Moving Cost Calculator – Get Your Approximate Moving Cost

Figuring out how much money to set aside for the entire moving process is one of the major concerns customers do face when they are about to make a decision to move.’s smart moving calculator is the best place to start for those consumers looking to get control of their moving situation regardless of their destination, even though most moving companies have their own way of calculating how much a particular move will cost.

Moving Cost Calculator – Get Your Approximate Moving Cost

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Based on the actual cost associated with a DIY move, using a full service moving company as well as the weight of their possessions and other factors, customers can determine their estimated relocation costs in the moving calculator section.

Items the family might overlook when planning out their moves including the number of bookcases, chairs, televisions, and others can be calculated while taking a walk through their current home. This step will give them the actual number of items they have and also understand how moving costs are determined. In order to plan for a move accordingly, customers can budget for their move using our online moving cost calculator.

The consumer will be able to budget for meals, the cost of gas, time spent in hotels, determine how much it will cost them for packing and storage services as well as determine the total costs of their movement within the moving budget calculator.

They also get the opportunity to determine how much they need to prepare for different home improvement projects, and how much to tip the moving agents as well as the utilities. The perfect way to account for these costs is by using the moving cost calculator.

Insurance, mortgages, rentals, storage, and other moving services are also be included in the moving cost calculators. There are many parts of moving that require budgeting even though moving is a big expense to plan.

Customers can determine if buying or renting is good for them, how much storage will cost, understand costs pertaining to life insurance better, and also estimate their mortgage payments through the moving cost calculator.

Moving cost calculator is a comprehensive and complete guide that helps customers to simplify the whole relocation process such as planning, organizing, and especially, budgeting for any pre-and after-move situations associated with their moves.

This calculator is a great easy-to-use relocation tool for any customers before, during, and after the relocation process. We will discuss how the tool is being used and other related frequently asked questions. Read on!

Calculate your Moving Costs

Get yourself ready for the total cost of moving your home is a great way to start. The moving cost calculator will determine the amount your move is likely to cost. You only need to complete a simple form by entering the full details of your move in the Moving Feedback form, and we will take it from there by starting from comparing moving quotes, calculating Lender valuation, to mortgage advice recommendations.

Based on your moving details, the moving cost calculator helps you to determine likely costs you may incur. This includes costs such as conveyance fees, RICS homebuyer report, removal costs, and other related costs.

When purchasing a new apartment, many people fail to consider the various additional moving expenses they may incur which makes them surprised at how much basic house relocation could cost. Costs like conveyance fees, packing supplies, stamp duty, and professional moving company are being broken down by a moving cost calculator thereby giving you the opportunity to fully prepare for your move.

local move costs $1,250 on average while a long-distance move of 1000 miles in the distance costs $4,980 on average. These are the typical estimates based on two-three bedroom moves of 7,500 pounds in weight.  To get financial preparation help, Moving Feedback is here for you.

Both useful money-saving tips and a free moving cost calculator together with all you need to know about moving cost calculation before your next move are here below. Let’s start by discussing how to calculate your moving costs.

How to Calculate Moving Costs?

Customers always come with the question of how much a move will cost. To calculate your moving expenses, some moving details will be required. Moving Feedback has helped many consumers to calculate their moving costs.

You only to tell us the exact pick-up point (your current home) and drop-off point (destination or new home). Also, select the packing services you require, your moving date, and the size of your move-in bedrooms or space.

Know the Contents of Moving Costs in Term of Services

The first step to determine your moving cost is to know the contents required by your move. The method of determining the price of moving services an experienced mover wants to offer comes with ease. The costs of getting the right tools and packing supplies, hiring a mover, transportation costs, and others are not new to most consumers.

Only new and fewer experience clients might find it difficult to understand the costs. Starting from the basic services, a moving company will offer the following:

  • Relocation distance such as local, long-distance, interstate, or cross country
  • Relocation type
  • Packing and supplies services
  • Loading and transportation of household
  • Unloading and unpacking of possessions
  • Storage services

Factors that Affect your Moving Cost

All moving expenses should be included in the calculator when calculating moving costs. To give you an accurate and precise cost estimate from top movers, these factors should be taken into consideration:

1. Travel fees:

When you are moving a long distance, travel fees add up quickly. The labor costs for the time it will take for the moving agents to get from pick-up point to drop-off point, as well as fuel costs, are taking into account in this fee.

2. Size of your move:

Your shipment of possessions will be heavier; hence making a move take longer to complete if you are moving a lot of items.

3. Packing services:

Hiring moving agents to do the packing up of your possessions could cost you extra money (a few hundreds of dollars), although it comes with convenience.

4. Moving add-ons:

If you choose to include any additional services, it will affect your moving cost. Moving special items, moving supplies provided by moving companies which include felt pads, mattresses, stretch wraps and bags, disassembling and reassembling furniture are all additional services that may require extra cost.

5. Storage:

You may have the relocation company hold or store all your possessions before, during and after your move if your move is a complicated one. This extra service also requires extra cost. Be sure to take essential items to be stored, as storage costs vary from movers to movers.

