Best Interstate Moving Companies of 2022

Long-distance moves across state lines are difficult to prepare for, which is why it’s essential to find the best interstate moving companies to assist you. But who has time to research dozens of long-distance moving companies when you also have to organize, pack, find real estate, and take care of other tasks?

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Best Interstate Moving Companies of 2022

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Rather than squeezing in a little bit of research on a few interstate movers, leave it to our experts at Moving Feedback. Our team draws on years of experience in the industry to dive deep into interstate moving companies to provide you with the very best recommendations for your interstate move.

When you hire a mover from our Moving Feedback list, you can be confident in their expertise and professionalism. Moving Feedback users are our top priority, so we put an immense amount of effort into researching the companies we recommend.

Our research processes focus on the reputation of the moving companies, their locations, the equipment they use, how much their services cost, and reviews from previous customers.

We use that information to determine which companies will offer the best value and services to our users.

Top 5 Interstate Moving Companies of 2022

These are the 5 best interstate moving companies according to research done by the industry pros at Moving Feedback. Every company on this list has been thoroughly vetted before being added to our top five list.

Each company has the expertise and the equipment to assist with any type of interstate move, whether it’s just over the state line or across the entire country.

They also offer services like loading & unloading, packing & unpacking, assembly & disassembly, and more.

Our list is filled with choices that serve the long-distance moving needs of their customers, while also keeping those moves as affordable as they can be.

Here is our look at the interstate moving companies that we have hand-picked for you to consider for your big move.

1. Moving APT

Moving APT

This company is reliable in giving you access to many best interstate movers providing moving service around you. They only work with reliable, licensed, and insured moving crews to safely, fast, and securely move your household items.

There is no need to go for less as Moving APT will put you in control of your move while working with the most reputable and reliable national moving companies in the country at the best industry price.

The company is owned and licensed by an American, providing interstate moving services since two decades ago. They have the leading moving crews to perform any size of move, no matter the distance involved.

Why We Recommend Moving APT

We so much appreciate how their movers arrive at the site with all the relevant packing materials and supplies and make an inventory of all your household items. This will make sure all your items are transferred to the new house without causing any damage to it.

Moving APT also presents customers with the best packing services performed by professional packers who have undergone proper training to take care and carefully move your household goods.

Read Moving APT detailed review.


  • Non-obligatory moving quotes for free
  • Personalized plans for moving and execution per move
  • Price matching
  • Free 30 days storage
  • Experienced and properly-screened employees
  • Very useful online pricing information


  • None at the moment

2. Native Van Lines

Native Van Lines

It is one of the best interstate moving companies nationwide. Native Van Lines has been the needs of the consumers in the United States by providing interstate moves and other types of moves including international, local moves, and corporate.

It has the best network all over the country with its professional and excellent service delivery.

The company possesses all the necessary permits and licenses to handle any type of move, regardless of where you are going.

Why We Recommend Native Van Lines

We like the Native Van Lines for moving consumers regardless of the distance they are going. It assures you of a smooth moving process by taking away your stress.

The company also offers packing and storage services to complement its services for consumers that may need them.

When it comes to cost-effective moves, Native Van Lines is the company that helps people move on a budget.


  • Pricing transparency Customer service agents are well responsive
  • Great experience of on-site moving estimate
  • Offers appliance disconnection and reconnection


  • Storage options not available for a small shipment

3. Adams Van Lines

Adams Van Lines

This company continues to remain one of the best interstate movers in the moving industry. They are equipped with experienced hands to handle every aspect of an interstate move, making the out-of-state move much easier.

Adams Van Lines knows what it takes to take up interstate moves by helping you with the right planning and technical know-how to make sure your move is completed successfully.

Why We Recommend Adams Van Lines

We discovered consumers recommend its professional team that helps with the careful planning of the interstate move.

Regardless of where you are moving to within the country, Adams Van Lines take you and your belongings there successfully.

If you are planning an interstate move, this company is your best option for an affordable move.


  • Offers binding estimates for moves available for service in all the 50 states of the country
  • Background-checked staff
  • Excellent online customer service chat


  • Inadequate information on the company’s website.

