Top Places to Buy Cheap Plastic Storage Bins

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Jan 01, 2024

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Moving boxes are becoming popular for moves every day, and so are plastic moving boxes that are being offered for rental by plastic moving box companies.




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  • Great customer service
  • Affordable rates
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This post will point you to the right direction where you can find the best plastic storage bins. Moving is not an environmental-friendly endeavor; hence, there are lots of moving materials that will need to be properly recycled even if you manage to recycle some.

Fortunately, plastic moving boxes are a perfect way of moving without hurting the environment. There are some items that, if not arranged properly, will turn the whole place into a mess. These plastic moving boxes are in different sizes and designs. Finding the relevant accessories could be a problem if your items are not properly arranged.

To even access your items may turn difficult in most cases. Plastic storage bins are the perfect solution to this hassle faced by most people when moving.

They always come in handy, regardless of where and what you need to pack. Let’s look at what you need to know to make your move environmentally friendly.

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Top 5 Places to Get Plastic Storage Bins

The company will drop off the plastic moving boxes and also pick them up once you are done packing them.

Here are 5 of the top plastic moving boxes companies where you can rent for your upcoming move so as to keep your environment clean:

  1. U-Haul
  2. Rentarate
  3. Bungo Box
  4. Redi-Box
  5. Rent a Green Box




  • Affordable rates
  • Professionalism
  • Great customer service

You can get plastic moving boxes for rental from U-Haul for your business moves, residential moves as well as storage options during a home renovation.

The company can offer a variety of services to customers all around the country because it is a leading moving and storage company.

Consider U-Haul’s plastic moving boxes rental for your move and use it for as long as you wish while you return them after usage.



Plastic Storage





  • Highly Professional
  • No hidden fees
  • Budget-friendly pricing

This is one of the best plastic moving box companies that produce quality. The company has been in the business since 1991 and specializes in offering services to businesses even though it also rent plastic moving boxes for residential relocations.

The company’s plastic moving boxes are available to almost everyone in the country as they have 16 rental facilities across the country.



Plastic Storage




Bungo Box

  • Binding Prices
  • Customized services
  • Licensed and insured

This company reports that customers will be saving about 50% cost when they rent their plastic moving bins instead of buying cardboard boxes.

You inform them of the number of plastic moving bins you’ll need; they will drop them off in your specified location, and also pick them up when you are through with packing.



Plastic Storage





  • Flexible payment options
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Nationwide availability

This company based in Chicago, and it delivers plastic moving boxes to your specified location while they also pick them up when you are through, so you don’t have to worry about transporting the boxes to and from a collection center.

Redi-Box offers commercial moves apart from the plastic moving boxes rental for residential relocation.



Plastic Storage




Rent a Green Box

  • Price matching
  • Personalized packages
  • Free quotes

The plastic moving boxes from this company are made from trash that is found in landfills as well as water streams.

You can order for the right size of the Recopacks required by your move, as it comes in three various sizes.

Rent a Green Box also offers quality packing paper and foam padding that you can use along with your plastic boxes.


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Plastic Storage

What are Plastic Storage Bins?

Plastic storage/moving bins are a better alternative to conventional cardboard boxes due to its environmental friendliness. Plastic boxes also have some benefits, such as strength, sturdiness, and the easy-to-stack feature compared to cardboard boxes.

Plastic boxes cannot get damaged by leaks or by jumping into bumps while on the move. There is no need for packing tape when you use plastic boxes for your packing, as many of them come with their lids.

If you know how to pack moving boxes or containers like a pro, you will enjoy using a plastic storage bin. If professional packers pack this plastic storage for you, you will like it.

Best Plastic Storage Bins

You can now access various high-quality plastic storage bins as there has been great improvement in the manufacturing of the bins.

They are very conducive for moving your belongings as they come in different designs and styles.

Read through the list of best plastic storage bins explained below to decide on which is best for your needs.

1. Sterilite Footlocker Storage Box

What comes to your mind when you think of plastic storage bins is a normal empty container – but the storage box from Sterilite Footlocker is more than just a bin.

The size if 13.875’ x 17.625’ x 31.25’, and it comes with the specification of a rugged bin any customer could need. The company is popularly known for its storage options and its affordability, together with beautiful features that you would hardly expect from a cheap container like this.

The storage bin is very easy to use as the company even prides its plastic bins to be transported efficiently.

There are wheels under the bins that make it easier to transport your belongings from one point to another even though this is not the benefit that comes with the plastic bins.

