Moving to Las Vegas: 20 Essential Things To Know Before Moving

Many people find their dream come to reality when they move to Las Vegas.

Moreover, there is more to Las Vegas than its nightlife, luxurious hotels, and casinos. Las Vegas is one of the widely represented cities in modern-day cinematography. Due to this, Las Vegas has been popularly known as a party city where people run to and leave their boring lives behind to catch new excitement.

Moving to Las Vegas: 20 Essential Things To Know Before Moving

Some might even consider moving to Las Vegas as a change in their lives to unlimited partying. And even though some people picture their lives like that, there are some important things to know before relocating to Las Vegas that might reveal Las Vegas in a clear light.

So, before you begin to look for movers in Las Vegas to move you, you might want to know more about your destination. Before you become a part of the almost two million residents of the world-famous city home.

below are things you should know about life in Vegas:

1. Your Group of Friends Will Quickly Increase

Immediately you make it official that you are relocating to Las Vegas, people will develop a quick interest in your life, many of whom you have not been communicating with ever.

They may need somewhere to stay, a share of experience, or assistance to get ahead of the competition. It is very nice to show the perks of living in Las Vegas to your out-of-town friends, but you don’t have to feel obligated.

2. Vegas Is Cheaper

Aside from The Strip, another part of Vegas is that it is relatively cheap. The price of groceries is fair, you can have a fun night out without exceeding your budget, and the cost of living is not high as well.

Builders reported that the average home price is $220,500 and the median cost of a 2-bedroom rental is just above $1,000. Spring Valley and Centennial Hulls are the two fairly priced and great parts of town to look into.

3. You will be a Taxi Driver or a Babysitter

You might not get paid to drive a taxi, but with a lot of people working in the beverage and food industry and entertainment, there is every chance that their kids will need rides. These will include your potential neighbors and friends, and neighbors often help each other out. Soon you will have four kids to drive to soccer practice and assist with homework.

Relax; the benefits of this include the date nights that get so much more interesting when your child’s best friend has a dad that works as a general manager of the leading restaurant in town.

4. No State Income Tax

One advantage of living in Las Vegas and the rest of the state of Nevada, in general, is that income tax is not charged on residents. Nevada is one of the seven states in the country that doesn’t charge personal income tax and one of the 5 states that doesn’t have any corporate income tax.

5. Summers in Vegas are Hot, Plan for it

The dry heat is so harsh in Vegas. The median temperature between June and September is about 1000. There is no need to be worried as in a few years, you will be amazed at how you’ve adjusted.

You should make sure you plan your day around the heat during summer. Endeavor to exercise, run errands, and go out shopping when the day is much cooler.

You also importantly need transportation with air-conditioning.

Also, be sure to add a nice space in your budget for your power bill. It will increase a lot during the summer months.

6. Las Vegas is a City for Professionals

Las Vegas is home to lawyers, doctors, plumbers, manufacturing plants, accountants, a professional hockey team, and a medical school. Not every resident works or lives in a hotel or casino.

The city experiences traffic jams and seedy areas. The Department of Moving Vehicle is always crowded and you will be charged between $250 and $500 for car registration each year.

7. Allergy Season is Worst

You will often hear locals in Vegas talking about how bad the allergy season is. A combination of high pollen, dry weather, constant winds, and an olive-filled city with mulberry trees make sure the spring and early summer months are tougher for some. Find out how you can control your allergy symptoms and have it with you at all times.

8. Las Vegas Traffic is Terrible

A lot of things in Vegas are exquisite. Traffic is, however, not one of them. The city population is nearly 2 million people. That implies that traffic congestion can get worse during rush hours.

One other important thing to note is that the city is large and that means that it is a must for every resident to own a car, especially those that love to get around more often and easily.

That implies that you should consider Vegas traffic in your moving planning. Your great planning option would be to consider cross-country movers to have a smooth planning and moving execution.

9. Great Residential Areas & Suburbs

There are many family-friendly areas and suburbs in Las Vegas. Centennial Hill and Summerlin are two examples of popular communities where you can live inside the city of Vegas limits, and Henderson is ranked the second safest city in the country by Forbes.

