iMoving Review 2024: Expert in Local Moving

By: Harrison Gough Last Updated: May 09, 2024

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iMoving is an online marketplace for finding and booking your movers. But how useful is their service, and what’s it like booking a move through their website? Read on to see Moving Feedback’s review of iMoving, and see whether they’re the right choice for your move.





  • Book movers online
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Binding quotes

iMoving doesn’t handle your relocation. Instead, they provide access to a wide network of reputable moving companies, each screened, vetted, and filtered out to match your exact moving needs.

With iMoving, you’re getting everything you need, and nothing you don’t. They’ll provide a search, quote, and booking process that’s specifically tailored to your move details. Depending on what you need, they’ll provide you with details for the best pick for the job – no phone calls required, and all booked right online.

If you want to learn more about how iMoving works, read on. But if you’re in a hurry and you want to hear about our experience, skip ahead to see how much their service costs, and see our walkthrough of the whole booking process.

iMoving at a Glance

iMoving is an online marketplace that works with moving companies across 48 states, and Washington, D.C. Their network of movers covers all the bases, from local, state to state, coast to coast, and even international moves.

All of the carriers working with iMoving are vetted, licensed, and insured. You can think of iMoving as a sort of gatekeeper that protects you from sleazy, shady moving companies: If a mover is featured in the iMoving marketplace, they’re up to iMoving’s strict standards. But if you don’t see them listed, you may want to look for a different moving company.

Don’t worry – searching for a single mover in of a huge network may sound overwhelming, but iMoving makes it easy to pick and choose the best local and cross country movers for your needs. There are several factors and filters you can use to compare and choose movers, such as customer ratings, price, years of experience, and more.

Ordinarily, moving companies require a phone call (or two, or three) before you get a quote. But when we did our research, we realized that the team at iMoving really embraces their one-stop-shop approach. You’ll find options for all shapes and sizes of moves, including long distance moving services, and you’ll be able to easily filter out the additional moving services you need before booking entirely online.

As for customer service, you can connect with iMoving’s support team through web chat, email, or over the phone. They also offer a comprehensive checklist and other useful resources to help you relocate seamlessly.

While they won’t do the heavy lifting, they’ll help you find someone who will, no phone calls required.

Planning your move with iMoving takes just 3 steps:

  • Make and submit your inventory
  • Compare several bids
  • Book your mover

All told, iMoving is a solid resource for booking your next move. They aren’t exactly a full-on moving company, but they’re a really convenient website for comparing and booking a move.

Main Services Covered Special Services
Participating States 48
Online quote tool Yes
Insurance included No (but each mover has insurance in place)

  • Domestic and international moves
  • Many additional services
  • Delayed payment options
  • Easy and intuitive online reservation utility
  • Moving quotes from many different movers
  • Flexible pickup dates
  • Insurance options not offered
  • Not exactly a moving company, more like a marketplace
  • Service not available in Alaska or Hawaii

How Much does iMoving Cost?

Local moves with iMoving cost between $150 and $900. On the other hand, the majority of long-distance moves cost between $1,000 and $4,000.

iMoving considers many factors when determining overall pricing:

  • Volume of inventory
  • Distance traveled
  • Packing services
  • Tolls, gas, parking
  • Estimated time

iMoving won’t change your final moving quote unless you make changes to your inventory. They’ll also wait to pay your contracted movers until about a week after delivery. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can contact iMoving about your experience before they release your payment.

Interstate Moving Costs

If you book with iMoving, you’ll have to make a deposit (usually 25% of your total quote) for a long-distance or interstate move – typically defined as any move over 100 miles or across state lines. This deposit reserves your pickup date. If you have to cancel (and you cancel with at least 48 hours’ notice), it’s easy to get a refund.

You can charge the deposit to a credit or debit card. The remaining price of your move will be split into two payments: one is payable upon pickup, and the other is payable upon delivery. These payments can be made via money order, cashier’s check, or cash.

If you use iMoving, here’s how much a typical long-distance or interstate move will cost:

Move size Estimated cost (range)
1-bedrooom $1,000 – $2,500
2-bedrooom $2,000 – $2,500
3-bedrooom $2,700 – $3,500
4-bedrooom $3,000 and above
5-bedrooom $3,500 and above
6-bedrooom $4,000 and above

Local Moving Costs

Unlike long-distance moves, local moves are charged at an hourly rate instead of by the weight and distance of a move.