2. Flip-Top Storage Tote

This company includes a feature in its plastic bins, which is the attachment of the lids to the frame to avoid it being lost while carrying on moving tasks.

However, this idea was improved by HDX, giving users the opportunity to remove the lids from the containers when they need to access their items frequently.

The Flip-Top Storage Tote containers can contain up to 12 gallons each, and it comes in 4-pack. This implies that you will have storage bins that can contain 48 gallons of items as a closet, a moving truck, or a self-storage that can help you store your household items.

The size of the storage totes measures 21.25’ x 14.94’ x 13.19’ and can store different types of items quickly.

Some users do give feedback on their purchase that cracks are showing on every few units after they stacked them. Make sure you stack the heaviest items at the base of the storage bins to avoid the risk of damaging the totes.

3. Weathertight Storage Box

This storage tote has a capacity of 19 quarts and can store varieties of items, as it is specially made for heavy-duty storage.

This storage box from IRIS remains one of the best plastic moving bins as its lid protects the items stored inside. The storage protects stored items from air and water.

You can store about 25 pounds of items like crafting supplies, photos, and so on. The lid of the container has been reinforced to provide great stability all through usage. The grooves present in the enhanced lids makes it possible to stack the totes on one another to add more space.

4. Sterilite Latching 64 Qt. Storage Box

Mostly everyone needs a beautiful footlocker to store their belongings. Most people can use a basic storage bin for their moving needs and still be satisfied. Sterilite’s Latching Storage Box can come in handy here.

The name Sterilite comes up twice on this list because they provide different kinds of storage solutions to customers, such as cheaper and basic bins and heavy-duty and high-end ones.

Although the Latching 64 Qt. Storage may fall into the first category; however, it still maintains its quality. Buyers love to use this storage bin due to the presence of latches that protects your belongings and recessed lids that makes stacking easier for them.

Some customers even claim they have purchased more than 40 bins to satisfy their storage needs. The size of the Latching 64 Qt. Storage from Sterilite measures 23.75’ x 13.5,’ and it has a transparent base that allows you to see through for easy identification of your items.

5. Remington Store-It-All Tote Storage Bin

This storage bin allows the user to store essential items that cannot contain efficiently. With the IRIS 169 Remington storage bin, you can be sure of the secure storage of your items in a quality storage bin.

The size measures 40.566’ x 19.68’ x 19.68,’ and it can contain any heavy items, including your camping materials.

It ensured easy transportation with the wheels and was enhanced with a pull handle present on its sides.

Benefits of Plastic Storage Bins

1. Eco-friendly

Plastic storage bins are designed using virgin plastic and can be recycled, so you don’t have to be bothered about how to dispose of these boxes.

There will be no environmental damage resulting from reusing the plastic bins. The plastic moving boxes are made of plastic approved by the FDA for pharmaceutical and food use.

2. Large Loading Space

Having items that can help you maximize space in your working place is a good idea. You will conveniently load any of your products when you have plastic storage bins available with you.

The bins usually come in a design that allows stacking on one another. You can stack about six to eight storage bins easily. They don’t break or crinkle easily; plastic storage bins have been tested to be able to contain about 25,000 pounds of items without any issue.

3. Multipurpose Utilization

You can use these plastic storage bins in all fields such as food processing, dairies, bakeries, seafood, electronics, etc.

4. Robust Construction

Plastic bins are generally made from high-quality plastic materials. Plastic materials can withstand chemicals, water, or any other elements that are liquid.

This implies that plastic storage is very durable. They are neither affected by rust, debris, nor corrosion, unlike storage bins made from wood or metal. They are very strong and can withstand all kinds of stress.

5. Safe to Use

Plastic storage bins are the best fit for commercial use. They are typically easy to handle as they do not contain any sharp edges.

You cannot sustain any bodily injury while using plastic storage bins. The weight is light, so even if they drop on your feet, you are safe.

6. Budget-friendly

You need to watch your expenses even when you are conducting business activities. Using plastic storage bins is cost-effective.

You only buy those ones, and you can use them for as long as they are usable, as they don’t get damaged easily, unlike the cardboard boxes that can only be used once before losing their strength.

7. Nonskid Base

The bottom of all plastic storage moving bins is usually non-skid. Make sure you use storage bins that have an anti-slip feature if you are producing any fragile items from your company.

You can also use them for shipping or transportation of your belongings. Your products or belongings will remain in perfect shape in the event of accidental falls when you use plastic storage bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use my plastic bins that already contain some items for loading?

