Cheap Moving Companies in The United States

Moving shouldn’t have to be a costly event if you have the right information about how it works.

However, it can be tricky to find the most cost-effective moving companies. Many people are faced with the problem of hiring the cheapest moving company to handle their moves.

In the process, some consumers do fall into the hands of rogue movers who use the cheapest moving company quotes to lure them to their sides.

This is one of the reasons the Moving Feedback team went the extra mile to research various moving companies and bring out the best with the most affordable moving costs.

Recommended Top 3 Cheapest Moving Companies

Glass City Movers

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Puma Van Lines

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Cheap Moving Companies in The United States

In this article

While looking for cheap movers, quality services are non-negotiable. We placed priority on good service delivery at the best price.

Compare Top 10 US Cheapest Moving Companies 2022

We discussed how to find cheap moving companies to help you move your home and came up with the best 10 movers.

Our team compares various moving quotes from hundreds of movers and considers other moving parameters.

These include license, membership of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) and other related associations, professionalism, equipment, customer reviews, and quality of service.

We considered the costs of various moving services as well as additional services you may need for your move. Movers that have a high reputation at the most affordable prices and don’t toy with their integrity are considered. We recommended moving companies that give value to your money.

Below are our 10 cheapest moving companies’ picks for your move:

1. Glass City Movers

Glass City Movers

You can rest assured that our Glass City Movers’ talented team will be able to help you with both your local and long distance move anywhere in the United States at affordable prices.

Our team offers loading and unloading assistance, hand packing services, and assembling services when you are relocating to a new office, apartment, or house.

The business is a family-owned and operated company and hailed from Ohio and Michigan area. When seeking a cheap moving service, this company will put its 20 years of moving experience into action to give you a sweet moving experience.

Their moving cost is either the same or fairer than the written estimate you receive.

Why Choose Glass City Movers

It performs moves of different sizes and distances. Regardless of where you decide to move out to, Glass City Movers got you covered. Since movers can only charge for interstate moves than local moves, some moving companies make their profits by specializing mainly in out-of-state moves.

Companies with fewer moving vehicles and movers use this business strategy, but it doesn’t consider some prospective customers.


  • Offers both local (short) and the long-distance move
  • Affordable moves
  • Additional services available
  • Consistent moving quote and payment


  • Low online availability

2. Puma Van Lines

Puma Van Lines

This company is located in Dallas, Texas, and the DMV area and is one of the best moving companies.

This professional moving company has helped many businesses and families move their offices and homes across the country with total efficiency without over-charging their consumers. They personalize every relocation to suit certain needs.

Puma Van Lines is licensed to provide both local and long-distance moves throughout the 48 states. Whether a move is a large or small, long-distance or short distance, Puma has a full fleet of moving trucks in various sizes to perfectly suit your move together with a team of workers who will put in their expertise to ensure they deliver the best quality services and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Puma Van Lines

We like the customer service we received from Puma Van Lines during the interactions we had with them. We first get impressed by the in-home moving estimate.

Each time we contact Puma Van Lines’ representatives to ask them questions regarding our move, they give a quick and helpful response. They didn’t waste time responding to us regardless of the medium we used to contact them, whether a phone call or an email.

They never get tired of our requests, and that was a great one from the company.


  • Offers both full and partial packing services
  • Professionally trained packers


  • No storage advertisement
  • Different customers review

3. Suburban


Suburban Relocation Systems is amazingly affordable. The company is committed to providing great value and customer satisfactory moving and relocation services. You get to control your relocation cost as they will charge you based on how much space you need.

They begin the process by first issuing you a written quote and keep you informed of any development from the beginning to the end. The company has a high rating from previous relocated customers and continues to earn customers’ trust.

Why Choose Suburban Relocation System

Similar to other full-service moving companies, Suburban Relocation System LLC provides you with many options for the parts of the move to handle yourself.

If you don’t feel like packing those boxes, let the movers add it to their jobs. They can also help you reassemble your Ikea nightstand.

If you plan to keep the cost of your move cheap, then we suggest you forget all the additional tasks such as packing and furniture reassembly and let this company handles the loading and driving.


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Ready to handle large moves
  • Various packing options


  • Average customer service

4. Sprinter Van Lines Inc

Sprinter Van Lines Inc

This company was founded in 2018 to offer moving services. Today, this company is growing rapidly in the moving business. Sprinter Van lines can handle any type of move for you irrespective of where you are or how many belongings you need to move. It’s time to call this company when you are considering a move out of your current home or business.

