Transforming the Moving Experience

The average American moves roughly 11.7 times in their lives. The majority of their moving experiences have left them unsatisfied and frustrated for different reasons. Our team is no exception, and we as a human can be when it comes to dealing with painful moving experiences. In fact, that’s just how the concept for our platform came to be. About 10 years, ago, David the CEO and Founder of, a successful entrepreneur, found himself in a pretty serious moving dilemma.

His mover not only bailed on him last minute, but he found himself stuck in his old home with a bogus list of available movers that didn’t trust to hire. Unexpectedly paying double the rent for both apartments for 5 days, Joey, a father to 3 kids, a husband, and a busy business owner was in simple terms, screwed. He lost money, and time and was between homes without an affordable and reliable mover.

The following week, he searched the internet high and low for the best moving companies to meet his needs. And, voila! That was the moment the dream and design for MovingFeedback came alive. We created our platform to make finding the best local and long-distance movers for your needs simple, fast, safe, and fun.

Why Us & What We Do

Packing, coordinating, spending time, money, and energy on a residential or commercial move can be tough.

We make it easy by finding a legit list of the best movers based on your needs, analyzing real customer review and experiences.

Every mover we promote is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Enjoy a safe, transparent and simple moving experience from start to finish.

What we offer

Transparent and Reliable Moving

Scams are a dime a dozen online. The moving industry is no exception. Move safely, with peace of mind. Find the best local or long-distance movers fast and easy – reviewed by real people, researched by our team.

Affordable and Legit Movers

Our list of movers offers competitive and fair pricing, with every mover meeting city, state and federal license regulations. In other words, every single mover we promote is legit, licensed and compliant with government requirements, so your move is always in good hands.

Free and Fast Quotes

Time is money and your move should be quick, easy and painless starting from the second you get your moving quote to the finish line. Moving to your new home and business starts with getting your estimate free and fast.

Verified & Certified Movers

We make sure you get a list of the best verified and certified movers, with our research based on real customer reviews and experiences. Skip all scams and get a safe moving experience from end to end.

Movers Matched To Your Needs

The platform is designed to help you get the best moving experience based on your precise needs. Enter the city, state, number of items and rooms you’re moving, and get a list movers matched to your every need.

Simple & Fun Moving Experience

Step into a new moving experience that means freedom & fun, from getting your quote to moving your home or business. We’re transforming the moving experience for Americans everywhere – making it easy and positive all around.

Editorial Team

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