Complete Smartbox Moving and Storage Review 2024

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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SMARTBOX might be the perfect option for you whenever you need temporary storage for your belongings. If you can locate any of its branches closest to you, you are lucky to grab a great deal. 





  • Book online
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Well-trained staff

The size of moving containers being offered by the company includes the 8ft (long) x 7ft (tall) x 5ft (wide) container which can contain about 3,000 pounds of items and will be delivered to your preferred location whether near or far.

They also offer storage services in case you need to store your moving container. This post will discuss all you need to know about SMARTBOX to know if it is best for your move.

Services Offered by SMARTBOX

The SMARTBOX system is very easy to use. You first place an order for moving containers, the company delivers it to your specified location, you pack your container, and then the company picks the moving container up. Your containers will be shipped to your new home if you are moving.

SMARTBOX will deliver your moving container to one of its storage centers if you are using the container for storage.

Customers are allowed to keep their units on their property for easy and quick access to their items. Below are services offered by the company:

1. Long Distance/Interstate

One of the best ways to make sure your items stay safe throughout your move is to partner with Smartbox on your long-distance relocation.

Regardless of the distance, you are moving, the smart moving guide from this company will leave you with a sweet experience.

2. Storage Units

SMARTBOX provides quality moving and storage services at affordable prices despite the growing demand for storage space every day.

You will get the perfect space you need and where you need it, from SMARTBOX. Its moving container is durable and always available for transport on demand.

SMARTBOX is your perfect option if you require additional space for any reason.

You can also consult SMARTBOX for your seasonal storage as it will help you store your home or office decorations. The portability of their container helps them in providing on-site storage service in your home.

SMARTBOX will take care of moving your belongings to your new place of assignment whether you are an active military member or just transferred on a job.

The need for people to move at their own pace is understood by SMARTBOX as well as the urgent need to move their possessions into storage.

The major reason behind this is not having enough time to move and the need to return the moving truck before the deadline.

SMARTBOX will help you eradicate the rush as the container will be delivered to your doorstep, you will pack it at your own pace, and they will pick it up and deliver it to the storage center with no stress on you.

The list of storage options available with SMARTBOX include:

  • On-site storage
  • Residential storage
  • Seasonal storage
  • Military storage
  • Long-term storage
  • Business storage
  • College student storage
  • Residential storage
  • Temporary storage etc.

3. Moving Locally

SMARTBOX can assist you with your local move. Everything you need to know before you start off your move will be provided for you by their crew of moving professionals.

There will be no flaws with your local move as they have the right resources and knowledge available.

The SMARTBOX containers are sent directly to your specified location, giving you a lot more convenience while moving. Instead of driving your way to a rental moving truck company, they will send you the moving containers and you begin packing when you like.

If your move requires additional moving containers, they will be willing to provide you more for your local move. You can pack your container at your own pace.

Their local SMARTBOX storage facility will then pick up the storage container and deliver them to one of their storage centers where it will be under adequate protection.

4. Corporate Move with SMARTBOX

SMARTBOX will help you with every challenge you might have on your DIY move when considered. They provide you with a safer, simpler, and smarter way of relocating your items.

A Weather and water-proof SMARTBOX will be sent to the employee’s place. There is no need for extra parking space if the size is perfect on a parking spot or driveway. A single parking space can contain two (2) SMARTBOXs side by side.

The SMARTBOX can remain with the transferee until they are through with packing and loading when they will pick it up and store it in their storage center or deliver it to the destination home.

The risk of having an accident on the way gets reduced as they will be the ones driving your belongings.

There will also be little or no work/stress for you. There is no heavy lifting involved, as SMARTBOXsdo sits on the ground level.

SMARTBOX is bonded, has certified drivers, and also includes insurance coverage on your items while in transit for an interstate relocation.

