Top 5 Furniture Moving Companies in The US 2022

Moving furniture from one location to another is a big job that involves a lot of patience, stress, money, and most importantly planning. Starting from arranging your stuff to the packing of boxes, the whole process can be daunting.

Recommended Top 3 Professional Furniture Movers

U.Santini Moving

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Liberty Movers

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Brouwer Relocation

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Top 5 Furniture Moving Companies in The US 2022

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After these pre-moving tasks, the next stage is to search for professional furniture companies to help in moving your belongings down to your new home. However, during your research, always consider what is included in your move.

Furniture moving is one of the critical and challenging aspects of moving. Furniture is a huge investment, and no one will want to see his or her pieces of furniture damaged during the relocation exercise.

This is one of the reasons you need to look before you leap during your quest to choose a mover.

By hiring a professional furniture mover, you save yourself the stress and time you would take to monitor your mover. Apart from this, you will save yourself the costs of repairs that may be expended if your pieces of furniture are damaged during disassembling, handling, and assembling.

Professional furniture movers have the technical know-how to move any design of furniture even if it requires disassembling it first. Now, you can see that you need to choose the best mover for the job.

Moving Feedback has researched some top leading furniture movers that can get the job done without excuses. But remember, it is essential to know what you should be looking for in your furniture mover. This will be discussed first in this article. Read on…

Compare 5 Best Furniture Moving Companies For Moving Furniture

This list was compiled after thorough research and reviews of previous users. It is neither a personal opinion nor handcrafted.

The movers were handpicked after critical looks at how they deliver their services and their professionalism in moving furniture across the United States. Below are our picks:

1. U.Santini Moving & Storage

U.Santini Moving & Storage

U.Santini Moving & Storage is one of the best professional moving companies who is specialized in furniture moving in the US.

They are equipped with an experienced team who are knowledgeable in moving different types of furniture.

If you are looking for reliable furniture moving companies in the United States, especially in Brooklyn, U.Santini is an option to consider for the job.

The company provides one of the outstanding stress-free furniture moving services that get the job done at the most affordable prices ever.

The U.Santini Moving & Storage business was found in 1930, and they are still serving the furniture moving needs of their consumers.

The company was initially established to move furniture alone, but its scope of service has expanded more than regular furniture moving service.

This shows that they are grounded in furniture moving service. Apart from furniture moving, you can contact the company for moving full-service.

We love U. Santini because it is always ahead of its competition due to its storage feature. You don’t need to worry about excessive temperature changes or humidity, lowering the quality of your furniture. The best protection is available with the company.

The company’s crew of furniture movers is from Brooklyn and attends to each customer’s requirements to offer them customizable furniture moving services. The caliber of movers employed by U. Santini Moving and Storage are well experienced in moving with great customer service skills.


  • Nationwide availability
  • Storage service available


  • Low online presence

2. Liberty Movers

Liberty Movers

Liberty Movers is another award-winning furniture moving service that is BBB-Accredited to operate in the USA.

The company has a long-lasting reputation in furniture moving service and still maintains top plight in furniture moving industry.

Liberty Movers has trained and experienced furniture movers that can handle every relocation needs of consumers irrespective of the scope or size of the job, while ensuring timely delivery which is on budget.

The company also offers the following services to meet the demand of its customers:

  • Furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Full-service packing
  • Short-term and long-term storage
  • Fragile crating and rigging,
  • Storage for furniture and other household items
  • Piano moving
  • Equipment moving
  • Distribution services
  • Fine art and antiques
  • Modular furniture installation
  • Vehicle shipping
  • And more

This company has a lot of customer reviews singing praises for its timely, successful, and budget-friendly furniture moving services and delivery.

The company focuses on moving antiques, fine art and is bonded and licensed to provide furniture relocation services, including assembly and disassembly services.

Both temporary and long-term storage facilities are offered by Liberty, with the sole purpose of helping commercial customers keep their large furniture pieces that is bulkier than their new office space.


  • Offers assembly and disassembly of pieces
  • On-time delivery
  • Affordable
  • Storage facility


  • Mixed customer reviews

3. Brouwer Relocation, Inc.

Brouwer Relocation, Inc.

Brouwer Relocation, Inc. is respected for its quality furniture moving service. The company is founded and has been operated since 1969 by the Brouwer family.

