Penske Truck Rental Review 2024

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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Penske stands out from the majority of truck rentals because of its commitment, positive feedback from customers, and great discount offers.




Penske Truck Rental

  • Free quotes
  • Customized services
  • Personalized packages

You can be certain that your move with Penske will be a smooth one without any delay on your move. The company’s website is very easy to navigate, the details about the company’s services are provided with clarity, and the vehicles in its fleet are new and friendly to the environment.

With Penske, you can be sure there won’t experience any surprise charges at the last minute, as the company provides transparency in its pricing.

However, meaning that Penske delivers best services doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t have its own shortfall. This post will review all you need to know about the services of Penske and guide you on how to get the best of their services.

Penske Truck Rental at a Glance

There are the top three national moving truck rental companies in the United States that offer local and 1-way moving truck rentals, and Penske is one of them.

This moving truck rental company is available in 48 states in the country, including the six provinces of Canada.

Your long-distance move with Penske will be completed within nine days. Although Penske is known for its expertise in a race car, the moving section of the company has also made its reputation with its largest truck options.

The company has excellent customer service that is always available to help customers and also the discounts provided by the company are also attractive.

Penske’s website is user-friendly and informative enough for customers who wish to know more about the company.

The company has over 2,200 locations in the US, 26 in Canada, and more than 200,000 vehicles in its fleet. The average age of rental moving trucks for individual usage is two years.

Penske’s locations are small in number compared to others in the industry, such as U-Haul; however, customers love them because their rental experience is more personable.

How Does Penske Truck Rental work?

Penske is a big player when it comes to rental trucks, as it offers four various sizes of moving truck rental options, long-distance moves, local (short distance) moves, and varieties of discounts.

Although the company is not a full-service local movers, it, however, partners with many companies to assist you in making your full-service move a success if this is your need.

Below is the list of companies that Penske partners with for moving:

  • uShipFor shipping motorcycles, watercraft, or other items that can’t perfectly fit in a moving truck, Penske makes use of uShip.
  • Supply Side: For moving boxes and materials, Penske relies on this partner.
  • Updater: For making arrangements and list of tasks for preparing your new home (utilities, changing address, and so on), with Updater, Penske can complete your move.
  • Simple Moving Labor: This organization handles the entire heavy lifting for Penske.
  • SpareFoot: For storage services such as self-storage or full-service storage, Penske uses SpareFoot.

Fortunately, there is no difference between how the company handles both local and long-distance moves.

How Penske handles Long-Distance Moves

The steps involved in a long-distance move are similar to the ones involved in a local move. Only that you will be required to pick up and drop off the moving truck in two different Penske rental locations. And this usually involves more costs.

You can visit the website for a rental quote, figure out the costs, and submit the order for a particular-sized moving truck.

Another difference is that, on a long-distance move, free unlimited mileage is provided to each customer, unlike the amount ($0.99/mile) incurred on local moving quotes. This will give you the kind of freedom you need on your move.

Your drop-off date will be automatically communicated to you immediately you agreed to a date for your pick-up, and there is no room for you to pick a particular date. Be cautious of the date they assigned to you for your move.

The company, however, assures you that there won’t be any changes to the day and time you scheduled for pick-up.

How Penske Handles Local Moves

Penske truck rental works the same way with local moves. However, you will have to specify on Penske’s website the size of the moving vehicle you want to rent and the pick-up date.

You will then proceed to the agreed Penske location to pick up the moving truck and pack up your belongings and haul it to your new home.

The distance of the move will be the basis on which Penske will automatically find you the location where you will drop-off the vehicle. The estimate given to you will be determined based on the distance traveled.

The company assures you of your location, and the time you select your reservation immediately it has been made.

This is a great boost from Penske compared to what other companies offer. U-Haul, for instance, can change your rental details at any time.

The only situation where your order can be changed is if you book just a day before the move. In this case, Penske might just give you another location for pick-up or a larger moving truck.

Availability of Penske Truck Rental

Although the company has over 2,200 locations in 48 states in the United States and also some locations in Canada, Penske’s location is still not up to the number of locations of other moving truck rental companies.

