Mayzlin Relocation Review 2023

By: Lily Valles Last Updated: Oct 23, 2023

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After exploring various reviews and customer experiences, we found Mayzlin Relocation to be a solid choice, offering direct moving services and connecting customers with reliable local movers when needed.




Mayzlin Relocation

  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Packing available
  • Excellent customer service


Type: Long Distance Moves

Our Methodology

At Moving Feedback, we know a thing or two about moving: We’ve been in the game for over a decade, and we have an insider’s perspective when it comes to the industry as a whole. Our research department keeps an eye on movers and shakers, so we always know what you can – and should – expect from professional moving companies.

Aside from plenty of research and industry experience, we occasionally pose as customers and call up moving companies to see how they treat their clients. We measure response time, service, professionalism, and value, all so you can get a reliable look into the biggest names in the business.

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In this article

About Mayzlin Relocation

Since they started almost a decade ago, Mayzlin has been seamlessly blending the practicality of a moving company with the expansive network of a broker. This dual approach means they have their own moving teams, but also a trusted network of vetted and verified movers for jobs that need a bit more of a specialist’s touch.

Mayzlin Relocation’s Main Services

Offering in-house moving services, Mayzlin Relocation emphasizes a comprehensive, customer-focused approach. They’re all about making sure your relocation is handled with care, whether it’s them doing the hauling or their network of local movers and specialists.

Mayzlin Relocation Cons

While Mayzlin excels in many areas, it’s worth noting that experiences might differ when you’re working with third-party movers. Unlike singular-service moving companies, their dual approach does present variability in service quality and customer experiences.

  • In-house moving teams
  • Excellent customer service
  • Wide variety of services
  • Packing and storage available
  • Price matches reputable movers
  • Prices may vary during peak season
  • No onsite estimate

How Does Mayzlin Relocation Compare to Our Best Movers?

4.6 4.7 4.9 4.1 4.5
Best For Long Distance Best Premium Services Best Customer Reviews Most Affordable Best For Local
20% Seasonal Discount 18% Flexibility Discount 15% Seniors & Military Discounts 15% Student Discount Not Disclosed
$3290 - $7100 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2900-$6500 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2700-$6200 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2300-$5600 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $4200 - $7150 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom)
Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote
Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review

Features and Services

  • Dual Service Approach: Mayzlin Relocation isn’t just a moving company; they also have a whole network of vetted and verified movers they can connect you with if you need some extra help. They filter out all the sketchy ones so you only deal with pros.
  • Comprehensive Moving Solutions: From careful packing to safe transport and unpacking, Mayzlin offers a full suite of moving services to take the stress out of your relocation journey.
  • Flexible Storage Options: Whether you need a short-term space while juggling moving dates or a long-term solution for excess items, Mayzlin can provide secure storage for added flexibility.
  • Commercial Moving: Aside from residential moves, Mayzlin can also help with commercial relocations. They’ll minimize your downtime and get your operations back up and running with minimal fuss and minimal interruptions.
  • Specialty Moves: Some items need a bit of extra TLC, and Mayzlin offers TLC in droves. If you have oversized or delicate items like antiques or specialized equipment, you can trust Mayzlin Relocation.

How Much Does Mayzlin Relocation Cost?

Mayzlin Relocation offers a variety of moving services, with costs typically ranging between $3000 and $9800. Keep in mind, that every move is unique.

Depending on how much you’re moving (and where you’re going), you could end up paying a little more or a little less.

How to Get a Quote from Mayzlin Relocation

Getting a quote from Mayzlin is a pretty straightforward process. You just have to visit their website or give them a call to discuss your moving needs, and a rep from their team will get you an accurate, no-obligation estimate for your upcoming relocation.

What’s the Discount Game Like?

Mayzlin does offer discounts from time to time. If you’re flexible enough with your moving dates, you can save quite a bit – especially if that flexibility means you aren’t moving during peak moving season (June, July, and August).

If you’re planning a move with Mayzlin Relocation, make sure you ask them about any additional discounts or promotions you can take advantage of. It never hurts to check in.

Mayzlin Relocation Around the Web

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Mayzlin Relocation’s customers had to say about their own experiences:

Mayzlin Relocation did a great job through the whole process. Adams arrived with his crew on the move; everyone introduced themselves with a handshake and a genuine smile. Goods were packed well and padded with excellent packing paper, tape, and wrap.

Sonny W. Via My Moving Reviews

“The team was excellent. I would highly recommend them. They were knowledge, professional and easy to work with. The lead mover, also had an eye for design and help position the furniture. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with them.”

Diego M. Via Home Advisor

Mayzlin Relocation FAQ

Does Mayzlin Relocation offer discounts?

Mayzlin Relocation sometimes provides discounts, particularly during non-peak moving periods (so any time outside of major holidays, and any time outside of June, July, and August).

It’s always a good idea to ask about any promotional rates or discounts when discussing your moving details and looking for a quote.

How long will my move take?

In the moving industry, a long distance move can take anywhere from 1 to 21 days – sometimes more and sometimes less. Local moves can sometimes take just as long: It all depends on how much you’re moving and how far you’re going.

Keep in mind a smaller apartment may be bundled with other moves in the same truck, so expect delays for pickups and dropoffs along the way.

When is Mayzlin Relocation most busy?

Mayzlin Relocation – like most other moving companies – is typically busiest during the summer months. Weekends and the beginning or end of the month can also be especially busy due to lease turnovers and preferable moving times.

Does Mayzlin Relocation offer insurance?

According to their website, Mayzlin offers two different types of insurance: Limited liability, and full value replacement. Depending on your needs, you may be able to skate by with their basic, limited liability coverage. However, if you really want to keep your stuff safe, their full-value coverage can really help.

Does Mayzlin Relocation subcontract movers?

Mayzlin Relocation has their own in-house team of movers and trucks. However, they also subcontract for moves that they can’t handle themselves. Don’t worry – they have a select network of vetted and verified movers, and each carrier is held to Mayzlin’s strict standards.

Our Recommendation

Mayzlin Relocation impressively blends robust in-house moving services with a comprehensive broker model, extending your reach to numerous vetted local movers in their network.

Mayzlin’s versatile options, potential discounts, and friendly service all really stand out, which makes them really easy for us to recommend.

If you’re interested in getting started with your move, connect with Mayzlin for a smooth and supportive moving experience.