Top 10 Reliable National Moving Companies of 2020



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When it comes to reliable, honest and dependable nationwide moving companies, only a few can stand the test of time. It requires a thorough research to come up with a list of them that are dedicated and professional in providing nationwide moving services

Today, we have compiled a list of the top ten long distance movers and national moving companies to help you with your nationwide move.

These movers are all over the country with various capacities, and most of them are family-operated based movers that imply they can be trusted and reliable in their dealings.

This undoubted trust can be linked to the reason that the founders are well-known and they have been operating and been in the business for a long time now.

However, as a consumer who is planning a move, it is sometimes challenging researching some of these reliable national moving companies, as we have to start from scratch to get one.

Our list of Top 10 Reliable Nationwide Moving Companies will save you time and frustration with your move. We understand that moving cross country or state is exciting but always stressful especially if you settle for a wrong moving company that comes on top of your search. 

The truth is that a mover coming first on your search does not guarantee that they are reliable to do the work. You need to research further to choose the reliable one.

We believe you are looking for a moving company that is licensed, experienced, who is ready to listen to your needs and have a great reputation in the business.

The best approach to get what you want is to consider the below list and settle for one.

Pro Tip

Choosing the best national mover is more than requesting for quotes online. Experts recommend that you dig further to the background of the moving companies you are considering to know more about their services and customer experience moving with them. Moving Feedback has done the work for you by screening and hand-picking the best and reliable nationwide movers in our moving network. You can check out our nationawide movers.

The 10 Best National Moving Companies of 2020

Moving Feedback has researched and come up with the top reliable nationwide movers that are serving the needs of consumers in the running year 2020. We have in our list the best interstate moving companies and best national movers you can trust.

It is worthy of mentioning that this list comprises reliable and established movers to help you with your national moves and does not follow a particular rank or order. You are free to compare them to determine which one best matches your needs.

Below are the top reliable national moving companies:

1. Moving APT 

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5


Moving APT comes on top of our list of reliable nationwide moving companies in the moving service business. The company has been serving the moving needs of the consumer since 1999, and they are well-known for their reliability and professional moving services including local, cross-country and long distance moving. 

Moving APT has been able to sustain their quality service through their experienced personnel and as well as the combination of top-notched old fashion and modern technology and facilities.

They are both technical and personal in delivering services that get customers fulfilled in moving their belongings. When it comes to reliable moving services, Moving APT is one of the best globally.

2. Northern Moving Systems

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5


Northern Moving Systems continues to be one of the leading company in nationwide moving, helping people to move their belongings cross-country and nationally at affordable costs. It offers national moving package at the highest level and is well recognized in the moving industry.

Northern Moving Systems is committed to tailoring your moving needs with their service by connecting with the best agents globally to enhance and offer their customers excellent moving experience. 

The company has direct links with its agents across the country and the world at large. With its fast, free, and affordable quote, you tend to enjoy the best national moving deals with quality service delivery.

If you are planning a nationwide move, Northern Moving Systems is the best bet for the job. You can contact the company customer service support, and they will guide you through the entire process.

You will receive first-hand professional help from their trained and experienced customer representatives. With Northern Moving Systems, moving across the world is made easy.

3. Dedicated Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5


Dedicated Van Lines offers exceptional national moving services. The company understands the specialty involved in crossing countries; hence, it is well-known among other national moving company.

Generally, no national move goes without temporary storage. Here, Dedicated Van Lines got you covered with their top-notch storage services. It offers a wide range of both moving and storage services that are tailored to your nationwide moving needs. 

The team takes the stress away from you and delivers the best service ever at the most cost effective. When it comes to national move, give the work to the professionals, and not just a professional, but Dedicated Van Lines. The company has high standard equipment and highly-skilled members of staff to get the job done without error.

4. Pricing Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


Pricing Van Lines started moving people long-distance about two decades ago. With its exceptional long-distance moving packages, the company stands tall amongst others in the industry.

Pricing Van Lines is one of the foremost providers that is leading the train in long-distance moves in the United States. The company’s rates are unbeatable in offering the most competitive moving quotes with incredible services and without compromising its quality. 

The services offered by Pricing Van Lines are all you need to cover your move, from packing to settling down in your new home. They are equipped with experienced teams to handle your move without hassle.

