Best Moving Companies in New York City of 2023

By: Harrison Gough Last Updated: Sep 20, 2023

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New York City is one of the most popular places to live in the world, with a diverse population and an abundance of cultural offerings. Our team researched and analyzed services, reviews, and price info for over 20 different moving companies in the Big Apple to bring you our top 5 recommendations.



Moving APT

  • Affordable rates
  • Professionalism
  • Great customer service
Get a Quote 800-360-0037 Read review



Adams Van Lines

  • 500 local agents
  • Binding Prices
  • Customized services
Get a Quote 855-254-0416 Read review



Roadway Moving

  • Budget prices
  • Personalized packages
  • No hidden fees
Get a Quote 212-812-5240 Read review

How We Ranked Our Movers:

Moving Feedback’s team of professional researchers did the heavy lifting for you. We gathered real feedback from customers and drew from our own 10+ years of experience in the moving industry to bring you the top movers in New York City, and insider info you can’t find anywhere else.

In addition to providing moving information, we’ve also included some interesting facts and details about New York City. From the best neighborhoods to the cost of living, we’ve got you covered. Read on to see our picks for the best moving companies in New York City, and see what you can do to make your move even easier.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers?

When it comes to hiring movers in New York City, the average cost for a local move will range between $500 and $4600, while a long-distance move will typically cost between $1100 and $14000.

Keep in mind these prices may change depending on how much and how far you’re moving.

Distance 1 Bedroom 2 – 3 Bedroom 4 – 5 Bedroom
Local (Less than 100 Miles) $500 – $900 $850 – $2000 $1300 – $4600
100 miles $1100 – $1600 $1350 – $1800 $1600 – $3500
250 miles $1300 – $2100 $1600 – $3600 $2100 – $4900
750 miles $1500 – $3000 $2200 – $7000 $5600 – $8000
1500 miles $1700 – $3300 $2700 – $7500 $6800 – $9600
2500 miles+ $2000 – $3800 $4000 – $8300 $14000+

New York Moving and Living Guide

The structure of your move, local, long-distance, or cross country, to or from NYC, will indefinitely affect the cost and moving experience.

Distance – What Does Mileage Mean for the Price of Your Move?

The cold hard facts about mileage and price are simple: the longer your drive, the more challenging it for the driver to sustain stamina, plus the costs for fuel and on-road maintenance for movers will go up.

The result: you’ll pay more the greater the distance of your move. There’s a reason why recent regulations have limited driver time on-road – they need focus, energy, and persistence to get through the drive.

How Do You Define the Difference Between a Local or Long-Distance Move?

Moving to or from New York with a local move is under 100 miles, and long-distance moves are over 100 miles; this is the industry.

Sending Your Stuff To Its New Location – Shipping Costs Based on Your Moving Needs

Price tags for shipping everything from furniture, valuables, breakable goods, fragile items, expensive linens, clothes, containers, and vehicles will clearly be affected by distance.

If your driver’s distance and experience on the road affect the cost of your move, then think of all the precautions your mover has to take to ensure you get something like a car shipped to its new location safely.

Climate, geographic conditions, regulations, state and border control, and inspection cost your mover money, whether it’s a local or long-distance move to or from New York.

Work It and Make Life Worthwhile: Employment, Quality of Life and Cost of Living in New York

New York is one of the most exciting and engaging cities in the world – and one of the most expensive. The cost is notoriously astronomical in New York, from rent to food, clothes, and activities. With that, there’s something for everyone, and there’s no lack of parks, recreation centers, and programs for socio-economically challenged populations.

With the right documentation, residents of NYC enjoy free trips to museums, performing art events, street festivals, and more, so no one is limited to enjoying the culture, the arts, and New York on a budget. The city offers a comprehensive list of exciting events for free or subsidized.

Employment for Anyone But High Demand for Subsidized Housing: NYC is a Challenge

New York has worked for anyone – waiters, Wall Street corporate professionals, actors, ballerinas, Burger King managers, and intellectual academics (after all, someone has to pour the coffee). The cultural and ethnic diversity delivers a beautiful blend of communities harmoniously brought together in one Big Apple.

NYC maintains a largely Hispanic, African American, and Asian population. About 85% of people living in New York are American Citizens, but its communities of refugees and permanent residents are noteworthy.

To move to NYC, it’s recommended to have 3 times the amount of your rent set aside for a security deposit, and at least one month easily available to your landlord. The bottom line, come with cash or be prepared to struggle, because rent and the cost of living in NYC is high, and subsidized housing is in high demand and sparse.

Compensation: Making a Living in NYC and How it Impacts Your Move and Living Comfortably

The cold hard truth is unless you’re a C-level exec, working on Wall Street, running a start-up that actually makes money, or just married rich, NYC sees a lot of its residents working way more than one job. It’s common to hear a New Yorker working even 2-3 jobs to make ends meet.