The business offers furniture moving service with other moving services including commercial, residential and customized moving services.

Brouwer Relocation has been offering top-notch furniture services and solving household moving needs of thousands of consumers in the United States since over 50 years ago.

With exceptional services offered by Brouwer Relocation, it has become one of the proud agents of another highly-rated professional moving service known as Atlas Van Lines in 2008 and since then, the company had been giving Brouwer Relocation teams required resources and training to handle biggest projects in moving industry.

There is no volume of job they cannot handle, including most furniture designs with obscure shapes to any location across the US.  They also offer the following services:

This company has the requirements and expertise to offer more than furniture moving services with its nationwide presence.

Its excellent GPS tracking system is also one of the features that make it a viable option for many prospective customers. It will enable customers to receive an update on their furniture move and thus get positive customer reviews.

The team members from the company are mandated to undergo a rigorous training program, including developmental training, to make sure they are retained in the company.


  • Easy tracking
  • Full-moving services


  • No information about a storage center

4. Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines is #1 furniture mover in the United States with extra care for moving types of furniture designs and sizes.

The company is highly rated professional furniture moving service and other services in the moving industry.

Choosing Atlas Van Lines will give you rest of mind that skilled and professional movers will handle your furniture;   no fear about the conditions of your furniture after delivery. The company has the right equipment to get the job done in a timely manner.

Atlas employs the best and safest furniture-moving techniques to move your furniture to its destination.

Atlas is award-winning furniture moving company with a BBB ranking for excellent moving services.

With their standard in furniture moving, no one has been able to withstand their reputation in the industry.

They also offer the following:

  • Local Moves
  • Long Distance Movers
  • Small Moves
  • Military Moves
  • Government Moves
  • Moving Special Items

We recommend this company in the sense that it will safely deliver your furniture items in the same condition it was during pickup.

This is a nationally recognized international moving company with a great tracking system that enables customers to receive live updates on their belongings via text messages.

Atlas is widely known for relocating government agencies’ furniture, like performing military installations and receiving new furniture items.


  • Present across the nation
  • Mobile app
  • Offers discounts for members of AAA


  • Difficult moving quote process

5. Atlantic Relocation Systems

Atlantic Relocation Systems

Atlantic Relocation Systems also makes our list of top furniture movers in the USA. The company is no way one of the professional furniture movers who stand out in delivering this special service.

Atlantic Relocation Systems was established in 1966 and has proved itself to be one of reliable and experienced moving services especially in furniture moving.

This company has the best customer satisfaction and had won different awards to this regard.

In its furniture moving service, there are varieties of deal and premium moving services to ensure a smooth relocation.

Many customers choose them above other companies for moving their furniture due to their professionalism and flexible pricing system.

This company performs the whole packing to ensure the furniture item is stored far from any household goods to prevent damage.

Atlantic Relocation Services is one of the moving services that currently have the most ratings on customer satisfaction and has been given numerous awards for its professional way of handling furniture moving.

The comprehensive insurance coverage given by this company is widely praised by its customers, especially for long-distance moves.


  • Has the most ratings on customer satisfaction
  • Flexible pricing system
  • Full insurance coverage


  • Low online presence

The Following Table Displays The Top 5 Furniture Moving Companies:

No. Top 5 Furniture Moving Companies Website
1 U.Santini Moving & Storage
2 Liberty Movers
3 Brouwer Relocation, Inc.
4 Atlas Van Lines
5 Atlantic Relocation Systems

How Much Does it Cost to Move Furniture?

Although it is helpful to consider every available option, the cost of your move will determine so many things. And thus, you will be more interested in knowing your moving cost before any other thing.

You will be at an advantage when you understand how the moving price is being determined even as you shop for reputable and affordable furniture movers.

This is because you will have a better understanding of how much to expect from your moving price and be ready to fish out any prospective surprises or even possible scam attempts by rogue movers.

So, let us discuss the average costs of moving your furniture pieces from one place to another. Generally, the distance of your move will determine how much to pay for your furniture.

Local moving:

Get ready to be charged an hourly rate when you are relocating from one town to another or within the same state at a distance of about 100 miles.

Local moving costs can differ significantly depending on the specific local mover you choose and your current location (whether a big or small city).

