Short Distance Movers: Cost to Hire and Budget-Friendly Move

Long-distance always takes longer to complete than short-distance moves. However, the most important question that you keep asking is how easy and affordable a short or local move could be. You have many options to save time when moving from one house to another within the same neighborhood.

Take a moment and imagine yourself doing all the tasks associated with moving, such as packing, moving, unpacking, and cleaning your belongings. These are all overwhelming task that requires the assistance of a professional short distance mover.

Hiring professional movers will help simplify your short distance move as they know exactly what you need. The distance involved in your move will determine what preparations you should make.

The method you decide to use for your upcoming move whether to hire a short distance movers or do-it-yourself, the number of household belongings you plan to move, the way you plan the move from the start to the end will determine the level of stress you will go through.

Read through this guide to find the perfect short-distance mover among the best movers in your area and how you can make our short-distance moving tips work for you.

Short Distance Movers: Cost to Hire and Budget-Friendly Move

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Locating the Best Short Distance Movers

Shopping for movers is not an easy task. There are many movers out there offering moving services, whether being a national mover or local truck rental services.

So, how can you easily figure out the best company for your move? The seven highlighted tips below will give you all you need to vet a moving company before you hire them properly.

1. Licensed & Insured Movers

You and your belongings could be in for a great risk if you hire a moving company that is not licensed or insured. You can always find a company’s licensing and insurance information on either their About Us part or the homepage of their website.

Request for proof of insurance from the moving company or if they are BBB accredited if you are not satisfied with what you see on their website.

2. Experience of the Mover

While short distance move may not require much experience, your mover is expected to have knowledge about a local move. You may not be able to find out much about a moving company that just started yesterday.

When moving to a long-distance or international home, it is essential to hire a mover with at least a decade of history in the moving business.

Every question they ask while doing estimates as well as the point they take in the process will show if the mover is experienced or not. This will reveal to you how knowledgeable the company is.

3. Locate the Mover’s Service Area

It is important to know if the mover services your area. This can be easily verified by the map of areas where the moving company services, which is always with them.

Regardless of the number of positive reviews a mover have, if they do not offer their service in your area, then they are not perfect for you.

4. Moving Services Offered

Another important thing to note is the number of services a moving company offers. The majority of them should be able to handle local moves within their location.

Your mover may not be able to move your special items due to the unavailability of relevant equipment or workforce.

Inform your moving company of the need to move your special items such as hot tubs, gun safes, pianos, pool tables, etc. during the quote process.

Also, make sure you notify them of your need for additional services such as packing, storage, cleaning, and so on. These services are always available with the best moving companies.

5. Member of a National Moving Industry

There is a need for the right equipment and resources for good moving companies to perform their job. A moving company that is also a member of a big organization or a moving network is most likely to have the right equipment to operate regardless of the relocation job.

This might not be necessary when moving locally as local movers are all expected to have their moving tools.

Consider hiring a mover that belongs to a larger moving network for your long-distance or specialty move, if at all it may not be a criterion for short distance movers.

Being able to make use of relevant equipment and extra moving trucks while moving far away could be a great advantage to your move.

6. Find out about their Moving Equipment

The services offered by various moving companies may differ. Some top movers have heavy moving equipment and resources at their disposal, while some are just independent movers that rent moving trucks and equipment from another company.

It is important to find out about their moving equipment to be sure of which company you are dealing with.

The movers know what equipment is best for any of your bulky items that may require either crane or forklift. Make sure you ask them if they have the relevant equipment for your items.

A moving company with the right equipment will be able to accept any modification to your relocation.

The case might be reversed if you choose a company that is renting equipment. The availability of certain moving companies might also depend on rental availability.

7. Check Online Reviews on Movers

The best way to figure out what the service of a mover looks like is to read online reviews from previous customers. You can visit websites like Yelp, Google,, or Facebook to read reviews. There are some sites (such as Moving Feedback) that are dedicated to moving reviews.

Star rating is also available, with the highest being 5 and 1 as the lowest. You can conveniently work with movers with 4 stars and above.

Their certification with the American Moving and Storage Association is also important. Make sure you carefully go through every review on the website regardless of the level of rating a particular mover has.

A company with 3 stars will definitely have reviews that reveal how their service looks like. You will find both good and bad reports from previous customers which you can use in making your own decision.

Pro Tip

Most reviewers are happy to share their bad experiences with a particular mover while some good experiences in appreciation for a good job done by a mover. Hence, take your time to review every review and figure out what the issue is.

8. Request Short Distance Moving Estimates 

Make a comparison between the offers from the different moving companies. Make use of the moving estimates you receive as a tool for deciding the best short distance moving company that will perfectly fit your moving requirements at an affordable rate.

