How to Find Most Reliable Cross Country Moving Companies

Moving from one location to another is a very challenging task and also stressful. According to statistics, the percentage of families in the United States is now more than before.

That is why, with the increasing figure, there are many movers offering quality and reliable full moving services for hauling customers for a local or interstate move.

Relocation services over the years have been made to meet the industry standards and specific needs of the consumers significantly. Let’s take a look at the factors that customers must check before making a decision on which cross-country mover is reliable to handle their moves.

How to Find Most Reliable Cross Country Moving Companies

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How to identify a Trustworthy Moving Company

Online research for reviews is a very important step as there is a continuous increase in the nationwide movers as well as the demand for them. It is important that customers understand which movers are offering reputable service.

Even though most moving families will go for affordability, you have to prioritize security first. This could only be satisfied if the moving company uses good equipment and professional employee for the job.

Below are what to look for when choosing cross country moving company:

1. Experience Matters

Be careful of local movers that are known for delivering quality local moving services, but has now shifted their focus on offering cross country moves.

A good number of experiences are required to move clients from one state to another regardless of the distance.

Your preferred cross country mover should possess a minimum of 5 years of national moving experience. Make sure the company knows how to handle specialty items for your long-distance moves to make sure your expensive appliances and furniture make it in perfect condition through the whole move.

2. Personal Referrals

Although online customer feedbacks is the major resource for most people looking to hire one of the best cross country movers or long distance movers, personal recommendations still stand out of everything, especially from your trusted people.

Be sure to think of friends, colleagues, or relatives who just completed a move before you go online to go through multiple customer reviews on international moving companies. Personal recommendation is still the most effective tool any company can get for marketing.

You will find it easier in choosing the best company for your move when you ask a friend or any closed person about their experiences with different cross country movers.

You can get a great list of national moving companies to choose from when you get a personal recommendation from your trusted friends or family.

3. Speaking of Reviews

In the event where you can’t get any referral or recommendation for a reliable cross country mover from your trusted circle, then your next play is to hop online and read through reviews to determine the perfect cross country moving company.

Start checking Yelp, Google, and Facebook for quality and genuine customer reviews. It would help if you looked out for any favorable review patterns like many customers’ reviews centered on the company’s friendly customer service or putting in their best to avoid traffic congestion.

4. Licensed and Insured

This should be a normal thing you know because the cross country movers must possess the appropriate credentials to perform successful long-distance moves.

Among the list of things, you should confirm before going into agreement with the company include licensing issued by your state of residence, and an extensive insurance policy that provides coverage for property damage and theft.

You can also search through the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) database to check and confirm a mover’s license.

5. Offers In-Home Estimate

Planning a budget for a cross country moving company can be tough. You might not be sure of the duration of the move or the tools to determine the actual weight of your shipment accurately.

This is where you need one of the cross country movers that can be so helpful. Cross country moving companies have the tools to offer accurate moving estimates that don’t leave customers breaking their bank after completion of their move.

These companies offer accurate relocation quotes for customers on long-distance and cross-country moves. You can reduce your moving cost from your own end by cutting the number of things you are moving by holding a yard sale and/or donating some of your possessions to a charitable store.

There are many ways to move cross country cheaply. Read our post on the cheapest ways to move cross country. The competition in the moving industry is the same if not more than the one in other industries. You, therefore, need discounts and promotions to keep the price reasonable.

However, do not let your primary attention be on getting good rates. You must be concerned about the company’s level of expertise.

6. Know-How to identify Red Flags

Many things can go wrong on any type and size of the move based on the dishonest practices adopted by a moving company. This can be true of cross country moving companies, and you must understand how to figure out the warning signals that will prompt you to get another company for your moving needs.

Do not hire a mover that asks for a huge advance cash deposit. Also, stay away from any moving company that comes in a rental moving truck or van. Lastly, run away from any mover that lies about its performance history.

You can find everything easier for you when you partner with the most trustworthy mover for your moving process, as your time and energy are at greater risk.

That is why you must understand the operation and efficiency of your preferred moving service. The overall delivery is not just what the laborer can take responsibility for.

Bonus Tips

All of the moving services on our network hand in hand with customers to lower the stress associated with moving on a long-distance to a new home from the old one.

You can prepare for unexpected situations like delays in delivery of your storage containers and be able to receive many long-distance moving quotes when you make advance planning at about 3 months before your move.

With a moving checklist, you can keep your move on track with little or no problems. Make sure you get in-home moving quotes.

You can get the basis of the cost through online tools, but make sure a moving professional comes to your home to get a more accurate moving cost estimate.

Make sure you also create a time to visit your new hometown even if just once before your move to be sure of the routes and avoid confusion during the move.

Make sure every moving box and other storage containers used are labeled to simplify your unpacking process.

Lastly, conduct rigorous research of best cross country moving companies at Moving Feedback to get yourself the best possible smooth moving.

Packing is the essential task handled by the mover. The risk of your breakables and other moving accidents while on the road can be reduced when they use durable and well-padded moving boxes.

You must prioritize finding good moving companies that give an instant response to every part of your moves and the ones that clearly understand how valuable investment is.

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