Ready to fall off your chair? Sources indicate that the average New Yorker needs roughly $12,000 income per month just to live in the city comfortably – and if you want to live in the suburbs (with rent just under $2k per month), you’ll still need to earn over $5k.

Compare Best NYC Moving companies

4.9 4.7 4.6 4.4 4.5
Best Overall Best for Long Distance Best Teams Best Customer Reviews Best Moving Crews
15% Seniors & Military Discounts 18% Flexibility Discount 15% Student Discount 20% Seasonal Discount Not Disclosed
$2700-$6200 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2900-$6500 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2200-$5400 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2850-$6350 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2300-$5600 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom)
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Moving Feedback’s Top 5 Movers in New York City

  1. Moving APT
  2. Adams Van Lines
  3. Roadway Moving
  4. Native Van Lines
  5. FlatRate Moving



Moving APT

  • Affordable rates
  • Professionalism
  • Great customer service


Type: Long Distance Moves

Moving APT is an outstanding long-distance moving company with excellent customer service and affordable rates. Their team is highly trained, and they have extensive experience in handling complex moves. Out of all the movers we checked out, Moving APT is the strongest overall.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Experienced and professional team
  • Wide range of moving services offered
  • Provides free online quotes
  • Limited availability in certain areas

Moving APT offers comprehensive moving services with a focus on long-distance moves. They have a strong reputation for excellent customer service and affordable rates. Their team of experienced professionals will ensure your move is stress-free and efficient.




Adams Van Lines

  • 500 local agents
  • Binding Prices
  • Customized services


Type: Local and Long Distance Moves

Adams Van Lines is an excellent choice for anyone looking for premium moving services.

They offer a wide range of white-glove options, including antique and artwork transportation. It may cost you a little extra, but it’s worth it for that VIP experience.

Every move is different, so being able to pick and choose premium services is a major help.

  • Provides customized moving services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced and professional team
  • Offers a wide range of moving services
  • Provides free online quotes
  • No guaranteed delivery dates

Adams Van Lines is a top-rated moving company that offers premium moving services to meet your specific needs.

Their team of experienced professionals will ensure your move is smooth and stress-free, and they offer a wide range of services to keep your stuff as safe as possible.




Roadway Moving

  • Budget prices
  • Personalized packages
  • Responsive customer service


Type: Local, long distance, international Moves

Roadway Moving is a locally-based moving company that focuses on customer satisfaction.

Their team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle any local move, and they are committed to making the moving process as easy as possible. Plus, since they’re from New York City, they’ll really know the area well.

  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced and professional team
  • Offers a wide range of moving services
  • Provides free online quotes
  • May be limited for long distance moves

Roadway Moving is a top-rated moving company that is native to New York City.

Their team of experienced professionals is committed to customer satisfaction, and they offer a wide range of moving services.




Native Van Lines

  • Highly Professional
  • No hidden fees
  • Budget-friendly pricing


Type: Local and Long Distance Moves

Native Van Lines is a top-rated moving company known for their exceptional customer service and transparent pricing.

They specialize in long-distance moves, and their team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle any move, big or small.

They also have a ton of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced and professional team
  • Offers a wide range of moving services
  • Provides free online quotes
  • No guaranteed delivery dates

Native Van Lines has a reputation for outstanding customer service and transparent pricing.

Their team of experienced professionals will ensure your move is smooth and stress-free.

They offer a wide range of moving services, including packing, loading, and unloading, making them an excellent choice for all types of moves.




FlatRate Moving

  • Affordable prices
  • Binding quotes
  • Well-trained staff


Type: Local, Long distance, International Moves

FlatRate Moving is a popular moving company in New York City that provides flat rates on their estimates.

This means that customers know exactly what they will pay upfront, with no hidden fees or surprises.

They also provide packing services, storage solutions, and other helpful services to make the moving process as stress-free as possible.

  • Provides flat rates on estimates
  • Variety of packing and unpacking services
  • Both local and long-distance moves
  • In-home consultations
  • Offers additional services such as storage, crating, and assembly/disassembly
  • Extra services come at extra prices

Flat Rate Moving is a great choice for customers who want a transparent and straightforward moving experience. Their flat rate estimates make it easy to budget for the move, and their variety of packing and unpacking services can help take the stress out of moving.

Factors Behind Your Moving Costs

1. Distance

Distance is one of the biggest factors behind your moving price. The distance between your current home and your new home will greatly impact the cost of your move, as it will affect fuel costs, labor hours, and possibly overnight stays.