What are the Most Affordable Ways to Move Short Distance?

Knowing the best way to locate and hire an affordable short distance moving company is one of the important tasks to perform. There are many advantages to moving a short distance, and one of them is the reduced total moving price compared to the cost of moving a long distance involved in both.

Although all moves have their uniqueness, you can find the cheapest way to move a short distance from the following:

DIY Moving short distance with the help of your friends

Moving within a 100 miles radius could prompt people to want to go for a rental moving truck, pack their items, load the moving truck, drive it to their destination home and unpack them, completing the short distance move with the help of their friends.

DIY move is a cheaper option compared to hiring local movers for your move. However, try DIY if:

  • You have friends that are reliable and will never let you down no matter what.
  • You have moving experience and know what it takes to pull off a seamless relocation.
  • You are sure of your packing skills.
  • You have located a reliable and affordable local moving truck rental company, or one of your friends has promised to lend you a truck for your move
  • Your belongings are not much, and it doesn’t contain any special items that require special handling

How Much Does it Cost to Move Short Distance using DIY?

The general idea most people have is that a DIY short distance move is cheaper compared to other types of move. This is absolutely true if only you take some cost-saving tips into consideration.

  • Many reliable friends
  • Few numbers of belongings
  • No special items to be moved
  • You have previous moving experience in renting and loading a truck.

Get yourself prepared for the following moving expenses if you have what it takes to tackle the move (as contained above) without the help of a moving professional:

1. Renting a moving truck:

Typically, a friend should be able to lend you a truck for your move. Aside from that, there are cheaper truck rentals available based on company, conditions, and location.

To know more about truck rental companies like

you can visit their website. Note that you may be required to pay about $150 for truck rental insurance.

2. Fuel: 

Your rental price doesn’t include fuel. Moving trucks can consume up to ten to twelve (10 – 12) mpg, and the amount of fuel needed will be determined by the number of trips you make regardless of the short distance involved. Make sure there is enough fuel in the rental truck before you return it.

3. Potential risks and dangers: 

You probably don’t make provision for unexpected expenses that may arise as a result of damage to your belongings or bodily injuries. These unexpected expenses could be from your unprofessional approach or negligence on the relocation day.

You cannot prepare for costs like this in advance as the overall cost will scare you. It is important to know if you are ready to embark on the short distance move before you even start, if you are not, then you should not hesitate to contact the best short distance mover closest to you.

You can as well hire moving labor if you have friends or family around.

Professional Short Distance Moving Services

Fortunately, you can control the amount you spend on your short distance move while you still use professional short distance moving services.

Below are the things you can do to achieve such a result:

  • Locate an affordable shot distance mover that will perfectly relocate you and your belongings
  • Try and handle some moving jobs that are within your capabilities while you leave the tedious ones for the movers and
  • Use any method necessary to make sure you reduce the moving cost even while you are using a professional moving service.

The simplest way ever to relocate on a short distance is to hire a professional short-distance mover to handle the entire moving process from the beginning to the end while you handle other tasks using your free time.

Knowing that your belongings are in good hands when moving is one of the best feelings anyone could have, especially when you have special items that require professional handling.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Short Distance Movers?

You must know how much an average local moving company costs before you can decide on which company to hire after several comparisons.

Generally, it is known that each move presents its own uniqueness; however, having a basic idea of how much a local move could cost will give you an insight into what you should expect from your upcoming local move.

Below are some of the points to note before you hire a short distance moving company:

  • You will be charged an hourly rate when relocating on a short distance.
  • Although it will cost an average of $25 to hire a reputable local mover, however, the price can either reduce or increase based on your location and the short distance moving company you hire.
  • A travel fee may be required from you by your local moving company for the duration your potential movers will reach your location. The fee is usually not more than an hourly charge of labor. To have a clear understanding of what you may be paying your mover, let us assume you are moving to a studio apartment, it may require 2 movers and takes 3 hours to move at $150, or a 2-bedroom home that requires 3 movers and takes 5 hours to move at $375, and 3-bedroom home that requires 4 movers and takes 7 hours to move at $700 – all depends on the size. The sample given above can be used as a reference for your short-distance move but note that only your short-distance mover can give you the actual and accurate cost.
  • The number of items you are moving, the size of your home, and the additional services you may require will determine the average price of your local relocation.
  • You will be charged close to $30/hour for packing/unpacking services.

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Short Distance Move

The following tips will help you reduce the total cost of your short distance move:

Start early

Start preparing for the relocation earlier with the dedication you will give to a long-distance move. Do not get carried away by the fact that your move only involves a short distance. You could end up with stressful and challenging post-move health issues if you underestimate the short distance move.

