CubeSmart Self Storage Review of 2024

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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CubeSmart Self Storage has the right solution to your storage problems, whether you are a business owner looking to store some of your products, a homeowner decluttering Christmas pile-ups, or a military member storing items in the midst of a mission.





  • Flexible payment options
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Nationwide availability

CubeSmart dwells among our top-rated affordable self-storage companies. CubeSmart is one of the cost-effective storage companies for its different types and sizes of units, affordable rates, and varieties of included features. Your need for self-storage may be as a result of many reasons, and you have to consider various points when you do.

To make the right decision, you need to identify the size of the storage unit you need, your best options when it comes to budget and location, as well as other essential factors by conducting research. This article will serve as your guide on CubeSmart Self Storage’s storage unit sizes, cost, and additional vital information that you need to know before you decide.

CubeSmart Self Storage at a Glance

CubeSmart is a company that offers self-storage services across the United States. The company offers storage services for individuals such as storage for boats, cars, and RVs. It also provides office space rentals for businesses, and it has hundreds of locations nationwide.

The company is popularly known as the affordable option when it comes to storing your items on a budget among the available self-storage companies.

CubeSmart has over 1,150 storage centers in 37 states in the country, and it is widely available at a lower rate to customers than what many other top storage companies could offer. Still, the company also offers various quality features.

These features include discounts provided on moving truck rentals, climate-controlled storage units, and savings for active military members and online bookers all through the year.

What Services Offered by CubeSmart Self Storage?

The varieties of options in storage sizes, flexible monthly rental contracts, and nationwide availability (in many locations across 37 states in the United States) remain the strength CubeSmart possesses.

CubeSmart also offers relocation services to help move, as well as providing on-site business centers at commercial locations for continuous projects. You will find different available storage spaces on CubeSmart’s storage centers from personal lockers to wide bay areas of above 300 sq. ft.

They take care of residential needs, military member’s needs, seasonal requirements, college student’s needs, and other service groups.

CubeSmart’s major service includes:

  • Household and individual storage: Temporary moves, permanent relocations, and storage of extra belongings.
  • Business Storage: Professional documents, manufacturing equipment, and seasonal items.
  • Vehicle and car storage: Collector cars, second vehicles, etc.
  • Boats and RVs: Any drivable or towable size can be stored.
  • Motorcycle storage: Touring bikes, off-road cycles, and others are allowed for seasonal storage.

Additional Services

Customers can also get packing materials, dollies, padding blankets, straps, hand trucks, and other moving equipment rentals at CubeSmart. Customers are allowed to drive up to access their storage units at all CubeSmart facilities.

Your items that are sensitive to temperature are safe with CubeSmart as their climate-controlled storage facilities, and they also have a great staff and excellent security in place.

The company also makes itself available for partnerships with national moving companies. You can get moving truck rental at a discounted rate via Penske Truck Rentals.

At the same time, SML, a premier relocation service supplier in the United States, will help with labor work such as packing, loading, and unloading.

What is the Cost of CubeSmart?

Of all the moving companies that offer quality self-storage services, CubeSmart remains the most affordable option. The company is so sure of the price it offers that it asks customers to compare costs with other storage units in the same area.

CubeSmart offers you climate-controlled storage centers, as well as light surroundings and top-level security features. It provides storage units in varieties of sizes to choose from. The rental plan at CubeSmart is renewable monthly.

The smallest storage unit from CubeSmart costs between $20 and $100 depending on your Zip code.

The size of your unit, the additional features you included, and the location of the unit will determine the amount you spend on your CubeSmart self-storage. With that in mind, below are the price ranges you can expect:

1. Unit size

The sizes of the CubeSmart unit start from 5 ft. x 5 ft. locker which equals 25 sq-ft. to a 12 ft. x 30 ft., which equals 300 sq-ft. spaces, also known as garage-sized. The company provides an online guide for customers to determine the size of the unit they’ll need for their items’ storage.

2. Location

The location of a storage center is a huge factor when trying to determine how much renting a self-storage unit would cost. Those in the city might find their self-storage costs higher due to an increase in demand. If you live in the city and you are running a limited budget, then consider renting from the closest suburb. Dense areas might offer you lower prices.

