How To Secure The Best Deal On A Moving Truck

Apart from renting from the top 5 cheapest truck rental companies, there are ways to secure the best deal.

When searching for a moving truck; there is a possibility that you will find many options – each available at a different cost. Prices for a truck rental can differ a lot, depending on some factors. These factors include size, timing, and location. Finding out what you can access in your location and making quotes comparison might help you save hundreds of dollars on your upcoming truck rental.

So, how do you secure the cheapest deal on a moving truck rental?

To get the most affordable rates for truck rental, you will have to consider the following smart shopping tips.

How To Secure The Best Deal On A Moving Truck

Renting a truck for your move is not so complicated. Just make sure you pay attention to every little detail so that you can find a cheap moving vehicle that satisfies your need. Want to start parking now? The following tips will get you started and finish like a pro.

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1. Wisely pick your Rental Locations

The pickup and drop-off location of the rental truck is one of the biggest factors dictating the cost. If you rent and return the truck at the same location, you won’t spend a higher cost than if you pick it up in a particular location and drop it off at another location. This is because the company’s inventory at that same location is not disrupted when a return is made to the same pickup location.

With a 1-way rental, the 1-way rental company will need to either send the truck back to its initial location or readjust inventory to take care of the change. That is why 1-way relocations across the country or even 1-way moving truck rentals across town will be more expensive than returning the rental truck to its actual rental location. Concerning local moves, prices of the rental truck could vary based on location within the same town.

If you find moving truck rental costs high at a particular location, you might check the nearest location for better prices. The available inventory may also affect prices.

2. Ask those you trust

Negative reviews travel faster than positive reviews. Ask your family and friends if they have recommendations for a moving truck rental company. Chances are somebody you know just moved recently, or they know someone who just did, and they can share with you their experience with their moving truck rental provider. If they had a very bad experience, you will want to hear about it and then do well to avoid such company. Or, if they completed their move without any problem, then you can begin to screen down your options to a select few.

3. Time your Truck Rental

Similar to airline tickets, when demand for moving trucks is higher, the price will likely increase. Summers are often higher season. Children are not in school and parents typically want to get settled fast in their new home before the end of summer. College students are also moving during the start and end of the summer months. Winter is often a slower season, apart from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. Since leases and closings usually happen at the end of the month, moving truck rental prices will increase during those times.

Weekends, most particularly holiday weekends such as Labor Day and Memorial Day will cost even more. You can get the best deal at the start of the month or middle of the month precisely on Mondays through Thursdays. for flexibility in your move, endeavor to pick various dates for your pick up when you are booking online to determine if pricing is the same or different.

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4. Select the Right Size of Moving Truck

When you are getting a rental truck, the wise step is, to begin with the exact size that you need for all your stuff. If you get a smaller truck with the aim of reducing costs, you might end up making several trips between your former and new home. This can add to your mileage, gas, and time spent while moving.

Choosing a larger truck than necessary will also waste your money. The major focus here is to be able to make one or two trips and transport all your belongings, then return the rental truck to spend the smallest cost possible.

Lots of moving companies and truck rental providers will offer you a guide to help you choose the right size of truck that you need. Here is a quick look into the right size of truck that fits what size of home. if you are confused, call and ask a rental truck company rep to help you figure out the best match for your household belongings.

  • A 10-ft or 12-ft truck or cargo vana studio apartment.
  • A 17-ft truck could be perfect for a 2-bedroom home.
  • A large 26-ft truck may be the ideal size for a 4-bedroom or more home.

If your belongings are not that much, you can also consider renting a pick-up truck as it might be pocket-friendly.

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5. Make a Comparison of Various Truck Rental Providers

If you indeed want to find the most affordable truck rental booking, you will need to obtain quotes from many different providers. Pricing varies from one rental provider to another, and an extent depends on if the location is busy or not. Logically, slow business means you will possibly get a better deal. Visit some websites and make calls around to compare rental quotes.

If an area is busy at the time, it may be difficult to negotiate. On the contrary, if it is free, you may receive a better rental quote. The moving truck business is filled with many big players. You can obtain a rental quote from each to determine the price range near you. You might look into truck rental companies that are locally owned to find out if they can provide a better deal.

6. Get a Binding Quote

When asking for a rental quote, ask for a binding quote from the provider. This type of quote binds the rental provider by law to the price they quote you and they can’t add to it afterward. This makes sure that the provider is reputable and also provides you a peace of mind to know your actual moving costs before you even sign the fine print.

7. Find available Discount

Search for discount codes online by using words like ‘discount code for rental truck’. You can include the name of your town in the search to find the nearest deals. These codes are often available for all moving truck rental providers. If you locate a deal for a particular company, call around and find out if they have a better price.

You may be able to save around several hundred dollars by shopping around. Save 10% on Penske moving truck rentals using Spare Foot. Self-storage facilities may provide you a deal on a truck if you are also renting their storage unit. Some may also offer that you use the free moving truck to perform your move-in.

8. Be Careful of Hidden Fees

When you are renting a moving truck for a move, know that there may be extra cost add-ons, like those for furniture pads or moving equipment. You might also beware of late truck return fees or fees for no fuel. Looking into fuel cost is very important. Refueling the truck before will be generally cheaper than pre-paying or buying fuel from the moving truck rental provider.

FAQ about How to secure Deal on a Rental Truck

What is the most affordable month to rent a moving truck?

The cheapest month to rent a truck for your move is during winter (particularly between March and December), even better is on Tuesday of the middle of the month. Prices of moving truck rental can vary a lot, based on several factors, of which timing is one. Other cases include the size, company, and location.

Is renting a truck 1-way more affordable or round trip?

One-way truck rental is likely more affordable than round trip when moving long distances. For instance, you would spend $269 to rent a 20-ft U-Haul truck to relocate to Indianapolis from Chicago, as contained in U-Haul’s online estimate. You would be looking at about $700 if you rented the rental truck for a roundtrip.


There are many moving truck companies in the industry and not all of them can be relied on. But, when you follow these simple strategies, your chances of hiring a reputable moving truck rental provider will increase. Each company also determines its pricing structures. Some companies charge advance prices with unlimited miles, while others will charge mileage.

These options can also change based on whether you are renting a truck for a long-distance move or a round-trip within a town. Regardless of your chosen option, make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Don’t forget that you might be asked to pay more than you planned for if you exceed your allotted miles.

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