However, being able to pick-up or drop-off your moving truck to Home Depot is a great thing.

Penske will assure you that the location and moving truck size will remain the same as reserved when you make a reservation at least two days in advance, unlike other truck rental companies.

This is one great benefit that eradicates the need for customers to extend their reservations due to hassles faced during their relocation.

The company also provides drivers who will drive your rental moving truck from your district office to your pick-up point to make sure there are no issues as to pick-up from their end.

What are the Services Offered by Penske?

This company is perfect for Do-it-yourself moves. Penske will hand over the keys to your rental moving truck while you handle the packing, loading, hauling, and unloading of your belongings.

Provided you are willing to do the other tasks, renting a moving truck with Penske comes at an affordable rate.

Picking up and dropping off your rental moving truck is made easy by the company as it has over 2,200 locations in 48 states in the United States including Washington, D.C. Pick-up and drop-off can also be done at Home Depot.

Penske service offers to include:

  • Long-distance truck rentals
  • Local or short distance, round-trip rentals
  • An offering of various truck sizes
  • Moving and packing supplies
  • Different options for insurance coverage
  • Coverage for towing Automobile
  • Added roadside assistance in each relocation
  • Relocation services (availability of help-for-hire services)
  • Online bookings

Features of Penske Moving Truck Rental

Below is the summary of services and features of Penske:

Feature Yes/No
Local (round-trip) moving truck rentals Yes
Long-distance (one-way) moving truck rentals Yes
Varieties of truck sizes Yes
Pricing transparency Yes
Moving or packing supplies Yes (minimal)
Low ramps to aid easy loading No
Online reservations Yes
Car or tow dollies Yes
Furniture pads Yes
For-hire help Yes
Roadside assistance Yes
Toll passes No
Long-term leases Yes

Penske Moving Truck Size Options and Components

Penske is offering five standard truck sizes required by the rental moving truck industry. However, the qualities that the vehicles in Penske’s fleet possess make them stands out.

The company ensures it changes moving trucks to the latest models just after every few years to keep its moving trucks in perfect shape for business.

Customers praise Penske for the reliability of its moving trucks as they are reported to perform as expected.

Comparison Among Various Penske Rental Moving Truck Sizes

Trucks Measurements Capacity Weight limit Diesel fuel? Miles Per Gallon (up to)   Best for
High-roof cargo van 11’11” x 4’6” x 6’9” 53 sq. ft. 3,500 lbs. No, gasoline Up to 12 mpg Large appliances and furniture, studio apartment
12-foot 12’ x 6’6” x 6’1” 78 sq. ft. 3,100 lbs. No, gasoline Up to 12 mpg 1–2 rooms, studio apartment
16-foot 16’ x 7’7” x 6’6” 120 sq. ft. 4,300 lbs. No, gasoline Up to 12 mpg 2–3 rooms, studio or one-bedroom apartment
22-foot 21’11 x 8’1” x 8’1” 164 sq. ft. 10,000 lbs. Yes Up to 13 mpg 3–5 rooms, medium to large house
26-foot 25’11” x 8’1” x 8’1” 192 sq. ft. 10,000 lbs. Yes Up to 13 mpg 5–7 rooms, large house

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Penske?

It is way cheaper to engage a DIY move than to rent a full-service moving company as it can cost more than $550. You will only pay from $35 upward when you opt for affordable moving truck rental options from a company like Penske.

The logistics associated with a DIY move should be carefully considered, as they will significantly impact the overall moving costs.

A full-service move typically ranges from $550 to $12,000 in expenses, whereas Penske, a DIY option, comes in at a much more affordable range, typically between $35 and $2,800.

This makes Penske the most cost-effective choice for long-distance relocations, especially when you take advantage of a moving cost calculator to accurately estimate your expenses.

No other truck rental company matches the transparency in pricing as Penske based our research. You will have no problem with gas when you rent from Penske as their diesel trucks are environmentally friendly.

An upfront mileage is added to the 1-way rental quotes issued by the company, and there will be no hidden or surprise charges after the quote.