If you are relocating to Vegas, you won’t face any trouble getting a nice, calm residential neighborhood that feels like home.

10. Las Vegas’s Bedrock Makes Changes to Everything: Rainstorms, Gardening, And Storage

Las Vegas is built on large, hard bedrock. This implies that almost every home has basements and a lot of people rent storage units or store items in their garage. This hard ground also implies that it is almost impossible to dig deep holes in your garden.

Finally, the ground cannot absorb water so when there is an outburst of moose through the desert, there will be floods on the road, which will be made worse by the water coming off the mountains that surround the city. Get yourself ready for the phone call from your babysitter during a flood in your backyard.

11. It is a Fair Place to Raise a Family

Vegas receive a lot of criticism for being a city that doesn’t sit well for a family or kids. It also receives much heat for its poor school system.

Nevada ranked lower on the list of schools with a good education system as of 2016. This doesn’t say that all the school in Las Vegas is terrible.

Perform research on neighborhoods and find out where there are enough public, private, or charter schools to fit your family’s needs.

Most people consider West Career & Technical Academy which is located in Summerlin as the best in America.

There are also praises for the Carolyn S. Reedom Elementary school located in Mountains Edge.

Also, after moving here, you will see that there are many family-friendly places to eat, go to church, shop, ride bikes, hike, watch movies, and more. It is just a city like others with its likability and drawbacks and variety of options.

12. Shrimp Cocktails are Plenty

The shrimp cocktail was introduced in 1959 by the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. The Golden Gate has since then sold over 30 million cocktails, and the shrimp cocktail has turned into a staple in appetizer menus all over the city and Nevada in general.

Even though Las Vegas is known for buffets with menu options from other places in the country and the world at large, this is a particular menu item that Las Vegas can claim ownership of.

13. Tanning Salons Exist Everywhere

Even though there is no sense in the fact that there are many tanning salons in Las Vegas that is popular for their sunshine, the state is so hot that resident will have to visit the tanning salon to have a tan or get spray tans. Remember this when you find yourself in your child’s school and noticed some of the teachers’ skin is covered in an orange hue.

These tanning beds are situated on each street corner so if you prefer to work on your color, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one.

14. There are Some Strange Creatures in Vegas

This is not about the people. Las Vegas has a great number of roaches, tarantulas, water bugs, tarantula hawks, scorpions, and a host of other strange creatures. This is so true in the summer months and at construction sites.

Immediately you buy a house, hire a pest control company, have them on speed dial, and gain control over the pest situation.

15. Golf Courses are Plentiful

Shadow Creek Golf Course is located in Las Vegas and is ranked 17th in’s best course to play in the country. Are you in search of a golf experience that can only be gotten in Vegas? Go on the Strip and golf at Bali Hai Golf Club or Wynn Las Vegas.

Finally, Vegas won’t be complete without some outdoor golf experiences, Hit some Balls at the crazy driving rage of TopgolTop gold lay at KISS MMG.

16. Everyone will turn Friendly when you relocate here

Be prepared. Immediately you move here, many people will be contacting you more often for a place to crash or for hookups. That includes those you haven’t spoken to for a long time. You should prepare $150 per night for hotel rooms or probably think it’d be less expensive to just crash on your couch. You should seriously be prepared.

17. Prepare to Enjoy the Outdoors

Las Vegas is home to some of the best and various selections of outdoor events and activities, all in just a 30-minute drive. Hike, road bike, or rock-climb in Red Rock Canyon. You can kayak, water-ski, or wakeboard on Lake Mead.

Hike, ski, mountain bike, or horseback ride at Mt. Charleston, some seasons extends to late spring. Starting your day skiing on the mountain and ending it at the poolside is a fun way to spend a day.

18. There are Many Different Cultural Attractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been called out in the past for no cultural attractions. That is not the case today. Many great exhibits have been opened within the past few years, giving different entertainment for different demographics and interests.

The Mob Museum was opened in 2012 and presents an interactive journey through the American history of organized crime.

Need something for your kids too? Discovery Children’s Museum provides children the opportunity to know more about the power of water, sustainability, healthy eating, and use their problem-solving skills. One other latest addition is the Neon Museum which was opened in 2012 and has over 200 signs from Las Vegas casinos, businesses, and hotels.