However, the standard hourly rate per mover is charged at $25 to $30, and you will pay for any extra such as a travel fee, and any additional moving service you include.

Usually, the hourly charge discussed above will be applicable, not minding the tasks performed by your local moving company.

Long-distance moving: 

It is important that you should know you cannot determine the cost of your move when relocating your furniture to another part of the nation because of many variables you may not know in advance.

Aside from a distance between the location and the destination which remains constant in a house move, there is no way you can determine the total weight of your belongings before the move.

Additionally, you may also require additional service for the move, which may increase the price to a certain level.

Read further on the average moving cost and also see real sample prices when relocating from a studio apartment, one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartments, and three-bedroom apartment homes for local and interstate moves.

However, the entire sample costs of relocating furniture to another place can only serve as a guide until you get furniture moving quote from a few trustworthy movers.

Pro Tip

You can save a lot of money on your furniture move by simply selling some of the pieces before the moving day because a reduction in your shipment weight will also reduce your final moving cost. Also, you will need to get some additional cash from the sale.

Qualities of a Trusted Furniture Mover

During household moving, all the items are in boxes except the furniture. While moving a household is generally demanding, furniture moving is the hardest part of it if you want the quality and stability of the couches to remain the same.

Even almost every moving company would tell you that furniture handling is more challenging and tricky business.

Sofas and other related woodworks are not something one can just box up and drag into the truck alone.

There is no doubt if you want to move furniture safely; you need a professional mover to help you.

However, you must choose the right one for the job. The question is how do you know the right one? There are some qualities you must consider as factors to select one.

Despite Moving Feedback has done the work for you by researching the best furniture movers in the USA, we are still going to discuss some qualities of a good furniture mover.

Let’s do that before we give you our list.

Why choose Professional Furniture Movers?

There are many good reasons you should contact local or interstate furniture moving companies to ensure your home furniture is moved into your new home in the same condition it is now. Just as you know, safety is very important in the entire moving operation.

Below are some of the reasons you need professional movers:

1. Safety:

The protection for the furniture pieces you are moving to your new house or apartment will be enhanced by the furniture moving help you will receive from your local or interstate movers.

When you professionally pack your furniture pieces with enough packing materials, the safety of the item will be ensured.

At the same time, you carry them out of your home, load them into the moving truck, haul them to the new address, unload them from the moving truck, move them inside the new home to their specified posts, and probably reassemble them if needed.

The safety of your furniture piece will also be ensured by using the right furniture moving equipment which can only be provided by a professional furniture mover.

2. Speed:

You cannot underestimate the actual speed involved in preparing your furniture for a move as well as the one at which it is being hauled to their new home.

National moving companies really know how to optimize their working time and save you some time (15 minutes proven) when they pack your king-sized bed, 10-minutes saved when they wrap your tables and chairs, the time always adds up in the end.

In most cases, furniture movers are able to work faster due to the experience they’ve gathered over the years and not because they cut corners and compromise moving safety.

3. Proper equipment:

The majority of furniture pieces are heavier and bulkier than what a single person with no adequate moving equipment can handle, not talk of someone with limited moving experience.

The risk to your health, the property you are moving from, or to, and your valuable items are too high when you try such.

Your well-researched furniture movers will arrive at your home with relevant furniture moving equipment and tools such as straps, dollies, sliders, hand trucks, blankets, pads, and so on.

4. Specialized services and unique solutions: 

As expected, the number of furniture moving services and being able to get specific solutions in difficult situations will go a long way.

Large furniture that is too big to fit through narrow hallways or doorways may be disassembled by moving professionals or just rigged through the window of your home.

Also, other valuable time and resource-saving include hoisting of the big-sized furniture through a window or temporary removal of a door, or using special lifting and carrying methods.

Picking the Best Furniture Movers in the USA

If you want to move small boxes and other related household items, any mover can easily do that for you. But when you are moving large and heavy items such as furniture including sofas, beds, couches, desks, dressers, bureaus, cabinet, and much more, you would need a professional furniture mover.

Some moving companies do indicate costs of moving furniture apart from other household items in their quotes. This is because some furniture moving may require additional supplies for safety and to prevent causing damage or scratches to the furniture.

To pick the best furniture movers, follow below steps:

1. Call for quotes:

The first step to select the best furniture mover is to call for quotations from several furniture movers.