It understands the stress associated with moving; hence, they provide the help required to ensure a successful relocation through their professional service support. The company’s customer care service can go extra length to solve any issue you find. If you are planning to move long distance, Pricing Van Lines is your very best for the job.

5. iMoving – Online Moving Marketplace

iMoving - National Moving Companies

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


iMoving has helped many consumers with top nationwide movers in the United States. Nationwide as well as other long-distance moves stand as one of the complicated moves in the world.

Hence, choosing the best national movers is only the way out to land a successful move.

iMoving assists you in comparing with several nationwide moving companies that are handpicked through special screening to deal with reliable moving services.

With iMoving, you can manage your move with peace of mind and confidence. The platform prides itself on having reputable national movers that have integrity in delivering their services.

You can compare and get great deals on iMoving that match your moving needs. If you are planning a national move soon, iMoving is a leveled ground to hire professional moving companies that will get the job done at the most affordable price.

All transactions on the platform are covered by iMoving; hence, there is nothing to fear.

6. Adams Van Lines

National Moving Companies - Adams Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


Adams Van Lines prides itself on moving households and businesses internationally with top-notch professionalism. The company is known to undertake nationwide long-distance moves and has maintained quite an excellent track record for its quality and impeccable service. 

Adams Van Lines handles all the documentations expected to move clients cross country. The company has been doing this for the past two decades and has successfully handled a number of international moving jobs.

It is equipped with experienced agents across the globe to make your move smooth and less hassle.

According to their website, Adams Van Lines has one of the largest international shipping networks in the United States. It delivers effortless national moves with little or no supervision.

It understands that national or cross country move involves hard work, dedication, and meticulous planning to move clients from one country to another; hence, they deliver the best.

All their moving services are budget-friendly and without compromise. If you want to move to another country soon, put a call across to them now.

7. United Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5


United Van Lines offers full-service moving services (both local and international), corporate relocations, moving container services, and storage facility services.

Its headquarters is located in Fenton, Missouri with over 400 agents spread all over the various locations in the United States.

8. Arpin Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


Arpin Van Lines which has been handling national moving services for more than a decade is owned by a private organization called Arpin Group.

The headquarters is located at Rhode Island with over 330 strategic service centers and agents all over the world. The company is specialized in both local and national moving services and as well as storage services.

9. North American Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


North American is a household name in the United States and worldwide. The company is famous for providing moving services for both local and international consumers. Apart from all states of America, they are well-represented in over 175 countries globally.

The company’s long distance moving services have been reviewed to be one of the best in the moving industry, which has given them repeated patronage many times.

10. Atlas Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.5 / 5


Atlas Van Lines is a subsidiary of the Atlas World Group, an organization involved in delivery and transport services worldwide. 

Atlas Van Lines has its headquarters located at Evansville, Indiana with over 500 agents globally.

The company customizes its services to serve the needs of its clients by paying attention to details to ensure their belongings are moved successfully to their final destination.

The company is also into transportation services of specialized items such as fine art, store fixtures, exhibitions, electronics and other valuable goods.

The Following Table Displays The Top Nationwide Moving Companies of 2020:

No.Top National Moving Companies of 2020WebsiteLogo
1.Moving APTwww.movingapt.comMoving APT Logo - Moving Feedback
2.Northern Moving Systemswww.northernmovingsystems.comNorthern Moving Systems Logo - Moving Feedback
3.Dedicated Van Lineswww.dedicatedvanlines.comdedicated-van-lines-logo
4.Pricing Van Lineswww.pricingvanlines.comPricing Van Lines - Moving Feedback
5.iMovingwww.imoving.comiMoving - National Moving Companies
6.Adams Van Lineswww.adamvanlines.comNational Moving Companies - Adams Van Lines
7.United Van Lineswww.unitedvanlines.comUnited Van Lines Logo - Moving Feedback
8.Arpin Van Lineswww.arpin.comArpin Van Lines Logo - Moving Feedback
9.North American Moving Serviceswww.northamerican.comNorth American Moving Services Logo - Moving Feedback
10.Atlas Van Lineswww.atlasvanlines.comAtlas Van Lines Logo - Moving Feedback

Calculate Your Moving Cost in Few Seconds

What Kind of Services do National Movers Offer?