We discovered that Penske does not have an interest in milking you of your money or trick you into renting its services by advertising lower prices.

Not that Penske’s rental rates are absurdly cheaper compared with what other moving truck rental companies offer, only that it offers mileage on 1-way relocations, thereby eradicating the need to pay per mile. Also, Penske will not charge hidden mileage fees.

Cost of Long Distance Move with Penske

A long-distance move of 3 bedrooms, 1,200 miles will cost about $2,089.

For examplePenske charges an average of $2,089 for a move of a three-bedroom house, a garage, and a basement from a home in Northern NJ to Central FL. This cost comprises of the following:

  • Rental of the 26-ft moving truck for six days costs $1,614.75
  • 24 furniture pads cost $30
  • No charges on unlimited mileage
  • Two hand trucks which cost $20 per one
  • Coverage plans – $132 for Limited Damage Waiver and $100.50 for additional liability
  • Environmental fee costs $9
  • Sales tax costs $162.80

Total = $2,089.05

Cost of Local Move with Penske

For example, a local move of 3 bedrooms, 5 miles will cost an average of $129.44 according to a previous customer.

Local move with Penske is so cheaper even without the discount. Penske charged $129.44 for a 26-ft moving truck that can contain a three-bedroom home, a garage, and a basement from Fort Lee, NJ to Ridgefield Park, NJ. This cost comprises of the following:

  • Daily fee: $79.99
  • $.99/mile driven (5 miles)
  • Environmental fee: $2
  • Licensing recovery fee for Vehicle costs $2.50
  • Limited Damage Waiver worth $40

Total = $129.44

This brings the total of renting the moving truck to $129.44. The Limited damage Waiver is automatically added by Penske and is $40.

Cost of Renting Penske to Some Typical Places

We have found out how much it will cost for a move from Denver, Colorado, in a 16-ft rental moving the truck with a lesser LDW and no additional fees to help you clearly understand the cost of a 1-way move.

Rates for 1-way moves with Penske rental truck:

Relocating to Move distance Truck size Base cost Highest coverage cost (LDW) Environmental fee Overall cost of move
Seattle, WA 1,316 mile 16-ft. truck $995 $161 $9 $1,165
Cleveland, OH 1,334 mile 16-ft. truck $989 $128 $9 $1,136
Miami, FL 2,065 mile 16-ft. truck $1,802 $207 $9 $2,018

Insurance Coverage for 1-Way Moves with Penske Rental Truck

Accidents are inevitable no matter the number of years you’ve been driving a moving truck. You may be able to drive with carefulness, but others may be reckless.

There is also the need to be careful of the weather and road conditions. Going through the various coverage options available with Penske moving truck rental is important if you are looking to rent a moving truck.

The coverage option you chose should be based on how you want to be comfortable driving that particular moving truck size required for your move.

Consider the options below:

1. Cargo Insurance (CAI):

This coverage is strictly for your belongings. It cost $5. It will protect the renter and any specified driver’s belongings and furniture against any loss or damage resulting from natural disasters or accidents while the moving truck is on the move.

The coverage is restricted to $15,000, with $100 deductible on each occurrence.

2. Personal Accident Insurances (PAI):

No one wish to use this particular protection. Although it goes for $3.90, it provides coverage for accidental death and accident-related medical for the customer and their passengers.

The passengers are only covered if they are in the enclosed part of the rental truck. However, this insurance is supplemental.

3. Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI):

This coverage is more advanced, and it goes for $28.88. This coverage will protect the specified drivers against any claims from 3rd parties for any resulting damage to body or possession resulting from an accident while driving Penske moving truck.

The website reports that this coverage is above the limit of the agreed insurance contained in your rental agreement of about $1,000,000.

The only setback here is that you and your designated drivers must be 21 years old to purchase this insurance. Fortunately, you must be 21 years old before you can be allowed to drive Penske moving truck.

4. Limited Damage Waiver (LDW): 

This is the standard protection that is added to your rental quote, and it costs $40. With this, you will not be responsible for any further payment if any damage or loss should occur to the moving truck or other equipment except the user violates the rental agreement.

