U-Pack Review of 2024: Discounts and Cost

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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For those looking for a cheap means to relocate from one part of the country to another, there is a perfect option for you. One of the options is by moving with ABF U-Pack container that handles the relocation process with professional drivers hauling your items in a rental moving truck.





  • Affordable rates
  • Transparent pricing
  • Personalized packages

Since the establishment of the company in the year 1997, the company has helped relocate millions of families, and they are still counting, as U-Pack has become a household name in the moving industry.

The company is owned by ABF, a popular freight shipping company that offers shipping service to make sure your possessions reach their destination safely. U-Pack offers both container and truck rental services.

No moving company offers the same level of flexibility provided by U-Pack, even though its containers are small in size. The availability of trailer options and timely shipping makes it more of the best option for movers.

There is always the problem of how to pack and unpack your possessions, as it comes with enough stress regardless of where you are relocating to. The process will always take your time and leave you with body pain no matter what you used to bribe your friends to get them to assist you with the process. For this reason, a relocation service like U-Pack is available for you.

You can choose from the full range of relocation services it offers based on any factor you wish such as its affordability. We will outline how and when you need this relocation service in this U-Pack review. Regardless of where you are relocating and the size of your move, you will surely need this guide.

U-Pack and how it works

U-Pack is a relocation company that provides people relocating to long distances with varieties of options. The company started as a do-it-yourself relocation service towards the end of the 90s, meaning the company has a long term of moving experience.

The company has been consistent with its service for so long, and it allows you to load your belongings into a ReloCube or a moving trailer and have them shipped to your destination.

With this, you do not need to worry yourself about driving a large truck across the country; all you need to do is to wait for its delivery at your doorstep.

Option 1: Moving

U-Pack doesn’t offer relocation services for moves below 100 miles, so if you are relocating beyond the 100 miles constraint, then the company is the best option for you. You can either call one of their representatives to supply the details of your move to them or enter it online by yourself.

They will offer you either ReloCubes or a large relocation trailer, based on their assessments of your needs. There is also an option available for you where you can rent a truck and pay for the space you used if you need more than ReloCubes and below a moving trailer.

Your container will be sent to your current home address, where you will be required to load it within three days. Loading help can be added to your order if you wish, as it is allowed in some area.

U-Pack will then ship the loaded container(s) to your new home address where you will be required to unload within three days. Unloading help can also be added to your order if you wish.

Option 2: Moving and Storage

U-Pack provides you with an option to store your possessions in a safe and secure, climate-friendly center if you are not yet ready to move out of your current home into your new place.

You will be paying the storage fees monthly and cannot be shared. Your location will determine the storage rates given to you. U-Pack, unlike other storage companies, doesn’t offer you the option to have your possessions stored onsite.

You are allowed to use storage in the event of long-distance relocation, but there is no local storage. You can contact U-Pack for information about local storage in your area if they have it available in case you are renovating or remodeling your home, as there are no quotes online concerning local storage.

Services offered by U-Pack

As earlier said, the company has helped over a million families relocate since the company came to existence in 1997, which implies that ABF U-Pack is enriched with the required experience to move your possessions to its destination safely.

When it comes to long-distance relocation, U-Pack stands tall among other container companies because of the features and services it offers which include:

  • Transparent pricing
  • Online storage size guides
  • Climate-friendly metal relocation containers
  • Relocation forms and documents
  • Container company pricing and service comparisons
  • Online space estimators
  • Pay-for-what-you-use relocation trailers
  • Instant online quotes
  • Online rental discounts
  • Online reservations Temporary storage
  • Shipment tracking
  • Military, college, and small relocation
  • Relocation and packing supplies
  • Relocation checklists and advice

U-Pack’s Coverage

Among the places being served by U-Pack includes Mexico, Canada (parts of it), Puerto Rico, and mainly, the entire 50 states in the country. Your possessions will travel across the waters to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, so be prepared to pay extra fees.

This implies that your possessions can be moved across a long route or just over the waters in a few hours. Although, the company majors in long-distance relocation, we were able to get moving quotes for shorter, local moves. You will get additional features should your move extends further.

U-Pack recommends Budget Truck Rental to customers for short distance relocations.  The company is owned by ABF, a widely known shipping company, implying that they have what it takes to get your household belongings to its destination.

