How Much Does It Cost To Move With Moving Containers

You undoubtedly know you can save a lot of money with moving containers. But do you know how much they cost? Moving containers cost an average of $3,000 and are solely dependent on the distance you are moving as well as the size of your move.

The moving job can be easily done with just $800 if your move only involves transporting a chair and a few household items 100 miles. However, if you have about 4 children and each of them has their rooms and are moving to another state, then you should expect to pay up to $6,000.

U-Pack offers the lowest prices of all moving container companies, but each moving container company offers the lowest price for certain moves. Continue reading to see the top moving container companies that offer the lowest average moving cost that you can hire for your moving needs at the most affordable cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Move With Moving Containers

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Each Container Company is the Cheapest for one Thing or the other

There is always a difference between every move. Your house move may be as small as a one-bedroom apartment or as large as a five-bedroom home on 100 miles or to another state in the country. Our research shows when each moving container offers the lowest moving containers cost:

  • U-Pack has the overall lowest
  • PODS offers the lowest price for short-distance moves.
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT offers the lowest price for mid-size homes.
  • U-Box offers the lowest price for long-distance moves.

The Average Cost of Moving Containers by each Mile

Moving containers on average costs about $2.50 per mile. Short-distance moves are cheaper overall, but their per-mile cost is higher. Moving over 1,750 miles will cost as low as $1.60 per mile, while a 100 miles move is about ten times higher at $16.50 per mile. Our research considered three different distances:

  • 100 miles
  • 1025 miles
  • 2050 miles

Cost of Moving Container Move (100 miles)

It costs an average of about $16.50 per mile to move 100 miles. The not-so-expensive company we discovered from our research is PODS, which offers about $600 price below the average.

Cost of Moving Container Move(1,025 Miles)

It costs an average of about $3.10 per mile to move 1,025 miles. The not-so-expensive company we discovered from our research is U-Pack, which offers about $600 price below the average.

Cost of Moving Container Move(2,050 Miles)

It costs an average of about $1.70 per mile to move 2,050 miles. The not-so-expensive company we discovered from our research is U-Pack, which offers about $300 price below the average.

The average costs of moving container transport (100, 1,025, and 2,050 miles)

Moving container companies Average cost for 100 miles Average cost for 1025 miles Average cost for 2050 miles
Average $1,720 $3,210 $3,500
1-800-PACK-RAT $2,020 $3,470 $3,590
PODS $1,160 $3,830 $3,610
SMARTBOX $1,980 $2,990 $3,510
U-Box $1,770 $3,090 $3,590
U-Pack Not offered $2,610 $3,190

Which Company gives you the most value for your Money?

Your individual moving needs and budget will determine the portable moving container company that provides you the most worth for your money, consider the following suggestions to know the best option for you:

1) Do you want to save money? 

Majority of moving container companies provide different kinds of services such as DIY options, Hybrid options, as well as full-service options. If you value saving money than convenience, then you should go for the moving container company’s do-it-yourself option.

This option may require you to load and unload the moving containers. You may also have to be involved in part of the transportation. You can consider less expensive options like the cost-effective option from U-Haul and U-Pack ReloCubes for interstate moving.

Also, U-Haul and Go Mini’s containers may not be cheaper container options for a short distance move.

2) Do you want to avoid making a deposit? 

If you don’t plan to make an upfront deposit for a moving container, then consider U-Pack’s ReloCubes. Unlike its fellow moving container companies, the upfront deposit by customers is not a requirement by U-Pack.

3) Are you contemplating the quantity of moving containers you need? 

The U-Pack’s ReloCubes is what you should consider if you are not certain of the amount or size of moving containers you will need for your relocation.

Even though U–Pack allows its customers to reserve as many ReloCubes they think they will need for their moves, the company only charges customers for the containers they actually use all through the move. 

This implies that if you order 7 ReloCubes but only use 5, you will only be charged for those five ReloCubes you use. 

4) Do you need different container sizes? 

You should consider going with PODS and 1-800-PACK-RAT if you need customized sizes for moving containers. These moving container providers offer different sizes for rent.

For example, PODS provides customers three different sizes of moving containers, which include a 7ft, 12ft, and 16ft. 1-800-PACK-RAT also offers three different sizes of moving containers to customers, which include 8ft, 12ft, and 16ft.

5) Do you need a flexible timeline?

Consider 1-800-PACK-RATU-Haul’s U-Boxes, or PODS. Customers can get an unlimited number of days for packing their moving containers with U-Haul. Although 1-800-PACK-RAT doesn’t offer unlimited days, it gives customers 30 days to pack up their moving containers.

PODS also states that it allows customers to pack up their moving containers at their own pace as long as required.

We believe that each of these companies provides great flexible timing and arrangement options, which makes them perfect for large and comprehensive moves.

6) Do you need a weatherproof moving container? 

You can get steel-framed moving containers specially made to tackle the elements with PODS, Go Mini’s, U-Pack, and 1-800-PACK-RAT.

Are you ready to move with Moving Container?

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