What Kind of Services do National Movers Offer

Most national moving companies provide you with many services that can increase the efficiency and speed of your move, even as they also ship your possessions.

However, there is an extra charge associated with these additional services and is being determined by each moving companies as they all have their list of available additional services with their rates.

Kindly note that need may arise for additional or special services regardless of whether you are prepared for it or not.

Below are services offered by national moving companies:

1. Packing and unpacking

Certainly, you are going to pack your highly-prized and valuable belongings carefully and attentively to make sure they are safe during the move. Packing your belongings properly requires more time and energy, together with many specialized padding and wrapping materials.

It is then advisable to hire professional packing services to handle your belongings if you cannot devote adequate time and effort to the task, you don’t want to risk handling your fragile belongings, or you don’t have enough packing supplies.

The entire packing task will be completed safely and promptly, and the moving company will be held responsible for any damage as they don’t assume liability for belongings that were packed by the client.

2. Furniture handling

Consider hiring the service of professionals when you have no idea on how to prepare your large furniture for relocation, especially, when it comes to your highly-valuable possessions.

The professional national movers are well equipped with the required materials and knowledge to disassemble your furniture, transport it out of your household, load it onto the moving vehicle, ensure its safety in the vehicle, and ensure safe delivery to your new home in one piece.

You can then have the moving crew assemble the furniture for you to make it ready for use. The cost for disassembling and assembling of furniture is always calculated based on hours spent on it.

3. Managing bulky Items

Handling of heavy and bulky belongings like pool tables, pianos, hot tubs, safes, and so on will attract an extra fee from your movers. Kindly note that these items not only give your movers a hard time to pack and move, but they also add to the overall weight of your belongings, which means an increase in relocation costs.

4. Appliance servicing

You will be required to pay an additional appliance servicing fee if you want your appliances at your old home disconnected and installed in your new home by your moving crew.

5. Hoisting (Rigging) 

It is normal to have some large or bulky furniture and/or appliances that are too big to fit through your doorways or along the hallways and your staircases in your old or the new home as well.

There will need to set up a rope-and-pulley rigging system to transfer these items through a window, and this can only be done by experienced and professional movers because it will require special equipment to transfer these items without causing any damage safely. This additional service also comes at a higher cost.

6. Taking belongings through the stairs

Flight charges will be incurred if your moving crews have to wait for an elevator or they have to take your belongings through the stairs of a high building. The additional fee is also known as elevator fee and is calculated by each flight of stairs or the amount of time spent waiting for the elevator.

7. Carrying belongings for a long-distance

The moving truck might not have the chance to pack closer to your building due to inadequate parking space; this means that the moving crews are not under any obligation to haul your belongings inside.

If however, you want them to carry your belongings inside for you, an additional fee will be charged for distances above 50 to 75 feet.

8. Exclusive use of moving vehicle

Transporting your entire belongings through the same pathway is a brilliant time and cost-saving method when relocating long distance.

You will, however, be charged for the total use of the moving truck if you prefer to have your household belonging shipped separately to ensure you receive your items on a certain delivery day and to as well avoid any damage or loss to your items during the many stops and rearrangements inside the moving truck.

9. Warehouse handling

There are situations which may warrant your shipment to be stored in the mover’s warehouse, thereby suspending further transportation.

These situations may include having impromptu problems receiving your belongings, a problem ensue between you and your moving crew, your new home is not ready yet, and so on.

A storage fee will be charged no matter what the reason may be. The extra charge will increase as your belongings stay longer in storage while in transit.

Advantages of Hiring a National Moving Company

A national moving company can provide the best services when it comes to moving belongings from one state or country to another.

There are some differences between local relocation movers and corporate movers; hence, it is important to understand the benefits, differences, and limitations of each moving companies before you hire one.

During this period, one of the tough decisions many homeowners have to make is choosing which a national moving company to help you with your move.

The national movers you choose will take care of the whole relocation process and also handle your highly prized or even private belongings.

The services offered by each moving company shows how perfect they can be when you hire them. A national moving company is, however, often the best choice compared to a local mover.

