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Get the best tips and advice for what to look for in Chicago moving companies from the number one source for moving-related questions – With our expert guide and informative FAQs answering all of your questions related to professional Chicago movers licensing, reputation, customer reviews, safety, and more, MovingFeedback’s moving guide is perfect for anyone preparing for a Chicago relocation. With ways to stay within your moving budget and what neighborhoods offer the best lifestyle for your needs, our Moving Feedback Chicago movers guide is a must-read for anyone wanting a hassle-free move using the best Chicago moving companies

Chicago Moving Companies

Nexus Auto Transport

6 Reviews

444 Michigan Ave Chicago IL 60611

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Apex Van Lines

5 Reviews

2215 N. Knox Ave Chicago IL 60639

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Clutter – Chicago

1 Reviews

Chicago IL 60606

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Melendez Moving

Chicago IL 60634 Dunning

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Chicago IL 60602

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Waley Movers

Chicago IL 60620 Auburn Gresham

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Safe Hands Moving and Delivery

800 Argonne Dr North Chicago IL 60064

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Medley Movers and Storage

7001 S South Chicago Ave Chicago IL 60637

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Reo Movers & Van Lines

7001 South Chicago Ave Chicago IL 60637

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Recession Movers

Chicago IL 60621 Englewood

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Galindo Movers & Transportation

4207 S Sacramento Ave Ste 2 Chicago IL 60632

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Worlds Best Movers

Chicago IL 60651 Humboldt Park

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Mudanza Colima

Chicago IL 60623 Little Village

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Lyons Moving

CHICAGO IL 60632 Brighton Park

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Affordable College Movers

3838 W Grand Ave Chicago IL 60651

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EZ Movers

39 S Lasalle St Ste 920 Chicago IL 60603

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The Worlds Best Movers

4410 W Cortez St Chicago IL 60651

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MAC Relocations

4800 W Roosevelt Rd Fl 4 Chicago IL 60644

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Infinity Movers

2221 E 75th St Chicago IL 60649

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H&M Movers

3613 W 61st St Chicago IL 60629

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Moving City Guide – Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL, aka the Windy City, is home to 2.7 million people and is famous for its historic architecture, museums, cultural activities, and lakeside beaches. Every year moving companies in Chicago help people relocate to and from the city for employment, retirement, and education.

How To Hire Movers in Chicago, IL?

Whether it’s to or from, hiring professional movers in Chicago is a great idea. Some of the things you should look for when hiring a moving company in Chicago:

A Full Service Moving Company

Full-service moving companies in Chicago should be able to help with all aspects of a move, not just the loading or unloading. In addition to loading and unloading all of your items, they should also be able to assist with:

  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Special handling of delicate objects
  • Full packing/unpacking services if requested
  • Storage services if needed
  • Transportation services (local or long-distance)

By using a full-service moving company you can be sure that professionals handle every aspect of the move.

Excellent Customer Service

This is the most important aspect of any moving company because it sets them apart from its competitors. It doesn’t matter how cheap they are; if they don’t communicate well, show up on time, or help you move everything in your home, you are probably going to have a nightmare moving experience that risks damage to your items and delays in the relocation.


If moving companies can’t accommodate when you want to move, this could make for a nightmare experience. Look for a Chicago moving company that is flexible with hours and available on your moving dates.

Be aware that peak season moving times are usually during the spring and summer months when daylight hours are longer, and weather is more favorable to loading and unloading. Many movers in Chicago may already be busy during this time, so it’s recommended to book them at least three months in advance if you’re planning on moving during this time.

Affordable Pricing

Make sure you find a moving company in Chicago that fits your needs and budget. Be wary of movers who try to upsell you on items you don’t need or who try to push damage coverage on you. Damage coverage should be an opt-in feature for your protection.

Be aware that prices for local and long-distance moves are calculated differently; local is typically hourly rates while long-distance is based on the distance being moved and the weight of the items. Therefore, even if you plan on doing some of the hard moving labor yourself, it’s still necessary to budget for movers in Chicago to help with any items that are too heavy, bulky, or delicate to move without assistance.

Insured and Licensed

Make sure you are dealing with a company that is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation. This ensures they have met all requirements set forth by the US Government and have liability insurance to protect your belongings.

Positive Reviews

An excellent way to find out whether moving companies are legit or not is by reading some of their online reviews from past clients. This gives you some peace of mind when making such an important decision for your upcoming move.

How To Move To/From Chicago, IL?

Whether it’s a local move within the city or a long-distance move to or from the city, movers in Chicago recommend the following tips to get started.


To save on moving costs, it is highly recommended by moving companies in Chicago to de-clutter and downsize your belongings. This includes getting rid of things you don’t need to take with you, donating items you no longer use, or selling belongings.

