iMoving Review 2023: Expert in Local Moving

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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iMoving offers additional services such as auto transport, storage, full packing and unpacking, and special handling for antiques. With the availability of a full-coverage guarantee as well as 7-business days of waiting after completing your move before paying movers so you can have enough time to settle any claim, is undoubtedly a great player in the moving world. Online reservation of moving service is made more accessible by





  • Book movers online
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Binding quotes



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Type: Local and Long Distance Moves

iMoving Review 2023: Expert in Local Moving

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To make sure customers are not faced with surprise charges on a moving day, provides a quote process specifically based on your details.

However, it is worthy of note that iMoving itself doesn’t relocate your belongings, but rather relies on a wide network of reputable moving companies that have been screened and handpicked to do the task. At a Glance

iMoving is an online marketplace that works with moving companies in 48 states, including Washington, D.C., that controls local, state-to-state, cross-country, and international relocation.

The company prides itself as a one-stop-shop for all kinds and sizes of move, with reservation available on its website and availability of many additional moving services.

There are several factors you can compare to choose a mover, such as the customer ratings, pricing, years of experience, and iMoving’s vetting process available on the site.

All carriers working with iMoving are vetted, licensed, and insured. You can connect with iMoving’s customer service through chat, email, or over the phone. The company has a comprehensive checklist and other useful resources to help you relocate seamlessly.

Planning to relocate with iMoving is easier in just 3 steps:

  • Make and submit your inventory.
  • Compare several bids.
  • Book your mover.
Main Services Covered Local and long-distance relocation, packing and unpacking, storage, and other special services
Participating States 48
Online quote tool Yes
Insurance included No (but each mover has insurance in place)

iMoving will see to the successful completion of your cross country or out-of-the-country move. To know more about the benefits and downsides of using iMoving for your upcoming move, we encourage you to continue reading.iMoving provides the carrier and moving brokerage services for local, interstate, and international moves. iMoving is a master in moving considering its large fleet of moving trucks, relationships with international movers, and experience moving household items all across the globe.


  • Domestic and international moves
  • Many of additional services
  • Delayed payment option
  • Highly useful online reservation tool
  • Get moving quotes from many different movers
  • Offers flexible pickup dates


  • Insurance option not offered
  • Reliance on local movers for the move itself
  • Service not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

1. Assembly and Disassembly

Another difficult part of your move is to determine what exactly you need to get your bulky items to your destination. You need to find out how to get these items moved to your new home.

Are you considering moving them as a piece or take them apart before transporting? iMoving can help with your assembly and disassembly tasks.

2. Disposal Services

You will realize how much stuff you don’t want to move with you when you start the moving process in your home. You will find out that there are items you don’t know what to do with them, whether they are damaged, torn, or unusable.

You don’t have to make many trips to the dumping site before you get these items out of your way, just reserve disposal services with iMoving, and these items will be removed from your space.

3. Piano Services

To lovers of music who may have been thinking on how to play instruments like trumpets and guitars at a young age. While these instruments don’t pose many difficulties when moving to a new home, moving a piano requires adequate planning. The process is tricky, but with iMoving, it can be easily accomplished with professional piano movers.

How much does iMoving cost?

Local moves with iMoving cost between $150 and $900. Majority of state-to-state moves costs between $1,000 and $4,000. iMoving considers many factors when determining overall pricing:

  • Volume of inventory
  • Distance traveled
  • Packing needs
  • Tolls, gas, parking
  • Estimated time

iMoving assures that there will be no change to your final moving quote except you make changes to your inventory. Another advantage of using iMoving is that it waits before paying the contracted movers up to a week after delivery.

This enables the customer to verify their belongings and that you gave approval of the move before your movers can be paid.

Interstate Moving Costs

You will be required to make a deposit (usually 25% of your total quote) for every move that involves a long-distance or one country to another. The deposit books the pickup date of your household items, but will be refunded easily if you choose to cancel the move up to 48 hours before the pickup date.