2. Amount of belongings

After a distance, the weight of your belongings is probably the second biggest factor behind your cost. The more items you have, the more time it takes to pack, load, and unload them, which will increase your overall moving costs.

3. Type of move

Local moves (under 100 miles and within the same state) are charged differently than long-distance moves (more than 100 miles). Local moves are typically charged by the hour, while long-distance moves are charged by weight and distance.

4. Time of year

The peak season for moving is between May and September, which means that moving during these months can be more expensive than moving during the off-season (October through April).

5. Additional services

If you need help with packing, unpacking, or storage, this will add to your overall moving costs. Similarly, if you have any special items that require extra care or attention during the move, this will increase your costs as well.

6. Insurance

While moving companies are required to have liability coverage, it may not be enough to cover the full value of your belongings. You may choose to purchase additional insurance to protect your belongings during the move.

The Cost of Living in NYC

New York City is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world, and the cost of living reflects that.

Here is a breakdown of some common expenses in the city:

  • Housing: Living in New York will cost you. The median home price in New York City is over $680,000, and the median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $2,500.
  • Transportation: The cost of public transportation in New York City is $2.75 per ride, with discounts available for buying a MetroCard. Taxis and ride-sharing services are also available but can be more expensive.
  • Food: Dining out in New York City can be expensive, with the average cost of a meal at a mid-range restaurant around $20-30 per person. Groceries are also relatively expensive, with a gallon of milk costing around $4 and a loaf of bread around $3.
  • Entertainment: New York City offers a wealth of entertainment options, but they can be pricey. A movie ticket can cost around $15, and tickets to a Broadway show can be well over $100.

Overall, the cost of living in New York City is high, but many people feel that the city’s amenities and opportunities make it worth the expense.

The Best Neighborhoods in New York City

1. Upper West Side

Located on the west side of Manhattan, the Upper West Side is known for its beautiful brownstones and tree-lined streets. It’s home to many cultural institutions, including the American Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center.

2. Brooklyn Heights

This historic neighborhood in Brooklyn features beautiful brownstones and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. It’s a great place for families and young professionals, with plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops.

3. Chelsea

Located on the west side of Manhattan, Chelsea is known for its art galleries, trendy restaurants, and nightlife. It’s a great place for young professionals and anyone who wants to be in the heart of the action.

4. Astoria

This Queens neighborhood is known for its diverse population and great food scene. It’s also home to many parks and outdoor spaces, including Astoria Park and Socrates Sculpture Park.

5. Park Slope

Located in Brooklyn, Park Slope is known for its beautiful brownstones, tree-lined streets, and family-friendly vibe. It’s home to many great restaurants and shops, as well as Prospect Park, one of the largest parks in Brooklyn.

Living the Dream: Lots of Love in Heart of the City with Soul – New York

Broadway, the Met, the Knicks, Times Square, and legendary dining. New York’s art, culture, and lifestyle has a little something for everyone.

New York City has a unique vibe that can’t be found anywhere else in the US. From trendy neighborhoods like Tribeca and SoHo to iconic landmarks like the MoMA and all the historic architecture, the city has a lot to offer.

New York is also home to some of the best universities and performing arts schools in the country, including Columbia, NYU, Julliard, and Stuyvesant High School. This diverse city welcomes people from all backgrounds, whether they were born in the US or are immigrants or refugees. But it’s not easy to make it here – you have to work hard and compete with lots of others.

Why So Many Young Professionals and Aspiring Pros Move to the Big Apple

Students live a tough and expensive life, but somehow they manage to still have fun. Meanwhile, young professionals and hipsters find their perfect niche where they can cozy up, listen to live music, fulfill dreams and live life to the fullest.

New York is the place where dreams can come true, but it’s got a reputation for ruthlessness. Without a doubt, it’ll attract visitors and tourists, but it also brings anyone looking to make it big. As Frank said, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.

High Profile Living: Celebrities Moving and Residing in New York Are an Attraction

Celebs are everywhere. With the amount of filming, theater and general insanity happening in NYC, you’ll easily see some of the best singers, dancers, entertainers, and actors just walking the streets of New York, sitting and sipping coffee in its famous cafes, or filming and performing.

Lifestyle in New York City is a Choice: Get Healthy and Fit, or Indulge in Decadence and Pack on the Pounds

From the healthy to the not-so-healthy, from burgers and pizza to salads and sushi, New York’s got it all. Welcome to the capital of yummy food. Whether you’re a health nut and love organic living, or you’re just looking for that greasy spoon diner of choice, you’ll find it in New York.

In New York City, you can sit back and relax over Chinese and a cup of jasmine tea, or enjoy the freshest and (possibly) the most expensive gourmet steaks, salads, or nouveau cuisine out of anywhere else in America.