Sprinter Van Lines operates with effectiveness and efficiency. They offer different forms of commercial and residential moving services. This company can help you move whenever and wherever you want to.

Why Choose Sprinter Van Lines Inc

Sprinter Van Lines allow you to obtain an instant online moving estimate. Although the estimate will not be completely accurate, it will give the customer an idea of the amount they should expect to spend on their move instantly.

You will also find the company’s base prices for its entire moving packages disclosed on its website so you can easily pick a package that matches your budget.

When compared to the $4,749 estimated for a similar move by IVL, Sprinter’s prices will surely make you smile at your wallet. If you need to move and you desire convenience, consider Sprinter Van Lines.


  • Multiple of moving services
  • Performs office move
  • Quick growth in the moving industry


  • Low online presence
  • New but growing in the moving industry

5. Eazy Moving Corp

Eazy Moving Corp

This professional moving company from Miami, FL makes relocation stress-free for you and provides you with the best possible relocation service ever.

This company, having perfected its craft in the past few years is gradually becoming the first choice moving company of business people, seniors, families, and the rest.

Easy Moving Company is fully bonded and insured and also offers free online moving quotes. The company also offers moving supplies at affordable prices.

An expert from the company is readily available to come to your home for an in-home survey and also provide you with a full move plan, moving estimates, as well as answering any questions concerning your move.

Why Choose Eazy Moving Corp

Moving companies can easily forget that you are moving for the first time, and even if not, each move comes with different challenges.

Instead of going through grammar that you have never heard before, Eazy Moving Corp’s website provides moving guides and articles written in understandable language.

This will give you more confidence in each step of the moving process, which is highly needed with challenging and overwhelming endeavors as moving.


  • Moving supplies available for purchase at affordable prices.
  • Perfect for business owners, seniors, and so on.
  • Availability of online quote
  • Home survey


  • Mixed review from customers

6. Southwest Van Lines

Southwest Van Lines

This company provides professional moving services to clients in the entire United States. They have a low-cost moving package which makes it easier for you, especially if you are trying to cut your moving cost.

This company will ensure the safety of your belongings by ensuring they arrive at the destination in the same perfect condition they were before departure and in time. The company has long-term and short-term customized storage solutions for individuals and business possessions.

Why Choose Southwest Van Lines

Similar to other full-service moving companies, Southwest Van Lines offer you several options for the tasks you can handle out of your moving process.

You can leave box packing and other tasks to your movers so you can focus on some other necessary tasks. With all these, Southwest Van Lines offers these services at affordable prices.


  • Affordable moving services
  • Temporary (short) and long term storage solution
  • Moving planning


  • The tiring online quoting process
  • Low online availability

7. First Way Movers

First Way Movers

This is a family-operated company. It is a bonded, licensed, insured and BBB accredited moving company based in California.

The company understands the need to offer quality services to clients as they will soon become the same community members. They come fully prepared for the job as a one-stop full-service mover.

Their pricing policy is totally upfront without any additional or surprising changes in the course of the move while they also make every attempt to ensure your relocation is being handled accurately, smoothly, and responsibly.

The company offers full relocation services in California and across the United States at very competitive rates. They promised to match or exceed the estimate given to a client by any reputable moving company.

Why Choose First Way Movers

This company got to our list because of its great pricing system. It offers a flat-rate pricing system, which implies that First Way Movers doesn’t charge for additional mileage or fuel.

Once your complete inventory is with the company and knows the distance of your move, it will determine a flat estimate for your particular move. This is based on the weight of your cargo and the number of days it takes to move from one point to another.


  • Licensed movers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Accurate moving estimate
  • Great customers service


  • Not widely known like top moving companies
  • Low online availability

8. HS Express Trucking Inc

HS Express Trucking Inc

The company adopts a culture of service, trust, and safety. This company is one of the best moving companies because of its value-driven nature.

Relocation is not a one-man job due to its complexity. HS professional movers work with the client to deliver a smooth and sweet relocation experience.

In order to offer the best services possible to their clients, the company also builds exceptional relationships among other moving and storage companies as part of their planned growth.

Why Choose HS Express Trucking Inc

This company partners with clients to make sure they have a great and sweet moving experience.