However, it is important to provide enough information about your needs when you are calling for quotes. Ask for a discount or a way to save the cost of moving your stuff.

While price shouldn’t be the major criteria for choosing your mover, it also contributes when making your final decision.

Check each quote whether they include basic tool supplies for furniture disassembling and assembling.

2. Research them:

Before considering any quote, ensure you research the company online and offline. This is a way to protect yourself from being scammed. Follow these guidelines to research any furniture mover:

  • Firstly, confirm if the company has a license to operate in the United States when it comes to moving furniture and other household items. Remember if you are moving the entire home, you are not expected to hire a separate mover to move other stuff.
  • Visit mover’s official web profile page for what they are offering, their valid office address, and other relevant contact information.
  • Don’t forget to ask about the insurance coverage offered by the company. This is important in the case your items got damaged or lost during transport.
  • What is the integrity ratio or “claim ratio” of the company? How does the mover handle previous complaints/claims by a consumer? If you discover that the ratio is low, look at other ways for another furniture mover.
  • Also, research about the mover’s reputation on moving review websites such as Moving FeedbackiMoving, etc. If people’s reviews about the company are not favorable, run for your dear life. BBB database can also be of help.

3. Check for hidden costs:

Some companies do add some hidden costs to trick their customers. When you receive a mover’s quote, check for any hidden cost to prevent overpaying the vendor.

Inquire about any moving plans such as busy moving period, wrong schedule, moving furniture through the staircase, the distance where the truck can park to the house, and other factors that can affect your moving quotes.

If all these factors are not considered from the onset, you may discover to see high quotes without knowing what led to it. Some companies may submit lower quotes to win the bid but later turn out to be a burden by asking for additional charges on the D-day.

Now, you have been equipped with enough information to choose the best furniture mover for your move. Nevertheless, we will still share our top furniture movers you can consider for your furniture moving. Let’s dive into them one after the other.

How to Get Furniture Ready When Moving?

You need to know how to get your furniture ready to move in case you are moving to your house.

You can decide to DIY rather than hiring a moving company, or if you can’t afford the further full-service move.

You need to disassemble furniture pieces before your movers arrive in order to avoid injuring yourself when lifting those heavy objects.

Follow the below tips to prepare your furniture for moving:

1. Identify what you have to move

Create a list of your items and how long it will take to disassemble and get them ready, as well as what you can prepare before your moving day. For example, you may be able to disassemble the office desk before the moving day, but not your beds.

2. Measure your doorways and hallways

It is important to know that everything you are moving with you can fit through the elevators, doorways, hallways, or stairwells.

Sometimes, you don’t need to disassemble furniture before moving them, but in the case of large pieces like couches, you may need to remove doors before they can fit through.

It is generally advisable to leave furniture in one piece if it fits through doorways and hallways, the weight is not too much to lift or move, and if it won’t get damaged during the move.

For example, you need to disassemble the legs of your dining table before you start the move as they are fragile and might be concerned that they may break in transit.

Once you identify the furniture that needs to be disassembled, the next step is to find the right tools and equipment.

3. Acquire the right tools and equipment

Pick tools needed for disassembling of doors, legs, frames, or tabletops. Prepare plastic sandwich bags or larger bags with you, as well as a permanent marker.

Ensure to wrap table tops or table legs or other fragile pieces using furniture blankets and packing tape to protect these items.

4. Disassemble first

Get the furniture pieces that need to be taken apart ready first. They will take the most time, so the best play is first to use your energy. Take apart any removable part. Specifically, glass tops, bed frames, table legs, or shelves.

Do it one piece at a time and keep bolts, washers, and nuts in the plastic bag. Indicate the part these items belong to on the outside and the tools needed for reassembly.

Pro Tip

Make sure you number any furniture that has many parts, whether numerically or alphabetically. Place a small sticker under each furniture side.

5. Pack any item that can be packed

Take out pillow and cushions and keep in clear, plastic storage bags. Seal the bag tightly and avoid any holes. You can use these bags to protect fragile items or to fill holes in the moving truck.

6. Wrap and protect fragile and highly-prized pieces

Make use of moving blankets you rent from a moving store or where you rent your truck, and wrap it well around the furniture items that you want to protect from getting damaged to ensure its safety. The blanket can be kept safe using packing tape.

