Moving to California in 2024: Everything You Need to Know

By: Tommy Loutzenheiser Last Updated: Jul 09, 2024

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There’s something here in California for you regardless of the type of lifestyle you're looking for. From beautiful mountain towns to beachy neighborhoods to some of the most alive city life you’ll find, California has something for everyone!

Moving to California in 2024: Everything You Need to Know

You’ll need to know the cost of living, everything about the weather, and the job market when moving to California.

You’ll also find one of the widest varieties of lifestyles here in California. California has beautiful mountains and gorgeous views of the ocean. There’s truly no lifestyle that can’t be lived living in California.

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1. North Vs South

Norcal Vs. Socal is what most people call it. Although both areas are in the same state, there’s a huge difference when it comes to moving to each.

Northern California is usually marked as anywhere North of San Luis Obispo. It’s where you’ll find a wider variety of weather conditions and lifestyle options. You can visit small mountain towns and cities on the same day. Some of the most common places to move to in Northern California are San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento.

On the other hand, Southern California is all about the beaches and city life. With places like San Diego and Los Angeles being closer to the equator, Southern California gets much more consistent weather around the 60-75 degree mark with Sun all year round.

2. The Cost of Living

If you talk to anyone who’s lived in California, they’ll tell you firsthand how expensive the cost of living is, especially for people who make less than the average income.

However, not every area in California is expensive. Let’s take San Diego as an example, because within a thirty-mile radius – you will have million-dollar homes in Coronado, and affordable living over in National City.

Depending on what your income is, it’s wise to research the most and least expensive areas to live based on where you’re moving to. The crime rates in the more expensive areas will generally be lower, and those areas are often considered to be a bit safer as well.

3. Weather

The more North you go, the more the weather will fluctuate is a general rule of thumb for moving to California. A San Francisco winter will see temperatures below freezing, and it’s rare to see a San Diego winter day fall below 50 degrees.

You’ll find a bigger variety of seasons the further away you go from the coast. Cold and snowy winters, and warm and sunny summers. Big Bear Lake, Julian, and Mammoth Lakes are some of our top picks of places to move to in California if this is something you’re looking for.

4. Consider This

There are a few key factors to think about before making your final choice on where to move to in California

  • Taxes: California is known for having crazy taxes, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or make a lot of money. On the flip side, property taxes will increase at a slower rate than in other areas.
  • Traffic: California is notorious for its traffic congestion in places Los Angeles. If you’re an entrepreneur or make a high level of income. On the other hand property taxes tend to increase more gradually compared to other areas.
  • Hazards: The two most common hazards in California are fires in high heat, dry areas, and earthquakes all around, but most severe in areas close to the famous San Andreas fault line. Depending on where you move to, it’s wise to take proper precautions in the event of these hazards.

5. Top Picks of Where to Move To in California

Here are our top picks of places to move to in California, just in case you’re still deciding.

  • San Diego: One of the most scenic parts of California, where you’ll see the sun out almost every day of the year.
  • Los Angeles: One of the best places for business owners to network and meet possible connections for future business. Try areas like Beverly Hills if this sounds like something for you.
  • San Clemente: We had to throw this one in here, if you’re into adventures and being outside, you’ll find some of the best camping surf spots in all of California. You’re an hour and a half away from Big Bear to ski, snowboard, and camp.
  • San Francisco: If you’re looking for city life, there’s really no better option than San Francisco. With famous attractions such as Alcatraz Island, Fleet Week, and the famous cable cars, there’s always something happening in this beautiful city.
  • Lake Tahoe: If you’re looking for the ultimate mountain experience, lake Tahoe on the California side is the perfect place to move to.

Happy Moving!

We hope our article provided a helpful guide to moving to California! We wish you a smooth and safe move to this beautiful state. Whether you choose a mountain town, ocean view, or city life for your new home, we hope our guide helped you along the way.