear out your hair yet, you can use the tips and useful hacks in this article to negotiate a much more favorable price.

There might be a number of reasons to give any moving company in Las Vegas a call for help; the unrelenting heat, the high cost of living, hearing “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” one too many times… but whatever your reason, choosing the best moving company in Las Vegas is a decision that ultimately has no downside.

You might be asking the wrong question. You shouldn’t be trying to find just any moving companies in Las Vegas, you should be selecting the ones that offer the services you want at a price that you can afford.

You can get a list of most of the moving companies in Las Vegas with a simple Google search, but reading this article will help you choose the right one.

Tipping movers in Las Vegas follows the same guideline as in other states as moving companies in Las Vegas don’t have any special rates that we’ve seen in our research.

So you can choose to tip  $200 if they took special care of your high school trophy, or $10 and a piece of chewed gum if they cracked your flatscreen TV.

While Las Vegas is undoubtedly a great place to live, research has shown that it has a higher cost of living than most cities in the United States. The only area in which Las Vegas fares better than other cities in terms of affordability is in healthcare.

Does this mean it’s time to call a moving company in Las Vegas in preparation for a move? We’ll let you decide.