However, your hourly rate depends on a few different factors:

  • Number of movers
  • Date and time of your move
  • Home size
  • Large or heavy items

Local moves may be a shorter distance, but they’re not always cheaper than long-distance moving. It all comes down to how many movers you need, and how much stuff you’re hauling. In any case, check in with iMoving to get a free moving quote, and see if they have any discounts or promotions, too.

If you use iMoving, here’s how much a typical local move will cost:

Move size Estimated time Estimated labor costs
1-bedroom 3 – 4 hours $150 – $200
2-bedroom 5 – 6 hours $375 – $450
3-bedroom 8 – 9 hours $800 – $900

iMoving’s Booking System

iMoving makes shopping for movers easy. Unlike other moving companies, you can compare a wide range of quotes from different carriers.

Their online utility is really straightforward. It allows you to create a whole inventory of your rooms, your pieces of furniture (right down to dressers and lamps!) and other important details of your move. You’ll even be able to enter how many flights of stairs your movers will have to navigate, and whether your movers will have to park elsewhere and use a shuttle.

Once you enter all your moving details, iMoving will give you a list of carriers and quotes. Each quote is fixed-rate, so there won’t be any surprise charges on moving day.

The whole process makes shopping and booking movers super simple. Ordinarily, you’d have to hash out all these details with a moving company rep (and they may even have to send someone to your place ahead of time to scout everything out). Fortunately, with iMoving, it’s all online.

iMoving’s Moving Process

The success of your move really depends on the accuracy of your inventory and moving details, so it’s only natural that iMoving asks for a lot of detailed information. But once you use their online utility to book a move, what comes next?

1. Once you’ve booked a move, iMoving will contact you by phone or email to arrange your pick-up time. They’ll give you a delivery timeframe when you use their utility, but iMoving will then verify your drop-off date, too.

2. On moving day, the carrier you booked with iMoving will show up at your door. If you decided to pay for a packing service, they’ll start boxing up all your belongings. This may entail showing up early.

3. After boxing and loading, your carrier will transport everything to your new home. They’ll make a stop to drop off the rest of your stuff at your storage unit if you added a storage service on top of your move.

4. Once the truck’s at your new place, your carriers will unload and carry everything into your house. If you paid for furniture assembly, they’ll take care of that, too.

5. Presto! You’re all moved in. Give yourself a pat on the back (and give your moving team a tip if they did a great job).

When you use iMoving to book a move, the moving process is just as easy, too. You can add all sorts of options to make your life a little easier, and iMoving lets you pick and choose from a full menu when you’re searching for movers.

Services Available through iMoving

Every move is different. Fortunately, you can pick and choose specific moving services for a custom-tailored relocation.

Here’s what iMoving has on tap:

1. Assembly and Disassembly

Large pieces of furniture take a bit of work to transport, and they can be a little cumbersome to fit in the back of a truck. Fortunately, big couches, tables, bookcases, and other items of furniture can be partially disassembled to make loading and unloading a little easier.

Some movers offer assembly and disassembly services, and iMoving will let you search for companies that offer this option. It’s really useful if you have a lot of heavy, bulky, or sizeable items to take from point A to point B.

2. Disposal Services

It’s always a good idea to downsize before booking a move. However, if you aren’t able to pawn off or donate absolutely all of your unused or unwanted items, some moving companies offer junk removal services.

With junk removal, you won’t have to haul anything to the dump – your movers can do it for you. iMoving lets you search for carriers that also provide junk removal services so you can streamline your fresh start.

3. Piano Services

Harmonicas can fit in a pocket. Guitars can fit in your trunk. Even drum sets can be terrorized into a moving van. Pianos, on the other hand, need professional help. iMoving lets you search for movers who have plenty of experience with piano hauling. These specialists usually have experience with hauling other large items like pool tables.

4. Customer Service

iMoving provides 24-hour customer support. You can contact their customer service crew via live chat or email before you book a move.

Once you’ve chosen a mover and a moving date, iMoving will also assign a moving coordinator to help you out. They’ll give you your coordinator’s phone number so you can get instant help whenever you need it.

Most local movers also provide customers with their contact details, so you can keep in touch with the team that’ll be doing all the loading and hauling. The customer service crew at iMoving is very responsive, and they’ll make sure you’re dealing with a communicative and responsive moving company as well.

5. Insurance

If you’re interested in moving insurance, iMoving doesn’t provide it – but your carrier may offer it. While moving companies are legally required to offer a bare minimum coverage of $0.60 per pound of items lost, damaged, or destroyed, you may want more in-depth coverage for high-value items.

iMoving recommends you look into third-party moving insurance if you want to be extra safe, and we echo that sentiment. It’s a good idea to get extra protection, even if you’re just moving a short distance.

