Cheap Moving Companies in The United States

It is an established fact that house relocation can affect the family’s budget, moving however doesn’t have to be costly if you are equipped with the right information. There are certain tips and tricks to reduce your moving costs, but the type of moving company you decide to work with will pre-determine how much in total you will have to pay for your move, as well as the moving experience you will have.

Finding the right moving company could get tricky as many people who were interested in hiring cheap moving companies for their upcoming move fell victim to rogue movers that used cheap quotes to lure them. This is why the Moving Feedback team went the extra mile with this article to research and bring together the most affordable moving companies offering the best services.

Recommended Top 3 Cheapest Moving Companies

Glass City Movers

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Puma Van Lines

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Cheap Moving Companies in The United States

In this article

While on the lookout for cheap moving companies, quality service is non-negotiable.

To make this easier for you, we have researched and analyzed top moving companies and come up with the most affordable while also considering their quality of service.

1. Glass City Movers

Glass City Movers

The Glass City Movers team offers loading and unloading assistance, hand packing services, and assembling services when you are relocating to a new office, apartment, or house. It is a family-owned and operated company originating from the Ohio and Michigan area.

When seeking a cheap moving service, this company will utilize its 20 years of moving experience and a sweet moving experience.

Their moving cost is either the same or fairer than the written estimate you receive.


  • Offers both local (short) and the long-distance move
  • Affordable moves
  • Additional services available
  • Consistent moving quote and payment


  • Low online availability

2. Puma Van Lines

Puma Van Lines

This is one of the best relocation companies located in Dallas, Texas, and DMV area. It has helped many families and businesses relocate their homes and offices from one part of the country to another efficiently and at reasonable costs.

They are licensed to provide local and long-distance moves across the 48 states in the country and have varieties of truck sizes in their fleet to handle any size and type of move.


  • Offers both full and partial packing services
  • Professionally trained packers


  • No storage advertisement
  • Different customers review

3. Suburban


Suburban Relocation Systems focuses on offering moving services of high value while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Similar to other full-service moving companies, Suburban Relocation System LLC provides you with a variety of options that will help customize the move to your preference.


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Ready to handle large moves
  • Various packing options


  • Average customer service

4. Sprinter Van Lines Inc

Sprinter Van Lines Inc

Founded in 2018, Sprinter Van Lines Inc. operates with effectiveness and efficiency. They offer different forms of commercial and residential moving services.

This company allows you to obtain an instant online moving estimate. You will also find the company’s base prices for its entire moving packages disclosed on its website so you can easily pick a package that matches your budget.


  • Multiple of moving services
  • Performs office move
  • Quick growth in the moving industry


  • Low online presence
  • New but growing in the moving industry

5. Eazy Moving Corp

Eazy Moving Corp

This professional moving company from Miami, FL makes relocation stress-free for you and provides you with the best possible relocation service.

Eazy Moving Corp’s website provides moving guides and articles written in clear and understandable language to help you understand moving jargon, they are also fully insured and bonded and offer online moving estimates free of charge.

You can also purchase Moving supplies from them at affordable rates


  • Moving supplies available for purchase at affordable prices.
  • Perfect for business owners, seniors, and so on.
  • Availability of online quote
  • Home survey


  • Mixed review from customers

6. Southwest Van Lines

Southwest Van Lines

Similar to other full-service moving companies, Southwest Van Lines offer you several options to take the tasks you would rather not handle out of your moving process, you can leave box packing and other tasks to your movers so you can focus on some other necessary tasks.

If you are keen on reducing costs, this company is right for you as they provide professional moving services at a low cost to clients in the entire United States.


  • Affordable moving services
  • Temporary (short) and long term storage solution
  • Moving planning


  • The tiring online quoting process
  • Low online availability

7. First Way Movers

First Way Movers

First Way Movers is also another company operated by a family. They are a bonded, insured, and licensed moving company in California that the BBB has accredited.

They provide moving services in California and all over the United States at highly competitive prices.

They are on our list because of their flat-rate pricing system, which means that First Way Movers doesn’t charge for additional mileage or fuel during long-distance moves.


  • Licensed movers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Accurate moving estimate
  • Great customers service


  • Not widely known like top moving companies
  • Low online availability

8. HS Express Trucking Inc

HS Express Trucking Inc

HS Express Trucking Inc. partners with customers to deliver a seamless and stress-free moving experience on a budget. The company operates on a culture of trust, service, and safety.

They provide bigger moving packages and additional services like junk removal, home cleaning, home theater setup, and computer setup if required.


  • Personalized moving process
  • Excellent customers’ relationship
  • Offer lots of services


  • Quoting process not clearly explained
  • No storage facilities

9. Insta Movers Alabama

Insta Movers Alabama

This is one of the affordable moving companies with its by-the-hour moving price, which includes the costs incurred from blankets, moving trucks, shrink wrap, and all the necessary tools required to complete the moving process.