HS Express Trucking Inc provides additional services like junk removal, home cleaning, home theater setup, and computer setup.

Choose a bigger package to stay away from deep cleaning, junk removal, and home maintenance projects that often comes after a big move.


  • Personalized moving process
  • Excellent customers’ relationship
  • Offer lots of services


  • Quoting process not clearly explained
  • No storage facilities

9. Insta Movers Alabama

Insta Movers Alabama

This company, as an independent professional mover provides local and interstate moves for both commercial and residential individuals.

In Birmingham, this company provides cheap packing and relocation services with the most competitive pricing. To take the stress of relocation off your shoulder, you may contact the company.

Shrinkwrap, blankets, all tools, and trucks are all included in their hourly moving price. They do not charge for weekends or stairs and their time starts immediately after they arrived at the site.

Their workers will not take a break from your time. Insta movers provide office moving, residential moving, total relocation of offices, senior living, and homes. They also offer a storage facility for your possessions.

Why Choose Insta Movers

This is one of the cheapest with its by-the-hour moving price, which includes a wrap, moving blankets, moving trucks, and tools.

They begin to work as soon as they get on-site, and they do not charge on weekends or stairs. Their moving team will not take any break until they complete the task.


  • It offers direct moving service
  • Affordable moving services
  • Availability of moving supplies
  • Reasonable pricing system
  • Offers storage solution


  • Not popular
  • Low presence online

10. Northwest Relocation

Northwest Relocation

This company consists of moving and HR professionals committed to collaboration, education, and exchange of ideas.

Non-profit, corporate and service provider members that have a common interest in global mobility are all represented by this diverse organization.

Northwest Relocation Council (PNwRC) has firm roots in the Pacific Northwest to offer the best and affordable moving services.

Why Choose Northwest Relocation

Ensure you choose a moving company’s quality of service as you are looking to obtain the best deal during estimation.

This is why you need to hire an insured and licensed moving company that has a good reputation among old customers.

Northwest Relocation has been found to be one of the best in terms of reputation and quality service delivery.


  • Offers moving services of great quality and affordability.
  • Uses experience to offer moving solution


  • Works with others
  • No storage solution

The Following Table Displays the 10 Cheapest Moving Companies

No. Cheap Moving Companies in the US Website
1 Glass City Movers www.
2 Puma Van Lines
3 Suburban
4 Sprinter Van Lines Inc
5 Eazy Moving Corp NON
6 Southwest Van Lines
7 First Way Movers
8 HS Express Trucking Inc
9 Insta Movers Alabama
10 Northwest Relocation NON

How Much Do Cheapest Moving Company Cost?

Hiring a moving company cost between $250 and $5,000 on average. While additional travel and other charges may apply, local moving companies basically charge hourly rates between $89 and $129 with a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.

Cross country movers charge based on the level of service required, the weight of the load, and the distance of the move. For interstate moves, be prepared to pay about $1 per pound.

Many of the rooms in your home contain household goods worth approximately 1 thousand (1,000) pounds. Therefore, you could estimate the relocation will cost close to $7,000 for a 4 bedroom house with a living room, formal dining room, and a kitchen.

If you request for a full-service move with packing and unpacking, additional charges may apply.

Property size Average weight Number of hours Estimated cost Less than 50 miles 1000 miles+
Moving a one-bedroom home 3,500 pounds 3 – 5 hours $200 to 500 $200 to $500 $950 to $2,900
Moving a two-bedroom home 5,000 pounds 5 – 7 hours $400 to 700 $$675 to $1,200 $2,100 to $7,800
Moving a three-bedroom home 10,000 pounds 7 – 10 hours $600 to $1,000 $1,000 to $3,500 $4,900 to $7,100
Moving a four-bedroom home 12,000+ pounds Above 10 hours $800 to $2,000 $3,500 to $4,900 $8,000+

How to Find Cheapest Moving Company?

Affordability and quality should both be kept in mind while shopping for moving companies. Follow the tips below to find a reliable and cheapest moving company that will transport your belongings:

1. Take time to compare movers

It is quite beneficial to compare movers just as with purchasing other home services. Request for moving quotes from 4 to 5 moving companies, especially, if you are moving cross country, an additional request for in-home survey/estimates should be made from 2 to 3 moving companies.

Ensure the specifics of the quotes are properly noted while comparing the rates given by the moving companies. Make sure you compare each of the services being offered by each mover, most importantly the free one.