6. Fleet Details

Because iMoving is more of a marketplace, they don’t have their own fleet or moving teams. Instead, they put you in touch with movers and carriers who do. All of the contractors and moving companies that you’ll find on iMoving are vetted, licensed, and insured, and you’ll have the fleet of your chosen carrier at your disposal.

What to Expect when you Move with iMoving

Using iMoving gives you access to licensed and insured professional movers, and your options are all custom-tailored to meet your needs.

iMoving also provides quotes at a fixed price. This way, you won’t have to deal with any surprise charges or fees on moving day, and you won’t have to pay for any services you didn’t end up needing. You get what you pay for, and you don’t have to pay for anything else.

Because you’re using iMoving to shop around and book movers, it’s only natural to have some questions about the carriers and moving companies that are featured in their marketplace. Fortunately, iMoving only puts you in touch with the best of the best.

In order to be part of iMoving’s network, a mover has to prove that they’re up to the task. iMoving maintains strict standards to make sure that whoever your mover is, they’ll treat all your belongings with care. iMoving vets their moving companies and keeps a tab on all their previous transactions, so you know what you’re getting into when you’re booking with their online utility.

Here’s what it takes to be a moving partner in iMoving’s network:

  • Must possess a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Must be authenticated by the local state government or department of transportation
  • Must have at least two years of full experience in moving industry
  • Must go through an interview with iMoving
  • Must agree to be liable and accountable for any discrepancy with a consumer
  • Must agree to be removed from iMoving if there’s any breach of iMoving’s standards
  • Moving companies are also rated on the site by users from the iMoving community

The Benefits of Using iMoving

iMoving’s streamlined approach to booking and moving makes them a top choice for many customers.

Here’s how you can benefit from using their service:

1. Professionalism

The team at iMoving is totally professional, and so are all the moving partners in their network. They’ll move your stuff with care, and they’ll be there on time with all the equipment necessary to make your move a success. Your iMoving moving coordinator will also go the extra mile to keep you in the loop.

2. Transparency

When it comes to moving and comparing quotes, it can be difficult to know exactly how much you’ll end up paying on a moving day. Fortunately, iMoving provides flat-rate pricing so you’re never left guessing about extra fees and additional charges. As a moving marketplace, iMoving is committed to transparency.

3. Respect

Hand-in-hand with their professionalism, iMoving treats their customers with respect – and encourages all their movers and carriers to do so as well. Respect means a lot of different things to different people, but to iMoving it means providing excellent service and being mindful of customer needs and expectations.

4. Reliability

Everyone wants a reliable mover. Fortunately, iMoving makes sure you’re dealing with carriers and moving teams that show up on time. You can also check mover reviews in iMoving’s marketplace to make sure the moving company you choose is reliable and competent.

5. Security

You want your stuff to be safe and secure. Fortunately, iMoving only selects moving companies that can keep your belongings safe. Plus, because moving companies need to satisfy iMoving’s requirements to be featured in their marketplace in the first place, it’s an extra layer of security protecting you from sketchy movers and scammers.

6. Accurate and instant moving quotes

When you use iMoving, you don’t have to make any phone calls or do any waiting around to get your quote – or quotes. Their utility for finding movers is all online, and when you provide detailed information about your move, they’ll give you an accurate quote that reflects how much you’re moving, and how far.

7. Payment Protection

Your payment is all handled by iMoving, so if anything goes wrong, you’re in good hands. Your money will only be sent to your movers a week after moving day, which gives you seven days to report any problems to the iMoving team.

iMoving also helps you find movers that are right for your budget. You can set your price range using their online utility, and they’ll provide a list of qualified movers that won’t break the bank.

8. Experienced team of customer support

iMoving goes the extra mile to keep you in the loop, before, during, and after your move. They have an excellent customer support team that’s ready to answer all of your questions before you book your move, and they’ll assign a personal moving coordinator to help you manage the fine details of your move once you’ve made your booking. You’re never out of the loop.

Wrapping Up

While iMoving doesn’t do any moving and hauling, we definitely recommend using their online utility to find the right moving company for your needs. Being able to easily sort through movers according to your preferences and your move details is a huge bonus, and it’s great peace of mind knowing that all the movers featured on iMoving have been vetted for quality and professionalism.

If you’re ready to get started with your move, check out iMoving to find the right moving company for the job – and don’t forget to check back in with Moving Feedback for more helpful tips, tricks, and insider info to make moving day even easier!