About us – movingfeedback.com

Moving Feedback offers a great opportunity for both moving companies and their consumers to have successful service deliveries and enhance the moving experience. It is a platform for both customers and movers to get what they want. Prospective people who are searching for reliable movers to handle their moving can come on our site and research them before they are finally considered. We believe that getting to know about your potential moving companies will definitely reduce the chances of getting disappointed in their service deliveries.

Moving companies have the opportunity to showcase their services by joining movingfeedback.com. In this competitive world, many moving companies are promising heaven and earth to consumers but fail at the end, and the scam is even getting worse by day. If there is no mechanism to checkmate this ugly situation to force the moving companies to deliver according to their price bid, the moving industry may finally fail.

How did we get here?

We were inspired to create this platform due to a number of horrible moving stories we have seen online over time. From our experience with people regarding moving, many people have approached us and asked us questions such as “how can I get a reliable mover to handle my moving”? We have thought about how to answer this question, and we held up creating the Moving Feedback website.

Movers are allowed to list their services on our website and customers who have used their service come to the platform and write reviews about them. Moving Feedback researched and asked for reviews about moving companies for new users to read about their competence.

All our teams are experienced in discerning authentic reviews from fake ones. So, we guarantee any review displayed on our website.

Our Vision

To prevent and minimize as many bad occurrences (usually experienced in moving process) as possible, and also to give support to reputable moving companies that deliver quality moving services.

Our Mission

To serve as a friendly platform where people can share their experiences about moving companies online, and help other people make the right decision in selecting their movers. We are committed to bridging the gap between moving companies and customers with the aim to have hitch-free moving across the globe. In addition, Moving Feedback would not relent in updating and equipping its site with essential tools such as moving estimators, moving tips and other resources to give stress-free relocation experience.

What we offer

We offer a wide range of moving opportunities which cut across both moving clients and movers to help wise customers’ moving decision and get the best moving services that are affordable near them. Moving Feedback provides many offers to help the parties involved in moving services have the best experience ever through the following:

  • Movers listing services

We allow movers to list their companies so consumers can come to the site and choose them based on their quality service delivery as required by the customer. Do you have what it takes to get listed on the platform? Are you a licensed moving company to handle both residential and long distance moving? You can sign up today and let consumers find you and rate your efficiency. Listing your service on the site is free and stress-free.

  • Selection of the best moving company for your move

Moving consumers can come to the site and search our movers’ directory to choose the one that meets their moving needs. We have the most comprehensive moving directory with customers’ reviews to help you decide right. You can search by country, state or nearest movers to your location.

  • Better moving rates

Moving Feedback allows you to get the best moving rates that fit your financial plan based on your location. All the moving companies listed on our site are rated and reviewed by actual customers; hence, you are free to choose the one that fits your budget. With our movers’ catalog, you will be able to see all the required information about movers, their rates, and scope of work to help you choose right.

  • Better moving service

Through customer reviews on our platform, moving companies tend to brace up and deliver quality moving services and consumers will also be able to guarantee the quality service they will get from a mover before signing an agreement with them. The users can post a review online, tell people about his or her experience with a particular mover. This in return helps the moving companies to always deliver the best service to their clients.

  • Free moving estimates and quotes

Moving Feedback connects users with professional insured and licensed moving companies who have been tested and trusted for quality service deliveries and allows you to get free quotes based on your specifications. You only need to fill our “moving estimate form” or by using our “moving calculators” provided on our site. You will begin to receive responses from moving professionals who believe they can handle your move as contained in your requirement on the form. Through this, you compare quotes based on their reviews on the site before finally choose one. We can as well link you to the company’s website directly from our platform.

Reliable moving companies near you

You don’t need to stress yourself anymore, as you can find movers according to their states and regions with their ratings and reviews. Just go through the directory and select your state and you will see a list of movers near you. You can now compare moving companies based on ratings, complaints, testimonials, reviews, and reports.

Rate and share your moving experience

After a successful selection of movers for your moving, you can now help others get the best service by sharing your moving stories online. We allow consumers to share their experience with movers they have worked with to help other people get a better result. Your reviews will do two important things – you encourage movers to either keep it up on their good services or improve on their service delivery and you as well help other consumers make the right decision in hiring movers.

Why Choosing Moving Feedback?

Moving Feedback has gone a long way in rescuing many moving ugly experiences and had made moving world easier. We don’t base our services on revenue generation, but we aim to make a difference in satisfying both consumers and moving companies. We pride ourselves to accept honest reviews from consumers and frown at fake stories that may be cooked by movers. Our attributes are not limited to the following:

  • We are equipped with experienced hands to research and give the best results.
  • All our ratings and reviews are authentic.
  • Users can sign up free and use any available tools on our site as concerned them.
  • You are guaranteed of getting the best from any moving companies choose from our website after you had followed our tip on how to choose the right movers.
  • Moving Feedback is equipped with a committed and well-mannered customer support service to handle all your inquiries.

For more information about our services, use of our site, and other questions related to our site and service delivery, kindly visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.