PODS Review 2024: Cost, Pros and Cons

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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The company called PODS established portable storage, and their reviews continue to make customers glad about the ease of service it represents. You will be saving much when you rent PODS for your forthcoming move instead of hiring a professional moving company.





  • Highly Professional
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Price matching

The cost of hiring best moving company for your move is still higher than renting a moving container from PODS for cross country or long-distance moves.

The company is one of the popular names in the moving storage business and has been in existence since 1998. PODS is the ideal option for people who are not in a rush to relocate and that also requires the use of storage before, during, and after their move in the most affordable way.

Your relocation becomes easier with the varieties of container sizes provided by PODS, reasonable pricing, and constant availability of the containers as well. Another thing is that you will not be driving any vehicle as far as PODS is concerned.

We compiled below all you need to know about how PODS operates, the costs and the different container sizes from the company available for your move. First and foremost, let’s look at PODS a glance.

What is PODS?

Portable on Demand Storage (PODS) provides self-storage solution for all kinds of relocation such as local or long distance moves. Moving and storage become easier with this idea. This company is a storage container moving company that is allowed you to load your possessions into containers which are then shipped to your desired destination by the company.

PODS has been around since 1998 and is one of the most prominent game players in the industry to date. PODS will handle how the loaded container gets to your new home regardless of where you place it after loading; be it your future home, your current home, or in a PODS center. PODS makes all kinds of moves easier and happen at your pace.

How does PODS works?

It is very easy to rent a PODS moving container. You will be required to choose whether you are storing, moving, or doing both with your possessions.

You will be required by PODS to choose the location you would have the container placed if it is to be used as a storage; whether your chosen location or PODS facility.

The duration of use will also be asked from you so be prepared. You will have to choose the relocation date, container destination, and the container size if it is to be used for both moving and storage.

Once a reservation is made for the container, PODS will see to its delivery to your doorstep, and you will be left to load it with your possessions at the pace of your choice. Once you are done with the loading, PODS will come for pick-up and deliver it to your specified location.

Services Offered by PODS

PODS containers can either be used for storage or moving or the two. Both services are available to customers, and they operate with only a few difference based on how the customers want to use the containers.

Below various options available to consumers:

Option 1: PODS for Moving

You will be required to pick a date you want your containers to be delivered to your destination. The company brings the container to your doorstep and also delivers them to the specified location. You are responsible for the packing of the container all by yourself and at your own pace, as you get ready for your move.

The PODS Company will then move them to your new destination where you will be required to unpack them at your own pace as well. You will arrange for a day the containers will be picked up by PODS after they are unpacked, within a month after delivery.

PODS containers are suitable for both long and short distance moves but not available for international relocation.

Option 2: PODS for Storage

This is another option for using PODS containers. You will pick a date for the containers to be delivered to your location where you then load them with your belongings that are to be stored.

You can have the PODS stored on your property or schedule the company to come pick it up for storage on their facility. A monthly fee will be charged regardless of where you choose to store the container.

Option 3: PODS for Moving and Storage

You may decide to use PODS for both moving and storage. This will come of great help, especially, when there is a need for you to move out of your home and your new home is not yet ready.

PODS will help you handle this case perfectly. You only have to pick a date for the pods to be delivered to your location which you will then pack yourself.

You will also have to decide on where to leave the container, whether on your property, the pods storage center or to your new home. Regardless of where it is being stored, you can continue to use it as storage until you are ready to unpack them.

This is a great option for those relocating to a new place without where to stay yet, or for those relocating for a new job but doesn’t have an apartment yet in the new city.

What are the available Sizes of PODS Containers?

Containers from PODS come in varieties of sizes. The metal body, weatherproof feature and the ramp-free nature of the containers make it a first choice for those relocating and/or looking to store their belongings.

There are tie-downs, metal locking latches together with a lock and key attached to each PODS container to provide security. The company reported that its containers are built to resist a high blow of winds.

PODS is offering three different sizes of containers, and they include:

7-Foot Container

This container size from PODS is 7’x7’x8’. The container is reported to be ideal for small-size moving and storage and is popularly used by those moving studio or apartments as well as the shipping container.

The container can house one complete room of furniture, and its interior measured 385 cubic feet.  The company compares the container size to a 10 feet long rental moving truck.