4. iMoving


Packing, storage, commercial moving, special handling, and moving quotes are some of the moving services you can get from interstate movers on iMoving. Regardless of your moving needs, they have the right knowledge and skills to take care of them all at iMoving as their working relationship with leading movers in the United States is best described as outstanding.

No matter your moving requirements, iMoving possesses the right knowledge and skills to take care of them. The excellent working relationship with leading long distance movers in the moving industry is one of their great strengths.

The company is different from the camp competition to its numerous business experiences, including its great quality of moving service delivery.

Why We Recommend iMoving

iMoving is a reliable and reputable brand in the moving industry. They are unique in the business due to their experience as well as our quality service delivery.

iMoving gives you the chance to check moving quotes from different moving companies in their community, make prices comparison, make a service review, choose your preferred moving company, and then make an online booking.

Read iMoving marketplace detailed review.


  • In-country and international moving companies can be easily accessed on it
  • Offers moving quotes from different trusted and reputable moving companies
  • Many extra services
  • Very helpful online reservation tool
  • Delayed payment option to protect consumers
  • Consumers can enjoy flexible pickup dates


  • Can be found across the country except for Alaska or Hawaii.
  • Insurance option not offered except with certain mover
  • None other right now

5. Pricing Van Lines

Pricing Van Lines

This company is well experienced (over 18 years) in interstate moving and knows precisely the necessary things involved in efficiently moving household belongings to another part of the country.

Being a licensed and very reliable long-distance moving company, Pricing Van Lines has the necessary systems and technology in place to take care of your long-distance moves legitimately.

The company’s great interstate moving services are well-planned to ensure your moving experience is sweet, smooth, and budget-friendly. Since it started in 2002, the company has rapidly grown to become one of the most respected moving brands in the United States.

Why We Recommend Pricing Van Lines

They are different from other companies due to their professional moving services, which are personalized and custom-made to satisfy your specific needs, regarding budget and time.

Whether you are relocating to another part of the country or abroad, their long-distance moving, packing as well as storage services will take care of it all.


  • Trusted flat-rate pricing along with price matching
  • Experienced and properly-screened staff
  • Certified to professionally move antique and piano
  • Binding estimates
  • Several phone calls


  • Storage options not available for a small shipment

The Following Table Displays The Best Interstate Movers

How Much Does an Interstate Move Cost?

Planning a move to a neighboring state or clear across the country requires serious consideration as to how best to efficiently and affordably carry out the relocation.

There are so many steps involved in packing up your life and moving to another city, which is why hiring reputable interstate movers is essential to lessening the burden on your shoulders.

Allow yourself the space to process your move, say goodbye to friends and family, and make arrangements in your new city. And think about hiring interstate moving companies that not only offer transportation and loading & unloading but other services like full packing, special handling, or storage.

Extra services can almost pay for themselves given the amount of time and headaches they save.

The amount you pay movers for a long-distance move is dependent on many factors with fees for any extra services generally added on at the end.

The size of your move along with the distance between your origin and destination are the primary factors in the total cost. A move from Arizona to California is likely to cost less than one from New York to California.

Belongings that fill a four-bedroom house are more expensive to relocate than belongings contained within a studio apartment.

The American Moving and Storage Association states that a professional interstate moving company charges an average of $4,300 for a move when the household belongings weigh about 7400 pounds and the relocation covers a distance of roughly 1225 miles.

An interstate move is always going to cost more compared to a local move. Most local moving companies charge by the hour, as they can complete the job within four or five hours on the same day.

Moving across state lines costs more money, as the distances are greater, different licenses are required, tolls must be paid, and the move can take several days to finalize.

The best way to save money on your move is to determine what services you absolutely require, and then request quotes from some of the movers on our list of the top ten interstate moving companies in the United States.

Pro Tip

The interstate moving company you select can also determine the cost of your move apart from other factors discussed above. Remember to prepare for the hidden cost of moving across the state. If you are renting a moving truck, prepare for the stress involved while reducing the cost of your move.

How Moving Cost is Actually Determined?

