First Apartment Checklist: Essential Items for Your New Home

By: Tommy Loutzenheiser Last Updated: May 13, 2024

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Moving into your first apartment can be an exciting but also nerve-wracking experience. To make the transition smoother, we've put together a comprehensive checklist to help you cover all the essential items you need to set up your new home.

First Apartment Checklist: Essential Items for Your New Home

Congratulations! You are either looking into moving into your first apartment or are about to. This is a huge step in life. There’s something surreal about sitting in your new kitchen or bedroom and realizing you have a place all on your own. Acquiring everything you need can be stressful, but with the right tips and checklist, it will be a smooth experience.

We have put together a checklist to help you cover all the essentials when moving into your first home.

Before Moving Into Your First Apartment

If you are starting to research apartments, there are a few steps you need to do to make the move easy.

1. Create a Budget

Moving can be expensive when you cater the cost of renting a truck, hiring professional movers, and purchasing packing supplies. Set a budget, so you don’t overspend.

2. Research Neighborhoods

You want to move into a good neighborhood that fits your budget and lifestyle. Remember that different neighborhoods can cost less than what you want to pay for rent or more. Also, consider the location for your commute to work, grocery store, and other services you may need.

3. Signing The Lease

Before signing the lease, make sure to read it thoroughly so you can comprehend the terms and conditions. If you are unsure, ask questions. Sometimes, you can negotiate the terms of the lease.

Also, fully understand what your responsibilities are as a tenant and what responsibilities the landlord has. For example, if you are having plumbing issues, most of the time, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to fix it.

Furnishing Your Apartment

Once you have signed the lease, it is time to start furnishing your space. There are 3 essential areas that need to be furnished once you move in.

1. Bedroom

Your bedroom is the space you will be in a lot of the time, especially for sleep. You will want to furnish it to your liking. Start with a bed, mattress, dresser, nightstand, and bedding.

All the decorative little things can be bought once you are settled in and you have room in your budget. Before buying the essentials, think about the space you have in your bedroom so everything can fit.

2. Living Room

The living room is the main space of your home. This is where you will be entertaining, so you want it to look good. Essential items for this area include the sofa, coffee table, TV, entertainment center, and curtains or blinds.

You may want to get an area rug as well. Always keep in mind the space of the living room so all your furnishings look good, and the area doesn’t look cluttered.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is where you will prepare meals and also entertain guests, so you want this area to look nice and stocked. Items for this area include a dining table, chairs, dishware, and utensils.

Most of the time apartments come with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and oven, so you may not need to worry about these appliances. You may also want other appliances like a coffee machine, air fryer, or toaster.

Other Household Essentials

Since your main areas are covered, there are other essential household items.

1. Bathroom

You will want to get all your bathroom supplies like, toilet paper, soap, body wash, towels, bathroom mats, and toothbrushes. Always have extra just in case you have guests that spend the night.

2. Cleaning supplies

Now that you have a home, you will want to keep it clean. Essential cleaning supplies include a vacuum, mop, broom, dustpan, and cleaning solutions. Keep in mind what type of flooring you have because this can change the cleaning needs.

3. Laundry Supplies

Laundry will be a regular chore that needs to be done. The supplies you will need are a hamper to keep the dirty clothes in, washer and dryer if the apartment didn’t come with them, an iron, an iron board, laundry detergent, and fabric softener.

4. Stock Up

Your fridge and cabinets will be empty when you move in so eventually you will want to stock it. A freshly stocked home from day one of the move can help save money in the long run since you aren’t making impulsive buys. Also, taking a trip to the grocery store is a good idea so you can become familiarized with the store.

5. Home Security

You will need some type of home security, whether an alarm system or purchasing a deadbolt. You want your belongings and your home to be safe when you are away or sleeping.

Mission Complete!

Welcome to your new home! Moving into your first apartment is a daunting task, but exciting and is a significant milestone. This is your first step into your new life. Cherish the time decorating your new space and make it your own. Take into consideration this checklist to make the move easy and breezy.

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