PODS stated that the container is used for the following:

  • Studio apartment relocation
  • Smaller dwelling relocation
  • Estate relocating
  • Moving belongings to a new home
  • Temporary storage (for small house remodeling and renovation projects)
  • College student move

This container size can be used for long-distance relocation in the United States and Canada. The 7ft container is also being offered by many PODS locations for short-distance move and storage.

12-Foot Container

This 12-foot container size from pods is 12’x8’x8’. The container is said to be ideal for moving a house or apartment with 2-3 rooms. The container can house one complete room of furniture and its interior measured 689 cubic feet.  The company compares the container size to a 15 feet long rental moving truck.

PODS stated that the container is used for the following:

  • Moving homes with 2 to 3 rooms
  • Remodeling and restoration of home
  • Office moves
  • Larger apartment relocation

Many PODS locations have the 12-foot container ready for you and are strictly used for local moving and storage purposes.

16-Foot Container

This container size from PODS is 16’x8’x8’. This is PODS’ largest container size and is mostly used for relocating 3-4 bedroom apartments. The interior of the container measures 857 cubic feet of space for packing. The company compares the container size to a 20 feet long rental moving truck.

PODS stated that the container is used for the following:

  • Moving homes with 3 to 4 bedrooms
  • Office moves
  • Remodeling and restoration of larger homes

This container size can be used for long-distance relocation in the United States and Canada. The 16ft container is also being offered by many PODS locations for short-distance moving and storage purposes.

Additional Services offered by PODS

Your container will be collected and delivered by PODS personal trucks. The cost for this service is included in the quote issued to you. As preferred by you, PODS can store your container on their storage facility if you don’t want it delivered to your new place yet. The container will be collected and returned to their yard.

Moving Supplies offered by PODS

To make your moving experience less stressful and seamless, PODS offers moving supplies for sale as an optional offers. Below are few of the moving supplies available for sale at PODS:

  • Moving blankets
  • Moving boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Mattresses covers
  • Tie-downs
  • Locks
  • Rubber bands
  • Tape for securing boxes
  • Bubble wrap (avoid frequent popping as it may be tempting)
  • Lifting straps to help reduce or remove back pain
  • Varieties of moving boxes
  • Mattress bags
  • Moisture absorbers
  • Stretch wrap

Only moving dolly is not available for purchase at PODS. It is important to locate one and buy to avoid any damage to your refrigerator.

PODS Availability

PODS have a heavy presence in many locations, and they have a great number of moving trucks and containers in their fleets. The frame of the containers from PODS is made of steel, the skin panels are made of aluminum, and the roofs are translucent to give the interior lights.

The door which secures the container is made up of light-weight steel which can be rolled up and down. Securing a container during the weekend is always hard, as it is the period where most relocation happens. It is therefore advisable to make reservations during the weekdays.

PODS container is only available for a month, after which you will be required to pay for another month if your need for it is not over.

Below are the states where PODS are not available:

  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming
  • Alaska
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • Vermont

What is the Cost of Renting PODS Moving Containers?

A local move with PODS will cost around $475 and $800, while it will cost about $800 – $5,000 for a long-distance move. The price given by PODS is determined by the number of containers you use, the distance of your relocation, storage, and insurance, together with extra options you add to your move. Being able to keep the container till you are through with it makes PODS an excellent option.

The following are considered for PODS pricing:

  • Distance
  • Square feet moved
  • You get a reduction on the price per mile based on sliding scale and factoring in the state you are relocating.
  • You could be paying $700 to relocate 2,400 square feet on a distance of ten miles.
  • You could be paying $2000 to relocate 2,500 square feet on a distance of 700 miles or $2.86/mile.

From our customers’ survey, we discovered below analysis:

Customer: I was required to make a payment of $5,452.08 for my moving to Florida in three payments.

  • I would be paying $1,352.097 as the first payment and is due in five business days before they deliver the container to my home in New Jersey,
  • The second payment is $4,075.36 due in five business days before my container is being shipped out to Florida, and
  • The last payment which is $24.65 also due in 5 business days before they come to pick up the empty containers at my location in Florida.

