A Guide to Moving Last Minute



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A Guide to Moving Last Minute

Last minute moving is not always a good idea as moving requires lots of planning and organizing to make sure the process turns out to be a stress-free and seamless one. However, there are occasions where it can become unavoidable but to move at the eleventh hour or last minute. In this case, then it becomes imperative to be as decisive as possible so that you don’t have to waste time any further. You have less time for sorting, packing, liaising with possible movers and many more factors are stacked against you.

One major disadvantage of moving last minute is that you don’t have too many options at your disposal and you have to be quick to make decisions based on the little available options available to you. There are a couple of tips that can help you to quickly decide on what to do and what not to do when you are moving last minute; I will be discussing some of these tips in the sections to follow.

Essential Tips to Moving Last Minute

The tips discussed here can go a long way in helping you if you have to move last minute. Moving requires planning but there are circumstances that can put you ins me tight schedules that will just require you move as fast as possible. In such cases you need to be decisive and calculative, ask for help and secure the help of professional movers, then adhere to the following tip so that you can have a good last minute moving experience:

1. Higher a Moving Crew or Company ASAP

The first thing you will have to do is to make sure you book an appointment with a moving company for the day you plan to move. The reason for this is because without putting logistics with your moving company or truck logistics in place can frustrate every other process involved in the moving task become very difficult and tedious. Hence, it is important to make sure you have issues about moving truck, and moving company sorted as soon as possible. This will help to save you a whole lot of stress and would not complicate issues any further.

2. Get Rid of All Items you no longer need

The best way to go about this process is to put up a list of what you need and what you no longer need. Packing and sorting is the most tedious part of the job especially if you are moving last minute. One way to relief yourself of the stress is to highlight items that you no longer need, sell these items or give them out or you can as well dispose them so that you can have less loads to deal with on the day you are moving.

Getting rid of items you don’t need will make packing and sorting easier for you and you will be able to accommodate other important items. One way to make packing easier is to separate your belongings into three categories such as;

  • The ones you no longer need and needs to be disposed
  • The ones that you still need
  • The ones you want to give out to friends or charity

3. Get Boxes, and Bags

After sorting what you need and what you do not need, source for boxes, bags, and wrappers to properly package your belongings. You can ask for boxes and bags from your friends or purchase from stores around you. You can use towels and socks to wrap breakable items such as glassware, and vases.

4. Get Help

Once you know what you are packing and what you are getting rid of, then you can call on people friends and families around you who can help you with the packing; this can go a long way to help you as the work load will be less for you.

5. Label the Bags and Boxes

Do not make the mistake of not properly labelling the packing bags and boxes. This will help you to easily track your belongings accordingly when you need to start offloading or loading.

6. Engaging Packing Pros

You can also consider hiring the services of packing pros. If you see you are seriously running against time, then you may need packing pros to make the whole process faster and easier.

7. Clothing Items

You can pack clothes just as they are and you can start them out later. Trying to sort your clothes may take time.

8. Leave some Tasks to the Movers

One of the benefits of hiring professional movers is that you can leave some certain tasks to the movers to handle to save time and they will handle such tasks even better than you will do. They can help you with the packing, wrapping, and loading as the circumstance may demand.

9. Make sure you select the Best Move Date Available

The day you move is very important and is a major factor that should be put into consideration. There are certain days that moving is much easier and cheaper, you have to select the most appropriate even with the fact that your options may be limited.

For example, moving during the week is cheaper and easier compared to moving over the weekend. The reason for this is because fewer people move during the week and this makes it cheaper with less pressure on the moving company.

The following table displays the best tip to moving last minute:

No.Tips to Moving Last Minute
1.Higher a Moving Crew or Company ASAP
2.Get Rid of All Items you no longer need
3.Get Boxes, and Bags
4.Get Help
5.Label the Bags and Boxes
6.Engaging Packing Pros
7.Clothing Items
8.Leave some Tasks to the Movers
9.Make sure you select the Best Move Date Available

10 Moving Companies That Deal with Last Minute Moving 

The best results in life come from thoughtfulness, planning, and weighing options, once all this is in place, it makes it easier almost never to make any mistake. No matter how hard we try to make things work out fine, life doesn’t always give us fresh burgers and a bottle of soda.

Sometimes things might happen suddenly and you would be in need of a last-minute plan, if you find yourself in such a twist when trying to move to a new apartment, it would be necessary for you to be well informed about 10 companies that offer last-minute moving services.

The big idea with last minute moving companies is that they need to be swift, very responsive and up to the task. Even though you are in a dire need for help with regards to moving both long distances and within the state, you would still need the best companies to help you move so that you don’t have regrets later on.

You need to choose a company that is calm and steady and can help achieve the purpose. We have gathered together a list of ten companies that can help you with that last minute moving service.