Other services from SMARTBOX include:

  • Temporary storage
  • Long-term storage
  • Discounts for military relocations and college students
  • Packing services (in some locations)

Container Options and Specifications for SMARTBOX

The size of moving containers being offered by the SMARTBOX includes the 8ft (long) x 7ft (tall) x 5ft (wide) container which can contain about 3,000 pounds of items.

Each container has a free lock and cover that is made of canvas and cannot be penetrated by water.

The moving containers are purposely designed to protect against weather elements as stated on the website. The size of a single SMARTBOX container is about 231 cubit-ft of storage space and the capacity is about 3,000 pounds in weight.

This implies that a single moving container can hold a complete room’s worth of belongings. You might even have extra space left if your rooms are small.

Note that: your bulky items like sofas might consume most of the space on the floor of your container but it will still hold more items.

To increase the efficiency of space, stack smaller items on the bulky ones in your container. Among the list of benefits of using SMARTBOX containers is the ability to load at ground-level and the presence of a wide access door for loading bulky items such as furniture.

There might be no need for you to disassemble your dining cabinet. The containers are transported from and to the different destinations on an insured moving truck.

Feature Specification
Exterior size 8 ft. deep x 7 ft. x 5 ft.
Interior size 7 ft. 7 3/4 in. x 6 ft. 5 3/4 in. x 4 ft. 8 in.
Storage space 231 cu. ft.
Weight limit 3,000 lbs.

Cost of SMARTBOX Moving and Storage

We find out during our research that SMARTBOX offers lower prices compared to popular services such as U-Pack. Although the one-size container from SMARTBOX is a turn off as you will need to reserve as many as possible for your move, it helps you to group your storage for easy access.

Typically, moving container is more expensive than other DIY moving options. The convenience that comes with moving containers is, however, worth the increase in cost, especially for those who are physically challenged. Moving containers are arguably the closest option to hiring national moving companies for your move.

SMARTBOX offers reasonable prices for both local and long-distance moves and doesn’t exceed the range expected by container companies.

Let’s look at SMARTBOX pricing for different moves:

Price for Local Move

Before taking your decision, you need to run some calculations to get the total estimate for your local relocation. According to a SMARTBOX customer rep, it cost $89 monthly per box.

If your move requires four (4) boxes to transport them get to the packing location at once, it will cost $199 each to deliver the boxes to the first and second home.

It may cost a total of $754 aside from tax. This total is correct provided you follow the schedule as planned and get the whole process (delivery, loading, unloading, pick up) done within 30 days.

Price for Long-Distance Move

Three (3) moving containers will cost $2,565.33 as estimated. A Friday delivery of four moving containers in the middle of December may cost $3,144.60.

Containers cannot be delivered during the weekend (available from Monday to Friday). The cost can then be reduced further.

Each container costs $89 monthly. This is, however, where you have to tread carefully.

Every moving container company will tell you to take your time loading and unloading the units but they won’t tell you there will be charges if the usage exceeds one month.

You could end up paying for a month if the container stays more than a day in your care. You can as well compare this cost to long-distance moving companies.

Storage Prices

Each container that spent 3 months in storage at a SMARTBOX facility would cost $69 each alongside $99 delivery cost. SMARTBOX charges extra money if you would have the container stored on your property instead.

On-site storage of containers for 3 months would cost $89 per container with a $99 delivery cost.

SMARTBOX’s Insurance Coverage Options

There is no stability in SMARTBOX’s insurance coverage plans. According to a customer representative, it was said that a long-distance move attracts a $10,000 insurance coverage.

It was also said by SMARTBOX reps that customers can buy supplemental protection of $20,000 for $104 and $30,000 for $135.

There was no insurance coverage included in quotes for the facility storage, local move or on-site storage.

They only indicated that additional coverage can be purchased but there were no details provided. If you are looking for a container company with perfect insurance coverage for your valuables, you might want to leave SMARTBOX out of this one.

It is advisable to request documentation of your coverage plan from your SMARTBOX customer representative if you desire comprehensive coverage and must go with SMARTBOX for some reason.

