Mayflower Moving Review 2024: Cost, Insurance

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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Mayflower has a cross-country network of agents that assist with almost all types of moves. We wish the company provided a pricing estimate before performing an on-site inspection, but it does provide a list of extra package prices on its website.




Mayflower Moving

  • Flexible payment options
  • Great customer service
  • Licensed and insured

Mayflower is a national full-service van line that provides you flexible options for any size of moves, whether they are household or commercial, local or interstate. Mayflower even performs international moves, such as the Pilgrims. Mayflower has been rendering moving services for over 90 years, so they really must be getting something right.

You can include house-cleaning with their easy services, such as home theatre setups, PC and network setups, real estate services, or trash removal, which makes it a better comprehensive service for handling everything all at once. With great coverage options and a long list of additional moving services, Mayflower enables customers to customize their moving packages to satisfy their individual needs.

However, if you are just trying to obtain an instant quote before you decide, you might not like the difficult estimate process of Mayflower. Continue reading to figure out how Mayflower can offer you an easy and stress-free moving experience.

Services Offered by Mayflower

Mayflower is a full-service moving company which means that loading, transportation, unloading, and logistics are factored into the local cost. On the other hand, if you move with a container or pod company, like PODS or U-Pack, the basic cost would accommodate transportation and some logistics, but excluding loading and unloading.

Together with its fleet of moving trucks, Mayflower partners with many independently owned and operated local movers. It also offers many extra services and through 3rd parties, like cleaning and storage.

Mayflower handles the following move types:

1. Local moves

Mayflower has been moving within state borders for a long time. An agent might match you with one of its moving partners to finalize a local move.

2. Long-distance moves

Mayflower relocates customers all over the country. Popular extra services for these types of moves are auto transport, storage services, house cleaning, and packing and unpacking.

3. International moves

Mayflower moves customers to over 150 countries. Its moving packages are the same as international moves.

4. Military moves

Mayflower has moved over 225,000 military members in the last 10 years. Popular extra services for military moves include temporary storage, packing and unpacking, and trash removal.

5. Corporate moves

Mayflower’s packing services make it easy to move corporate organizations.

6. Small moves

Mayflower performs small moves faster than normal-sized moves. Extra services are cheaper with small moves. Call to find out if you qualify.

Each Mayflower move, regardless of the size features claim help, loading and unloading, a designated moving coordinator, and full-value protection.

Premium Mayflower services that cost more are:

7. Storage

You have storage solutions available with Mayflower for when your move-out and move-in dates don’t tally. Small moves are qualified for huge discounts on storage.

8. Auto transport

Mayflower transports cars and boats.

9. Packing and unpacking

Select from every full packing, partial parking, only unpacking, electronics packing & installation, and custom crating.

10. Furniture assembly and disassembly

Movers at Mayflower disassemble furniture and reassemble it again in your new home.

11. Specialty items

Movers at Mayflower are experienced in moving pianos, delicate items, and antiques.

12. Cleaning services

Mayflower partners with 3rd parties to clean the home before their occupants move out.

Majority of Van Lines Delegate Specialty Moving Services

Mayflower, similar to most other full-service best movers, partners with 3rd party companies to handle some specialized moving tasks. Need to relocate a piano, hot tub, or pool table? Here is a great chance your moving company might bring in a specialist to help make sure it is properly packed and transported.

How Much is The Cost of Moving Assistance From Mayflower?

Moving services from Mayflower are highly costly. Make plan and create time during the move preparation to get a quote as the company doesn’t offer quick online moving estimates. You will need to arrange an on-site or virtual household inspection with a moving agent. Mayflower asks for a walkthrough, as they determine the cost by considering distance and overall weight.

A survey of the furniture in your home will make sure the representative can give an accurate moving quote. For instance, heavy belongings like large armoires or home theatre seating will impact the weight part of your Mayflower quote. Reaching out to Mayflower can be easily done via email, phone, or chat.

Below is a snapshot of the median cost of a move based on your type of home, the overall weight of your belongings, and the distance of your relocation.

Home Type Weight of Household Items Median Cost 1,000-Mile Move
Studio Apartment 1,800-2,000 lbs $1,500
One-Bedroom Apartment 2,500-3,500 lbs. $1,800 to $2,500
Two-Bedroom House 5,000-6,000 lbs. $3,500 to $4,200
Three-Bedroom House 7,500-10,000 lbs. $5,000 to $7,500
Four-Bedroom House 12,000-15,000 lbs. $8,000 to $10,000
Five-Bedroom House 17,000-20,000 lbs $11,000 to $15,000

What’s included in the Mayflower Basic Price?

You will receive a basic moving price in moving quotes for within the country move. That price includes:

Full loading, transport, and unloading: After unloading, furniture will also be placed in the room of your choice by movers. Disassembly and reassembly services are included for certain items, like standard bed frames, as noted by the company, and also moving appliances like washing machines or refrigerators.

Full Value Protection coveragewhich pays for certain losses and damage that happen during the relocation to a particular limit (we will discuss more later).

You can pay additional money for extra services like professional full-service packing services, Additional Value Protection, and convenience services, such as cleaning and the disassembly and installation of personal computers, home theaters, and networks. In some situations, these extra services can be bought as a part of a package.

Below are the three cheapest packages:

Package What’s included
Essentials: $195 Extra protection and no convenience services.
Plus 1: $395 Extra protection and one convenience service of your choice (excluding move-out cleaning).
Plus 2: $595 Extra protection and two convenience services of your choice (including move-out cleaning).