1. Sweet Lou Moves You

Believe it or not, they are great movers, and although they might not have the name of regular movers, they are one of the companies that offer a speedy and efficient last minute moving to customers. The first thing people like about this company is their affordable pricing; they also spell out all costs without adding any additional hidden charges. You would be most glad to employ their services. Apart from pricing, you will even notice that they have an excellent customer support platform.

2. Xpress Relocations

Located in Miami, Xpress Relocations also offer a very decent last minute moving service. Their staffs are very polite and love their jobs. Xpress locations offer a very competitive price for those seeking to move within and beyond Miami to other parts, and they do so smoothly. Just like Sweet Lou, they also offer no hidden charges but a straight forward bill that covers just about everything you have stated you want to move. When you contact them for a quote, you get the best reply and also get a very fulfilling service in return.

3. Tim’s Last Minute Moving

The perfect name for the last minute moving company. Tim’s moving company offers an extensive service with regards to moving all of your personal items and properties locally and into other states. Although the name sounds like they offer just last minute moving expertise, they also provide standard moving services and are great at what they do.

They will make sure your properties are kept in the safest conditions and are arranged according to the nature of the materials they’re made from. They make moving at the last minute a smooth process and remove all the burden and fear you must have had.

4. ETG Moving and Delivery

If you are looking for a company that provides excellent assistance with regards to moving, then ETG is the choice. They also specialize in delivery and making sure you return home with a smile. ETG are professionals and make sure they have a very structured arrangement for all your items, from heavy to light, from fragile to rugged, no matter the nature of the material used; they have you covered entirely.

5. Safe and Efficient Moving

This is yet another excellent last minute moving company. The first thing they do is to relax and make you see that everything is under perfect control. The next thing after the reassurance is a promise of quality moving service, then you can explain the situation to them, and then they choose the most suitable plan for you and proceed with it. From there, all you need to do is just to watch them do their magic. Prices are affordable and negotiable too.

6. Dan’s Moving Service

If you are looking to have a company with a lot of experience and professionalism handle your starting jobs, then Dan’s moving service would be the right choice for you. Their staffs have very long years of experience and also have all the equipment required to do a clean job.

They take priority in making their customers satisfied and making sure they have no regrets whatsoever. They are also as plain as possible. When they quote a price for you they never add extra costs, they just let the whole process run through and what you see is what you get.

7. Easy Florida Moving

Situated in Florida, Easy Florida Moving provides an excellent moving service for those within Florida. They also move to long distance and do so very efficiently. Many people like the fact that they have an excellent customer care support, you can make your enquiries through the phone and also lay your complaints if you have any and be sure to get a positive reply in the shortest while. They make sure your property is safe and that you equally return a happy client. When it comes to last minute jobs, they are an excellent choice and make life easier for you.

8. Moving America

The first thing you cannot but notice about this company is their cool name, coupled with this is an even cooler service. They are experienced, and this spills into how they satisfy every client they receive.

They are also prompt in response and barely delay a call or a service. They are an excellent choice for those who need to run the last minute moving without stress. All their staffs are seasoned and know how to go about any moving without causing a scene.

9. Lightning Van Moving

With over 250 satisfied customers placing their review on yelp, I think their job speaks well for them. Lightning Van Moving Company is specialized in helping with all of your last minute moving. They have ready and able staffs to help come to your rescue.

They also have two huge vans; “Big Blue” and “Boxy Brown” that is capable of taking all of your property in just one trip. They offer one of the most rewarding services, and you get good value for your money.

10. Local N Long Distance Movers

As their name depicts, they offer services with regards to both long and local last minute moving. They have the necessary tools to help you make a smooth movement between any two points. They are excellent at providing full support and offer competitive prices also.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hurriedly pack for a move?

There are many direct ways to optimize the packing speed and getting your packing done quickly. The following strategies will enable you to quickly pack and load into the moving truck to get ready for driving regardless of your apartment size: 

  • Strictly dispose of as many as possible belongings you no longer need 
  • Publicize to your family and friends on social media
  • Forget about sorting; focus only on packing.
  • Contact utilities, businesses, and schools via email phone
  • Research online for affordable, last-minute moving companies
  • Draft the amount of time your packing will require
  • Prepare an essential bag
  • Perform the required clean up

How long does it take to packing a two or three-bedroom home?

The exact packing time is based on the number of items one has, but below are ballpark figures quoted for a professional moving company to move the place after packing is done, based on the style of your home:

Size of the home

One-bedroom apartment

Two-bedroom apartment

Three bedroom house

Four bedroom house

Packing time (based on speed)

2 – 4 hours

3 – 5 hours

6 – 10 hours

8 – 12 hours

Pro Tip

These moving times are estimated for professional residential movers, NOT the average family or individual. Majority of self-packers requires more time to pack their home, unlike the time taken by movers. Generally, a minimum of a few days is required to pack a 1 to two-bedroom home. Check our list of professional packers.