What are U-Pack Container Sizes and Features?

The ReloCube from U-Pack is of equal size, keeping it simple, unlike the different container sizes offered by some container relocation companies.

You can order for as many cubes as you need or rent a space on the company’s relocation trailers for larger moves.

The two types of containers offered by U-Pack include the small size (6-foot) ReloCube and large size, 28-foot trailers.

ReloCube Relocation Trailer

  • Cubic Footage – 305 cf 1,800 cf
  • Container Material – Metal
  • Weight Limit – 2,500 lbs and 22,000 lbs
  • Capacity – Studio apartment and 3+ bedroom home
  • Popular Usage – Smaller relocations, and in places with limited parking, larger relocations
  • Types of relocations – strictly long distance relocation
  • Availability of Storage – Yes
  • Internal Dimensions – 5’10″x6’1″x7’9″ 27’x8’x9′

The entire containers from U-Pack are designed with metal and are weatherproof. The ReloCubes is placed on the ground while conveniently loading it; they are the ideal option for people with limited parking space as parking ReloCubes takes no much space.

Parking the moving trailer can be so hard due to its size, although it is more cost-effective compared to the container rentals. The inside height of the trailer also makes packing to be difficult.

The heavy presence of U-Pack in many locations is what makes it a great company. The entire 50 states, including Puerto Rico and Canada all houses U-Pack facilities.

The company covers more area than its competitors in the business, which implies that regardless of where you stay, rural or urban; U-Pack is likely to reach you for your relocation.

What Moving Supplies offered by U-Pack?

Any moving supplies you need are also made available by U-Pack, thereby reducing the stress that comes with relocation. Any of the supplies listed below can be ordered:

  • Packing tape
  • Stretch wrap
  • Mattress/furniture covers
  • Foam wrap
  • Furniture pads
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving blankets
  • Packing paper

Sample Quotes

I feel it would be better if we have an insight into some moving quotes issued by U-Pack. Two metro locations are selected at random and different apartment size in each of the scenarios.

Note that there are no extras included in these sample quotes and it is just the base price – meaning that there are different factors that can influence a change in quotes, and the samples below might not be for you.

1st quote: Los Angeles to Kansas City – Two-bedroom apartment

  • Moving Trailer (13-feet space): $2,944
  • ReloCubes (Two containers): $2,353

2nd quote: Denver to Salt Lake City – Three-bedroom apartment

  • Moving Trailer (17-feet space): $1,581
  • ReloCubes (Three containers): $1,642

3rd quote: Seattle to Phoenix – One-bedroom apartment

  • Moving Trailer (7-feet space): $1,506
  • ReloCubes (a container): $1,267

What are Insurance Options offered by U-Pack?

Do-it-yourself relocation companies are offering liability coverage instead of full moving insurance. The reason behind it is that the customer handling the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking are also responsible for any resulting damage.

Just two liability protections are included in U-Pack‘s prices and they are as follows:

  • Catastrophic Liability: Your belongings are covered under this policy if any damage should come to it while in storage or on its way to your destination, theft, an accident like a collision, or fire. This policy provides cover close to $60,000 per trailer, or $7,500 per container or $3 per pound for the item.
  • Carrier Negligence Liability: Your belongings are covered under this policy should any damage come to it as a result of negligence from U-Pack after it has been loaded into the container (s), and the liability coverage protects the item is at $.10 per pound.

An additional charge is required for an increased carrier negligence options provided by U-Pack such as:

  • You get protections that worth $1.00/pound item close to $20,000/trailer and $2,500/ReloCube for $75
  • You get protections that worth $2.00/pound item close to $40,000/trailer and $5,000/ReloCube for $125
  • You get protections that worth $3.00/pound item close to $60,000/trailer and $7,500/ReloCube for $175

Tips on U-Pack Discounts and Cost-Saving

It doesn’t stop there, consider the following tips if you are looking for a way to get a discount and reduce your moving costs with U-Pack:

  • Share your status – To get extra saving, let your membership as a student or a military be known.
  • Move off-peak – You stand a chance to save a lot during mid-week, outside summer.
  • Request discount – Speak to an agent to ask for a reduced rate.
  • Remove unnecessary items – You will be saving extra money if you move fewer items.
  • Make online reservations – You get $25 removed from your moving cost by making online reservations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using U-Pack