19. Friday Nights are Different from what you and your friends are used to

The city that never sleeps is Vegas’ other name. This is the same even on weekdays. With parties and events as well as work demands, you may always be late at night in school.

On Friday, a great number of locals are found in loungewear, at a friend or family’s house with some bottles of wine and take out, relaxing and unwinding from the hectic week. Or, you are asleep on your couch with any of the shows you find interesting with your dinner barely touched.

20. Eat and Drink like a Vegas’ Local

If you want to avoid dining with tourists at dinner, find out one of the hidden treasures of Las Vegas. You might find the Carson Kitchen too old on the outside, but the interior is the trendy local venue from Kerry Simon, a celebrity chef.

There, you can eat creatively delicious foods in a nice environment. If you prefer dessert, visit Sweets Raku which specialized in sweet French/Japanese-styled delicacy. Start by eating your consumable menu with a side of fruit sauce.

Need a drink? Check in to the lovely Velveteen Rabbit. The craft cocktail and beet bar have a rotating menu with new ingredients, vintage furniture, local art, live entertainment, and boutique spirits.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for the summer weather in Vegas, if I come from an area with a cooler climate?

One of the significant challenges of moving to Las Vegas is the extreme heat in the summer months. It is understandable to feel uncomfortable during your first Vegas summer, especially if you are not used to such weather.

It helps to get an apartment with a working air conditioning system. If the apartment has two floors, ensure you will get adequate cooling in the upper floor. Many HVAC systems cool efficiently on the ground floor, but the second floor is a few degrees warmer.

Invest in breathable clothing and summer jeans, as your thicker shirts, jeans and pants may be too unpleasant to wear outside during the summer.

What are some steps to take ahead of my moving date?

Aside from arranging with movers to transport your possessions, you must also sign a lease at your new residence. Do not forget to arrange a meeting with your present landlord, as you must give back the keys, show them your vacated apartment, and receive your deposit.

Ensure you are cancelling any utility bills at your current address, or transferring them to the new address if possible. Set up utility accounts at the new address before you arrive to ensure uninterrupted service.

Is there an ideal season to move to Las Vegas?

Yes, it is best to move to Las Vegas during the off season. That is the months of September to November, and then February to April. These are the months when Vegas sees the fewest tourists arrive, compared to the winter and summer holidays.

The advantage of moving off-season is you get cheaper prices on airline tickets, short-term accommodation, and moving services. Movers are generally less busy during the off-season, as a lot of families move in between their kids’ school semesters.

If you do need to move during the peak season, it is best to book your flights, short-term accommodation and moving service a couple of months in advance.

What are some ways to save money on a cross country move?

If you are moving to Las Vegas from several states away or from clear across the country, it may be expensive to hire a full service moving company. Those who are seeking to reduce the costs of the move do have a few options.

One method of lowering moving costs is to take on some of the work yourself. For instance, movers charge less if you handle all the packing and unpacking, as they only have to load your possessions, drive the truck, and unload them at the destination.

You could also find free or low-cost packing supplies from local businesses, friends, or family. It can also help to sell some items that you no longer require, such as old clothes, furniture, appliances, and electronics. That downsizes your belongings, which means you would need a smaller moving van for the cross-country move.

Are there any items I cannot have the movers take for me?

Yes, moving companies have a list of items that are excluded from packing lists. Those include pets, motorcycles, cars, house plants, flammable or hazardous materials, and more. It is best to consult with your movers before packing to avoid any issues.

It is also recommended that you leave valuable possessions out of your moving truck, such as gold, jewelry, documents, valuable electronic devices, and items of sentimental value.

Take those items on your person, as it is safer than leaving them in a moving truck where they could go missing or suffer damage.


When it involves moving to Las Vegas, there are certain things you should get ready for. After coming up with your moving plan, you should look into hiring reliable professional movers in Las Vegas.

If you live in the city already and want to switch homes, it is better to hire local movers in Las Vegas for the right solution.

Professional national moving companies can assist you to drive your entire belongings. They also could help you save time and energy on your move.

We hope this brief guide helps get you a bigger insight and decide if moving to Las Vegas is right for you.

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