Two Men and a Truck Review 2023

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Sep 20, 2023

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Two Men and A Truck provides full relocation service, storage services, and hourly labor service to customers for their residential and commercial moving needs. The company has its presence in over 300 locations across the country, making it available almost anywhere in the United States.




Two Men and a Truck

  • Wide geographic range
  • Licensed and insured
  • No hidden fees


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Type: Local, Long distance, International Moves

For instance, some of its branches only offer moving services for certain distances. The company’s moving pricing is also not as transparent as we want. Finally, customer feedbacks are mostly positive but vary based on branches.

Two Men and a Truck is becoming one of the most accessible movers in the country as it keeps creating franchises in new locations. Their moving service is one of the best you can get in the country. The quality of service you receive from Two Men and a Truck depends on the franchise you visit.

You can either enjoy the service or end up not being satisfied. Similarly, the quality of services from your local Two Men and a Truck branch will determine the moving experience you have with them. The website presents you with excellent customer service; however, the moving experience solely depends on your local movers. Continue reading this comprehensive Two Men and a Truck review to discover more facts about the company.

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Things to Know About Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck has been in the moving business for over three decades, and it proud itself as the movers who care. This is not a feign promise as the company has always been known to keep up with that promise, and it is evident on its website.

Among its slogan is treating customers with uttermost care, having integrity as well as giving back to the community the best way they can.

Two Men and a Truck is one of the big players in the moving industry. However, Two Men and a Truck, just like other movers, don’t come cheap.

Most customers will remove this company from the list of movers they are considering due to their budget. However, if your budget can take care of your moving with Two Men and a Truck, then do it to save yourself from the moving stress.

Many customers find the company attractive with their customer service and their love for the community. However, there are some holes to avoid.

Your moving experience with Two Men and a Truck will be determined by the local franchise you partner with. We strongly advise that you read reviews and seek recommendations from your family and friends on the closest franchise to your home.

Once you have many positive reviews, then you can proceed with them. Regardless of the franchise you choose, each of them should conform to the general rules of Two Men and a Truck. There is basic insurance available with various options.

Two Men and a Truck’s Services

Two Men and a Truck offers full moving services for both local and long distance movers for any size of home even though we already mentioned that some of the company’s branches only offers services for local moves.

We were referred to another branch after the first branch we contacted told us they could only handle relocations that do not exceed 800 miles. This implies that the problem can be easily resolved. You may have to partner with a different moving company if the Two Men and a Truck franchise in your area only handle local moves.

Two Men and a Truck also provides you with both short and long term storage options even if you are not relocating. This is a bonus for you, especially if you have to move out of your old home and your new home is not ready yet, or you don’t have enough space for your items again.

Although these services are very important, however, they are very common. Most of the under-listed services are available with almost every moving company only a few of the services make Two Men and a Truck stand out.

What makes Two Men and a Truck Standout?

  • In-home moving services
  • Community service programs
  • Packing supply choices

Other Services from Two Men and a Truck

  • Local and long-distance moves
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Corporate relocations
  • Storage services
  • Special items moving
  • Piano moving
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Protecting wrapping for furniture and other fragile items
  • Large appliance moving
  • Additional valuation coverage

Outstanding Features of Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck will handle every heavy lifting work in your home, aside from the standard relocation services it offers. The company will assist you in repositioning any of your bulky furniture such as your old grandma couches, your large-size bed, your piano, a large refrigerator, and the rest.

Be free to hire professional movers from Two Men and a Truck for all kinds of heavy lifting around your home to avoid breaking your back. This service is perfect for those looking to stage their home or rearrange their house for any reason. Their movers are well trained to handle all forms of staging to make your home more attractive, especially when you plan to sell.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Two Men and a Truck?

It is impossible to determine prices for the company’s services because each of its branches sets its own moving rates, and there is no pricing regulation in place. This implies that there is a difference in price depending on your location.

There is no price listing on Two Men and a Truck’s website so as not to cause confusion between their customers at various regions. However, we make every effort to find out how the company calculates its moving price so you can have an idea of how much your move will cost you.

Price for Long-Distance Move

The total weight of your belongings, as well as the distance of your move, will determine your moving price, as those are the factors considered by Two Men and a Truck before they charge you for the move. The company also state on its website that some factors can also affect your moving price, such as:

  • Flights of stairs
  • The distance between the moving truck and your door during loading and unloading
  • Loading and unloading duration
  • Driving time

Two Men and a Truck give you the opportunity to choose from its list of long-distance delivery options namely – expedited shipping and Value Flex®.