U-Pack stays ahead of competitions because of the wide range of services it offers. Below are the pros and cons you should put into serious consideration before you hire this company for your relocation:


  • You will make sure you use less space for less pay. You will be charged based on the amount of space you use on the moving trailer or container unlike being charged for a space you did not use when you rent a moving truck that has more than enough space for your belongings.
  • No interest in driving a moving truck – You are only required to load the container or trailer while U-Pack will handle the transition to your new destination. The solution provided by U-Pack will be a perfect fit for your relocation if driving a large rental moving truck is not what you are fond of doing.
  • There are many calculators available on the U-Pack’s website which you can make use of to help you in making wise decisions as to the number of spaces that will be required by your move.
  • Adequate time to relocate – U-Pack provides you with three days to pack your container and three days to unpack it. This is way better than renting a moving truck which you will be charged starting from when you picked it and delivered it to them.
  • The hiring of movers for a special purpose – The aspect of offering additional services is where U-Pack exercises its versatility. You may decide to hire a few helpers to help with both loading and unloading for some hours. You will have the chance to handle the fewer and lighter items while the people you hire will handle the larger pieces of stuff. This is still better than paying a huge amount to move company for all the belongings.
  • You will have to make stops on your long-distance relocation. There will be no need to get scared of what may happen while driving on a long distance to your new home, as the security provided by U-Pack takes care of that. You are to go ahead and concentrate on getting to your destination as U-Pack will take proper care of your belongings.
  • U-Pack only provides services for residential relocation and not commercial move. This makes it easier on you as you relocate to a new home.
  • A discount is being provided for a person that falls into a student or military category. You only need to make a representative aware of your membership.
  • Your relocation is within the country – The entire states in the country are being serviced by U-Pack, together with Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. You might not be allowed to move your belongings into some western states due to some legal acts. You will get to know which of these states you are not legally allowed to use the U-Pack service.
  • You will require long term storage if your lease expires at your current apartment and your new home will not be available for 30 days. You will need a place to store up your belongings even though you might stay with a friend for the time being. You will be allowed to pay an extra fee each month until your new house is ready.


  • You might not get the best service from U-Pack, as it specializes in long-distance or out of state moves if your move is a local one. There is every possibility that you will be required to pay almost the same as what a person relocating long distance would. It is advisable to look for a deal better than what U-Pack offers you for a local move.
  • You have a lot of fragile pieces of stuff – you will need your belongings to be properly packed to prevent it from being damaged on the road due to bumps from the rough roads since it’s not certain truck with uttermost safety will be provided by U-Pack.
  • The time frame for your relocation – It takes U-pack 2 to 5 days on its standard service to get your possessions to your destination. To get your belongings to your new home at a time of your choice, you better rent a moving truck and drive your way to your new address. If you have extra cash on you, then you can pay U-Pack a certain amount to get a guaranteed date for the delivery of your belongings.
  • You only want the moving truck to contain just your belongings. Other people’s items may be used to fill up the remaining space you couldn’t use. Although your belongings are secure with a dividing wall in between your items and the person’s belongings; however, you may decide to go for a better arrangement if you don’t find this convenient.
  • You require an affordable service – The cost involved in renting a moving truck, loading it, and driving it to your new address is less than paying U-pack for container service even though it is also cheaper compared with hiring best moving company. The cost only saves you from having to drive to your new home by yourself and also gives you some days to pack and unpack your belongings.
  • You will be required to pay a certain amount if you cancel the move within a week.
  • Due to the size of large trailers, it will be hard enough to find a parking space for them.
  • U-Pack does not provide onsite storage, and you only have three days to load and unload the storage container.

The “Do Not Ship List”

The list of items not supported for packing is displayed on U-Pack’s website. Items that cannot be replaced such as photos, antiques, just to mention but few are suggested not to be placed in your moving container.

U-pack rules forbid having items such as ammo, dangerous liquids, firearms, cleaning supplies, and others in your container(s). Items that cannot withstand certain temperatures such as food and plants are also recommended not to be kept in the container, as they can be destroyed.

