Finding The Best Cross Country Movers

During your move to a new home cross country, the moving distance becomes one of the major factors that will affect your total bill as well as every part of your interstate move, such as your cross-country moving options as well as ways to search and hire one of the major cross country movers available in the country.

Although long-distance moves can be challenging, differences should still exist between relocating to a nearby state, passing few state lines to get to your new state home, and moving from one coast to another. That is three separate home relocation cases, one common thing: long distance movers.

Finding The Best Cross Country Movers

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1. See that they are Licensed and Insured Properly

Make sure you check very well to see if the professional moving company you want to choose is properly licensed and insured. Else, you may find yourself deeply caught in moving scams. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this by pre-checking the US DOT number of professional movers as it is a requirement by law.

Be sure to enter the company’s USDOT number into the United States Department of Transportation database to check the company’s licensing, insurance, and any complaint against them.

It is also important to see if the company offers adequate insurance since there can be accidents on the move, no matter who is handling it. So you must make sure you are ready.

Licensed cross country movers are required to offer customers two types of liability options: Released Value and Full Value Protection. The two liabilities are defined by the (FMCSA) as follows:

  • Full Value Protection: “Your mover will pay you the replacement value of any lost or damaged items in all your shipment. This plan is the most extensive you can get for the protection of your stuff”. Each mover gives price for the Full Value Protection.
  • Released Value Protection: The released value protection is the most economical protection offered at no extra charge. However, the protection from this coverage is minimal. The movers are only liable for $0.60 per pound per item under this plan.

There will be no need to ask this question if you choose a mover from the network of reliable cross-country movers available with Moving Feedback. Each moving company that partner with Moving Feedback is required to possess a license and insurance.

2. Obtain Recommendations

Word-of-mouth testimonials certainly remain the best way to find quality moving services nearest to you. Ask for recommendations from your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. They may be ready to share their sweet and ugly experience.

If you have many people to get recommendations from, try to get the addresses or phone numbers of all van lines nearest to your home and start contacting them.

3. Look out for Experience Movers

Experience is a great factor in any professional line and is not easy to gather. That is why the years of experience of your mover are so important before you hire. You must find out the number of years they’ve been offering and delivering quality services.

You can discover this by reading through moving reviews from previous people who have used the services of the company. There are many moving companies in the moving industry that have been in the business for the past 50 to 100 years.

Conduct your proper research on these moving companies and pick the one that will offer you the best service based on your need.

4. Read reviews

It is recommended to read as many as possible moving reviews online alongside checking the complaint history on the moving company through the USDOT’s database. Check the mover’s online reviews and ratings on their website and many other review websites.

Check the national moving companies directory on Moving Feedback to see customer reviews on over 600 movers across the country. You will also find the Better Business Bureau rating of the company, FMCSA filed complaints, and member of the mover in an association like the American Moving & Storage Association on our reviews.

5. Make sure the Mover carefully inspect your Inventory

Apart from getting moving quote online or over the phone based on the moving details you provide, make sure any moving company you plan to hire has done an in-home estimate or video survey of your items before they issue a final moving estimate for your interstate move.

You will discover if the mover is legitimate or not when they offer you an interstate moving quote over the phone or chat based on the information you supply. The moving company should inspect your belongings

themselves and give you the best accurate moving quote they can. Immediately after the inspection, the moving company’s moving estimate should be provided in writing and contain all possible expenses.

6. Compare the Cross-country Movers’ Estimates

A written price estimate will be provided immediately the on-site estimation is over. In the event where your mover issues both non-binding and binding moving estimates, I advise you to go for the binding.

However, it comes at a fee but will bind the cross country mover to honor their stated price on the moving quote, unless there is any change to the conditions before the moving day.

Now you can start making a comparison of the movers’ quotes. Create enough time to compare the moving quotes received from movers and carefully check all the additional services such as custom crating, packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly, and so on.

The summary is that the price stated on the moving estimate is important, but how the price was calculated is even more important.

7. Ask about Moving Agents

Remember to find out if the cross country mover you are about to hire will be handling the entire moving process themselves, or they have partners known as moving agents who perform the entire move. Many moving companies are in partnership with moving agents that help them carry out any coast-to-coast moving and deliver customers’ belongings.

These moving agents operate their own moving services and offer local and cross-country moves. These companies will partner with another moving company before they can carry out a cross-country move.

Are you fully prepared for your Big Cross-country Move?

Hire the right mover for your moving job by checking Moving Feedback’s wide network of reliable and reputable moving companies. With our moving directory, you can stay organized all through your cross-country move.

There are helpful recommendations waiting for you as well as moving checklists, email reminders, individual task lists, and some coupons to keep you on track and within budget. Don’t forget there are other cheapest ways to move cross country.

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