6. Moving supplies:

You will need to prepare your mind to buy moving supplies such as plastic bins, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, packing paper, and any other essential supplies for the move unless you are able to get enough free moving boxes for your move.

You can read our post on moving boxes to know how many supplies you will need for your move.

7. Truck access:

when it comes to moving, household or building access plays a vital role. The move will proceed faster if the moving truck can get closer to the home. Take moving truck access into consideration if you want a precise moving costs calculation.

8. Moving date:

Bear in mind that when you move is as important as how you move. This means that the price can be greatly affected by the chosen date of your move. Off-season and week-day moves are often cheaper compared to weekend and/or peak season moves.

9. The number of floors and stairs:

This is also another important factor to be included while calculating your moving costs using an online calculator. Carrying down a king-size bed or piano down from four flights of stairs means you will feel every stair. It is normal to be charged for this service.

10. Liability and valuation coverage:

You will need to purchase some kind of liability coverage if you are using a professional moving company. Full value protection, basic release value, and other multiple levels of protection are offered by most relocation companies. Purchasing additional moving insurance from a third party insurance provider should be put into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it Cost to Move?

You can expect to pay not less than $1000 if you are hiring a professional moving company. Just as mentioned earlier, the average cost of a local household move and long-distance move is $2300 and $4300 respectively according to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

Weight of belongings, moving date, labor costs, and distance traveled, and other additional services required such as packing or insurance are all factors that determine the cost of your move. You can still go over the above-discussed factors.

How much does Valuation Coverage Cost?

Both full value protection and released value protection are to be offered by every long distance movers. Ensure you ask your moving company for full value protection details as it varies by the mover.

Released value protection which happens to be the most basic level of liability is included in your moving cost automatically, and it covers 60 cents per pound per item.

This type of coverage is considered to be the bare minimum even though it won’t cost you any extra fee. Full value protection is available for those that are looking for more comprehensive coverage.

In full value protection coverage, the moving company must either replace your item or pay you the current cash equivalent if any of your belongings got damaged or lost by them.

Can Moving Costs be Deducted?

The moving cost can be deducted. Your relocation expenses could be tax-deductible; hence, save those receipts. Ensure you itemize all possessions together with their current cash value on the donation receipt if you donate any of your household belongings to charity before or after the move as tax deduction could be claimed on the donations. A tax deduction may also be available on relocation expenses to those that are moving for work.

Are Moving Costs For A Job Tax-Deductible?

Your relocation expenses could be tax-deductible if you are relocating for work. According to IRS, “relocation expense may be easily deducted by you but not just any expenses for meals, if you relocate due to a change in your job or business location, or because you start a new business or job.” The following relocation expenses according to IRS can be deducted if:

  • Your relocation involves the start of work
  • The distance test is met
  • The time test is met

However, the IRS form 3903 must be filled and submitted to deduct these expenses.

What are the Factors to Consider before Hiring a Moving Company?

Make proper considerations as to whether or not the expenses are worth the money you plan to spend on the move before hiring a pricey moving company. Consider cheaper DIY options such as moving containers or moving truck rentals if the answer is no.

However, you can consider hiring a moving company if you would like to save time and energy on the move and if your budget is more flexible. Before deciding on any moving options available, ensure you evaluate the pros and cons of each choice carefully.

You can read more of our posts on “how to hiring a reliable moving company.”

How are the Moving Costs Calculated?

The weight of the belongings, the labor costs, and the distance between the current and new homes are the factors that determine the cost of a long-distance or interstate move. The cost of a local move is a little bit different.

It is based on a small number of dollars per hour. Assembling furniture, services such as climbing too many numbers of stairs or packing, labor costs, and other add-ons are the factors that determine the hourly rate.

Many local moving companies also provide a flat rate option for customers. The flat rate is being calculated as the moving company’s estimated number of hours the move will take, multiplied by their hourly rate. The cost of add-ons is also included in this fixed price most of the time.

Online Moving Costs Calculator Forms

Online moving costs calculator is the earthquake in the moving industry in this new age. Many inventions have been designed to facilitate the development of moving companies.

But the invention of the online moving costs calculator stands out amongst them all. Both clients and relocation companies’ operations get revolutionized every day by this invention. You will understand what this means by first getting to know the following:

  • The major characteristics of the online moving costs calculators and how it works.
  • The improvements so far in implementing the moving costs calculator and how the forms improve the moving business.
  • What moving company and their clients say about the invention. What expectations of the moving companies and clients are included in the relocation business?

Features of Moving Cost Calculator

The new invention in mover’s software development has some characteristics. Below are the major features of the online moving cost calculator forms:

  • You will input the home you are relocating from.
  • Then enter the destination home you are moving to.
  • You can as well select the route in some advance moving cost calculator forms.
  • Pick the belongings you are about to move. Video estimate is available in some advanced forms; hence, you just need to record your home using a video camera giving the movers an insight into the items you are moving.
  • Identify and mention any obstacle or issue related to the relocation process.
  • A precise moving cost with a certain moving company will be issued.