Manhattan’s got endless high-end dining spots and even simple convenience stores and delis for anyone’s budget. More than just 7-11s, you’ll find corner delis and bodegas all over the place.

And to work off all those carbs? Workout addicts can indulge in the gym, dance, or spin classes, or, (if you’re on a budget) enjoy some running, biking, rollerblading, or ice skating. Rain or shine, if you’re sporty, the selection of activities is endless.

Not the active type? Don’t worry. New York’s got plenty of lazy daisies that love to enjoy the couch potato lifestyle too. Whatever floats your boat, the lifestyle options available for health and fitness are yours in NYC.


What is the perfect time to move to NYC?

Summer is generally the best time to move from one home to another, although it is also the busiest time for moving companies. The favorable weather condition makes summer a choice of the moving period for most peoples.

About 32 million Americans move during summer, as reported by AMSA. Now imagine how busy moving companies would be around that time. Making an early reservation summer move will save you from having to handle the entire move on your own.

You can also arrange for a move during the off-peak season instead. This is usually during the late fall and winter months. However, if you must move during the summer month, then make sure you schedule the move to the middle of the month when moving rates and demand for movers are not as high as in other periods.

How far in advance should I contact NYC movers?

This question always comes up when people are researching movers. In most cases, you are not clear on when to move, so you cannot arrange your relocation in advance. However, we advised that you start contacting movers at least 1 month before the actual move. Doing this earlier would give you time to research the movers and arrange your move for any of your choice.

How much should I tip movers?

Tipping your mover is the same as any other tips acceptable in New York City – 20%. The tip can be included in your quote by your moving consultant upon request.

What sizes of moving boxes do movers have?

It depends on each mover. Some offer four different sizes of moving boxes, which include the small boxes (1.5 cubic ft.) which are ideal for books. The medium boxes (3 cubic ft.) are suitable for storing clothing. You can store dishes and china in our large boxes (5 cubic ft.). Wardrobe boxes for hanging clothing (24 x 21” x 48”) are also available. You can also rent bins from movers.

What are green bins?

These are plastic bins available for rental in the moving company. It helps a lot in reducing the waste generated by moving boxes. The bins will be dropped off by the mover and also picked up once you complete your move.

How do I figure out if my movers are licensed and insured?

Checking if your mover is licensed and insured is very easy. You can either get it from the moving company’s website, moving trucks, or their advertising materials. You can request for the MC and DOT license numbers of any moving company you contacted and confirm the numbers with the local authority and Department of Transportation.

They will provide limited liability protection for you if they possess a license by law. Additional coverage is also available with some moving companies, or they can also suggest third-party agents they work with if you require supplemental coverage for your stuff.

How do movers charge?

Most movers charge by the job. You can request to pay an hourly rate, but it is only advisable if your move is within a building, and you don’t need a moving truck.

Can I ride in the moving truck with my movers?

Sadly, No. there will not be enough space to allow one more person in front of the truck. And also, Movers are not permitted by law to allow someone to ride in the back of the moving truck.

What information should I expect from the mover?

The movers are expected to supply you with all the required information. First, they are expected to answer all your questions related to moving, and some movers will even give you some customized moving tips.

They must also issue your final estimation as well as confirmation of your relocation date and time upon reservation. They must provide a booklet titled your rights and Responsibilities when you move on a moving day as well as your inventory list and Bill of Lading if your move involves a long distance.

What does travel time mean?

Travel time means the movers’ driving time. It is the time required by the mover to get to customers’ pick-up and drop-off locations. The travel time is excluded from the moving process, and it remains constant. No changes will be made to the quoted travel time even if we encounter a traffic jam.

Moving Feedback – Methodology

We research and analyze huge amounts of data so that you can make the most educated and informed decision when it comes to choosing your local or long-distance movers.

We dig through customer reviews to get the real scoop on the 6 P’s: 

  • Pricing – fair and transparent pricing policies with binding estimates and no hidden fees.
  • Professionalism – fast responses and knowledgeable staff and a willingness to be flexible and solve problems.
  • Provision of Services – the ability to deliver a wide range of services successfully, including packing, furniture assembly, storage, and more.
  • Protection – insurance coverage and quick resolution of any damage claims.
  • Personalization – customized moving packages depending on need.
  • Perks – GPS tracking, free storage, discounts, and promotions.

Get in Touch with the Best NYC Moving Companies

In conclusion, hiring a reliable and experienced moving company can make your move to New York City much easier and stress-free. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, the top movers we’ve recommended in this article are all great options to consider.

If you’re planning a move to the Big Apple, we encourage you to get in touch with these top movers to discuss your options and get a free quote. With their help, you can focus on settling into your new home and exploring all the amazing things this city has to offer.