Top Moving Insurance Companies of 2020



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The Best Moving Insurance Companies - Moving Feedback

When many people are planning their moves, the only thing they think about is moving company to move their belonging to their new home. Have you ever imagine a nightmare when you stuff your belongings into a truck, knocked and wave goodbye to them as it headed to a new location; only to wonder if you will see them again or if you ever see them, in what shape? Relocating to a new home should be an exciting moment as it represents a new beginning in your life but sometimes, leaving your hard-earned properties to a total stranger can be worrisome.

There is no way to help the situation, as you cannot move your home yourself; though some people do use the Do-it-yourself option, they must still hire a truck to convey their possessions.

Moving Insurance

Luckily, there is a way to this. You can actually hire a mover or truck to move your home and still have peace of mind that your belongings are safe without loss or damage. Moving Insurance is the answer to this. There is a difference between a moving company and moving insurance. The two services perform different functions but work hand-in-hand.

The same way you hire health insurance to cover your personal health, moving insurance can also be hired to safeguard your belongings and offer you an exclusive package, should in case anything happens during your move. With moving insurance, you can sleep at night; hope to see your properties delivered safely. The question is who is the best and reliable moving insurance to hire? This post aims to review top moving insurance companies you can consider for your move. Let’s start with the meaning of moving insurance and it covers for more understanding.

What is Moving Insurance and what does it cover?

Moving insurance can be described as a coverage provision to protect household items and belongings from damage during a move. Moving items from one place to other undergoes many unforeseen challenges which must be planned for during the course of planning your move. No matter how you pack your belongings, once your hired mover is in charge of them, the care is completely out of your control. You can only rely on insurance coverage should anything happens – which no one prays for.

While most moving companies provide partial coverage, insurance coverage will supplement movers’ coverage and make it comprehensive. With moving insurance, you have nothing to fear. Especially, when you are handling your move yourself, moving insurance is essential to protect your belongings even up to 90 days.

Moving insurance is an excellent option for those who value their belongings during a move and are not at ease with the limitations offered by mover’s insurance coverage. It is good to trust your mover as there are competent and reliable moving companies, but you never can tell what may happen in the courses of haulage or transporting your belongings to your new home. Moving insurance is designed to cover typical losses or damages to your household items that happen during your move. Typical damages covered by moving insurance include damage occurred while loading or unloading the truck, and damage due to forces of nature like lightning or tornado strike.

Common Types of Moving Insurance Policy

Moving insurance policy is a term used to describe the insurance coverage level of a particular insurance package. The types of insurance policy for household items are:

  • Item for item insurance coverage: The insurance service provider charges per item weight. The rate per weight is charged item by item, and there is unlimited coverage under this type of moving insurance. Your insurance payout tends to rise with an increase in the item weight.
  • Value coverage insurance: In this type of moving insurance, the payable insurance premium is determined by moving company based on the actual value of items to be moved. It all starts with the client to be moved, declaring the values of the belongings involved in the move to the mover. This claim must be the true picture of your belongings as any value found to be incorrect will not be paid by the insurance company if the need arises. These details are disclosed to the insurance provider, and the appropriate charge will be given. The costlier the goods involved, the higher the premium to be paid.
  • All-inclusive insurance cover: This type of insurance policy comprises of all the charges where you are not required to pay an additional amount like an insurance premium. The only set back to all-inclusive insurance cover is that the package is extremely low and you may not get a high amount of compensation.
  • Full replacement value: This is an inventory like insurance coverage. The insurance company prepares a comprehensive list of goods to be covered and their respective values. The person seeking insurance will also list his or her belongings, and any of your items not covered in the list would not be insured. If added in the move, the policy will not cover them. In the case of lump sum policy, you tend to declare the amount you can afford as insurance coverage for the entire shipment
  • Limited insurance coverage: It is also referred to as perils insurance. It gives compensation only for loss contained and agreed in the agreement between the two parties. You will get insurance coverage for your belongings during transportation and storage period but not during loading and unloading.
  • Select inventory coverage: It is used for a kind of specialized items involved in the move and not entire items. In this type of insurance coverage, you will receive compensation for items agreed and finalized by the two parties.

There are different options for moving insurance available for every move. You only need to choose reliable and trustworthy moving insurance to ensure your belongings during a move. Where can you find one? Read on to discover.