You can place the deposit on a credit card and will be removed from your overall balance. The remaining balance will be split into two payments; one is payable upon pickup and the other upon delivery. The payments can be made via money order, cashier’s check, or cash.

Here is a typical long-distance or interstate moving cost:

Move size Estimated cost (range)
1-bedrooom $1,000 – $2,500
2-bedrooom $2,000 – $2,500
3-bedrooom $2,700 – $3,500
4-bedrooom $3,000 and above
5-bedrooom $3,500 and above
6-bedrooom $4,000 and above

Local Move Costs

iMoving doesn’t handle local moves itself. It will rather provide you with a list of verified companies that offer door-to-door local moving services in your area once you place a quote request. Local moves are charged an hourly rate instead of by shipment weight. Some factors determine these hourly rates:

  • number of movers needed
  • date and time of your move
  • your home’s size
  • the number of large, heavy items

Ask for a free moving quote from or by calling via the phone and make sure you ask for any available promotions to get the best deal.

Here is a typical local move cost:

Move size Estimated time Estimated labor costs
1-bedroom 3 – 4 hours $150 – $200
2-bedroom 5 – 6 hours $375 – $450
3-bedroom 8 – 9 hours $800 – $900

iMoving Pricing System

One of the great features of iMoving, especially with its online quotes, is that it put in a much better job in place, than many other moving platforms.

There is an interactive section immediately you navigate to get a quote that allows users to supply the list of furniture they have.

Once you specify the individual rooms you have in your home, iMoving will bring you suggestions of the types of furniture and other items that are resident in those rooms.

Once all your belongings have been added to an inventory, you can then go on to the details of your move, such as moving items through stairs or parking moving trucks away from your property, etc. iMoving is able to come up with the most possible and accurate moving quote based on this information as well as the location and destination of your move.

You will be offered a fixed bill from the quote, so you don’t have to worry about surprise charges at the completion of your move.

You already know how much the moving process will cost from the start. You won’t be given just a single quote by iMoving. Rather, you will get a variety of offers from various local moving companies.

You might be surprised at the range as we also received moving quotes of a minimum of $1,700 and a maximum of $8,100 for relocation from Texas to Washington. You will find customer reviews alongside bids from each moving company so that you can determine the right mover for you.


No insurance is provided for your move by iMoving but the moving company you choose. Although the majority of local movers offer liability insurance policies on your move, this doesn’t provide much coverage for your household possessions. iMoving advises customers to get third-party insurance in advance of their move.

Getting your iMoving Estimate

Getting a moving estimate from iMoving is straightforward. The quoting process is carefully and properly made to ensure the possible accuracy of your moving quote.

iMoving provide detailed online and over-the-phone moving quote, which is more accurate than instant moving quote generators used by other moving companies and/or platforms.

You will be asked to fill out your full inventory of the number of couches, beds, tables, dressers, as well as other unusual belongings you plan to move so you can get the most accurate moving price.

Fleet Detail

iMoving doesn’t have its own fleet or moving teams. The company rather acts as an online broker between customers and local movers that want to handle your move at the most affordable price.

This implies that you depend on the quality of the local moving crew that you choose. These moving contractors are vetted by iMoving, and the service also provides you support in the case of any issue.

However, you are expected to research a mover before you consider its bid.

Moving Process

The quoting and pre-move process is held on the iMoving website. That is why the quote interface is so strict and demands specific moving details to ensure the success of your move. The entire moving process will be as smooth as possible when you provide an accurate inventory of furniture and other possessions in every corner of your household.

iMoving will contact you by phone or email to arrange your pick up time after you decide on a local mover of your choice. A delivery timeframe will be given to you during the online quoting process; however, the drop-off date and time will be verified by iMoving at your destination home.

The movers would handle your packing once they arrive at your home if you added packing service during the online quote process. Although there is free storage for 30 days for long-distance moves, you can, however, request storage service up to a hundred days if necessary.

Your belongings will get delivered at your new home, and the movers will unpack them if you included the service during the online quoting process.