You can cancel your reservation with SMARTBOX’s cancellation policy, only that you would be made to pay a certain fee. However, insurance is something that can be handled with a professional approach.

Most container companies are skeptical about insurance and SMARTBOX is no different.

Requesting a SMARTBOX Estimate

It is very easy to get a SMARTBOX online estimate. You will be asked to provide information such as your name, email, phone number, and some details about your move.

An instant estimate will be given to you, making it easier for you to shop around for more. A detailed estimate will also be sent to your email, stating the services you would be charged for.

The company is perfect for those moving on a budget as they provide a price matching feature.

SMARTBOX will try and match the quote of any moving container company if you show it to them as a better estimate to theirs.

Pricing from SMARTBOX is based on season and demand. The estimate you have might be different from the prices with us.

We used an address in Los Angeles, CA in the delivery request we sent to get the prices below. We submitted for a move from LA to Seattle, WA for the long-distance relocation.

Services No of containers Distance Time paid for Quoted Price
Local move 3 Same ZIP code 1 month $465.00
Interstate move 3 1,135 miles 1 month $3,175.22
Warehouse storage 3 N/A 3 month $306.00
On-site storage 3 N/A 3 month $366.00

Pros and Cons of moving with SMARTBOX

More customized services should be available with smaller companies: being able to communicate easily with a smaller company that has no port in all the cities is one of the benefits of working with SMARTBOX. Since I couldn’t go through with the reservation, I did not have this experience.

The leverage smaller companies have for competing with the bigger ones is their commitment to customer’s work. This company can also be found in each of the areas it provides services, meaning that it is familiar with the zones. This will serve as a plus on a moving day as they will give clients some tips as they drive through the streets.


  • You don’t have to do the driving

If your belongings are way too much for a normal truck to contain and need a larger moving truck to haul it, SMARTBOX is a great deal for you. The thought of driving the moving truck alone scares some people. You enjoy having the company do the driving for you more than anything.

  • Thorough and responsive customer service

Many companies do hype their services to make it look more perfect. However, when you made your challenges known to the customer representative, she will come up with a good solution to tackle your challenges.

  • They prioritize convenience

You will be worried about the advertisement of container companies about having as much as needed time for yourself when you use them until you enjoy the convenience factored into the moving process.

SMARTBOX believes you will definitely hold the moving container in your care for more than 30 days so they can charge you more.

However, the control is completely in your hands. There will be no need to pay additional charges if you do not deviate from your plan. You will as well not be a slave to the container company.


  • Glitch website

SMARTBOX website can be tiring. You may give up on the free estimate tool on the website after several attempts. When you are expecting a very convenient process but get a very annoying process, it may.

I k turn you off. Keep getting an error message for your zip code even when you entered the correct detail is not normal. The message was the same as often as you try.

Even when you used different browsers on different sessions, the response may still the same. You have to keep trying only for the sake of this review.

  • Be cautious of the increase in prices

You will get a complex quote if the quote tool had functioned well. The estimate must be lower than the price because it does not include a price. The price, however, might increase if you fail to release the container after 30 days in your custody.

You may get carried away with the toast of being able to load and unload at your own leisure time. You will be charged extra if you keep the container for more than a month.

  • Charges on cancellation

Your credit card will be debited by SMARTBOX for up to 3 days before they deliver the moving containers. There will be no cancelation fee if you choose to cancel by then. Up to 15% or $400, whichever is lower will be charged for cancellation if you choose to opt-out on the day of the transaction.

Canceling your reservation on the expected day of delivery will also attract a charge of 15% or $400, whichever is higher. Typically, there is nothing wrong with the cancellation policy; even most container companies have it. But there is a better cancellation policy that allows clients to cancel within 24 hours with no fee attached.