Mayflower takes credit cards, so if you choose to reserve a move, it could be a great chance to make use of one with a long 0% APR period or a large registration bonus. A 0% APR period can provide you additional time to pay off the balance interest-free, and a huge sign-up bonus which requires that to meet some spending limit in the first few months – can be up to hundreds.

On the contrary, if you need a lot of spending power then you can be eligible for a credit card, a personal loan for moving costs can be your best way to pay.

How to Reserve a Move with Mayflower

Booking a move will need you to speak with an agent, either on the phone or physically. You will need to determine your moving dates, destinations and prepare your contact information. Make use of the in-home estimate available on Mayflower’s website on their moving trucks. This is a necessary visit in the moving process because customers forget to add items in a moving estimate.

On the contrary, you can call on the customer care center at Mayflower to arrange an in-home estimate. During the in-home moving estimate, a salesperson will arrive in your home to see all your items to be moved and to determine their weight and size. The representative will also talk about your moving dates, any extra services you might need like packing, and provide answers to your questions.

At the final phase of your meeting, the salesperson will give you a handwritten estimate for you to check. If you choose to have Mayflower handle your move, you then partner with a move coordinator for assistance with finding out the moving services you will need and to receive answers to your questions across the whole moving process.

Getting Quote from Mayflower

Like a lot of moving company, receiving a moving price from Mayflower require you to make an in-home schedule. Even then, your overall price may vary from your initial quote, so get ready to keep a little extra cash for any surprises.

Mayflower charges based on distance traveled, weight, and volume. Moving quotes are often individual, but generally, you save $1,000 or more if you handle the packing yourself. Our sample quotes start from $3,000 to $7,500.

Over-the-phone estimates are a perfect choice for those who want to keep their privacy as they shop for a moving company, but they are not usually accurate as of the in-home option.

What Affects Your Mayflower Quote?

Many components, such as overall weight of contents and home square footage, impact your moving quote gotten from Mayflower. For instance, a loft apartment with smaller, lightweight furniture will not as expensive as a 3-bedroom home with a completely furnished basement.

The entire distance between your current home and the new home is also a major factor. Your moving date, especially in particular seasons, can lead to higher quotes than off-peak dates. Warmer temperature months are often high in demand because of the best moving weather provided by mild and sunny days.

Families that have school-age children choose summer months to not affect their school’s school year. Choosing May, June, July, August, or September for your move can lead to a higher Mayflower moving quote. Moving extra services like packing, unpacking, and storage with Mayflower will also add to your bid for a moving company.

What Kind of Insurance is offered by Mayflower?

Moving quotes from Mayflower includes insurance automatically, referred to as the Full-Value Protection plan. This plan gives compensation if any of your items are damaged during the relocation process. Mayflower will take responsibility for repairing damaged items or replacing items that are damaged beyond repair or lost items based on your lowest declaration amount.

Remember, full-value protection is different from homeowner’s insurance, so make sure you thoroughly read the relocation coverage plan. If full-value protection is beyond your budget, you sure can opt-out. Opting out means you will be covered under the minimum liability valuation option of Mayflower.

This lowest liability insurance is provided at 60 cents per pound per piece (the minimum as required legally). For instance, a damaged or lost 200-pound treadmill will get a reimbursement amount of $120.

Mayflower Moving Reviews

The reputation of a company’s customer service is important when choosing whether to hire it for your business. That is why we looked into ratings of each company on online review platforms. Mayflower is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is very common since companies are required to pay for accreditation.

Mayflower has an A+ rating as well as shares 12 customer reviews together with its sister companies found under UniGroup.

Some negative moving reviews about Mayflower talked about damaged valuable belongings, while others mentioned that the team is careless with the handling of antiques. Other customers left good feedbacks that complimented the great service, friendliness, and ability of the team to make the move go smooth.


Mayflower partners with selected agents across the country to provide its moving services and storage options. You can get one of its agents at more than 500 locations in 46 states all over the country.

Mayflower Transit locations are available in all states except these:

  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • West Virginia
  • Rhode Island

To see a comprehensive list of places for Mayflower, check the location page on Mayflower’s website and enter your state or zip code.

Is Mayflower a Good Company for my Move?

The experiences you get from Mayflower are dependent on each location, so it is better to read reviews for local agents near you. Package options have advanced costs listed, but it is hard to get even a rough quote for a move. Instead, the company must perform an in-home estimate before they provide an estimate. Yet, Mayflower might be the best option for those in need of a moving company that offers every moving.

FAQ About Mayflower

Does Mayflower mandate an in-home survey?

Yes. Mayflower requires one in-home or virtual estimate arranged with a company representative.

What is the cost to relocate with Mayflower?

Cost is determined by the total weight of content, distance, date of move, as well as extra services like packing and unpacking, cleaning, and so on.

Does Mayflower offer a nationwide move?

Yes. Mayflower offers nationwide move together with 150 countries across the globe.

Does Mayflower offer temporary storage?

Mayflower offers storage solutions for an extra fee. It determines the price using the length of storage and weight of belongings.

What is the median cross-country move with Mayflower?

The average long-distance move costs about $5,000 when you move with Mayflower. Quotes vary depending on seasonality, distance, as well as the weight of household belongings.

Is Mayflower owned by United Van Lines?

No, but Mayflower and United Van Lines are both owned by UniGroup.

Wrap up

We concluded from our review of Mayflower’s moving services that the company is a better option, especially if you are moving long-distance or internationally. The company is largely available, servicing 46 states, and is perfect for movers who require much professional help, such as special packing, auto shipping, and home tech installation.

In addition, the company provides online resources and tools, such as the virtual survey to make sure you obtain an accurate quote. However, a lot of Mayflower moving reviews on third-party review websites talked about the damaged property when moving, so that may be a limitation of its level of customer service.