Figure out the Type of Move

How you move will affect the length of time it takes to get belongings from point A to B, as well as other factors such as:

  • The overall cost of the move
  • Type of mover
  • Size and number of items to be moved

Choosing to use moving pods that you load yourself so that moving companies in Chicago can transport it for you to the destination is a great way to save on costs. However, choosing to use a full-service mover will save time because movers do all of the loading, unloading, transporting and even packing/unpacking, which will save you time for other important tasks such as canceling and setting up new utilities and finalizing arrangements for your new place.

Choose the Right Time to Move

Chicago has icy, frigid winters where temperatures often fall below freezing. As such, organizing a time to move with moving companies in Chicago is essential to ensure that there are no weather delays to the moving process. While moving during the off-peak winter season requires additional planning to keep on schedule, it can also save a lot of money in the long run.

Moving during the spring and summer months is also an excellent option as the weather is more amenable to the moving process, but the overall cost of the move can be much higher due to the demand for movers in Chicago.

Cost of Living in Chicago

Chicago is a very popular city and as a result, Chicago real estate is very competitive. Some neighborhoods are more affordable than others. Depending on whether you plan to rent or own can make a big difference in the cost of living. Rents vary greatly, as do the costs of houses and condos.

Owning Property in Chicago

Those who want to own a house for long-term living or as a holiday home can expect median home prices to be approximately 275 thousand dollars. This means that the median mortgage price for Chicago real estate can be between $1300-$2000 monthly. This figure may be slightly higher in prime real estate locations such as waterfront property and downtown condominiums.

Moving companies in Chicago can help people with all aspects of relocation to a newly purchased property. They can provide tips for moving, help with storage and packing, and offer insurance options to protect your belongings during the moving process.

Renting in Chicago

Movers in Chicago regularly help people relocate to or from rental units in Chicago. Average rent prices in Chicago vary significantly depending on the neighborhood and property type. A 1-bedroom apartment in a trendy part of Chicago will be more expensive than a 1-bedroom apartment further from the city center. On average, Chicago rental prices are as follows:

  • Studio – $700-$1500 per month
  • 1-bedroom – $1025-$2100 per month
  • 2-bedroom – $1350-$2500 per month
  • 3-bedroom – $1875-$3500+ per month

Factors such as distance to the city center, amenities in the rental building, and the quality of the building itself will affect rental prices.

Chicago Expenses

In addition to rent or mortgage payments, movers in Chicago recommend considering other costs of living expenses in order to determine the actual cost of living in Chicago.


Utilities in Chicago are slightly lower than the national average. Chicago properties and rentals are charged around 14.1 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity and pay a little over $1 per therm for gas. Monthly utility bills can range from $160 to well over $300 per month, depending on the time of year and the size of the living space.

Cable and Internet

Cable and internet can be slightly higher in Chicago due to the higher tax rate for Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. (a popular cable provider in Chicago) and other providers. Monthly subscriptions for TV and internet can range from $68 to over $200 per month depending on the speed of connection and number of channels.


Thanks to its outstanding public transportation network, bike paths, and walkable neighborhoods, getting around Chicago is relatively cheap and easy.

Single trips on public transportation run between $2.25 and $2.50 depending on whether a person is taking the bus or a train. Monthly unlimited use passes can be purchased for a little over $100 per month.

Having a car is not necessary in Chicago. Still, moving companies in Chicago recommend that if you are going to have one, you should budget approximately up to $200-$400 per month for gas and parking. Finding parking can be difficult in many parts of the city, and as such, movers in Chicago recommend avoiding owning a car.

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Chicago

Moving companies in Chicago can help with relocation to or from any of Chicago’s notable neighborhoods. Each has its own unique style, cost of living, and activities for singles, couples, and families.


Lakeview is a neighborhood in Chicago located on the North Side of Chicago. This neighborhood is one of Chicago’s most popular for new residents in terms of culture, architecture, nightlife, restaurant selection, shopping, climate, and variety of housing stock.

If you hire movers in Chicago to help relocate to or from the area, be sure to do so during off-peak hours as the neighborhood is densely packed during the day and on the weekends.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a neighborhood located on the North Side of Chicago in close proximity to Lake View. It is considered one of Chicago’s most affluent and safe neighborhoods, making it a popular place for moving companies in Chicago to help you relocate to.

Lincoln Park is extremely popular among young professionals, young couples looking to start a family, and retirees. If you are considering moving to or from the area, movers in Chicago recommend securing ample parking for loading or unloading items as the neighborhood can be busy during the day and on the weekends.

West Loop

Movers in Chicago usually assist with relocation to this neighborhood for those looking to live in the heart of a hip and trendy area. Formerly an industrial zone for manufacturing and wholesale businesses, this neighborhood now hosts some of the best restaurants and nightclubs the city has to offer.

