Enterprise Truck Rental Review 2024

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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Enterprise is one of the largest companies in the US that offer reliable and cost-effective different sizes of rental and car rental services with wide coverage, but for just local moves. Its services also include moving truck rental.




Enterprise Truck Rental

  • Responsive customer service
  • Affordable rates
  • Transparent pricing

Enterprise has gone a long way in delivering top-notch services to the do-it-‘yourself moving consumers. The moving trucks are available for rent for local movers and on a round-trip – meaning that you will have to return the moving truck to the pick-up location after usage irrespective of the distance of your move. Hence, you can rely on Enterprise for your moving truck rental as you are looking to embark on a DIY local move.

The company provides you with ease of locating them as they have their presence in 46 states of the United States with varieties of moving trucks in their fleet that you can choose from. You will have to look elsewhere for truck rental if your move is above 300 miles as the company only deals with local rentals.

Continue reading to see the need to opt for Enterprise and also where you need to have caution based on our experts’ recommendations for improvements.

Enterprise® Company at a Glance

Enterprise® started its operation in 1957 with just seven cars and grows to where they are today. The company was referred to as an “executive leasing company” by Jack Taylor and was situated in St. Louis.

Enterprise started with leasing and not renting cars. The founder then discovered in 1962 that there are people who needed an alternative to their automobiles. He added selling cars to its business in the same period due to its necessity. The company extended beyond St. Louis in 1969 and first used Enterprise as its new name. The company became international in 1993 when it opens an office in Windsor, Canada.

Enterprise as at this time now had over 200,000 vehicles for rental business and 1,500 business locations. Today, the company now has over 7,600 locations in over 85 countries. For those looking to rent moving trucks, you can patronize Enterprise Rent-a-Car for your DIY move. They have different types of moving vehicles in their fleets, such as pickup trucks, vans, and 26-ft straight trucks.

Understand that you will be responsible for driving any truck you chose to rent. This is not the same as renting containers. You can make a reservation online by filling out a form or call the company. You can easily fill out the online booking form as it is not difficult to understand, although you might find some things questionable. For clarity’s sake, you might have to contact one of their customer representatives.

It is a fact that renting moving trucks for your DIY move is the most cost-effective option, and Enterprise is ready to help simplify this. An estimate can be given to you upfront, and some factors could affect the price, as the moving process begins. Similarly, you might have to evaluate your cost for the move by yourself as the cost for a truck rental might be different for every move. In general, Enterprise helps those planning a DIY move by renting moving trucks, an affordable option to relocating locally.

How does Enterprise work?

Enterprise offers moving trucks, vans, and pickups that can be used for different moving needs for rent. However, the daily rates charged by the company are slightly higher than other rental companies we reviewed. If your move is not beyond 300 miles, the company will not charge mileage rates for its small size vehicles. The company also has large moving trucks for rental, but there is no provision available for 1-way moves.

In most cases, Enterprise operates similarly to other moving truck rental companies. This involves picking up the truck, loading it, driving it to your new home, unload the truck and return it to its location. Despite this, there are major differences to note.

You will be required to make reservations for larger box trucks over the phone while others can be done on the company’s website. The major difference between Enterprise and other moving truck rental companies is that Enterprise only supports round-trip relocations.

This means that you will pick and return the moving truck to the same location. This comes with additional costs for long-distance renters. Only a few Enterprise locations support 1-way rentals. Contact the nearest Enterprise rental location to you to see if it is allowed there.

Services offered by Enterprise

Enterprise Truck Rentals will provide you with any type or size of moving automobiles you need for your move regardless of the type of belongings you are moving. The company has over 270 locations in the United States, including Puerto Rico and Canada.

Moving services from Enterprise includes: 

  • Local moves
  • Rental of different truck sizes and types
  • Moving and packing materials
  • Discounts
  • Insurance coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Online booking
  • Unique features from Enterprise
  • No mileage fees on some moving truck rentals.
  • It allows the use of diesel engines on some types of moving trucks.

Different Truck Sizes offered by Enterprise

Enterprise has 14 different truck sizes in its fleet, and this is more than what U-Haul, Penske, or Budget has. This makes Enterprise an edge over others in the industry. Although a few of the truck sizes are mainly used for a commercial move, even at that, 14 different truck sizes are still huge compared to its competitors.

This is very important as customers can choose the truck that best fits their needs. For instance, for a company that offers only three-truck sizes, customers will be forced into calculating how the available sizes can work for their needs. Sometimes, customers might even pay for unused space. It is mostly possible that you will get the perfect truck size for your move with Enterprise that has a wide range of truck sizes.

There are also some equipment options being offered by Enterprise, such as cargo vans, pickup trucks, and straight trucks. The most popularly used for household moves is the straight trucks, which range from 15ft to – 26ft.