2. Be wary of low–ball estimates

A reliable and trustworthy moving company with the respectable operation will likely charge rates that are mostly closer to its competitors as they often have the same labor and overhead costs, although moving companies are cheaper than one another.

Beware of moving companies that charge very low prices. Such mover may be running a disreputable and shady operation, or they may surprise you with additional charges later during the move.

3. Check to license

To ensure the moving companies you contact have proper paper-works, run a quick and accurate background check on all of them to avoid being tricked into a contract with any mover.

Department of transportation or a similar department mostly manages the affairs of moving companies, so feel free to contact them if you are moving locally or within the state.

Every interstate moving company must register with the USDOT (US Department of Transportation). Any moving company that does not consider running a legal operation should be avoided as they have nothing to lose should anything go wrong with the move.

You will get to know the current standing of a mover with the appropriate regulatory authority once you run a quick check in the US DOT database or your state’s regulatory database.

4. Proof of insurance

While your belongings are in the care of your moving company, a few essential insurance policies should be put in place by your mover for the safety of your items.

For an interstate mover to maintain licensing, they must have cargo insurance policies and active BIPD liability according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a division of USDOT.

To know if your mover is properly insured, request for its certificate of Insurances.

A full value insurance protection must also be part of what your interstate movers offer you.  This implies that in the event where the mover damages any of your belongings, the cost of replacement will be covered by them.

A release value protection that ensures your items at a minimum of $60 per pound may alternatively be elected. Most movers offer additional insurance coverage. Weigh in your options and understand the type of coverage your moving contracts commit you to.

5. Request a free in-home estimate

if you live within 50 miles of your moving company, and planning a long-distance move, you are entitled to a free on-site estimate. To get the most accurate moving quote, FMCSA suggests requesting an in-home estimate.

An estimator will be sent to your home by the moving company, and he/she will survey your household inventory and also discuss your required relocation services.

They will determine the weight of your belongings and calculate an estimated total cost based on their published standard rates.

6. Ask about the form of payment

Multiple forms of payment like personal checks and credit cards are accepted by any reputable and reliable moving company. Moving companies who demand a large deposit up-front or only take cash should be avoided.

You will identify a less-reputable moving company by a cash-only or large deposit requirement, although charging a small deposit fee to secure your moving date by a mover is normal.

7. Get your estimate in writing

Ensure you get the estimate in writing before hiring a moving company to create an enforceable contract. The long-distance mover cannot charge more than a 10% increase than the original quoted cost once you get the quote in writing.

To prevent customers from getting over-charged by movers who price jobs inaccurately while sending a final charge that is far higher than the initial quote, the FMCSA enacted the law of getting your estimate in writing.

8. Make sure all documents are complete

The final quote and bill of lading that describes the agreed services will be provided for you by the moving company. Before you attest your own signature, ensure the document is filled out completely and is duly signed by the representative of the moving company.

A less reputable mover could amend an unfinished contract leaving you no choice but to pay more than you bargained if you sign an incomplete document.

9. Disclose everything

If your belongings’ inventory changes between the period of in-home estimate and the moving day, the moving company can amend the quote, although they cannot charge beyond 10% of the price quoted in the written estimate given to you.

Your mover could choose to refuse to carry out your contract if you forget to show your heavy moving boxes that you have in your rear garage or amend it to include the weight of these additional moving boxes.

So you don’t get surprised later with any charges, ensure you highlight all moving services you need and disclose the entire belongings you are moving up-front.

Cheapest Moving Options for Cross Country & Local Moves

You have many different options to choose from for moving your entire household from your current home to the next if you are moving locally or across the country.

The cheapest cross country and local budget moving choices will be analyzed here, highlighted are the cheapest option for you:

1. Selling almost Everything

Paying the expenses of hiring long-distance moving companies or renting a moving truck wouldn’t bother you as you are not moving many items.

Helps you Declutter & Purge: Worldly items that we don’t really have much need for are most common in our possessions.

You will be able to re-evaluate what’s important in your possessions and also be able to focus on bringing only essential items to your new home by selling or donating most of your items before moving.

You can update your Decor: You get to start over with new interior furnishings in your new place by getting rid of everything. You also get to create the living space you desire and also the opportunity to update your decoration style.

Fun Road Trip or Quick Flight: You can quicken the moving process and also turn the move into a fun adventure once you reduced the weight of your belongings.