Typically, 8 weeks is the period you have to get things ready for the move; however, this period may not be enough. Note that, time will not wait for you, especially when you don’t have much time left before the moving day.

Inventory, arrange, and dispose of

The time for your next relocation is the right time for you to reduce the number of stuff you have in your home by arranging them carefully, and also the best time for you to take a proper record of what you have and those you will need to dispose of. Purging your house will be categorized into three separate parts:

  • Decluttered mind – You definitely know that having excess items in your home could overwhelm you, so reduce your belongings.
  • Money-Saving money on your local move can also be made possible by reducing the number of belongings you have to move to your new home, as the number of items you move will also determine your overall moving cost for your short distance move.
  • Space –The space in your new home might not be as large as that of your old home. Even if it is, you definitely don’t want to load your new home with a bunch of old and most likely unwanted stuff.

Pack Efficiently

You will definitely be required to pack your belongings yourself for your short distance move except you hire the service of a professional mover. Even though you might handle some of your items, there may still be a need to hire professional movers to handle your large and heavy items such as furniture, special and fragile items such as dishes, electronic appliances, and glasses, etc., for safety sake.

This packing process is never an easy task to perform. You may need some help on how to efficiently execute the task.

Gather Appropriate Packing Supplies

The first items to get are moving boxes that are in good shape. A moving option available to you is to rent moving containers from your preferred short distance mover. You can as well request free cardboard boxes from friends, family, and coworkers.

Local liquor stores, supermarkets, libraries, and others are also a good place to ask for free cardboard boxes for your move. You can get packing papers from your local moving company or any store that sell office supply in your location.

Pack your Belongings Strategically

The packing will certainly be done one step at a time. In this case, you will need to develop a technique on how to finish the packing without wasting much time. Begin the packing with your less frequent rooms and end it with the ones you use every day. Doing it that way will reduce clutter as well as enable you to finish the process on time.

Frequently Asked Questions Short Distance Movers

An order for service is a document that you will receive from your moving company at the time of your move, giving you written confirmation of what services will be tendered during your move. An order for service also lists pickup and delivery dates for your items along with your valuation request and contact information for the moving company you’re working with.

This document also shows estimated and actual prices charged to you if you have a non-binding estimate and the charges due before delivery if you have a binding estimate.

Tariff provisions prevent movers from unloading your shipment until the full payment has been received. Payments to moving companies can be made in various forms, including by certified check, cash, a major credit card, or a money order.

You may be charged up to 48 hours before loading your moving vehicle, ensuring that there are no delays in the delivery of your furniture and other household belongings. If someone else is paying for the move, such as an employer, they may be billed using an invoice – whatever your payment method, discuss it with your movers beforehand.

While it is possible to pack items inside drawers, it is not recommended in most cases. Loose items may get lost or break during transport, which puts your moving company at risk. Instead, consider packing loose items in boxes and saving dresser drawers for clothing items and linens that aren’t in danger of being damaged.

If you decide to pack clothing in drawers, be sure to secure all drawers shut so that they do not cause injury by sliding open while loading or unloading your furniture.

The distance travelled does not impact federal and state laws regarding what can and cannot be transported on a commercial vehicle, so you will need to figure out what laws the state you’re in has enacted in regard to transporting plant life.

In general, moving companies will not transport plants due to hot and stressful conditions in moving trailers and trucks. Some movers, though, are willing to transport plants as long as they are in line with state laws.

Valuables that have been claimed as over $100 per pound are known to movers as items of extraordinary value. These items can be anything, from antiques to jewels, and will be handled by your moving company carefully if they are notified of these items before the day of your move.

A high-value inventory form should be filled out if you want to make sure you can claim your items. It is recommended that you keep important valuables, such as documents or sentimental heirlooms, with you instead of packing them in boxes where they may be misplaced or damaged.

If you plan on using a professional moving service, you won’t have to worry as much about transporting heavy furniture or appliances. An estimator will look at your appliances when assessing your home and let movers know exactly what is needed to get your items moved from one place to another safe and in one piece.

Moving professionals have the equipment needed to get items to their destination safely, including stabilizers for washing machines and other safety equipment. All you’ll have to worry about is making sure all appliances, like refrigerators and freezers, are empty.


The task involves handling a short distance move that is highly underestimated by most people. They always overlook the little work involved in moving to a nearby home because of the distance involved. You need to get rid of these thoughts if you want to have a successful and stress-free relocation.

Make sure you take your short-distance move seriously and with great dedication to have a smooth transitioning. Only a professional short distance mover can take the stress off your shoulder if you have the resources. If your own move-in long-distance one, check top long distance moving companies here. Happy moving!

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