Above was just an explanation of how the moving cost calculator form works. The steps vary in all moving cost calculators, so do not place any expectation on the above information.

The Advantages of Online Moving Cost Calculators Implementation

The importance of the moving cost calculator cannot be overemphasized in making the entire moving process less stressful. Online moving cost calculator has the following influence on moving business:

  • The moving cost calculator reduces the costs – no personnel from the moving company is required to go to the client’s home; hence, employing new staff or additional wages paid for the job is not needed.
  • The moving cost calculator reduces the time of moving costs estimate to a minimum – the cost estimate is done faster by the moving cost calculator than personally taking a measurement of the relocation.
  • It increases the moving company’s reputation – customers will be satisfied if you give them an exact or nearly exact price for their moves. They will express their satisfaction to family and friends and also give referrals.
  • The moving companies that implement the moving costs calculator shall enjoy the benefits it brings – a more precise moving costs estimate is given by moving cost calculator forms. Companies that implemented this relocation software shall gain more clients from the moving companies that keep giving bad estimates to clients.

Below are the influences of online moving costs calculator on clients’ experience:

  • Implementation of moving cost calculator gives a smile to the face of the customers and the movers.
  • An estimate shall be issued to you immediately when you are about to move; hence, you are sure of what you get.
  • Deciding on the best moving option to choose will be done earlier than expected. Spending more time on deciding on which relocation company to hire by exploring some information is a possibility. This could occur when the estimate you were issued at the start is the same as the amount you pay in the end.
  • You will appreciate the moving cost calculator even more if you are moving soon. Having this software at your disposal really comes with a great advantage especially when you do not have enough time for an in-home survey.
  • You will be able to find a professional moving company on a budget when you use the online moving costs calculator.
  • It eliminates doubts about the price of relocation services. You can now rest assured that the estimate you get will be close to or equal to the amount you will pay in the end with the use of this software.

Reasons you should Use Moving Cost Calculator from

Our moving cost calculator helps you to plan your budget effectively. How much a relocation will cost based on some factors will be given accurately and precisely by our reliable and easy-to-use tool.

You will receive up to five free moving quotes from different professional movers when you try the moving cost calculator.

To help you reduce the stress, time, and cost of the relocation processes, is committed to providing the best quality moving company listings that were handpicked to deliver top-notch moving services. Prior to being listed, below is a summary of the requirements each type of moving company has met:

Local and International Movers

Our conventional movers are tasked to perform the following:

  • To operate as a household items carrier in which each moving company must possess the proper operating authority needed. Verification of the company’s operating authority is done using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) SAFER database.
  • To transport household goods in which each moving company must possess the appropriate number of insurance coverage required. Verification of the company’s insurance coverage is done using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) SAFER database.
  • Valid USDOT and/or MC license numbers must be provided by interstate moving companies. Verification of the company’s license information is done using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) SAFER database.
  • Based on imposed state or federal requirements, intrastate moving companies must provide valid license numbers. Verification of the company’s intrastate license information is done by using the information provided by local and state agencies.
  • In their interactive advertising campaign, each moving company may make use of only their Doing-business-as (DBA) or Legal name. Verification of the company’s Legal or DBA names is done using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) SAFER database.
  • Prohibition of the resale and/or redistribution of leads have been agreed and acknowledge by each moving company.
  • The 110% rule for charge collections on non-binding estimates has been agreed and acknowledged by each interstate moving company.

Moving Container Services

In addition to the above criteria, our moving container services are tasked to perform the following:

  • Each moving company can and must only work with a transporter who meets each of the Conventional mover requirements stated above.
  • In their interactive advertising campaign, each moving company may make use of only their Doing-business-as (DBA) or Legal name.
  • Prohibition of the resale and/or redistribution of leads have been agreed upon and acknowledge by each moving company.

Household Brokers

Our household brokers are tasked to perform the following:

  • To operate as a household broker, each moving company must possess the proper operating authority needed. Verification of the company’s operating authority is done using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) SAFER database.
  • To operate as a household broker, each moving company must possess the appropriate number of insurance coverage required. Verification of the company’s insurance coverage is done using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) SAFER database.
  • Valid MC license numbers must be provided by interstate moving companies. Verification of the company’s license information is done using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) SAFER database.
  • In their interactive advertising campaign, each moving company may make use of only their Doing-business-as (DBA) or Legal name.
  • Prohibition of the resale and/or redistribution of leads have been agreed upon and acknowledged by each moving company.


Note that getting answers about your moving costs, in the end, is all that matters even if you do not remember anything else you read here today. Your moving cost calculator will be more successful if you spend less time trying to figure out how to calculate moving costs – remember time is money.

This implies that there is a significant feature in the moving cost calculator that get the job done faster and manage you’re efficient. This post has discussed all you need to know about the moving cost calculator and how it works. Have you used the moving cost calculator before? Share your experience in the comment box!

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