Fuel, 2 large-size moving containers, taxes, other services render to the containers at the PODS facilities, insurance coverage of about $10,000 in case of any damage or burglary, and 30 days of storage are all included in these payments.

If you need additional coverage, you are allowed to pay extra. You are then allowed to keep the container until you are no longer in need of it, just that you will be required to pay monthly for storage. For the second month of storing your belongings in the container, a payment of $399.98 will be required from you, while you pay $359.98 for the subsequent months after that.

In addition, I used two locks; so I paid an additional $8.50 for each of them. Once I am fully prepared for delivery, it would take six days (apart from Sundays and holidays) for PODS to get to my location in Florida from New Jersey.

Factors involved in PODS Pricing

Moving costs from PODS are transparent. The factors below always influence moving costs:

  • PODS size
  • Distance
  • Geographical region
  • PODS availability
  • Reservation duration

PODS Insurance Options

There are chances that your item might contain a hole when you unlock your storage even though it is not sure. It is ideal to have some insurance options in place should this unexpected happens. The protection from PODS covers both your possessions and their containers. You tend to enjoy the following:

  • It provides coverage for any damage to your content such as a fire
  • The coverage is only valid while the storage unit is placed on your property
  • It is ideal when a 3rd party is being used while loading your PODS
  • Content protection option
  • It provides coverage for any damage to your belongings in your container
  • No coverage for damage from water, as the containers are waterproof

Note: The value you get for content protection while relocating on a long-distance is $10,000. You may, however, choose to increase, decrease, or remove the coverage.

What is PODS’ Payment Process?

The moving price of PODS is segmented into three payments, which are:

  • 1st payment: A cost of initial delivery, coverage, liability, and first storage will be charged on you five days before the container gets to you
  • 2nd payment: You will be charged for the transportation five days before the actual shipping date for your container
  • 3rd payment: You will balance up when PODS comes to take the empty container away, or you get charged for continuous usage of the container.

PODS Moving Experience

You should have a great and hitch-free experience with PODS if everything goes well with the plan. You make a reservation for the container(s), it gets delivered to your home on time, you load your belongings, and it gets delivered to your new place in just a matter of days.

However, the customer service at PODS is not that encouraging for now. People have been complaining about poor customer service from PODS. Your relocation plans can get confusing, as there are no guaranteed delivery dates.

Do not place any expectation on customer support from pods, but we hope they will improve on that as they expand. There is no need for you to use customer service if it is excellent, as the service they will provide won’t give you a problem. Expect to have a smooth moving experience with PODS.

Pros and Cons of PODS

There are lots of reasons why PODS is rated higher than any of its competitors in the moving and storage business; however, the company also has its shortcomings. Let’s highlight them one after the other.


  • Enough time to load and unload: You are not given a specific timeframe to load your items and get relocated as U-Pack does. This is a great feature, as you may be renovating your home or the place you are relocating to is not yet ready. Your original quote will contain storage for the first 30 days you rent the container.
  • Ease of loading the clean and durable equipment: PODS stated that its container has a steel frame and skin panels made from aluminum and that the containers are weatherproof which can withstand a heavy windstorm.
  • You are allowed to modify and cancel your orders: You will be given a full refund of your money if you only cancel your reservation on or before a day to the container drop-off. You have the dominion to modify your order at any point in time, just that PODS prefers you give them 5-day notice.
  • You are not driving: You are not concerned about driving your belongings over a long distance like Florida, as someone will do the driving for you. This is cool, as you will concentrate your time and energy on other things relating to the relocation.
  • Enough testimonials from old and existing customers: The company’s website contains customer testimonials as well as the direct link to the company’s profile pages on social media. Although there are many positive testimonials from customers on the page; however, you will find some real information about the whole process released by previous customers to give you more insight.
  • No deposits, no obligations: You can make a reservation for your PODS move with a credit card and no payment will be charged on the card until a week before your moving container delivery.
  • Easy cancellation: A full refund will be made to you when you cancel your order up to a day before the first container is delivered to your doorstep.
  • Stage-by-stage payment: You are required to make payment at each stage with PODS, unlike having to pay for the entire relocation upfront with some moving companies. This will make things easier on your budget.
  • No surprise costs: The weight of your possessions has nothing to do with PODS pricing. Many customers are risking a lot of things between their estimated cost and final cost, as many full-service cross country movers charge based on the weight of customer’s shipment.
  • Avoid late fees: PODS moving containers are available for rent monthly; meaning that you have enough time to load and unload your items without the fear of being charged an extra fee.
  • Flexible scheduling: You can decide to change any of your plans with PODS at any time, just inform them.