Pack your clothing and some important items you are not throwing away into your car and start the journey to your new home. You can stop along the way to enjoy the sights and scenery on the road that leads to your new home.

For a fast trip to your destination, you can ship your vehicle and book a flight for you and anyone moving with you. Both options are easy and convenient compared to moving household furniture and heavy items.

2. Using a Trailer to Move Yourself

You could transport your essential items using a trailer instead of selling most of your possessions.

An enclosed trailer is perfect for smaller moves as it keeps your belongings safe from the elements all through the journey by offering you a secure move.

You can rent an enclosed cargo trailer from U-Haul if you don’t own a truck or trailer. You tend to enjoy the following benefits with this option:


U-Haul provides one-way rentals at an affordable price, and this makes this option one of the cheapest ways to move.

It is discovered that it would cost between $413 and $962 in the rate while moving cross-country, for instance, from San Diego, CA to Charleston, SC for an 8-day rental depending on the size of the trailer.

Compared to the costs of hiring professional moving companies, this is far cheaper.

Increased flexibility:

Users get lots of flexibility in renting a trailer. U-Haul makes it easy to pick up a trailer on short notice in any part of the country due to the massive inventory of trailers and network of pick-up locations throughout the nation.

A user may add rental days for added flexibility. Depending on the distance of your move, trailers come with a minimum rental window.

3. One-way rentals available:

U-Haul has a facility in your locality where your current home is, and as well as in your destination. Whether you are relocating from Pennsylvania to Florida or from Sacramento to NYC, there are many U-Haul’s drops off locations scattered across the United States.

One-way rentals are practically suitable for long-distance relocations, but it also works well for local moves sometimes.

3. Renting a Moving Truck

More than a million Americans are estimated to rent a moving truck to move cross country while much more rent moving trucks for local moves according to industry data estimates.

The use of moving trucks has been linked to the many advantages it offers. This includes:

More affordable than movers:

Hiring a professional mover is more costly than renting a moving truck in some circumstances. It will cost around $20 to rent a small 10-foot U-Haul moving truck for a move within Las Vegas for instance. Your relocation could cost less than $50 approximately.

Local moving companies in the area mostly require a couple of two or three hours and charge between $100 and $135 per hour. This shows that you could spend up to $400 on just a local move around the town.

Renting a moving truck, in this case, might be cheaper. Before you leave the rental garage, however, ensure you have the complete details of all costs and added fees.

Don’t have to buy a plane ticket:

Buying plane tickets for the whole family wouldn’t be necessary if you are relocating to a long distance in a rented moving truck. Whether a truck has a bench seat or bucket seats, most moving trucks allow for 3 – 4 passengers.

The rest of the family can follow the truck by riding a car. You can as well attach a trailer to the moving truck and haul it behind if you are going alone.

Explore the country:

You may get the opportunity to enjoy adventures you’ve never seen elsewhere along the roads as you drive a rental moving truck across the state line.

Turn the relocation journey into an adventure by checking out scenic byways and pit stops such as North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains aquamarine, Buffalo National River in Arkansas, Grand Canyon in Arizona, etc.

Available in a variety of sizes:

Moving trucks come in varieties of sizes as being offered by different vendors. From a 10-foot moving truck for a studio apartment to a 26-foot moving truck which is big enough for up to seven rooms worth of possession, you can choose the size that fits your possessions.

Your move on your schedule:

You have more options to carry out your move on your own timing with a rental moving truck. You can choose the date to check out the perfect truck and load it up at your own convenience instead of waiting for moving companies to show up for the task.

To avoid incurring late fees, ensure you return the rental moving truck according to the deadline on the contract.

Excellent for in-town and cross-country moves:

A cheaper way to avoid borrowing a vehicle from a friend if you are relocating across the town is to rent a moving truck.

You will get to complete your move in some hours if you can enlist the assistance of some family and friends. If you are good at handling rental trucks, it is also the best choice for long-distance relocations.

4. Rent a Moving Container – Such as Pods or U-Pack

The best professional moving companies and rental moving trucks are brought together by moving containers since it got started by U-Haul.

In the moving industry, moving containers is the most revolutionary thing to happen.

You leave the driving up to someone else after packing your pod by yourself. With this portable storage unit, you get relieved of the stress of worrying about blind spots in a rental moving truck and trying to navigate low clearance bridges as you don’t have to do the driving yourself.