Customer Service

iMoving provides 24hours customer support. You can contact the customer service crew through live chat or email before booking a move.

A moving coordinator will be assigned to you once you book a move and the coordinator’s phone number will be given to you so you can get instant help if needed.

The majority of local movers also provide customers with their contact details so you can communicate with those that will be handling your household goods. The customer service crew at iMoving is very responsive and provides great assistance during unpleasant issues.

What to Expect when you Move with iMoving

Being an iMoving user gives you access to choose fully license and insured professional movers based on reviews and recommendations by users.

You may get a fixed price for your move unlike when you deal with the movers directly; however, there is protection on all your transactions as well as the certainty of a refund in case there is a problem in your transaction.

All the moving companies on iMoving are dedicated to achieving the vision of the platform, which is to provide protection on your items and give you a trouble-free relocation process.

They carefully handle client’s items using materials like bubble wrap and packing tape to properly pack fragile items such as paintings, lamps, mirrors, breakable furniture, electronics, and so on.

All the movers on iMoving are properly vetted before they are being listed on the platform for deals with consumers. iMoving keeps a tab on all transactions made on its website and gives you the support you need all through the entire moving process.

All movers on iMoving are expected to go through the following process for vetting and selection:

  • Must possess a Certificate of Insurance otherwise known as COI
  • Must be authenticated by the local state government or department of transportation
  • Must have at least two years of full experience in moving industry
  • Must go through an interview with iMoving
  • Must agree to be liable and accountable for any discrepancy with a consumer and removed from the platform if it breaches any of the iMoving standards
  • Moving companies can be rated on the site by users based on the iMoving community standard but will be responsible for every information given on the platform.

Benefits of using iMoving

The various qualities of iMoving make it a choice among many consumers. We found out during our research that iMoving can improve the user’s experience on the two sides. Some of the qualities are discussed below:


The level of professionalism at which iMoving operates is very high, and this can be seen through its rate of success. The professional crew at iMoving always strive hard for excellence without relenting.

They always show good and helpful attitudes without compromising their ethical integrity. iMoving makes sure the moving companies it works with are operating at its standards because of its belief that the movers are offering service on its integrity.


iMoving value transparency in its site operation. Transparency is expected of every marketplace due to the purpose they serve; being the middleman between the consumers and the movers.

Pricing, real-time, correct updates on inventory, genuine reviews, and ratings of moving companies are some of the expected transparency. iMoving makes sure the information provided on its platform remains true at all sides.


iMoving treats its movers and consumers with greater respect and also encourages all the users to do so. This has ensured the possibility of a relationship between clients and movers to enhance the already made positive platform for transactions.


A reliable mover is a desire of everyone considering a move. iMoving seems to be on the top list of reliable marketplace due to its moving feedbacks.

All the moving companies on this platform are also reliable all through each of the moving processes they embark on.


All the moving companies working with iMoving are secured and can guarantee professionalism, licensed, and insured to offer service.

As discussed earlier, iMoving performs background checks on moving companies before they get listed on the platform.

Provision of accurate and instant moving quotes:

The professional team at iMoving is committed to helping consumers figure out how much exactly their move will cost after providing information such as the distance involved, the inventory, restriction, packing requirements, as well as other relevant requirements indicated on the form filled.

Payment Protection:

The payment part is being handled by iMoving so you are in good hands. Consumers’ payments are only disbursed to moving companies seven days after completion and satisfying the moving process.

The platform also manages any disputes that may occur to ascertain customer’s protection. You will be matched with a new moving company that matches your budget by iMoving in a case whereby your move got canceled by your first mover.

Experienced team of customer support:

All the customer support teams in iMoving are well experienced and mannered to handle all your questions and concerns. The support team will work with you through the phone, email, and live chat from the booking stage until the completion of your move at your destination.


We believe is a good option. We like how it screen movers and that it waits 7 days after completion of the move to pay movers so you can have time to ensure the total delivery of your items as well as to settle any issues. iMoving accommodates many different types and sizes of moves with additional services, so they cover every kind of move. We are sure of recommending