Gather more Information about SMARTBOX

You will want to gather as much as possible information about SMARTBOX on the internet. We only know that SMARTBOX is new to the industry compared to its competitors both in the moving and the rental industries that have been in the business for a long.

However, SMARTBOX provides convenience in its service more than what you may experience in truck rental companies.

The price is not always higher as believed. There are other additional values such as ease of use, having someone else drive the truck while you sit back, and the convenience that comes with the company’s services.

Locations and Condition of the Vehicles

All efforts to get the location, age, and condition of the vehicles used to deliver and pick moving containers abortive. It was also impossible to determine the real age or wear and tear on the moving containers.

According to a representative over the phone, she stated that the condition of the vehicle depends on the location and popularity of the company and its service in the area.

Is a SMARTBOX Moving Container Perfect for you?

For those looking for convenience in their move, SMARTBOX is the perfect moving container company for them. If you need to keep the storage on your property, you want someone else to do the transporting for you, or you want containers that have no ramps and is easy to load, SMARTBOX is your choice.

Those who would like to hire a full-service moving company but are low on a budget should consider SMARTBOX containers and join it with professional movers for loading and unloading of the units like hybrid relocation. There are many cheap moving companies you can find for your move too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my container be stored?

Portable moving containers have the advantage of being able to be stored just about anywhere, so the contents of them are kept safe until you’re ready to have them delivered to your new location.

Containers may be stored in special areas designated for certain categories, such as seasonal storage areas that keep belongings safe from extreme weather or residential storage areas for general household item safekeeping.

There may also be areas for items that will be stored long-term, ensuring that all of your home’s belongings are safe and can be easily located once it’s time to finally settle into your new home or commercial space.

Will I be packing my moving container on my own?

When renting a portable storage unit of any kind, you may be wondering who will be handling the heavy lifting.

Oftentimes, companies offer additional services that allow you to sit back and relax while professionals pack your items away in the safest and most efficient manner.

These services cost extra, though, so be sure to speak with representatives about the costs associated with having a team load or unload your belongings during your move. Otherwise, get ready to spend hours packing up your household’s items on your own.

Can I reschedule or cancel a reservation for a unit once I’ve ordered it?

If any of the details of your move change, or if you decide on taking another route to facilitate your move, it is possible to reschedule your container delivery or cancel it altogether.

Keep in mind, though that the cancellation policy may include fees that will need to be paid before you can settle things. Rescheduling may also be costly, so review the information given to you by your agency to determine what to expect when making any changes related to your container.

What if I don’t know when or where my unit needs to be moved?

One of the great things about portable storage is the ability to remain flexible throughout your moving experience. Not everything can be planned out thoroughly, which can make it difficult to choose traditional movers that need specific dates to work with.

Containers can be kept on-site or on your property, allowing you to get to your items any time. Once you know when and where you’ll be moving, you can contact the company and schedule the relocation of your container with no worries.

Are items stored inside containers covered by insurance?

Insurance is something many people worry about when moving and for good reason – your belongings can be lost or damaged while being transported. Many times, household items are covered by an individual’s homeowner’s insurance policy while they are being stored and transported.

However, policies vary so it is a good idea to speak with an agent to make sure that you are covered during your move. You may also be offered third-party insurance coverage if your policy does not cover your belongings while they are in storage.

Are there items that are not allowed in moving containers?

Just like a moving truck, there are certain specifications outlining what can and cannot be transported in a portable container.

Before your move, speak with the agency you are working with to get more information about what will be stored inside the container and what will need to be transported by other means.

Hazardous items are not permitted, such as explosives, nor are live animals or food items. If these items are stored, they may be dangerous and the rental company cannot be held responsible if anything happens.


SMARTBOX presents you with the best option for your moving and storage need without stretching your budget, provided you are within the company’s service areas. The company has different levels of challenges such as wooden containers instead of metal, limited availability across the country, and unclear insurance options. However, regardless of the limitations, SMARTBOX still has a lot of positive reviews and a reputation for the quality of service.