Just place a call to the company to arrange for pick up after you have loaded your possessions into your container. The company will deliver your container (pod) to your new home.

The freedom to prepare for your move at your own convenient time is one of the most outstanding advantages of using a moving container.

U-Pack, PODS, and other companies drop the container with you and give you enough time, days or weeks to pack and load. Moving containers in some circumstances are a cheaper option compared to hiring a professional mover.

5. Hire Professional Movers to Handle the Job

Hiring an affordable moving company for your local or interstate move takes most of the work out of relocating. You are sure that your move will be handled by professional hands.

While hiring a professional mover costs more than other options, there are a number of advantages of using these options. They are:

Help with a variety of services:

Professional movers usually offer a large number of moving and storage services such as furniture moving, packing and unpacking, warehouse storage, last-minute moves, apartment moves, residential and office moves, appliance delivery, and many more. Whether a partial or a full-service move, you as a customer get to choose the services you required.

Assume responsibility for your items:

Moving companies assume the liability for any of your possession that gets lost, stolen, or damaged once it gets to their custody. To protect your possessions, local and interstate moving companies are required to have insurance.

You can leave your highly prized possessions in the care of a moving company that will take total responsibility should any damage or loss happen to it instead of leaving it with clumsy friends.

Door-to-door and full-service solutions:

Boxing your items with total care and unloading all your possession at your new home is part of the services included in the full-service offered by some movers.

If you do not have enough time to do the moving yourself, this point-to-point option is the best as it reduces moving stress.

They manage the loading and unloading truck:

You can let the movers do the hard work which involves heavy lifting while you supervise instead of breaking your back trying to do it yourself.

You do not have to lift a single item as the professional movers will take charge of the entire moving process which involves loading and unloading.

Saves time:

If you have the moving experience, then you will know it can take many hours just to pack your kitchen if you are doing it yourself while it will only take a fraction of the time to get it all boxed by the professional cross country movers.

Fully equipped with truck, supplies, and equipment:

To ensure a hitch-free move, movers are equipped with all they need. The moving company does not only come with a full-sized moving truck, but they also bring blankets to protect your appliances and furniture, dollies to safely transport your possessions to and from the moving truck as well as moving supplies.

You don’t have to find people to help:

Your friends and family would offer to sleep in your house over till the moving day to help you move. Hire professional long distance movers that will show up right on time to get your move done as quickly as possible rather than contending with a series of unexpected last-minute cancellations of the move.

Trained and knowledgeable:

Moving companies have a well-trained staff that understands to the fullest every moving process. Professional movers will handle moves that include conquering complicated logistics such as packing up your expensive wine glasses or getting a treadmill down a set of stairs.

Pro Tip

Apart from researching cheapest moving company, you can as well make your move cheap as much as possible. It is a way of reducing the burden even before approaching your mover.

7 Ways How to Move Cheaply

In 2016, the moving industry was reported by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) to have an $85.7 million impact on the economy. Over 3 million people relocate from one state to the other while many more relocating from town to town within the same state.

Many people are opting for ways to minimize the moving cost as moving has now become an expensive business. If you are among the people that are learning to relocate cheaply across America, below are seven tips for saving money on your relocation costs.

1. Collect Free Boxes before your Move

Even when purchased in bundles, moving boxes with handles can cost around $3.15 a piece according to the information on Uline’s website. Collecting as many free boxes as you can in days, weeks, or months before your moving date help you cut down your moving costs.

Below are tips for gathering free moving boxes:

  • Keep all your large shipping boxes, like the one you received from Amazon.
  • Ask around for any free unused moving boxes from your neighbors.
  • Lookup Craigslist and Free-cycle for moving boxes. People who relocate recently always want to get rid of moving boxes as it consumes spaces in the house, they will give the boxes to you for free provided you are willing to pick it up.
  • Grocery stores and your local schools may have moving boxes that they want to throw away.

2. Shop Around

Do not make the mistake of going with the first mover you call. Endeavor to get moving quotes from 3 to 5 moving companies in your area. Be sure to compare moving truck rental prices if you are packing and moving your possessions yourself.

You will need someone from a moving company to do an in-house survey to get accurate pricing while you secure quotes online to begin eliminating the movers one by one. The quote form on the Moving Feedback homepage will help you to locate as many moving companies near you as possible.