Storage Unit Price range per month
Small units $26 to $208
Medium units $96 to $608
Large units $145 to $1,221
Parking spaces $42 to $314

CubeSmart often has discounts available on its self-storage units. It includes:

  • Online booking: $1 for the first month and 15 percent off on each month rental cost when you book your rental online.
  • Active duty military: 10 percent discounts along with other promotions for active-duty military members.
  • Holiday promotions on self-storage: The company understands your need for storage to keep clutter away from your space, especially when you have visitors for the holidays and thus offers a 15% off on your rental during this period.
  • Coupon code (referrals): This promotion earns you half the monthly rental price of your friend when they make a reservation.
  • Other freebies that CubeSmart offers include a free moving truck and driver for about 2 hours at any of your preferred CubeSmart locations in New York City, plus free local trucks for about 4 hours via many of the company’s storage centers.

Various Unit Sizes From CubeSmart

Renting the right size of unit space you need is the aim behind self-storage, no addition or reduction. The company offers nine options for storage unit sizes to customers, as well as four-vehicle storage options. See the breakdown below:

Small Storage Units

These types of storage units include:

  • Storage locker: These come in different sizes but are usually 5’ x 5’ x 4’ with half-height but similar width and depth as the smallest unit. This unity is suitable for seasonal decor, boxes, clothing, tote bags, and other compact stuff.
  • 5’ x 5’ x 8’: This is known as the mini-unit, and it has about 200 cubic ft. of storage space, which is perfect for file storage for business, small furniture, as well as boxes. It can contain up to 35 file boxes.
  • 5’ x 10’ x 8’: Its storage space is about 400 cubic-ft. It is best for storing items of a small 1-bedroom or studio apartment.
  • 5’ x 15’ x 8’: Its storage space is about 600 cubic-ft. and it is best for storing items of a small 1-bedroom apartment a small garage.

Medium Storage Units

  • 10’ x 10’ x 8’: Its storage space is about 800 cubic-ft. and it is best for storing items of a 2-bedroom apartment.
  • 10’ x 15’ x 8’: Its storage space is about 1,200 cubic-ft. and it is best for storing items of a small house or larger apartment.

Large Storage Units

  • 10’ x 20’ x 8’: Its storage space is about 1,600 cubic-ft. and it is best for storing items of a 3-4 bedroom house.
  • 10’ x 25’ x 8’: Its storage space is about 2,000 cubic-ft. and it is best for storing items of a 4 bedroom house
  • 10’ x 30’ x 8’: Its storage space is about 2,400 cubic-ft. and it is best for storing items of a 5 bedroom house with household appliances and bulky furniture items.

Parking Spaces

Although CubeSmart doesn’t offer enclosed storage units for a vehicle, it, however, offers various sizes of parking rental spaces.

  • 10’ x 15’: Suitable for almost every compact vehicle, such as ATVs and motorcycles.
  • 10’ x 20’: Suitable majorly for full-size passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks, and SUVs.
  • 10’ x 26’: Suitable for class A modern vehicle, trailers, and longboats.
  • 10’ x 30’: Fits class A recreational vehicles, long boats, and trailers.

CubeSmart Protects Policy

You won’t have to worry when you know your items are stored in a safe and secure storage center.

The following features from CubeSmart are put in place to protect your stuff:

  • Video monitoring: The company offers a 24 hours video monitoring, but you can always visit the CubeSmart superstore to get your unit-linked with a Wi-Fi-enabled camera.
  • On-site facilities manager: The facilities manager answers questions, sell packing supplies, and provides a solution to problems during regular working hours.
  • Coded, electronic entrance gate: An authorized code is needed for the electronic gates to open and lock against unauthorized visitors and intruders.
  • Automatic openers: You can get an automatic opener that simplifies your access to the unit efficiently at the company’s superstore.
  • Remote-controlled access: With one remote, you can control every activity in your unit, such as loading the dock door, entrance gate, and so on.
  • Climate-controlled indoor units: Protect your items that are sensitive to temperature by choosing a unit that provides the right temperature protection.

CubeSmart Reputation

CubeSmart is currently not rated by the Better Business Bureau, but the company already has 106 complaints, with most of it on late rent payments and some location-related complaints.