While it is essential to have knowledge about the size of truck for your move, the actual size of the company you are considering should be ascertained.

Below are various truck sizes offered by Enterprise:

15’ Parcel Van

This truck size is used for moving one to a three-bedroom house. It contains sitting for two people and also contains a pull-out ramp. The moving truck uses gasoline with the following features:

  • Can contain goods of 1-3 rooms
  • Measurement: 15’L x 96”W x 84”H
  • Maximum weight capacity: 5,000 pounds
  • Contains pull-out ramp (for loading)
  • Has 2-person seats
  • Uses gasoline fuel

16’ Cab-Over Truck

This truck size, which also has a liftgate, is perfect for three to four bedrooms house relocation and contains seating for three people. It uses diesel in addition to the following features:

  • Can contain goods of 3 – 4 rooms
  • Measurement: 16’L x 96”W x 90”H
  • Maximum weight capacity: 7,500 pounds
  • contains liftgate (for loading)
  • Has 3-person seats
  • Uses gasoline fuel

24’ Box Truck

This truck size, which also has a liftgate, is perfect for moving 5+ bedrooms house and contains seating for three people. It uses diesel with the following features:

  • Can contain goods of 5+ rooms
  • Measurement: 24’L x 102”W x 102”H
  • Maximum weight capacity: 10,000 pounds
  • contains liftgate (for loading)
  • Has 3-person seats
  • Uses gasoline fuel

26’ Box Truck

This truck size, which also has a liftgate, is perfect for moving 5+ bedrooms house and contains seating for three people. It uses diesel in addition to the following features:

  • Can contain goods of 5+ rooms
  • Measurement: 26’L x 102”W x 102”H
  • Maximum weight capacity: 10,000 pounds
  • contains liftgate (for loading)
  • Has 3-person seats
  • Uses gasoline fuel

Towing availability

Only a few moving trucks offer towing equipment in some locations. The best option here is to hire a professional auto Transport Company to ship your vehicle across the country. Towing of the vehicle behind rental trucks is not allowed by Enterprise.

How much does it cost to rent Enterprise Trucks?

Pricing is one of the major factors to consider when moving. Costs for rental trucks with Enterprise are determined by the equipment you chose, the duration of the rental, and the distance involved. Rental cost of Enterprise might seem too high, but it is on the same level as its competitors.

Enterprise is just more sincere with its pricing compared with its competition. For instance, the quote below was given for sample relocation for 24’box moving truck that has a lift gate in Dallas, TX.

  • $499.96 for a week
  • $0.22/mile
  • $124.99 daily

Taxes, fuel, or other fees are not included in this quote. Generally, you will find the daily rental rate and mileage fee on a typical moving truck rental quotes.

Truck rental rates can range from $89 to $475/day, with the mileage price between $0.20 and $0.69 depending on the location of the Enterprise center you chose. You should consider the distance you are moving if your rental truck doesn’t qualify for the free 300 miles offered on some rentals by Enterprise.

You will be required to calculate your mileage estimates using your calculator, as Enterprise will not include it in their rental quotes.

We based our calculation on a move that involves 60-mile, using a 24-ft box moving trucks for two days to determine the cost of renting a moving truck with Enterprise. We restricted our quote to the lowest plan, and we didn’t add any insurance.

Rental Cost for Long-Distance Move 

There seems to be no point in renting a moving truck from Enterprise for a long-distance move. The pick-up location would be too far from some places based on your location and where you are moving to.

You would need to drive it to another state and then drive it back to the pick-up location to drop it off again. And you would have to do all these within 3 days to avoid being charged extras.

This might not even be the best option for the local move as well because the pickup location might be far from your area. You might have to face many hassles on the way before you get to the location to pick up and even return the moving truck.

Rental Cost for Local Move

Enterprise is a very competitive company. They give a quote for a straight moving truck of any size. There are air conditioning, power steering, and automatic transmission in these moving trucks.

You could simply upgrade to the largest size truck (26-ft straight truck) with similar features for just $497.51. Note that the price will increase when insurance and other additional services are added.

How to Get a Rental Quote from Enterprise

Enterprise is greatly applauded for issuing a quote without you placing a call to them. You are only required to supply some basic info about your need on their website.

Enterprise scores major points for not making your call to get a quote. Instead, all you need to do is to enter some basic information online, such as:

  • Moving date
  • Rental moving truck type required
  • Current location and destination
  • Your age (must be 21–24 or above)

The convenience that comes with receiving rental quotes online is sweet (especially if the companies are much) even though you might have to call them to finalize your reservation.

The fact that your booking assures your preferred location and your moving truck size is also appreciated, as it is not what every rental company can offer. It is necessary to read the whole estimates and price calculations for clarity on extra costs.