7. First load heavy furniture item on the truck

Ensure you understand how to load a moving truck if you plan to relocate and opt for a moving truck rental. Tabletops, sofas, appliances, couches, and chests should go in first and to the back of the moving truck.

Your hired movers will handle everything pertaining to the loading of the moving truck and ensure the safe arrival of your entire furniture item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the pro movers disassemble and reassemble my furniture?

If you need to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, make sure you have the necessary tools required. Note that it is not advisable to disassemble some furniture. There are some alternatives moving options for your furniture that cannot be disassembled. Most customers prefer to take care of the disassembly and reassembly of their furniture at their own pace.

There is no objection to this, just make sure you can account for all hardware (use zip-lock bags). Generally, movers will not disassemble heavy or electronic cribs, intricate beds with in-built storage, appliances, bunk beds, or gym equipment.

How will you protect my furniture from damages?

Movers use furniture pads to wrap your furniture item and keep them with stretch wrap to get rid of damages and scratches caused during moving them. They also make use of cargo straps on their moving trucks to hold down and secure some objects from shifting and sliding during the drive.

Should I wipe out my dresser drawers?

Empty dresser drawers allow for quick-moving time and increased maneuvering. If the weight of the dresser is light and small in size, you only need to get rid of items like liquids, jewelry, breakables, money, valuables, or vital documents. The drawer will be secured during wrapping, so you don’t need to tape the drawers.

Note: Make sure you take away shelving and hardware from furniture in order to optimize the moving process and reduce forgotten shelf breakage.

What does it cost to move furniture?

The cost of hiring professional movers for your furniture moving will depend on many factors which include the size of shipment, packing, access, number of employees, and so on. Click here to receive a rough estimate. Furniture movers always request to visit clients’ homes to inspect their items for larger moves visually. This information will help them come up with a more accurate and customized quote for their individual move.

Do movers place my furniture based on my requirements?

It is always nice to understand where you want your furniture to be placed before their employees arrive at your door. They will set up the rooms to your specification but will not have the time to rearrange your room if you don’t decide in advance.

What are the things I should know about my furniture delivery?

Usually, drivers will not request any form of payment from you upon delivery of your furniture item at the destination location before unloading the moving truck or opening the door. Most payment is only payable via certified cash, check, or money order unless you have both agreed to credit card option.

Only the mover will decide if the truck driver is entitled to any portion of the charges on the belongings delivered if a shipment is transported on more than one moving truck. They can also choose to wait until the belongings have been delivered.

The condition of your belongings must be listed by the driver at the pickup location on the inventory book. This is when you can agree or disagree with the condition stated by the driver of your belongings. You are responsible for listing the condition of your belongings at the destination home.

You must indicate any missing or damaged item on the driver’s copy, as well as your copy of the inventory book. You can inscribe an X on the moving boxes at the pickup location that contains fragile items so that you can easily access the condition of the moving boxes.

Is it mandatory to tip furniture movers?

This is one question that you shouldn’t put much concentration on as there is no answer to it. You just must know that there is no obligation on your part to tip any of your furniture movers, especially if you are not satisfied with their job. Although tipping is a form of showing appreciation for a job well done by your furniture movers, however, you should not bother to reward any mover that compromises their quality or professionalism expected of them.

If I want to tip, how much do I tip my furniture movers?

Your current financial capability and service satisfaction will determine how much you can tip furniture movers as there are no set rules on this. Although you can choose to tip them between $20 and $50 per mover, however, you may choose to be more generous and up your tip. Make sure the tip is given to individual mover and not to their supervisor or the moving truck driver.


Moving furniture from one place to another is one of the integral parts of moving processes. It is even one of the main reasons most consumers hire professional long distance movers.

Whenever people are trying to consider a do-it-yourself (DIY) move, furniture move usually makes them think twice; as it involves some special techniques in disassembling and assembling them in both old and new homes respectively.

However, it is better to play safe than otherwise. Hiring professional furniture movers to move your pieces of furniture is advisable for your move. Also, choosing the right furniture mover is a step to achieve your goal of offering the required protection for your furniture against damage caused during the moving of the item.

This post has discussed the best furniture movers you can consider for your furniture move. You are free to choose from the above-listed professional furniture movers. Stay tuned for more informative posts on this page!

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