Average Cost of Hiring Out of State Moving Companies

The average cost of logistics involved in the out-of-state move could cost you between $1,000 and $4,000 per 1,000 miles, but there are other things to note. Don’t forget that the total cost is based on distance, volume, and situations. However, you may be able to save time and energy by hiring a moving company, but you may not be able to save money.

Hiring one of the best out-of-state movers for your move can be costly, but most people believe it’s worth the additional dollars. Below is a review of how much you are likely to spend on an out-of-state move.

Average Cost of Hiring Out of State Moving Companies

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How much does it cost to move Out of State?

An out-of-state moving cost is usually determined by your destination and the number of things you are moving. An interstate moving cost on average is about $4,900, for an average weight of 7,400 pounds and an average distance of 1,225 miles, including additional moving services required by your move.

If you find these figures too high for you, remember that an out-of-state move may be more costly than a local move. Although local moving companies charge an hourly rate, out-of-state moving companies base their charges on the weight of your things when moving across state lines.

We have hired professional cross country movers countless times for different cross-country moves, and we can say that the average cost highlighted above is correct.

For reference, moving a 1-bedroom apartment from Massachusetts to Florida cost an average above $4,300 (about $5,000).

However, the move was more than an average of 1,225 miles and packed many items in that apartment.

How does Moving Cost calculate?

As discussed above, three significant factors affect the cost of an out-of-state move:

  • The weight of your household stuff. This means the more things you move; the more your moving expense will be.
  • The distance between your current home and destination. For example, those relocating to a nearby state should be ready to pay a lesser amount compared to someone who is relocating across the country.
  • Labor costs may be different from one state to another.

Other Cost Factors of Out of State Move

Packaging and Supplies

You can get packing supplies and tools for material handling at many hardware stores. You may also find little useful stuff from specialty shops like package shipping locations, mailbox stores, and moving centers.

Standard Moving Supply Expenses:

  • Donated or Used Moving Boxes and Containers – Free!
  • Assorted Cardboard Boxes – from $50 to $250 based on the size of your household.
  • Plastic Storage Containers – these can be found for as low as $50 for 8 pieces of 18-gallon bins in a set.
  • Hand Truck or Cart – available for $50 (basic dolly) or spend around $200 for something more comprehensive.
  • Packing Tape – about $25 for a 6-pack of shipping tape.
  • Foam – over $20 for a 200-ft roll of bubble wrap.

Pro Tip

Using old towels for padding on some belongings can save you a little amount of money. Packing supply kits can also be found with moving companies. Although these kits are convenient, they are costly (hundreds of dollars) and may exclude everything you need for your exact moving situation.

Rental Equipment

Equipment rental companies charge a lot of fees. Even though expensive, it is more cost-effective to rent than buying. You might be able to use a van for a local move and pay an hourly rate, but interstate moves are usually charged on a daily and mileage basis.

Average rates for equipment rental:

  • 10ft to 26ft box trucks – $0.68 to $0.100 per mile with $20 to $70 daily rate.
  • Cargo trailers – from $15 to $75 daily for enclosed and lockable model.
  • Utility Trailers – about $15 to $50 daily for open flatbed.
  • Insurance – a daily average of $20 for basic coverage.

Your starting and ending points may also affect the rates. If the supply for moving equipment you are using is scarce in your origin or surplus at your destination, then be prepared to pay a 1-way fee for the drop. Note that these rates exclude fuel or any charges for extra cleaning.

Temporary Housing and Storage

Weekly rates are applied by extended hotels that allow you to customize your budget. You might also look into a vacation or short-term rental.

Typical costs for short-term housing:

  • An extended-stay hotel – cost about $100 or more than $400 per week for luxury.
  • Short-Term Lease – prepare to pay a minimum of 20% more than average if you sign a 6-month contract.
  • RV Park – rates from $500 to $900 monthly. Be sure to stay away from nightly rates.
  • Storage – storage locker costs about $40 per month and about $300 per month for larger storage units.

Pro Tip

It is affordable to stay in your RV Park; however, there are time restrictions on some parks. Be sure to check for any required permission or any extended stay in advance.

Travel Expenses

Think of the costs of fuel and maintenance for your vehicle. Driving from Boston to Los Angeles takes over 3,000 miles of life away from your car.

Average Expenses for Maintenance Item:

  • Vehicle safety inspection before the trip – it could cost over $150 for an hour shop rate.
  • Set of tires – should cost between $100 and $200 each. A quality set shouldn’t exceed $1000.
  • Coolant flush – necessary during summer travels. Do not spend beyond $150
  • Oil change – between $25 and $70.
  • Fuel cost for 1000 miles – towing shouldn’t be more than $100 for a fuel-efficient vehicle.
  • Front brakes – prices per axle serviced start from $100 to $300.

Plan a budget for accommodations and meals on the move. You might prefer to pick flying and shipping your vehicle to your new country as your cheapest method.

You need a few hundred dollars for a 1-way airline ticket, and the shipping cost could not be up to $1,000 based on your chosen service.

You may wish to ship your car using one of the best affordable car shipping companies.

Liability and Valuation Coverage

As required by law, all out-of-state moving companies must provide two different valuation coverage options to customers. This includes Full Value Protection and Released Value Protection.

Full Value Protection is the most extensive option and requires the moving company to replace your stuff and reimburse you with cash for the current value of the stuff. Only a $0.60 per pound shipment liability is covered by the Basic Released Value Protection. This option is considered cheaper even though it provides only a little coverage.

Need an Out of State Moving Company?

Make use of the free moving cost calculator on Moving Feedback to determine the possible cost of your move. You can also check the network of licensed and insured state-to-state moving companies in your location on the same site.

Drop a comment below if you need answers to any questions on Moving Feedback cost-saving tips when moving across the country. Further details can also be accessed through our long-distance moving guide. Have a great out-of-state move.

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