Additional Information About Penske

Although Penske is more expensive compared to Budget, however, the availability of varieties of options when it comes to truck sizes to ensure you move all your items is important.

Additionally, you can always check your eligibility status for any discounts with Penske. The company makes sure you can cut part of your overall costs regardless of where and the time of your move, as there are discounts available for AAA members, students, online reservations, and so on.

The varieties of discounts offered by Penske Truck rentals include:

  • First-time renters get 20% off their first rental
  • AAA members get 12% off moving truck rentals
  • United States military personnelget10% off all moving truck rentals
  • College students get 10% off all moving truck rentals

The company also offers seasonal discounts and limitless free mileage on 1-way moves. If there is any hassle on your move, you can extend your booking at an additional $100 daily. The cancelation fee is not charged if it is done up to 2 days in advance.

Moving Experience with Penske Truck Rental

It is very simple to get a moving truck from Penske. Find their closest location to you, register at the store or online, and start your journey.

To have an accurate estimate, make sure you consider things like gas and mileage.

You can also ask for friends or family members to help with heavy lifting, as this will save you some money. Customers that are looking to save money love to opt for Penske, and if the reservation is properly made in advance, there is a guarantee on availability.

The company charges an environmental fee of $9, which is met with different opinions, as there are restrictions on the highest speeds on the moving trucks to conserve fuel.

Penske has moving trucks that allow for the minimization of fuel consumption (22-ft and 26-ft diesel moving trucks).

The company contributes to environmental friendliness by having its trucks covered with bodies that are designed for 100% reusable materials on trucks with reduced emissions.

Renters who are looking to tow their vehicles in most cases prefer to rent both moving trucks and tow dollies from a single company so that they can return it at once.

In most cases, hiring a professional door-to-door auto transport company is the way to go. It is much difficult to drive a truck while towing another vehicle from behind than to drive a light vehicle except you have done it before.

Getting Quote from Penske

Penske is up to date in the internet world as you can do almost everything on their website such as making a reservation, selecting a truck size, pick up location, drop-off location, and also see transparency in pricing.

The ability to make online reservations is a great idea. A 1-way booking requires a $100 security deposit while it will be calculated during pick-up for local bookings.

Pros and Cons of using Penske

Although the E-Z ramp loading provided by U-Haul is not available with Penske, neither is the toll passes from the Enterprise available; however, other features are available with Penske.

With this, Penske can sit with the likes of U-Haul and Budget. Online reservations and talking to a rep might reduce the price, and if you are eligible for any promo or discount such as college student, you will enjoy Penske.

Advantages of using Penske

Penske is environmentally friendly: We recognize Penske for the environmental friendliness of its strides. Recycled items are used in the company’s moving blankets, moving boxes, and moving trucks, and you will spend less on fuel as its 22-ft and 26-ft diesel moving trucks are fuel-efficient.

Penske guarantees reservations: The company assures you of availability if you make an order at least two days in advance; this is not available with most other truck rental companies.

Customers are expected in most cases by most truck rental companies to deliver their rental moving trucks exactly on their assigned drop-off day.

If there is any delay on the move, the customer may decide to extend their reservation, thereby leaving you stranded until they are done.

Professional truck driver: This company has hikers/drivers who will pick up the moving truck you just booked from one of the company’s district locations in your locality and deliver it to your specified location.

This implies that the moving truck will be delivered exactly where and when you specified.

Service flexibility: Reservation can be canceled with no cancellation fee if done within two days in advance. You can as well extend your reservation to $100 daily.

Disadvantages of using Penske

The prices offered by Penske are not always friendly as compared to other rental companies because several factors determine the price, such as your approach and discounts.

For instance, you will pay less if your reservation is made via the internet just as it is being done with many other moving truck rental companies. You need to keep this in mind as it is not generally disclosed to the public.

My customers do typically save money by making an online reservation. You should be careful of hidden charges or unknown fees the same way you are looking out for discounts. It is important to ask them about cancellation fees constantly.