Customers’ reviews about CubeSmart on Trustpilot are mixed but on certain storage locations. We would avoid any general assumption that all the locations offer less-quality services as each location performs to its own capacity.

We recommend proper research of each CubeSmart facility to determine if it is perfect for your storage requirements.

Pros and Cons of using CubeSmart

Read the pros and cons of CubeSmart to determine if it meets your storage requirements.


CubeSmart self-storage has a lot of benefits to enjoy, especially if you are running a limited budget. The following are some of the unique features that make the company stand ahead of the competition.

1. Free moving trucks:

You can get free moving trucks from most of CubeSmart facilities for up to 4 hours, so you don’t have to spend extra money on transporting your stuff to the facility.

To make sure you benefit from this, as you will need it for your belongings; make sure you contact the company to check if they offer such and also to know if it is available.

2. Super Savings:

Other self-storage companies offer occasional deals to cushion customer’s spending on self-storage; however, CubeSmart makes surfaces always available to customers to ensure savings on your rental.

The first monthly rent would cost $1 when you reserve online and also up to15% off your storage unit. In addition to a 15% off, other promotions are also available for active military members.

3. Site protection:

Without being sure of the safety of your belongings, a great deal may not mean much. The good news, CubeSmart Self Storage offers a variety of security features so you can have peace of mind that your stuff will be more than safe while in storage.

On-site location managers, coded and gated entrances that only open at specific hours, 24 hours video surveillance and many more are provided by CubeSmart.

You will be granted an option to go for a private Wi-Fi-enabled camera rental for more eyes on your unit if you rent at a CubeSmart Superstore facility.

4. Climate control:

Although all the stuff you put in storage will enjoy climate control, however, some items exceptionally need climate control. Such items include leather, metal, upholstery, wood or wicker, musical instruments, clothing, and papers.

CubeSmart presents options to choose your desired climate-controlled storage unit, whether a cooled or heated one, to give more protection to your belongings.


The following are some of the cons of using CubeSmart:  

  • No pest protection
  • Only accessible during gate and business hours
  • Low-quality insurance
  • Non-responsive website

Other Things to Know about CubeSmart

Now that you have a clear understanding of the basics, let us discuss other essential things you should understand as you conduct research on CubeSmart self-storage.

Saving big is often possible by visiting their facilities:

The location you are renting your CubeSmart storage unit from mostly determines your cost. Make price comparisons between storage centers, as there are many of them located in most cities.

Although the rental facility may not be as convenient as you want, it may save you up to 75% on your rental rate per month.   

Access to your unit is not always:

The unit on CubeSmart facilities can only be accessed at gate hours, meaning that there are specific hours at which the gates can be opened with the access passcode.

These hours can be different from locations, so make sure you ask questions before you make reservations to know when access can be granted to your items.

You will need to come with your own lock:

Most CubeSmart storage facilities ask customers to come with their own cylinder or disc lock. They also offer for sale on-site in case you forget.

You’ll need to purchase insurance:

Insurance is a requirement to rent at CubeSmart self-storage. You will need to research supplemental storage options as your homeowner’s or renter’s policy cannot provide coverage for your items in self-storage.

This insurance is available on-site, but make sure you do some digging to avoid overspending.

How to Book a CubeSmart Storage Unit

You will have to contact the CubeSmart facility nearest to you before you can find out if it is the right self-storage company for your storage needs.

Check for pricing and availability in your location through their official websites where you can also make easy reserve.

Frequently Asked Questions about CubeSmart Services

What difference exists between office hours and gate hours?

The office hours are the period where the facility manager will be on the property to provide assistance to you based on your storage needs or relocation and packing materials. The gate hours, on the other hand, you can access your rental storage units using your given authorized gate code.

When can I access my self-storage unit?

Access is granted to your units at most facilities during gate hours, which are posted at the store and online. Be aware that payments made after business hours at storage centers on delinquent account to grant access or override lock will be effective until the next day.

Is there a difference between an indoor and outdoor storage unit?

Indoor units can be found inside a building on the facility. Outdoor units, on the other hand, give you access and are mostly on one-level.

What does drive-up unit mean?