Moving companies in Chicago usually have no problem with the actual moving process here as the neighborhood is not as densely packed as Lake View or Lincoln Park. Also, with I-90 running through the neighborhood’s east side, movers in Chicago can usually get in and out of the neighborhood quickly.

The Bottom Line

The overall cost of moving companies in Chicago to help with local and long-distance moves will depend on the particular services you require, the distance being traveled, and the weight of your items.

To ensure that you receive the best deal possible for your upcoming move to or from Chicago, carefully research each moving company’s reputation and fees before making a final decision.

Chicago Moving Cost

The cost of moving to or from Chicago will depend on a number of factors. Each should be carefully considered in order to save time and money for a hassle-free moving experience.

Types of Move

Chicago moving companies offer two types of moving services: local and long-distance. Generally, moving companies in Chicago consider local moves anything under 100 miles, but others have larger distance maximums. Local moves are typically priced at an hourly rate.

Long-distance moving companies in Chicago usually categorize moves over 100 miles or across state lines as long-distance, but some have other policies. Long-distance moves are typically more expensive than local moves because of the added costs of heavy-duty equipment, distance traveled, fuel, accommodation, and time.


The total weight of your items will impact how much you pay for your relocation. Some movers in Chicago charge by the pound, while some charge a flat rate.

On average moving companies in Chicago charge between .50-.80 cents per pound. Some moving companies may also charge extra fees for any awkwardly shaped items such as television sets and sofas, depending on the size and weight of those pieces.

For those looking to move on a budget, moving companies in Chicago recommend getting rid of any items you don't need prior to organizing moving services to ensure you get the lowest price.

Time of Year

The time of year will also affect the overall price of the total moving costs. The months between April and October tend to have a higher price tag than late fall to early spring months. Often, it is more affordable to move during the winter months when movers in Chicago are looking for the business.

Packing Supplies

Moving companies in Chicago don't always offer packing supplies as part of their services. When they do, it can increase the cost significantly. Unfortunately, packing supplies are vital to any successful moving process, so they must be included in any moving budget.

Packing supply costs can be reduced by locating recycled packing supplies on online community forums or by visiting local stores that offer them for free or at a discounted price.

Overall for local moves, expect to pay between $250 to $2000 for full-service moving companies in Chicago. For long-distance movers in Chicago, expect to pay between $1400 to over $5000 for full moving services.

Of course there are a lot of variables, as we highlighted in our guide, but for local moves you can expect to pay somewhere between $250 to $2000 for professional full-service moving companies in Chicago. For long-distance movers in Chicago, the price will range from $1400 to over $5000 for full moving services.

Annual salary requirements needed to live in Chicago will vary based on the neighborhood, the number of dependents, and lifestyle choices. Many Chicago residents live very comfortably on $50K a year, assuming that they have no other significant expenses such as children, debt, or other large monthly payments. Considering that many of the best employment opportunities in Chicago pay $30K to $75K a year, $50K is definitely achievable in the Windy City. To save on living costs in Chicago, consider using public transportation, cooking meals at home, and living in more affordable neighborhoods such as Chicago Loop.

Full-service moving companies in Chicago are highly recommended as they offer peace of mind, convenience, and a stress-free moving experience. They can pack your items for you, load them onto the truck, drive them to their destination, unload them from the truck into your new home or apartment. Moving services can also assist with disassembling and reassembling your furniture and they have the equipment to handle heavy or oversized items.

While full-service movers in Chicago will be more expensive than a DIY or partial DIY move using pods, they save a lot of valuable time that can be used to organize other important aspects of the moving process.

Tipping for moving services may not be required but it is certainly appreciated and customary in the moving industry. If you decide to tip, consider tipping the head mover who supervises your entire move around $30-$60 depending on how much work is required.

For additional moving laborers, it is recommended to tip approximately $20 per person for any moving services lasting under five hours and up to $50 for services lasting up to ten hours. For long-distance moves that take several days, gratuity may already be included in the total price so be sure to check the contract before tipping.

While crime can be high in some areas, overall, Chicago is a relatively safe city to live in, provided that you use common sense when you go out and avoid “bad” neighborhoods where there is a higher risk for crime to occur.

As with any major city, crime is always a factor.  Fortunately, many statistics in Chicago suggest that most crime is non-violent and can be deterred with home security systems.

The best reliable and reputable moving companies in Chicago are all fully licensed for various activities such as moving labor and long-distance moves. These licenses can be verified on the internet or by calling your local moving company directly for verification purposes before making a final hiring decision.

It is highly recommended to only use Chicago moving companies that are properly licensed to avoid poor service, damage to items, and other moving-related issues.