The following factors as mentioned earlier determine the cost of an interstate move:

  • The weight of your belongings: The weight determines the amount to be paid, so if you are moving a lot of items, be prepared to pay more.
  • The distance between your current and destination home: This is a move that requires moving from one state to another; hence, you will definitely cover more distance than those moving within the same state.
  • Labor and moving services: Another contributory factor to the cost of an interstate relocation is the labor cost from state to state and as well as additional services including packing, loading, etc.

To make your relocation a success, it will be helpful to put the factors mentioned above into consideration when planning your relocation cost.

Cutting Cost during your Interstate Move

Due to some factors involving distance and weight involved in the move, interstate relocation can really be costly. Traveling a whole day or even days or covering a long distance is not necessarily needed in a local move and this makes it cheaper.

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, about $4,300 is the average cost for an interstate move, but it may vary in some situations. Not all American citizens who need a moving company to relocate can really afford the cost.

Here are some tips on ways to reduce your interstate moving cost:

1. Pack yourself

Though you may hire a moving company for your move, it will not save you money when you hire a moving company to pack your belongings even though it will save you time and stress.

You can use the remaining money to transport your belongings to the new destination. It is advisable to begin making plans to pack your stuff by yourself.

The difference between packing rates differs from one moving company to another even though it is small, it will surely save a few hundred dollars. Enlist the help of friends and family during packing to save you money.

2. Enroll with AAA

Special moving and storage discounts may be given to those with AAA membership based on eligibility. Members of AAA that are contemplating relocating from one state to another receive good and full value protection from Atlas Van Lines for instance.

3. Reduce your Belongings

Your interstate move will be more costly if you are moving a lot of items. Reducing your household possessions by donating some and selling some, and use the money to replace them at your new home is the best advice to help you cut the moving cost.

4. Selecting the Right Move Date

The cost of your interstate move can be greatly affected by your choice of moving date. It is advisable to go for a mid-week, mid-month move based on our research.

So, it is highly recommended to miss a day’s work during the week to save some bucks. This is because a lot of movers will be available during this period and demand is low.

A lot of people will also be waiting on the weekends to move to their new home; hence, opting for a weekend move could elongate the whole moving process. Movement is made more expensive during Labor Day and other public holidays; so avoid moving on such days.

How Did We Choose Our Interstate Moving Companies?

We have handpicked some top interstate movers based on a number of factors. These factors are weighed before we decide on our top five moving companies and they are categorized into three as follows:

  • Firstly, we assume that older moving companies have a proven business model by considering the founding date and their dominance overtimes.
  • Secondly, we rule out companies that are not registered and accredited by examining customer ratings on the Better Business Bureau.
  • Thirdly, a raw and curved percentage was created for each moving company to help you compare them.

Understanding Estimates and Choosing the Right Interstate Moving company

It is not a bad idea if we discuss the estimate before diving into our favorite interstate moving company since moving cannot go without cost implication.

Factors including the number of belongings estimated weight, and square footage of your home; the distance of your move, the actual weight, and more help the company to determine moving cost using a customized estimate system.

Getting multiple quotes from different movers helps to choose right.

These estimates will come in two forms:

  • A binding estimate: Provided your situation does not change between estimate and move; this legal document binds both you and the company that issues it to a set price.
  • A non-binding estimate: This option allows the moving company to legally increase the cost up to but not exceeding 10 percent but also gets you closer to the final price. Before you sign this document, ensure you ask the mover about extra and hidden charges so that you don’t get surprised on the move.

Asking questions whether a moving company estimate is enough or four is too many. We can conclude that before you make your final decision on which mover to hire, get quotes from at least four moving companies just like any other professional service.

Pro Tip

Always look out for any sign of fraud when you are vetting your instate movers. There are some visible signals that show they are not real moving companies. Beware!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an estimate done over the phone or computer?

It is possible to get an estimate done over the phone or internet, but you will get the most accurate estimate with an on-site survey. When movers assess the items in your home, they will provide an estimate based on everything they see that will need to be packed.

When performing an assessment online or over the phone, it is possible to miss areas and furniture items, which affects the accuracy of your estimate. You’re more likely to end up paying more than your original estimate, so be prepared if you have no other choice than to get a remote inventory assessment done.