  • Some information cannot be seen online: To receive a quote for a long-distance move, we were asked to call the company line. Reservations are made via phone calls, no provision for online order.
  • PODS may not be available sometimes: The demand for containers is high; meaning that reservation can be made for up to half a year, and they are not available in some states.

More Information about Portable on Demand Storage

Your first 30-days storage is added on the original quote when you move with PODS. An extra cost may be added when you choose this relocation type for a long-distance move. You will be required to drive your car or have an auto transport company ship it to your destination, as you cannot transport it through PODS. Choose an enclosed auto transport option that can be substituted perfectly for shipping in a closed container if your vehicle is qualified to be called a luxury car.

Is PODS a Perfect Option for you?

PODS is a great option for those who don’t have the possibilities of hiring full-service long distance movers on their table, and neither would want to drive a large truck over a long distance. Your cost will be reduced when you pack your possessions by yourself, and you will not be stressed because someone else is transporting them for you.

For those who need to store up their belongings before relocating to a new home, this option is exceptionally good for them. You can be sure of a seamless transition by adding storage of your belongings on PODS storage center while you continue with another moving process.

The Difference between PODS and others

The mode of work of PODS offers exceptional services to customers. The container will be dropped by PODS at the customer’s doorstep, and then the customers can take their time to load their items into the container.

The moving containers from PODS are available for both local and long-distance relocations. PODS moving containers are similar to that of U-Pack, as their frames are steel, and they are both weather resistant.

This implies that the containers will remain in good condition regardless of the weather condition whether rainfall, sunshine, or windstorm. Let’s compare PODS with other moving and storage container companies.

1. Sizes

PODS offers different sizes of moving containers, unlike U-Pack. The sizes include a 7 feet container that can contain up to a single room with furniture; the 12 feet container that can contain 2 to 3 rooms of furniture; the 16 feet container that can contain 3 to 4 rooms of furniture. PODS recommends that customers embarking on the large move and require larger-size containers other than the ones offered by PODS should try other companies.

2. Payment flexibility

Customers are required to pay for the number of pods containers they ordered, but the benefit included is the ability to hold the container in their custody until they are done with packing and loading. This implies that there is no pressure in the form of deadlines compared to other companies. However, bear in mind that customers will be required to make payment for each day the container spent with them.

3. Cost

The average cost for a long-distance move using PODS moving container according to price comparison by HireAHelper is $3,304 compared to others. However, some factors influence monthly rates for moving and storage. They include the duration, availability, location, and size of the moving container.

4. Advantages

Although PODS proves to be more costly compared to its competitors in the business, the services it offers are very convenient. PODS does not only make various sizes of moving containers available to you, but they are also present almost everywhere, so it is easy to locate one of its service centers in your area.

Compare to other moving container companies, PODS conveniently handles both short and long-distance relocations, also providing more flexibility of time for its customers. Those who need more than the days given by other moving and storage companies can make use of PODS, as they will be able to load and unload their possessions any time they wish.

How does PODS work with Local Move?

There is more convenience in moving locally with PODS. You will first discuss the details of your relocation with a PODS representative over the phone.

The rep will help you determine the size and the number of moving containers you need. After then, you will be required to plan the delivery of your moving containers at the first location.

Packing and loading of your items into the moving container is the next step. It is advisable to do this without wasting much time, as you will be paying for each day the container stays with you.

Take your time to find out about the local rules and regulations about packing containers in your old and new home, as you will be responsible for fines if you are given one.

Contact the PODS rep about logistics to make sure there will be enough space for the moving container to be loaded for delivery once you are ready.

You will then contact PODS for pickup of the moving container at your new location once you are done with the unloading of your items and cleaning of the moving containers.

How does PODS work with Long Distance Moves?

PODS can be an easy option for those relocating to a long distance. There is not much difference to the local move. You first have to contact PODS, so the moving container(s) can be delivered to your first location.