It is worth note that $0.59 will be charged per each mile you travel above the agreed mileage. You will also be told that there might be taxes and additional surcharges. The rental deposit you make is added to the overall rental cost on the reservation document.

Enterprise Insurance Package

Enterprise presents to you four different types of protection plans on its rentals, and they include roadside protection, damage waiver, personal accident coverage, and supplemental liability coverage.

The assigned daily rates determine the cost. This implies that the coverage you choose and the rental duration of the truck will determine your overall protection cost.

There is no fixed price for each coverage as your preferred Enterprise location will determine. You will have an idea of how much protection will cost through your online rental quote. An additional $25.99/day may be charged on supplemental liability coverage for your relocation.

Below is the breakdown of protection plans available with Enterprise:

1. Damage Waiver:

Any loss or damage that occurs to the rental truck is waived or reduced by this plan. The amount of coverage is not properly disclosed and thus requires you to contact your Enterprise location directly.

Enterprise Truck rental agrees to free you of any responsibility associated with paying for any loss or damage to the rental truck if you opt for this protection. The price for this location plan varies based on the rental location and the type of vehicle.

2. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) & Personal Effects Cover (PEC):

You and your passengers are covered in case there is a need for medical expenses and death resulting from accidents, including your personal belongings transported in the moving truck.

This coverage is solely dependent on you as Enterprise will not assess your current protection plan’s value. The coverage provided by PAI & PEC varies depending on the location and the average values between exactly $5.13 and $13.00 daily.

3. Roadside protection (24/7):

This protection plan covers the changing of flat tires, lockout services, fuel deliveries, jumpstarts, and replacement of lost key. This implies that Enterprise will send you someone if you are stranded on the roadside while moving to your new destination using their truck.

4. Supplemental liability protection:

This protection plan covers around $1,000,000 for any liability claims from the third party and is the most complex plan on the Enterprise list. For instance, if you are to cover expenses for someone as a result of an accident caused by moving the truck to their body or property, you need this package.

Moving Experience with Enterprise

There are various reviews from customers, as Enterprise provides customers with excellent service delivery at its various locations with varieties of choices.

Kindly note that there are no charges on mileage for small-sized vehicles available for rental. You can easily navigate the Enterprise Truck Rental website to make a reservation for smaller vans and moving trucks.

Enterprise is more of a car rental company than a normal moving truck rental service like Penske or U-Haul. You must be 21 years of age or more before you can be allowed to rent a truck, but Enterprise prefers 25years.

The enterprise might not be your lasts stop if your move requires additional moving supplies such as furniture pads or hand trucks.

Although the company’s website advised that you should check with various Enterprise locations to see if any of them has moving supplies, this will only increase the stress as other rental companies offer this service without stress.

Other Things to Know About Enterprise Rental Truck

Some features distinguish Enterprise from other truck rental companies, although they operate basically in the same way. Make sure you read through the terms of qualifying for truck rental from the company.

Also, note that you are to return the moving truck to the original location where you picked it from. Using this truck for a 1-way long-distance move will only add to the cost.

Moving Trucks from Enterprise uses Diesel Engine

There are not many truck rental companies that offer moving trucks with diesel engines for business, as it can greatly save you enough money. Diesel trucks can carry more weight, and they also have higher torque compared to regular moving trucks.

This means that driving them uphill is possible. So if your belongings weight more than normal or the terrain of your area is not smooth, the best option for you is a diesel truck as it will make the entire experience sweet and smooth.

The efficiency of diesel trucks is much, so your gas price will be reduced based on the distance to be traveled when you opt for a diesel truck for your move. It is a plus for Enterprise Truck Rental.

Below are rental truck options with diesel engines from Enterprise:

  • Pickup truck (all sizes)
  • Cab-over truck (16’)
  • Box truck (all sizes)
  • Stake-bed truck (all sizes)

300 Free Miles is sometimes offered by Enterprise 

We recommend Enterprise for local moves purposely because of the inclusion of 300 local miles on some rental moving truck bookings for free. Although most truck rental companies offer free mileage on long-distance relocations, the first company to do this for local moves is Enterprise.

The commitment of Enterprise to reduce local rental costs is plausible. You will be able to save extra money from the included mileage as a DIY mover on a mission to move cheaply.

The only issue here is that this free mileage doesn’t apply to box trucks, which might be known to you as conventional moving trucks. Only smaller moving trucks are offered this mileage, meaning that only customers will a small number of items will enjoy it.