  • Expedited: This option makes sure the same moving crew that loads your moving truck also hauls it to your destination home and unloads it. This option is faster and more convenient but pricey compared to the Value Flex option.
  • Value Flex®: This option is cheaper compared to the expedited option; however, it takes a while before it completes and also involves some risks. Your possessions will be packed inside a large crate and loaded into a trailer together with other people’s crates instead of being loaded into a moving truck that contains only your belongings. A local moving crew will then unload the crates from Two Men and a Truck after it arrives at your new home.

Insurance Options with Two Men and a Truck

The moving estimate is given to you for long-distance usually contains insurance options. When an agent was contacted over the phone, the agent couldn’t give us an actual value but promised to get back to us once they have everything calculated.

The agent did not estimate the cost with us over the phone but instead sent an email containing the estimated insurance coverage. Two Men and a Truck have the minimum liability added in their original long-distance moving estimate, and it provides coverage for $.60 per pound per item.

The original cost would have been $10,413.80, which is $413 higher than the actual estimated amount, including minimum liability coverage. The second insurance option available with Two Men and a Truck is full coverage. It means that the company will pay the full value of any of your lost or damaged belongings.

They will either repair the damaged item or have another company repair it while they pay, or they just reimburse you with the actual value of the item. Full-service movers must provide an estimate that includes the cost of this coverage option.

Because it was mentioned when filling the online form that there is a low budget for the move, the agent then did not include the coverage cost in the estimate; neither did she discuss anything about it when we talked over the phone.

The company suggests that you check your homeowner’s insurance to see if there is coverage for you, or you could just add a rider to save some cash on the move.

How to Save Money with Two Men and a Truck

If your local movers’ charges per hour, then any work you do before they come will definitely reduce the total amount you pay. Below are some tips on how to save on your moving cost with Two Men and a Truck:

  • Pack the light stuff yourself and leave the bulky ones
  • Create an easy path for the moving crew
  • Make sure the distance between your door and the moving truck is not much
  • Don’t be afraid to ask any question

Don’t waste time contacting the customer representatives of the company if after doing all the tasks above, the movers are still taking much time to do their work. You don’t want to pay for the movers while they are wasting your time doing irrelevant things.

Don’t Place Many trusts in Reviews

It is time for us to discuss more moving reviews. There are different customers with different reviews on Two Men and a Truck’s moving services. Consider the reviews, but the experience you get will depend on your local Two Men and a Truck brand.

It is also known that people would rather leave bad comments than good ones. Go through the reviews with an open mind and make sure you always remember the Grandma Rule all through the process.

Who are Two Men and a Truck Perfect for?

If you have enough budget for your move and you don’t want to involve yourself in any of the heavy lifting, then Two Men and a Truck is good for you. The company is a perfect fit for older adults as well as those that are physically challenged.

Two Men and a Truck is a full-service mover and thus handle all the aspect of the move while you only supervise. If you are young and healthy, then you can look for other cheap moving companies or options.

Two Men and a Truck’s Upsides

They do everything for you: The convenience and ease that comes with working with a full-service moving company makes them reputable and reliable. Although Two Men and a Truck promises to make the entire moving process seamless for you, this is not only about the labor aspect, also includes being able to attend to you anytime about your move.

You only need to point to the items that need to be packed, and the moving crew will handle the rest. You don’t need to involve yourself in any of the work as they will do a clean and perfect job for you.

You can easily get an online estimate: You just need to answer some questions on the company’s website to receive a moving quote. This will not take much of your time. You will receive a call from one of their representatives within a few hours, and they will discuss the moving cost with you and the details involved.

A written estimate will then be sent to your e-mail by the sales representative of the company. The entire quote process is done digitally with no physical presence of any representative in your home for an in-home survey.

Fabulous customer service representatives: The team of staff working for Two Men and a Truck will make you forget the huge amount you are paying for the move with their politeness and good customer relations.

Someone from Two Men and a Truck office will call you within a few hours you requested a free moving estimate. Different representatives will continue to call you at a various separate phase of the moving process. They respond promptly to questions and will also walk you through the moving process.

They make sure their customers satisfy before they could hang up the call and allow them to express any of their concerns while filling the online forms. They took their time to give me an explanation based on their shared concerns.