You will then load your items into the container, and then place a call to them for pickup and delivery to your final destination. A particular time frame may be given to you on delivery day in which the moving container should arrive.

One of the parts where the flexibility of moving containers is widely used is as an on-site or off-site storage medium. It will be easier to load and unload, as you make your journey to your new home by plane, car, or other means. You can either keep the container on your parking space or at PODS storage facilities closer to you.

The only downside to this is that regardless of where you store the container, you will have to pay a rental fee every month. You should endeavor to load and unload immediately to save on rental costs if you are on a budget. Make sure you are present when they deliver your containers, as there may be issues with parking space or proper usage.

Why choose PODS over Others?

PODS is the biggest player in the moving container industry. Most people love the durable containers offered by the company and also the fact that they do the transporting for them. PODS is also one of the best options for those that need storage.

Although, PODS price is a little bit higher than its competitors’, its availability is, however, more beneficial. This implies that you are free to try out other options if you don’t mind not enjoying the quality of services provided by pods, just make sure the options are in your area.

Do not waste time to make a reservation with PODS, as more people are signing up each day and once the slots get filled up, most especially, during weekends in seasons like spring and summer (which are the peak period), you will have to wait in line again.

The do-it-yourself option will be much more affordable for you if you are relocating to a long distance with many household belongings. However, the moving containers option offers you convenience in your relocation without you spending beyond budget or causing damages to your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce the size of my shipment to ensure it fits into the pod I selected?

Many individuals and families find themselves on the edge of two pod sizes, unsure if they should go with the larger or smaller size. It is best to try and downsize your move so that you can fit everything into the smaller pod, as it would save you money on the relocation process.

One way to downsize your move is to sell, donate or throw away the items that you no longer use. For instance, you may have furniture that sits in rooms you rarely visit, and would have no place in your new apartment or home. Donate such to a thrift shop or dump it by your trash bins and someone who wants a free piece of furniture will take it away in their truck.

What is the best way to save money on packing supplies for my upcoming move?

If you are renting a pod from PODS, you are likely planning on doing most of the packing and loading yourself. It is a smart idea, as it saves you money over hiring labor for such a process.

Packing can get expensive if you are not careful, as your local stores may have significant markups on items such as boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. It is a good idea to try and find free boxes through local businesses, thrift shops or donation centers. You could even try asking friends or co-workers if they have empty boxes lying around.

Should I try and complete the entire packing and loading process in one day or stagger the work over several days?

If you are packing and loading almost all of your possessions without any professional help, it is a good idea to stagger the work over multiple days. Dedicate one day to deciding on what items will go and what items you will try to sell or donate.

A second day goes towards packing, as it can take a long time if you have several rooms’ worth of clothes, decoration pieces, kitchen appliances, cutlery, and other knick-knacks. That leaves the final day for any last-minute packing, wrapping up of your furniture, and loading everything onto the moving pod.

Is it legal to park the moving container outside my home or apartment?

The answer depends on your living situation. If you have a home with a spacious driveway or lawn, you may be able to park the moving container in those spaces. You can measure the space it would take by looking at the dimensions of the different containers PODS offers.

Those who live in apartments may have a trickier time using the service, as most buildings have strict rules about parking directly outside. Whether the moving container can stay on a nearby street for several days would depend on local laws, which you should investigate before you book the container with PODS.

Is it possible to book a pod and have it sent to my location within a few days?

Yes, if you are booking during days that are less busy. Weekends during the summer and spring are the busiest, while the winters are generally considered off-peak season for all moving and storage services.

It is never a good idea to wait until the last moment to book your moving container from PODS. But if you are making these arrangements in a hurry, try to schedule the drop off for a weekday, as the company may be able to accommodate your late request.


Regardless of what you are looking for, be it flexible time frame or various container sizes, you will always find it with PODS. Moving containers remain the cheapest and most affordable option to relocating your possessions when compared to full-service moving companies. Those looking to store their belongings temporarily will also find it with utmost convenience with PODS.

Submit your moving information on their website to get moving quote from portable moving container companies. You will only be required to provide information about the location of your current home, your destination home, the size of the home you are relocating (in bedrooms), and the date you want your relocation to be completed. All the available quotes will be sent to you, and you will also get the chance to compare many companies. Enjoy your move!