A drive-up unit is simply an outdoor unit that has a loading area. These units are greatly perfect for heavy, bulky items or equipment due to the ability to load your items directly from a moving truck or vehicle.

Is moving carts available on CubeSmart’s facility?

You can find pushcarts at most storage centers that have inside units and are accessible by indoor hallways. The facility manager, when informed, will be able to assist you with a pushcart if you are renting an indoor unit, and you need it.

How can I book the Move-In Truck?

This question is best answered by the facility manager of your preferred location.

What does a roll-up door do?

Just like garage doors, roll-up doors can also be accessed by sliding a latch lifting up the door. These are the most popular door in the self-storage business and are bigger in size than most doors and thus allow renters to make much use of the space in their unit.

What is climate control?

This is a feature that is being offered at most of their store locations in the country. Climate-controlled units can be either heated or cooled to protect your items from harsh temperatures.

Does CubeSmart offer parking storage for vehicles like car, RV, motorcycle, and boat?

Certain CubeSmart facilities offer parking for the storage of vehicles. Contact the closest CubeSmart location to you to find out if they offer this service or call them on 1-877-279-7585 to find a facility closer to you that offers this.

Does CubeSmart sell boxes and other supplies?

Yes. You can get different moving and packing supplies at any CubeSmart facility.

What is the meaning of “on-site managers”?

On-site managers are employees that manage the facility, and they are always available to assist the customer.

Will I be given a lock when I rent a self-storage unit?

You can go with a lock from home or buy a new one on-site from the facility manager, so you only have the key to your belongings. You can get any type and size of locks on the facility to maximize security on your belongings. CubeSmart advised you to go for a cylinder lock, which is also known as a disc lock.

Is there any restriction on who enters the facility?

The majority of CubeSmart storage facilities are secured with an electronic gate system, which is only accessible by a code given to each tenant.

How far in advance can I book a unit at CubeSmart?

They allow customers to make reservations up to a month in advance to help their pre-rental plan. This timeframe is subject to change as it depends on the storage unit you are renting and the location you are renting from.

How does CubeSmart take payments?

To reduce the stress in your storage experience with bills payment inclusive, CubeSmart offers AutoPay option which is such a convenience as your Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, or Discover® will be automatically charged at the end of each month with no extra fees.

Cash, credit, or check payment is also allowed at your CubeSmart office; just mail your check to them or use the online bill payment system from your bank with no additional charge.

CubeSmart’s online Customer Center is also available for credit card payment acceptance, and it is very secure. They also offer payment via the phone through their automated payment system for a small fee.

Is credit card payment acceptable?

Yes, we do. Whether it is Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, or Discover®, they are all acceptable.

Do you accept online bills payment?

Yes, you can do this via our online Customer Center.

Do I need insurance for the stuff I stored?

Yes, all your belongings stored at CubeSmart are your responsibility, so you need insurance. You can get protection plans at an affordable rate at the CubeSmart store, which will protect your stored items. You are to present a copy of the declaration’s page from the insurance you purchase to serve as proof of insurance at the time of rental.

What kind of paper works is needed to rent a storage unit?

You need any of the following means of identification; driver’s license, military ID, passport, or state-issued ID.

What sizes of units are available, and how do I pick the perfect one for my needs?

CubeSmart offers different sizes of units to entertain your needs. The sizes start from 5×5, or 25 sq-ft, to 10 x 30, or 300 sq-ft. You can consult their online size guide to determine the unit size that is perfect for your storage needs. You can also ask the facility manager in your area to assist you in determining the right size of unit for your items as they are trained for it.

How CubeSmart Is Reacting To COVID-19

Although CubeSmart is still conducting business, some of its storage centers may be affected. Find out the status of your nearest CubeSmart facility via their website.


CubeSmart is suitable for business-oriented people who prioritize security. The company provides more deals than the competitors we reviewed, and its referral program, military discounts, monthly offers, and free moving trucks help you save a lot of money.

However, if you don’t find CubeSmart suitable for your storage needs, we can always help you with a suitable storage company. Locate the perfect storage company for your needs via our list of best self-storage companies. We encourage current or previous CubeSmart customers to share their experiences in the comment section below.