However, none of the reps had much information on how one could save some money on the move, even when suggested moving during the week and not the weekend. All in all, you will be impressed and satisfied with the service of the representatives, their knowledge, and their responsiveness all through the process.

Two Men and a Truck’s Downsides

A long-distance move is always costly: Full-service movers offer every relevant service to make your relocation a seamless endeavor but at a great cost, especially when your move involves a long-distance.

You must figure out if the services really justify the cost when considering a mover like Two Men and a Truck. Your budget is also worth considering. The amount involved here is nothing to joke about. If your budget is not enough, you can always consider a Hybrid move instead, as it is cheaper and also reduces stress.

There may be a problem from online inventory: Although the online inventory makes it convenient for the customer, one can easily make a mistake. Customers do always received sales reps from different moving companies in their homes, even after receiving their different moving quotes online.

They will conduct an in-home survey to take inventory of their items and also determine the actual weight before they charge them. But online with Two Men and a Truck, you only need to tell them the type of furniture and other details to get your quote.

Deposit is required: A credit card is required before you can be given a moving date. While most rental trucks and container companies only charge a deposit on the relocation day to delivery, full-service movers charge even before the moving day so you can secure a place.

According to a customer, he said he was charged $250 before the moving day by Two Men and a Truck; however, the company reimbursed the money when he canceled the reservation. The company shows a greater commitment, unlike other moving companies that offer Hybrid or DIY move.

Getting a Quote from Two Men and a Truck

Although you are allowed to begin the quote process from the company’s website, you will only get the final figure of your moving cost after a representative of the company speaks with you.

You will be required to supply details like your name, phone number, email, and the moving date. You will then be asked to supply details of your household items. This may seem like a tiring process, but the website is very interactive.

You will be able to select the number of rooms as well as the number and type of appliances and furniture in each room. The number of moving boxes you would need to pack up in each room will be required as well.

You will then be contacted by one of the company’s sales representatives to issue you a moving quote after completing this step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the trucks used by Two Men and a Truck?

When you’re moving, you want to be able to know that the moving company you have chosen has the right size trucks to safely haul all of your stuff to your new place. Many moving companies offer different sized trucks for different sized homes.

Two Men and a Truck are a little different in that regard, however. You will find that their one and only option is one that should suit almost any move quite well, and it is a 26 foot box trailer. Depending on where in the country you live, you may also find that the Two Men and a Truck franchise in your area offers 16 foot portable storage containers, as well.

When is the best time to schedule a move with Two Men and a Truck?

Two Men and a Truck move a lot of people a year, and they are one of the busier moving companies around. If you want to work with them to get your move completed, then waiting until their off-season to plan your move will help you save you a good bit of money. Like most moving companies, they will be busiest during weekends and summertime. To save a bit of cash, try to plan your move around the fall or winter seasons.

Why is Two Men and a Truck pricier than budget moving companies?

Two Men and a Truck are a little pricier because they are a full-service moving company, providing numerous services designed to take the work off of your shoulders. They offer a wide range of convenient moving services, like packing up your things for you and even offering special handling services for old family heirlooms or unique pieces of furniture.

If you don’t need some of these extra services, you can save a good bit of money when working with Two Men and a Truck, since they will simply be loading the truck, driving it to your new home, and then unloading your belongings.

How long does it take to receive an estimate from Two Men and a Truck?

The online estimate process is simple enough to understand, but how long should you expect to be waiting for your in-person estimate? After you fill out the online form on the Two Men and a Truck website, you should receive an email in a few minutes (maybe longer, depending on how busy their servers are).

Typically, you can expect to hear about an in-person follow-up in a matter of days. This is when you will be able to sit down with a Two Men and a Truck representative and ask any questions you may have about your upcoming move.

Can I get moving supplies from Two Men and a Truck?

You can! If you head to the Two Men and a Truck website, you will be able to find plenty of moving supplies, such as boxes, packing tape, stretch wrap, and more. You can place your order online and have it shipped right to your door.

For added convenience, you can also snag free local delivery of boxes if you have at least $50 on order for moving and packing supplies, and you’ll even be refunded for any boxes you don’t use during your move.


Looking at it from a corporate perspective, Two Men and a Truck is a very friendly, organized, and professional moving company. The major issue with them is that the success of your move depends on the local franchise of your choice. Some people would have a wonderful moving experience, while others would end poorly. Two Men and a Truck should be considered if you have heard many success stories about the local franchise in your area.