The Best Moving Insurance Companies of 2020

Looking for the best moving insurance companies for your move requires an in-depth research to come up with one. Having discussed what moving insurance and the types are, this article will not complete without recommending some reliable moving insurers when it comes to comprehensive coverage and prompt compensation plans. Moving Feedback reviewed hundreds of moving insurance companies, and we have come up with only two that scaled through our review criteria for excellent service delivery.

Below are the best two moving insurance companies:

1. Moving logo - Moving Feedback

If you are looking for one of the best moving insurance companies, is one of them. It is an ingenious and outstanding online moving insurance service provider offering insurance packages for household and commercial moves. was founded to provide top-notch insurance services to consumers moving to new homes and has remained one of the nation’s top insurance vendors that offer customers the most comprehensive coverage for their belongings during moves.

The company is licensed and authorized to sell moving insurance in both the United States and worldwide. This implies that Moving Insurance LLC can provide insurance coverage for intrastate (in-state), interstate (out of state), and international relocations for both residential and commercial by air, land, and water. The company offers a variety of policy options, but Full Replacement Value is usually recommended for comprehensive coverage. offers a full line of moving insurance package including:

  • Moving of Household Goods
  • Storage in Transit
  • Transit of Mobile Storage
  • Total Loss (Catastrophe) while in Transit
  • Moving of Office and Industrial Goods
  • Pairs and Sets
  • Mechanical and Electrical Derangement
  • Local, Intrastate, Interstate, and International Relocations will cover the actual declared household item values in transit while moving to your new residence, unlike chosen one-time deductible offered by movers. This protection package is far better than your available mover’s valuation. People prefer for their moving insurance due to many reasons. Let’s look at those attributes.

Why should you choose has been serving the need of clients’ moving insurance over a long period, and they are becoming a household name in the business. The company becomes the choice of many consumers and movers when it comes to moving insurance services in the United States and worldwide, due to its outstanding records of successful moving insurance services. Highlighted below are some of the attributes that make them what they are:

  • com has various affordable moving insurance options to select from, and the entire process is simplified and can be completed online within minutes.
  • The company is licensed to sell insurance coverage in all the states of the US and has been rated by M Best as one of the respected insurance company with an “A” rating. It is the first to offer moving insurance online, and still maintain the quality service delivery.
  • com is equipped with well-trained and mannered customer support representatives to answer your inquiries and confirm your insurance details for clarity.
  • The company handles customer’s claim in-house by the United States licensed claims adjusters.
  • It has the best insurance policy to protect your belongings better than any other valuation or coverage from any mover.


2. Baker InternationalBaker moving insurance Logo - Moving Feedback

Baker International was founded in 1981 to offer comprehensive moving insurance to household items during a move. It has been serving the needs of the people to provide moving insurance for both private and corporate moves in all the states of the US and as well as abroad. Baker International also offers “in-house” top-notch claim service for all their clients. In fact, claim service is one of the priorities of Baker’s foundation to its clients. It provides single source insurance for comprehensive policies that offer secure coverage for household items during a move.

Baker International offers full moving insurance policies including:

Moving Feedback rated Baker International #2 in our rigorous reviews to discover the top moving insurance companies after considering thousands of customers’ ratings and reviews on their moving insurance service. The company has surpassed many others in selling insurance for household items while handling efficient service claims in-house. Below are some of the qualities of Baker International:

  • The company is one of the esteemed brands in moving insurance industry
  • Baker International has been offering first class insurance and claim service for moving items and remains one of the best.
  • AM Best has underwritten the insurance policies of the company with an A++ rating.
  • In the case where your belongings go into storage, Baker International does not add extra cost, as your policy covers up to 90 days.
  • Professional claim adjuster handles claims and claims are in a steady manner irrespective of forwarder or van line providing the service.
  • Baker International is equipped with an experienced and professional team to study loss or damage and come up with recommendations on the subject matter.


To sum it up

Without mixing words, the advantages of moving insurance cannot be overemphasized in saving you heartbreak that may be caused by unexpected loss or damage to belongings during a move. However, moving insurance seems something different to every individual that relocates. While some people enjoy the mental freedom it offers, others do it to make sure their move is covered. Whichever way, it is advisable that families with high-value items or fragile items purchase additional moving insurance to protect their move. You will surely gain it in the end especially if anything goes wrong during the move.

Also, choosing the best moving insurance company to cover your belongings is as necessary as purchasing one for your move. To know which one is the best, Moving Feedback has recommended top moving insurance companies as discussed above. You are free to contact any of them and make inquiries about their policies. Stay tuned for more informative posts from this page!

David Cohen
David Cohen
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. David is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.
David Cohen
David Cohen
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. David is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.

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