What you get with U-Pack

U-Pack serves as an intermediary between full-service relocation companies and rental trucks companies. Although you are to load your belongings yourself, you won’t be the one to drive it to your new home, and it is more convenient to store them if there is a need to.

Wrap-up of U-Pack container services and details:

  • Feature Availability
  • 3 days each for Loading/unloading
  • Guaranteed delivery date: Yes
  • Insurance options: Yes
  • Available across the nation
  • Storage option available
  • Make payment just for the used space
  • Container made from Metal
  • No Deposit required
  • Availability of Online reservations and quotes

Is U-Pack Right for your Move?

Consider getting moving quotes from other service providers and compare with the quote you receive from U-Pack if you are relocating to a long distance.

For those relocating between 100 and 250 miles in distance, U-Pack is the best option for them as we’ve compared the price involved to what other companies offers.

It is also ideal for those who can load and unload their containers within a short period or that want to hire help for loading and unloading.

The heavy presence of the company everywhere makes it ideal for people living in remote areas as well. U-Pack is your best option if you are relocating in Puerto Rico, Canada, or within the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some ways to ensure all my possessions fit within the ReloCube Relocation Trailer?

If you are worried that all your possessions will not fit into the ReloCube trailer, some downsizing may be necessary. A great way to reduce the footprint of your move and reduce moving hassle is to sell or donate items you have not used in years.

Another option is to get rid of some old furniture, especially tables, chairs or sofas that are in rooms you rarely frequent. By eliminating items you are not going to find useful at your new home or apartment, you can comfortably fit the possessions, appliances and furniture that is valuable and needed.

Some of my moving boxes are very heavy, but not even halfway full. How can I ensure my items are not tossing around inside them? Filling moving boxes halfway can cause items to move around inside, especially when your relocation trailer is in transit. A useful way to fill up the moving box without adding too much weight is by adding a pillow, blanket or towel on top.

Such an item takes up a lot of space, which should fill up your box to the top. Then you can tape it up and nothing moves inside when you pick up or put down the box.

What is the best way to protect my electronics and appliances during a move?

If you still have the boxes that came with your electronics and appliances, you could place them back into those boxes so they can safely go onto the moving container. If you threw out the packaging for some items, it is a good idea to wrap them in protective material.

Bubble wrap is an excellent option in such circumstances. If you do not have a ton of bubble wrap, you could use blankets or comforters. Wrap a single blanket or comforter around the item, tape it up so the blanket does not come loose, and your item is protected for the duration of the move.

Can I put plants that are inside my house into the moving container?

No, U-Pack does not allow live plants within its containers. Even if the plants are kept indoors, they are not permitted as part of your household possessions. Other items such as cleaning chemicals, firewood, lighters, nail polish, insecticides, and fire extinguishers are not permitted either.

Customers may not place pets inside the shipment either. If you wish to inquire about placing specific items into your U-Pack moving container, it is helpful to contact the company’s customer service team.

What is the difference between the ReloCube and U-Pack’s shipping containers?

Customers may be offered the ReloCube, a place in a shipping container, or both when they are requesting a quote from U-Pack. The ReloCube is a special, smaller moving container that you can fill up with your possessions. Each ReloCube is for a single customer, which permits you to use the entire container for the move.

In some instances, U-Pack may only offer you a section of a larger shipping container. The containers are securely divided so no one can access your possessions, but you can only fill up to a specific part of the container, as the other sections are reserved for different customers.

One of the advantages of the ReloCube is it is much smaller, which means that it is easier to store on your property while you are loading it up. The larger moving containers take up a lot more space, which may prove challenging for individuals who live on smaller plots of land or reside in apartment buildings.


It takes hard work to relocate. It can get much harder based on the amount of stress or work you are willing to engage yourself with. U-Pack provides you with the best options, so you don’t have to undergo this process all by yourself. Not having to drive the large moving truck by yourself is one of the major advantages U-Pack provides for you.

The company offers affordable rates compared with what you will be charged by a rental truck company, and the rates charged by U-pack makes up for you not having to drive or pay the fuel cost. Should you not use up the entire truck space, you will be paying for the space you used.

Is that not a good idea enough? This post has discussed all you need to know about U-Pack to help you decide on your move. Stay tuned for more informative posts on this page!