Although we recommend you pack with only cardboard moving boxes due to budget, we also understand the effectiveness of plastic bins when used as storage, and you may already have some items stored in them.

If you plan to move belongings in the plastic bins you already own, we suggest you use Bubble wrap and packing paper to cushion delicate items, and also fill excess space in each bin or moving box to prevent things from shifting in transit.

Lastly, make sure the top of the plastic bin is properly taped to the sides, to avoid spilling out of items. Make sure your items are safe when using bins by loading heavy items under light-weight objects.

How can I easily keep plastic bins after usage?

Most people will convert their plastic bins to another storage layer in their homes. There are varieties of uses for plastic bins that you will surely figure out in order to store them in your home without them giving you problems or occupying much space.

Which is better between moving with totes and moving with boxes?

Although you may see plastic totes as a brilliant idea, they buckle and crack under reasonable amounts of weight in most cases. Moving boxes are a better option as they do the perfect job of taking the weight and keeping the shipment firm.

Will packers help pack into plastic bins?

Maybe. Most long distance movers will come with their own supplies. However, if you notify them in advance about the availability of plastic bins for your packing, they may be ready to use them as one of the packing materials for your need.

Is it possible that bed bugs crawl up plastic bins?

Bed bugs like to avoid climbing or staying on smooth plastic objects. Bed bug infestation can be prevented by placing and sealing small or big items in plastic containers. Bed bug removal will be made easier in an infested home when clutters disposal are a plus.

Is it easy for plastic bins to break?

Not so easy. Plastic bins are actually durable, and you will discover this during your use for different kinds of items you are moving except you are overloading them or throwing them around. Packing delicate items in plastic bins should either be avoided or done separately and labeled accordingly, even though they are very much durable.

Do plastic bins last longer?

Plastic bins can last longer for many years if properly taken care of. Although you may start noticing cracks after some time (usually when left in the sun), plastic bins may last for three to ten years if carefully used. You may want to consider replacing your plastic bins if you are noticing brittleness on it.

Will moving companies move plastic bins?

The majority of moving companies have dollies that perfectly fit plastic bins. Moving boxes stack appropriately without sliding around at the back of the truck when moving. Flexible plastic bins can break, and so you should know the type you have before stacking.

How can I seal plastic storage bins?

How to air-seal plastic storage containers. You can air-seal plastic storage containers by following the below step:

  • Place your liner in the bin. Check any home improvement store for a vacuum-lock air seal device.
  • Pack items in the plastic bin. Now is the time to pack all the stuff you wish to be packed in the plastic storage container.
  • Lock the container tightly. This will help to boxes to lap perfectly on each other.
  • Finish up.

Are U-Haul plastic moving boxes so strong?

U-Haul box is one of the most durable moving boxes available in the moving industry, and they are made from polyethylene of high concentration.

Do plastic moving boxes eco-friendly?

Yes. You can reuse any of our ready-to-go boxes over and over, and it won’t wear off. Once they reach the end of their use, they are taken to a recycling center for repurposing.

How do you safely move a plastic tub?

Use plastic wrap as an alternative to secure the lid on a plastic container in few layers instead of tape. The plastic wrap contains a strong gripping strength that makes it ideal for securing such items without leaving any tape effect.

Are plastic totes ideal for moving?

Reduce what you pack. Plastic bins are usually larger than cardboard boxes, and that would be nice if you are packing a large number of numbers. However, you must avoid putting excessive weight in any type of moving container, especially if the containers will be lifted and carried by hand.

How long in advance of my move should I start packing?

Relocating a house requires a lot of time, and if you are self-packing, which is popular among people, be sure to take your time with it, at least 6 weeks to your moving date is normal.

Why plastic bin against cardboard box?

This is because it is more important to reuse and reduce than to recycle. Recycling requires a lot of effort, and you should also know that recycling is not possible for cardboard boxes that contain too much glue or tape.

They are sent straight to the landfill. You can reuse our plastic bins over and over. Another fact you should know is that cardboard is more susceptible to bedbugs’ infestation, so make sure you carefully check the free boxes you picked up from stores.


We believe you have found this article helpful for your next move. Be certain you know what you need before you decide on which one to go for. Determine the perfect plastic storage bin size for your needs. The storage bins come in different sizes, types, and shapes.

This implies that you can always get the one that fit your need. These products are very durable, so you don’t have to worry about how long they will last. We strongly recommend the products on this list as they were carefully and thoroughly researched before making the list.