3. Pick your Moving Date Carefully

Ensure you choose a cheaper moving date and time if you are using a professional moving company for your relocation. A moving company will charge more during late spring and summer, so the peak moving months are April, May, June, July, August, and September.

The most expensive days to hire movers are the weekends because people mostly prefer not to miss work when they move during weekdays; hence, the weekend will be too fixed up. Choose any day in the week for your move.

You can save a lot of money by avoiding a Friday through Monday move if you can take a leave in the mid-week. Demand for a professional moving company is lower toward the middle of the month, so it will be better to schedule your movers to arrive at that time.

4. Reduce your Load

The charge incurred on long-distance or interstate moves often depends on the weight of your belongings. You can save a lot of coins if you can reduce the number of heavy items to be moved.

Moving will also give you the best chance to sort through your library to decide on the books you want to keep. Hardbacks, for instance, can add up in weight.

You can either cash in on the books you are willing to release by selling them at the used bookstores, or you could give it out as charity or to your local library.

Old or worn-out furniture should also be disposed of by taking advantage of this chance, as you are likely to replace them within some months. Focus on buying new pieces immediately after the move as you save some money on the moving cost.

List unwanted furniture on Freecycle or Craigslist to get rid of it before your move. Consider offering the furniture for free if you really need to get rid of it quickly.

5. Do your own Packing and Loading

It was reported by AMSA that when people change residence, only about 22% request for the service of professional movers while 45% of the rent a moving truck and do the packing and loading themselves.

You can save on the substantial labor costs associated with packing and loading by cutting out the middlemen.

As an average moving company costs a minimum of $25 per person, you might actually want to do it yourself even though it’s an investment of your time.

By requesting help from friends and family, you can reduce your packing and loading time. In exchange for their cost-saving efforts, you just have to serve them with pizza and drinks.

6. Borrow a Truck

33% of people neither hire professional movers nor rent a moving truck to transport their belongings while 67% do. They instead borrow vehicles from friends or family or even use their own vehicles to move their belongings.

You might be able to get one of your friends or family to help you haul some of your possessions to your new home with their nice truck while you pay for the gas and meal.

For clearer reasons, this do-it-yourself move is the best for local or short-distance moves. You can make multiple trips in your personal vehicle to haul your household items in a short distance move.

This is a great option if you have the time and you want to save money even though it might take 4 times longer than the professional movers could have done it.

7. Deduct your Moving Expenses from your Taxes

Through a future tax deduction, you may be able to reduce a part of your relocation expenses. You might be able to deduct a substantial amount from your moving expenses according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your relocation closely relates to the beginning of work: This implies that your work start date should be within the year the move should complete.
  • Your relocation passes the time test: You will have to work full time for about 10 months in the first year of the move to deduct moving expenses. You must work full time for a year and a half during the first two years following your relocation if you are self-employed.
  • Your relocation passes the distance test: This implies that your new place of work should be at least 50 miles farther away from your old home than your old place of work.

By utilizing this tax deduction, you could save up to 37% on moving costs depending on your marginal tax rate.

Frequently Asked Questions Cheapest Moving Company

Moving through a rental truck is the least expensive way to move. Your total cost if you rent a moving truck, pack and load your items yourself, and haul the rental truck to your new address will be lesser than hiring a moving company. However, there are other options aside from truck rental.

With a moving company, all your worries about how you will drive a moving truck or any related costs or the stress of renting a moving truck will all be gone. You probably know that the cost of hiring a self-packing mover is less than hiring a full-service moving company and a little higher than a moving truck rental.

The cheapest day of the week to move is on a weekday, right from Monday to Thursday. This is because movers offer fair rates during the week as demand for moving services is considerably lower.

Local moving companies charge an hourly rate of about $25 for each mover. Three movers should not exceed 4 hours to get a single bedroom apartment moved within a short distance, so only labor will cost about $300. The price can rise to about $2,000 for a long-distance move of an average weight of 3000 lbs.

The standard daily rate for laborers is assumed to be between $10 per hour and $12 per hour. Some may decide to pay laborers $10 per hour for a complete 8-hour workday. You should give your daily laborer water at least or pizza, while they do their work. It is a partial way of tipping your mover.

Yes, there are many hourly services available with most moving companies which do not include truck. The following are some of the cases where you might not need a moving truck while hiring movers:

You need packing assistance: Consider hiring a professional packer to assist you with your packing if you need to pack valuable items, especially if you have fragile things coming with you on the move.