Below are top 5 reasons to hire a national moving company when next you are moving:

Broader Capabilities

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a local mover for your national move. Most local movers are also very small businesses. This means that their fleet of moving truck is smaller, equipment is few in numbers, and the number of people per relocation team is fewer as well.

Large scale relocations, long-distance relocations or special items may be better handled by nationawide moving companies, as they have the capabilities to scale through the hustles.

You reduce the risk of needing another service company to handle what your mover cannot do amidst the relocation process when you partner with a national moving company.

Services to cater to the needs of particular people are designed and offered by national relocation companies 

Better Efficiency

Local movers just like many other local businesses can provide you with high-quality services but not as efficient as the national movers.

Hiring them, however, could make you enjoy some opportunities and avoid additional expenses that required additional hands.

For instance, due to the inability to plan their relocation without delay, a homeowner may not have the chance required to sign a particular lease.

It is expected of national moving companies to meet the set-time and expectations regardless of any situation.

These national moving companies often prove to be more reliable and more efficient altogether.

It may be a very difficult task to find out if a particular local mover can provide you with the required service even though some of them have the necessary tools to keep running their business.

You have the assurance that your belongings and information will be moved efficiently and with modern technology and methods when you partner with a national moving company.

Online tracking of deliveries is one of the modern technologies being offered by many big relocation companies.

Expert Tip

If you still find it difficult choosing a national moving company among the list above, the best option is to use online moving quote to select from array of handpicked national movers.

Easy Access at both ends

Most national moving companies which include Van Lines have many locations with local agents. You may have the opportunity to work directly with an agent of the company in your present location, including the one closest to your destination when you relocate with these companies, so as to make it easier for you to contact an agent when need be.

You may also find short range solutions and storage at any distance convenient for you due to the fact that national moving companies have many locations.

For instance, your mover may haul your possessions to your new destination and keep them at the local office until you move in officially.

Professionals at Every Level

National moving companies employ local representatives to work with clients in their locations as discussed above. While the relocation company representatives who come to your home have much experience with entire relocation processes such as packing, loading and transporting of your belongings, these local representatives are trained for logistics and sales.

With this setup, you will get to deal with professionals with great qualifications.

You may end up working with a small group of people that may not have the necessary qualifications and resources to handle your relocation when you partner with a local relocation company. These limitations could bring about loss or damage to your belongings.

More Services and Resources

The offering of more services and resources is also possible by national moving companies apart from the huge number of capabilities we talked about above. For instance, these companies can offer packing services, insurance and storage options.

As you work with your national moving company, they may have a wide experience that will come with great help to you. Relocation guides, checklists, and other resources to help define your relocation are among the things you can get access to through your national moving company. 

In addition to the above, as you make your decision on which company to hire for your move, it is advisable to weigh the advantages discussed here.

Don’t ever make mistake to hire a local mover for long-distance or cross country moves, as it may turn out to be a nightmare.

While national moving companies are recommended for national moves, choosing right is another factor to consider. This will be discussed next in this post.

Expert Tip

Note that it is different between movers and national moving companies. Some movers only operate locally while some have a limit of the distance they can go. Hence, hiring a national moving company when moving to a long distance place such as interstate or cross-country move is a way to have peace of mind.

5 Tips For Choosing the Right National Moving Company

Similar to the common method of decision-making in purchasing your items, the process of choosing your national moving company follows as well. You have to check their price list, read as many customer complaints and reviews as possible, and study their reputation. When deciding on which company to choose, there are also many factors to consider. These are discussed below:

1. Decide Which Company to Move your Items

You will definitely come across many national moving companies eager to work with you on your relocation once you make a decision to hire professional services.

In such a situation, however, the factors that predetermine the further choice of the company and the quality of services to expect are what you know and prior preparations. We have therefore put together some advice on which factors to consider when choosing the best company:

2. Check License

Generally, companies like these are expected to be properly licensed by federal or state authorities. The company should have in their possession a unique license number issued to them by the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation). Be sure to find out what regulations apply to your state as it differs state by state.

3. Validate the Quotes

Depending greatly on the weight and measurement of the belongings to transport, professional movers provide you with the most accurate and precise estimates of how much the service will cost. Ensure you include questions on extra charges and additional rates to avoid any surprises during the course of the move.