What paperwork will I be receiving from interstate movers?

When you are receiving an estimate or before you have received an Order for Service, your moving company should provide you with a copy of your estimate, a U.S. DOT publication explaining your rights and responsibilities, information on dispute settlements, and contact information for your mover.

When the moving company executes your Order for Service, you will also receive a copy of this document once you have signed and dated it. When movers arrive to load your items onto the vehicle, you will get a copy of the Bill of Lading or scale weight tickets if you receive a Freight Bill.

When your items have arrived and are being unloaded, you will receive a completed copy of the Bill of Lading or Freight Bill along with scale weight tickets.

What are some common fees associated with interstate moves?

You may be surprised to see your final bill and note how many extra fees you have to pay to cover the costs of your move. Specific moving fees will be dependent on your moving company, so it is a good idea to review your moving agreement and make sure that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Some of the fees you may end up paying for include packing supplies, disassembly and reassembly fees, fees for the handling of bulky items, elevator fees, move cancellation fees, long carry fees, and delayed delivery fees.

Do I need to be present when movers are packing my home?

When movers arrive, you will need to be at your home so that any necessary paperwork can be signed and movers can be directed on what is being moved and what is not. Once the truck has been loaded up, you will be asked to look through your items and make sure that everything is present and accounted for.

You should also be present when boxes are being unloaded, as this allows you to direct movers as to where boxes should be placed and make it easier to unpack your home. Furniture pieces will be placed in areas you specify, so it is recommended that you figure out where you want things to go before movers arrive.

What should I do with my animals on the day of the move?

If you have animals in the home, it is recommended that they be put away in a safe place or carrier before the moving team gets to your home. Animals may get curious, scared, or stressed out due to all of the activity going on, which can put your pets, crew members, and your belongings at risk.

Movers will not transport a live animal, so you will need to arrange for transportation of any pets you have in the household. Lizards, cats, fish, guinea pigs, etc. are prohibited from being transported due to the conditions inside of truck storage areas.

What is a binding moving quote?

When you first request a quote from an interstate moving company, it is a non-binding quote. After you provide more detailed information about your move, or the company sends a representative to your home or apartment, you are offered a binding quote.

The price you are given as part of the binding quote is what you should pay when your move is complete. There should be no surprises on the final bill, unless you request additional services at the last minute.

Can I have my belongings delivered on a specific date?

Most moving companies provide a range of dates for the delivery of your belongings, especially if the move involves significant distances. It is possible, however, to request a Guaranteed Delivery Service from the mover.

While it comes with an added cost, the Guaranteed Delivery Service ensures you receive your belongings on the date specified in the moving contract.

Is it better to relocate during specific months of the year?

Most moving companies have more bookings during the summer months or at the end of any given month. Summer is the busiest season of the year, while people often move homes or apartments at the end of a month when leases typically expire.

If you are able to plan your move for a specific time of the year, it is best to choose early spring, late autumn or winter. Those who do not have any option but to move in the summer may want to pick a week that is in the middle of the month, as you’ll have an easier time booking the ideal pickup date.

Do I have to determine where the movers will pack their truck?

Yes, you must determine where the movers can legally part their truck to load and unload your belongings. If you live in an apartment complex, you should assess whether it is possible for them to remain parked outside the building for a couple of hours.

Depending on where you live, it may be necessary to obtain a parking permit or special permission from your local council.

Are there items that I cannot include as part of my belongings on the moving truck?

Yes, there are many items you cannot pack for a move. These include any items that are flammable or perishable. Some movers also have restrictions on plants, nail polish remover, paint, automotive maintenance products, and more. Ask the mover for their hazardous materials list beforehand.

Can interstate movers load and unload unusually heavy items?

Pianos and pool tables require special handling to move safely and you’ll need a company with specific knowledge and experience to move those items.


We would love to hear feedback from you on how your move went regardless of which interstate moving company you chose from the list above. If you think a mover deserves a commendation after your move, review them here on Moving Feedback to help others. Have moved across the state lines before? Share your moving experience with our readers in the comment section below!

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