You need help loading or unloading: You may be able to get away with packing yourself, but loading and unloading is not a one-man job. You can get movers for hire on an hourly basis to assist you with your loading and unloading of your things.

Full-service movers take charge of every part of a move, such as packing the items in your old home, to unpacking them at your new residence, including every major task in between.

Full-service movers are the best option for workers with a busy schedule or anyone who doesn’t have free time to spare during the day for the move.

Full-service movers’ customers enjoy a stress-free relocation experience over and over with the following services:

Packing: Full-service national moving companies pack up your household stuff and supply every necessary material required to move your things safely and securely. This includes big-sized belongings such as furniture that may require disassembling for an easy move.

Moving: Full-service moving companies load and haul your packed household things to your new address.

Unpacking: Full-service moving companies unload and unpack your things, re-couple furniture, and remove packing materials.

Less expensive movers cost is within the range of $250 to $5,000 on average. Less expensive local moving companies usually charge between $89-$129 per hour with the minimum hour between 2 and 3, and extra travel or storage charges for other services may be added.

Click on “GET QUOTE” on our site to fill the form to get a more accurate moving estimate based on your individual moving situation. Charges by interstate moving companies are determined by the weight of your things, the distance traveling, and the type of service needed.

Do not expect the rate of even affordable movers to be lesser than $1 per pound for an interstate move. The majority of the goods in each room in your house weigh roughly 1,000 pounds. This implies that a four-bedroom house that has a living room, kitchen, and formal dining room would cost an estimated amount of about $7,000.

Charges for packing, unpacking, and other full-service features apply. Obtain free moving estimates using the quote form better to understand the overall price from reliable cheap movers.

Movers provide binding quotes after they have conducted an in-person assessment of where you live. It is essential for them to understand every aspect of the move before they can offer a binding price for the operation.

The moving assessor will arrive at your home on the scheduled time, and you will show them around so they can understand the size of your living space. It is also important to explain how many items you are moving, and what items you are selling, donating or throwing away before the move.

When they have a clear idea about how many rooms to pack, how many heavy items to transport, and other details regarding the move, you should receive a binding price quote.

If you forgot to buy bubble wrap, or you do not want to spend more money, you can use clothing and towels to wrap certain items before putting them into boxes.

Decorative pieces, valuable and delicate objects and some kitchen items can be individually wrapped in shirts, shorts, sweaters, towels and rags. Doing so protects the items the same way bubble wrap would.

Make sure you are not packing more than one item in each item of clothing. Having two items in one sweater or towel would cause them to bump against each other, which could lead to damage.

A moving contract typically includes your household possessions. Kitchen appliances and heavy furniture are included within the agreement, but cars and motorcycles are not.

Most local and long distance movers can connect you with companies that do provide these relocation services. Some movers may even offer the service themselves, but it is a separate transaction.

Pet relocation is another separate process, as movers are not authorized to transport your pets in the same van that is taking your household possessions.

If you are traveling to another state by vehicle, you can probably take your pet with you. Those who are flying or taking a train may want to check specific policies regarding traveling with pets.

Moving companies are required by law to offer insurance to their clients. The policies usually have three tiers, such as limited liability, added valuation and full value.

Limited liability is the basic insurance they must provide by law, which usually provides you with a dollar value for each pound or kg of the item that is lost or damaged. It does not provide very much protection, as you may only get a couple of dollars for a small decoration piece that suffers damage during the move.

Added valuation lets you collect an insurance payout equal to the current value of the item that was lost or damaged. Full value covers the cost of replacing the item in question.

If you have only purchased a loading, transport, and unloading service, ensure all items are packed ready to go. Furniture, paintings and other such items can be left as is – the movers can wrap them in blankets or shrink-wrap as necessary.

Even if the movers are packing your possessions, try to organize your living space in the lead up to their arrival. Throw out all items that are not going with you. If you cannot donate or throw away everything, keep it out of the way of the movers.


Getting things done, especially moving at the most cheaper rate is one of the most searched keywords on the internet. There are cheap moving companies out there but only takes some efforts to discover them. You can enjoy quality service delivery and at the cheapest rate if you hire any of the movers listed above. How would you feel if you cut 40% of the actual moving cost by hiring a cheaper mover? Drop your comment below!

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