4. Pay Attention to Details 

Ask as many questions that come to your mind as possible and ensure that this company has your interest in mind. It is their job to make sure this relocation process is hitch-free, as you are a customer and may not be familiar with all the relocation aspects.

5. Location

The place of origin of the moving company is part of the things to consider. In order to avoid being scammed over the internet, it is advisable to use service providers in your area instead.

Make a trip to the company’s office and check out all their equipment. To also understand if your values and the company match, it will be better to have a conversation with the people there.

Above all, with proper preparations, there is no need to be afraid of moving as the entire process is not that stressful.

Searching for the best and most cost-efficient relocation company that would be ready to move you to your new home eagerly should be included in the preparations.

Aspects such as cost estimates, place of business and licensing should be greatly considered to make the best decision. Avoid going against your inner guts when making a decision in addition to the qualities mentioned above as personal impressions cannot be underrated.

How Much does it Cost to Move Nationwide?

There are special considerations involved in the cross country move and its cost compared to a move from one city to another. This generally includes the distance and some other factors associated with moving long distance which includes drivers passing the night in the hotel, toll roads, and so on.

The nationwide move will cost between an average of $4000 and $7000 to move a distance of about 1,200 miles. This range can either increase or decrease depending on the size of your home and distance.  

However, this also depends on the nature of the move. Is it corporate or industrial? Apart from the home move, let’s look at other moving categories.

Moving Cost Calculator

What is the Costs of Commercial Moving?

Moving a business is much more complex than relocating a small residential. When industrial operation involves heavy or big size equipment than their complexity increases, residential may look differently. These factors are what make office moves more costly than the popular home moves discussions.

For instance, an office that occupies up to 3,000 sq-ft space and is completely used up, short distance relocation will probably cost above $2,000, and might also cost up to $10,000 depending on the details of the move.  

What is the Cost of Industrial Moving?

The cost of an industrial move can be many times higher than the cost of moving a simple office or commercial move. The general difference between the two is that office moves involve moving of computer equipment and furniture while industrial moves involve moving of very large and heavy industrial vehicles, tools and equipment.

When you dive into the industrial move, moving industrial equipment requires specialized tools, vehicles, and equipment. Moving oversized equipment may require many vehicles, pilot teams, and transportation permits. These requirements together make industrial relocation difficult and expensive than other types of relocation.

This can be summarized as saying whenever you need additional equipment or personnel to complete relocation, be prepared for an additional cost as well.

National move FAQ

This question has two answers: Summer is the best period to move if you want to enjoy smooth weather for your relocation. The off-season (winter) is the best time to move if you want a cheaper move with the best price.

It is advisable to hire a national moving company at least 90 days before the actual moving date; so, you will be able to hire the best moving companies and also get the best moving price.

This information would be available on the website of any reliable mover. Ask the moving company for the proof of their license if not found on their website. Do not hire an unlicensed moving company.

A moving quote shows the estimated cost of your move. The movers you plan to hire will issue it for you. Moving estimates are divided into two, namely;

  • A nonbinding estimate: This is a cost projected for your relocation but not certain you will pay. The actual moving cost can be higher or lower than the nonbinding estimate. This estimate is, however, dependent on experience; hence, it is accurate in most cases.

A binding estimate: This is the exact price you will pay at the end of the move. This means that regardless of the difference between the actual cost and the binding offer; you will be paying the one on the binding estimate.

The duration of your national move will depend on many factors. Examples are the distance, relocation size, and the weather. You may not specifically calculate your duration, but be sure that international movers will always be there to ensure your move is as fast and less-hassle.

This is normally after the completion of the move. You can, however, ask the moving companies if there is any deadline. However, you may incur some expenses associated with your move in the course of planning, buying moving boxes and supplies, packing, and much more.

Contact your moving company immediately you decide to have a change to your moving date so they can work towards it and to also know if the cost will be reduced or increased. Each moving company has its policy as regard change of moving date by consumer.

Once you hire movers, you are not under any obligation to put any effort in the process or tip the crew; however, if you so wish, you can offer them a hand or compensation, and they will very much appreciate it. The best thing you can do for them in this wise if you are keen to do something in appreciation for their efforts are to provide them with refreshments, keep your family members from disturbing the professionals while working, and also focus on other essential things.