How do I perform a last-minute move?

With some preparations, dedications, and the ten tips listed below, clearing your home quickly will be assured, as well as moving your stuff safely from one location to another. 

  1. Create a list by reading tips. It would be best if you had this last-minute moving tip as it will ensure your success as you proceed
  2. Start earlier
  3. Leave your clothes on hangers
  4. Make use of moving bins that are recyclable
  5. Utilize all available space for the packing
  6. Make use of trash bags as the greatest last-minute moving trick
  7. Collect supplies
  8. Pack one room after the other
  9. Get rid of stuff you are not moving
  10. Invite your mover, unless you want a DIY move

How can I quickly relocate with no money?

You may be able to get out of your current city on a budget. You can still move when you make a little planning ahead, and develop a tolerance for temporary and not-so-perfect situations, even when you don’t have money. Below are some tips for moving as cheaply as you can:

  • Form a team
  • Contact your network
  • Stay with a friend
  • Sell your item
  • Store your belongings
  • Get cash for extra media and devices
  • Sell your car
  • Talk to a friend to move.
  • Load up extra cars.
  • Get a rental room temporarily.
  • Gather a readymade roommate.
  • Score free boxes.

When should I schedule a quotation?

It is very much essential to search for your moving company earlier. This will give you much time to schedule for an in-home survey, pick a moving company, and conclude your entire arrangements. We advise you to contact your movers for a minimum of three months before your exact moving date. 

How far ahead should I reserve?

Normally, it would be best if you double-checked dates ASAP, as they are mostly reserved in advance. Moving companies always endeavor to match your preferred dates. Some days such as Fridays are particularly busier than others, so flexibility will be appreciated. 

When is the best moving time to move?

The summer months from May 15th to September 15th are the busiest times for movers. The shipments volumes are usually very heavy at the end of these months. This is very much applicable to all professional movers. Consider everything on the table when you are looking for the best time to relocate your home.

Give the moving company 5 days to load your belongings if you have some flexibility. This will make it easier for those who arrange the drivers and moving crews when arranging your move. You can as well be flexible with the timeframe at your destination. Note that your belongings may not be the only things on the moving truck. Flexibility will make a huge difference if allowed. 

When should I commence contacting movers for estimates?

Endeavor to give the moving companies as many notices as possible, most especially if you are relocating during the high-demand season, as discussed above. About six weeks before your moving date is still fair for movers to come for estimation, also known as an in-home estimation of your household stuff.

This also gives you more time to decide if your employer also requires you to provide moving estimates for approval. Make sure you decide the movers you will use at least 4-weeks to the day of loading. Contact the mover to verify your reservation and arrange your packing, loading, and delivery dates.

Thus the timeframe can be lowered during the off-peak season, which starts from the 15th of September to the 15th of May.   

What amount of time will it take to move my home?

Every move is just unique and requires a different time for completion. The completion time for a move is based on your home size, the magnitude of your belongings, and your move’s distance.

About three hours may be required to pack, load and haul your goods locally if you are relocating a single bedroom, while a long-distance move may take about 2-weeks depending on the size of your home, and the number of things to be transported. 

In general, the amount of time it will take to complete your house move is determined by your type of move as well as the size of your household. Factors like distance from your entry door to the moving truck can also increase the overall moving time when moving locally. 

Can movers relocate us after office hours or during the weekend?

Most commercial moves are performed during these periods because of the situations of the building. With resources of the moving companies, movers don’t find it hard at all to attend to moves after office hours or over the weekend. 

Can I ride with the movers in the moving truck?

No. By the regulations of the Department of Transportation, which prohibits every moving company from allowing any other person to be transported on the moving truck aside from the company’s crewmembers.  

Can I put my items in garbage bags?

Storing items in boxes will optimize things, as movers often use dollies to wheel the belongings to the moving truck, and you can place up to eight boxes on each dolly. Working rate will be reduced and less efficient when you put items in bags because bags are to be carried by hand.

Although you are allowed to fill about five bags with bedding and linens, your entire clothing and personal items are better packed in boxes, suitcases, or bins. 

Final Words

The tips highlighted above can go a long way in helping you have a good moving experience even if you are moving last minute. Do not underestimate the importance of any of the tips. However, it is recommended to avoid last minute moves as much as possible but in cases where it becomes inevitable, then you have to take the bull by the horn. Look at the options available to you and make a quick decision on what options will best serve your interest. Being decisive and calculative is key in last minute moves.

Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.

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