Below are the trucks from Enterprise that has 300 free mileage: 

  • ¾-ton pickup truck
  • 1-ton pickup truck
  • 5-foot parcel van
  • Compact cargo van
  • Cargo van
  • Heavy-duty cargo van
  • Heavy-duty ‘XL’ cargo van
  • High-roof cargo van

Pros and Cons of using Enterprise

Truck rental is the perfect option for DIY customers who are willing to drive a moving truck. The do-it-yourself move is not what everyone can pull off.

You must be good at driving and also hold a valid driver’s license to undertake this task. You must also be ready to abide by the set rules by the rental truck company.

For instance, you must be of at least 21 years of age before you can be allowed to rent a moving truck. Enterprise will only rent to you if you are at least 25 years old if you have no major credit card.

The Upside

You take the wheel: You are in charge of the entire moving task when you rent a moving truck for your move. There are only a few things concerning scheduling and planning that doesn’t directly concern you.

For instance, you will be at the driver’s mercy when you rent a moving container for your move. This is also the case when you rent for a space for your item in a freight truck. But in the case of a rental moving truck, you will be doing the loading, driving, and unloading all by yourself.

If you feel loading and unloading of the truck will be much on you, then the money you are saving can be used to pay professionals to assist with the loading and unloading. You can as well invite friends and family members to assist you with it.

Renting a moving truck is the most affordable option for Do-it-yourself movers: There is no arguing your best option when trying to save cost on your DIY move, as it is always renting a moving truck.

Although you might have to pay for additional costs, it has been established that the base cost of renting a moving truck is very low compared to other DIY options.

You will enjoy the best cancellation policy: You are not to give the company any means of payment until you get to the pickup location. The company will very much appreciate it if you place a courtesy call to them before you cancel your reservation. There is no charge on cancellation at any point in time, even if it is on the pickup day.


We already mentioned that Enterprise offers only local relocation. This implies that you would have to return the truck to the pickup location when you are through with it.

This not only poses a great round of stress to the customer considering the stress involved in moving, but it also restricts the type of people that can use Enterprise. You won’t be allowed to use rental trucks from Enterprise if your move is beyond 300 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special driver’s permit to drive a moving van?

It is not necessary for you to obtain a separate driver’s license to legally drive a rented moving van. If you have a valid car license from an American state, you can rent a moving truck without too many issues.

Some truck rental companies do ask for a credit card so they can keep it on file in case there is any issue during your rental. They may also have an age requirement, such as Enterprise requiring you to be at least 21 years of age.

Is there a better time of day to drive a moving van on the highway?

If you have never driven a large truck on a highway, you may be concerned about being in too much traffic. One option is to make your journey during off-peak hours.

Driving early in the morning is an option if you are moving on a weekend. The middle of the day may be a better option on a weekday, as there tends to be more traffic on most highways in the morning and when people get off work.

Can someone else drive the moving truck if I rented it?

Most truck rental companies will ask you to provide information about any other people who may drive the truck during the rental period.

For instance, you may be the one who is moving, but if you do not have a driver’s license you could get a friend to drive the truck. The company must get your information and your friend’s, and then you can make the payment with your debit or credit card.

While you are unlikely to get into trouble for someone not registered with the company driving the truck, it could become an issue if you are pulled over by the police or in an accident.

What are some accessories that can help with the process of loading and unloading a moving truck?

There are several loading and moving tools that you could use during this process. Hand trucks are an excellent way to stack a few boxes and easily transport them over a short distance.

If you have larger items such as kitchen appliances or a washer and dryer, you may want to rent an appliance dolly. A standard hand truck may not have the capacity to hold the appliance securely.

There are also four wheel dollies that you can use for larger items, such as cabinets, bookshelves, and pianos. If the truck does not come with a loading ramp, you may want to rent one as well.

I am worried about furniture suffering damage in the back of the moving van. What can I do?

Furniture moving around while you are on the road is a legitimate concern, as the slightest bump can leave a mark on wood. Most moving trucks have in-built accessories that allow you to tie furniture to the edges of the truck. That ensures your pieces do not move around.

Wrapping furniture in blankets or bubble wrap also protects it from any bumps on the road.

Should I fill up the moving truck before I turn it into the company?

Yes, it is a good idea to fill up the moving van to the same level as when you rented it out. The company may overcharge you for a fuel refill if you return it with a near empty tank.

Try to find a gas station close to the drop off spot for the moving van. Then you can fill up the fuel tank and drop off the van within a few miles.


You have the chance to choose a truck size that perfectly suits your needs as Enterprise has the largest truck sizes compared to other truck rental companies. This enables you to spend on what you need and not pay for truck space that you don’t need. You will have to return the rental truck to the pickup location because Enterprise only offers local moves. You might want to reconsider going for Enterprise Truck Rentals if the distance of your move is long. Have you used Enterprise before? What is your experience? Share with us in the comment box!