Yes, they will come with all the necessary tools and equipment needed for a smooth and safe national move. You will, however, be required to purchase or source for packing supplies if it is not part of the contract.

Your safety and that of your property should be the first thing you consider when you are planning your move even though you might be tempted first to consider saving on relocation expenses. You will be saving yourself from unnecessary headaches and stress when you hire professional movers. With this, you can just sit back and relax, knowing that professionals in long-distance moves are handling your move.

You can visit and contact any of the moving companies you believe is a perfect match for your needs on their website. Most of these movers provide clients with an online moving quote calculator and in-home estimates. With this, you will know the list of items, the distance, and the dates, etc. This means you can first make an inquiry about the actual estimate and after then contact the moving company to make a reservation for your preferred date.

This is the moving crew that will handle your particular move. They will work hand-in-hand with you before the moving date. This means the moving manager is your point of contact for any question or information concerning your move.

Kindly note that hiring professional national movers don’t mean you are getting a full-service. Moving companies are not responsible for handling your plumbing issues and utilities as well. You will need to take care of these things by yourself before they arrive. To avoid any complication during the cause of packing and loading, make sure you unplugged every item you are moving to your new home. Most movers offer packing and unpacking services as well as assembly and disassembly of furniture, but any other services aside that is your own responsibility.

This decision is up to you. There is always a moving manager assigned to your move to make sure things go well. Their job is to replace you in supervising the entire moving process. You can, however, stay with them if there is any specific instruction you will need to give them, especially, during packing and handling of your belongings.

People always look for answers to when exactly is it cheaper to make a reservation for their moves. This depends on each moving company; however, you will be paying a lesser amount for your move if most people are not moving in such time. This means that relocating during winter or fall or midweek will save you money. Planning a move for such a long period is just not what most people can do.

Yes, most movers will have you make a particular deposit for the move to be sure reservation and booking have been made for the moving date for your home or business. Movers require a guarantee to be able to make proper preparation for the moving date as there are a lot of insecure clients as well. The deposit is usually about 30% of the actual cost, and it serves as insurance for the movers to provide coverage for them against short-notice cancellation or last-minute change in date. The money will make up for the time and resources they’ve spent on preparing the move. 

You will only be given a full refund if you make the cancellation within a specific period given to you after making the reservation with the moving company. This is usually ten days before the actual relocation.

Most clients get worried about this thing before their relocation, especially, when you think of all you need to transport which include wrapping materials, moving boxes, moving tape, etc., all these items are left behind after the unpacking is done in your new home. There are two options available for you:

  • You will need to do some cleaning if you purchase your packing supplies by yourself. Ask the movers if they need any of the materials, and recycle the ones you need while you dispose of those you don’t.
  • Most movers provide full packing service which includes the provision of packing materials and supplies as well as handling of the packing and unpacking process. They will then clean up space once they are through and go back with their supplies. 

In most cases, the distance of your move will determine the moving insurance given to you by the moving companies. This coverage will provide you with compensation if there is any loss or damage to your property on the move. You can as well look for more insurance options for your highly-prized possessions such as antiques, ceramics, pianos, silverware, etc.

No, only the relocation expenses and services being offered will be included in the moving quotes by most national moving companies. You will have to discuss directly and personally with the company on things like discounts, insurance, and liability during negotiation.

Expert Tip

Don’t forget to avoid movers that subcontract parts of your move, as you may not have total control on your move. It may also be difficult to hold anyone responsible for a loss or damage.


Just as it was mentioned above, this list does not follow a particular order, but we guarantee that all companies that made up this list are reliable and experienced in offering quality moving service at the most cost-effective value.

It is very difficult to come up with the top 10 nationwide moving companies as there are numerous movers out there who also offer quality service.

At Moving Feedback, we go extra miles to research the best service providers to assist our users and visitors in their decision to choose the best and affordable moving company for their moves. Stay tuned for more informative posts!

Pro Tip

If you shop for these supplies as a kit for the size of your move, you don’t need to bother, as everything will be included in the kit. There are kits for one-bedroom flats, a two-bedroom flat and three-bedroom apartment and so on. These will include different sizes of moving boxes, and other requires numbers of moving supplies for the size of the home.

Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.

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