According to a customer, “I was told that reservation could be canceled at no cost, and changes can also be made to the dates. I later found these to be false.”

Is Penske Truck Rental a Good Moving Company for you?

Penske is preferred for the new vehicles in its fleet and the various sizes of trucks it has. The company remains one of the best and reliable rental moving truck companies in the country even though it might not meet up with the likes of U-Haul, Budget, or even Enterprise.

  • Moving: Renting Penske moving truck is one of the best DIY moves you can consider. If you want to move without breaking your pocket, rent a moving truck online from Penske even if your move involves transporting your old Grandma’s couch.
  • Services: You can choose many moving trucks from Penske at an affordable price.
  • Storage: Penske will connect you to the right storage company if you are looking for one. We strongly do not recommend using a Penske moving truck as a storage unit. Penske as a truck rental option will be perfect for most renters, request a rental quote, and start your move.
  • Quotes: Although an online reservation is available, the company might request a phone call estimate for some moves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a deposit required before making a reservation?

When renting a vehicle with Penske, you may be required to provide a security deposit before your reservation is confirmed. Security deposits may not be required for some people, though, such as when making a one-way reservation with a credit card.

Round trip truck rentals for local moves will require a deposit, which will be calculated once you proceed with checkout and must be provided before confirming your reservation for a vehicle. Make sure you keep your reservation information handy as the date of your rental nears to avoid errors or delays.

I keep seeing “environmental fee” – what is it?

This fee is added onto your moving expenses so that the moving company can properly dispose of any materials used to transport your items. It is applied as part of their commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainability, lessening their negative impact on the world and its inhabitants.

Environmental fees are applied to all moves handled by the company, so expect to see it on your bill once you’ve successfully completed relocating and have returned the vehicle. Local rentals, commercial rentals, and one-way rentals will all have this fee applied to them, so review your truck rental agreement thoroughly to know exactly what you will be paying.

Do you need a special license to rent a truck?

There is no special license requirement for individuals that would like to rent a truck from Penske. You do, however, need to be over the age of 18 and be able to provide representatives with two acceptable forms of identification.

Accepted forms of identification include a passport, state-issued ID, driver’s license, social security card, military ID, vehicle registration, credit card, or phone bill. Once your identification has been verified, you are free to use the vehicle to transport household and commercial belongings to their intended destination.

Do I have to pay to cancel my rental truck reservation?

Errors and delays occur sometimes that can change the anticipated date of your scheduled move. Luckily, Penske makes it easy to cancel reservations right on your website or by getting in touch with a representative over the phone.

The rental company allows you to cancel your reservation with no fees attached if you have not prepaid for your vehicle. If you have prepaid for your vehicle, you may be charged if you cancel within 48 hours of your rental pickup time.

Will I get a refund if I return my vehicle before the specified date?

When making your reservation, be sure to note that you may be eligible for a refund if you have purchased additional days and decide you no longer need them. This, however, can only be done before the vehicle has been picked up from the Penske rental facility.

Once your payment has been completed and you pick up the vehicle, you will not be refunded for any additional days you have purchased. You can also add days to your rental after you have picked up the vehicle, ensuring that you do not pay for days you don’t use.

Can I tow my vehicle on a Penske moving truck?

You are able to rent trucks in a variety of sizes, including larger trucks that can be used to tow your car during a move. Trailers, though, cannot be towed behind trucks and the company does not offer moving trailer rentals.

Using a large truck, you can safely pack all of your items and transport your personal vehicle along with them. Some makes and models may not be able to be towed if they do not meet the requirements set by Penske, including tire size and weight.


The fact that Penske allows traveling miles without charging mileage is lovable even though it is not the cheapest option for short-distance moves. When it comes to Do-it-yourself moves, this company is one of the cheapest truck rental companies that offer services at the most affordable rates for 1-way trips.

We strongly recommend Penske, so go ahead and make your online reservation. Just remember the free mileage as you embark on the journey. Have you used Penske before? What is experienced with the company? Drop it in the comment box!