They start working immediately after they arrive at the site and will not take any break until they complete the task. They also do not collect additional charges for stairs carry or for moving during the weekend.

Insta Movers Alabama offer a storage facility for your possessions if needed.


  • It offers direct moving service
  • Affordable moving services
  • Availability of moving supplies
  • Reasonable pricing system
  • Offers storage solution


  • Not popular
  • Low presence online

10. Northwest Relocation

Northwest Relocation

Northwest Relocation Council is situated in the Northwest Pacific and offers quality and affordable relocation services at affordable prices.

They are insured and licensed moving company with a good track record with old customers, they have also been found to be among the best in terms of reputation, quality service, and delivery.


  • Offers moving services of great quality and affordability.
  • Uses experience to offer moving solution


  • Works with others
  • No storage solution

The Following Table Displays the 10 Cheapest Moving Companies

No. Cheap Moving Companies in the US Website
1 Glass City Movers www.
2 Puma Van Lines
3 Suburban
4 Sprinter Van Lines Inc
5 Eazy Moving Corp NON
6 Southwest Van Lines
7 First Way Movers
8 HS Express Trucking Inc
9 Insta Movers Alabama
10 Northwest Relocation NON

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Local Moving Companies?

Local hourly moving rate and the overall cost will be determined by your location (whether you stay in a state or metro area. An hourly rate will be charged based on the time spent by movers on your move). This rate is applicable to services like packing, loading, and driving from your old home to your new home.

The size of your home is also a deciding factor when determining the cost of a local move.

Below are the approximate costs you are likely going to pay for your short-distance move, using an average of $25 an hour per mover, Expect to pay $150-$200 when moving out of a studio apartment with two local movers helping on the job and if the loading, driving and unloading last for 3 to 4 hours and about $800-$900 when moving out of a 3-bedroom apartment/house of approximately 2000sq-ft with 4 local movers helping on the job and if the loading, driving and unloading last for 8 to 9 hours.

For bigger homes, the moving price can increase greatly, the best option to calculate your moving cost in this situation is to use our local moving cost calculator to get an idea of how much you should budget.

Remember to include some additional local moving costs in your budget. You may have to pay an additional $25 for each additional mover you require. Packing and unpacking are available with most local movers and they will gladly offer it to you as an additional service at $25 to $35/hour.

You will not be charged for packing materials as they are always added to the price.

Property size Average weight Number of hours Estimated cost Less than 50 miles 1000 miles+
Moving a one-bedroom home 3,500 pounds 3 – 5 hours $200 to 500 $200 to $500 $950 to $2,900
Moving a two-bedroom home 5,000 pounds 5 – 7 hours $400 to 700 $$675 to $1,200 $2,100 to $7,800
Moving a three-bedroom home 10,000 pounds 7 – 10 hours $600 to $1,000 $1,000 to $3,500 $4,900 to $7,100
Moving a four-bedroom home 12,000+ pounds Above 10 hours $800 to $2,000 $3,500 to $4,900 $8,000+

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Long Distance Moving Companies?

Your long-distance moving cost will be determined by the distance to your new home, your shipment weight and the additional services you may have requested for. They are also likely to charge you for extra services and other fees as well. An average price of $0.70 per pound will be levied to move your belongings a distance of 1000 miles.

How Much Do Cheapest Moving Company Cost?

Hiring a moving company costs from $250 to $5,000 on average. While additional travel and other charges may apply, local moving companies basically charge hourly rates between $89 and $129 for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.

Cross-country movers charge based on the service required, the weight of the load, and the distance to the drop-off point. For interstate moves, be prepared to pay about $1 per pound on your shipment weight.

Since the average home contains household items weighing approximately 1 thousand (1,000) pounds, your estimated relocation cost will be close to $7,000 for a 4-bedroom house with a living room, formal dining room, and kitchen. If you request a full-service move that includes packing and unpacking, additional charges may apply.

How to Find Cheap Moving Companies?

Affordability and quality should both be kept in mind while on the search for moving companies. Follow the tips below to find reliable and cheap moving companies that will transport your belongings:

Be wary of low–ball estimates

A reliable and trustworthy moving company running a respectable operation will likely charge rates that are close to its competitors as they often have the same labor and overhead costs, there will be differences because of the rates charged and services proffered. Beware of moving companies that charge very low prices, such mover may be running a disreputable and shady operation, or they may surprise you with additional charges later during the move.

Check licensing

To ensure the moving company you are considering has the required paperwork and licenses, run a background check on them to avoid being tricked into a contract with any mover. Every interstate moving company should be registered with the US Department of Transportation and must be assigned a number. Any moving company without a USDOT number is not considered to be running a legal operation and should be avoided at all costs as they have nothing to lose should anything go wrong.

Years of Experience

Experience is very important in any business. You also have to consider the year of experience of the moving company. This can be determined by reading previous customers’ reviews on the internet. Many moving companies have over 50 to 100 years of experience, conduct proper research on these movers and choose the one that best fit your moving needs and budget.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Colleagues

Your friends, family, and neighbors should be the starting point on your search for cheap movers. These are the people that will never give you false news about a moving company for any reason. Make sure you ask your contact how satisfied they were with the service of the mover they recommend. You can also ask how much the move cost if you and the person are very close and will be ready to share with you.

Request and Compare Moving Quotes

It is important to determine the affordability of a moving company for you to hire. This is the right time to request moving quotes and compare moving prices and the terms associated with the offers.

Be ready to throw in your negotiation skills to land yourself the best deal and quality service at the same time to enjoy your move. A tip is to avoid taking the first offer you receive. Make sure you get moving quotes from different companies and compare prices. Request from your movers how to reduce the cost of your move, to see which company is willing to lower prices.

Read our post on moving quotes.


Pro Tip

Apart from researching cheapest moving company, you can as well make your move cheap as much as possible. It is a way of reducing the burden even before approaching your mover.

Ways How to Move Cheaply

Apart from researching cheap moving companies, you can work to make your move cheap as possible, below are seven tips for saving money on your relocation costs.

Shop Around

Do not make the mistake of going with the first mover you call. Make sure you get moving quotes from 3 to 5 moving companies in your area. You will need the moving companies to carry out an in-house survey to get accurate pricing and compare quotes to begin eliminating movers one by one.

The quote form on the Moving Feedback homepage will help you to locate as many moving companies near you as possible.

Pick your Moving Date Carefully

Ensure you choose the right moving date and time if you are using a professional moving company for your relocation. Moving company will charge more during late spring and summer, so the peak moving months are April, May, June, July, August, and September.

Reduce your Load

The charge incurred on long-distance or interstate moves often depends on the weight of your belongings. You can save money if you can reduce your shipment weight.

Do your own Packing and Loading

It was reported by AMSA that when people change residence, only about 22% request for the service of professional movers while 45% of the rent a moving truck and do the packing and loading themselves. You can save on the substantial labor costs associated with packing and loading by cutting out the middlemen.

Frequently Asked Questions Cheapest Moving Company

Can movers be hired without a moving truck?

Yes, there are many hourly services available with most moving companies which do not include trucks. The following are some of the cases where you might not need a moving truck while hiring movers:

You need packing assistance: Consider hiring a professional packer to assist you with your packing if you need to pack valuable items, especially if you have fragile things coming with you on the move.

You need help loading or unloading: You may be able to get away with packing yourself, however, loading and unloading is not a one-man job. You can get movers for hire on an hourly basis to assist you with the loading and unloading of your things.

I forgot to buy bubble wrap and need to pack delicate and valuable items. What can I do?

If you forgot to buy bubble wrap, or you do not want to spend more money, you can use clothing and towels to wrap certain items before putting them into boxes.

Decorative pieces, valuable and delicate objects, and some kitchen items can be individually wrapped in shirts, shorts, sweaters, towels, and rags. Doing so protects the items the same way bubble wrap would.

Make sure you are not packing more than one item in each item of clothing. Having two items in one sweater or towel would cause them to bump against each other, which could lead to damage.

What can I do to prepare my home or apartment before the movers arrive?

If you have only purchased a loading, transport, and unloading service, ensure all items are packed and ready to go. Furniture, paintings, and other such items can be left as is – the movers can wrap them in blankets or shrink-wrap as necessary.

Even if the movers are packing your possessions, try to organize your living space in the lead-up to their arrival. Throw out all items that are not going with you. If you cannot donate or throw away everything, keep it out of the way of the movers.

How possible is it to negotiate a lower price?

There are many things for you to work on when planning a move and you might find it difficult to stick to a budget as there may be unexpected issues. You can ask your movers if it is possible to negotiate the price even for you if you find the price higher than estimated.

You would be amazed at the number of companies that are willing to work with you on this; just remember to ask and know how to approach them. Read our post on how to negotiate with a mover?

How do I determine the price for my move?

The best way to find the most affordable moving companies closest to you is to call them and inform them of your moving situation. Tell them the distance involved, the services you need, as well as your budget.

You can also get like 3 moving estimates to compare prices and services to determine the best deal for your move.


There are cheap moving companies out there but only takes some effort to discover them. But with the moving companies in this article, you can be assured that you will receive quality service at the cheapest rate if you hire any of the movers listed above.

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