Moving Labors Vs. Traditional Movers

There are differences between moving labor and a traditional mover. The major difference is that the one provides only labor, meaning they don’t rent out or drive the moving truck. You are responsible for renting a moving truck or portable storage container.

Also, labor-only movers don’t possess licensing, insurance, or valuation coverage, since they won’t be transporting your household items. This is why it is harder to determine if a company is legit.

When you hire a reputable moving labor company, they give you a more cost-effective option than hiring a full-service moving company.

Moving Labors Vs. Traditional Movers

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Moving Labour – All you need to know

Moving labor is sometimes called moving helpers and can provide a wide range of helpers to perform any type of manual work to established companies that offer different types of moves, especially local moves.

The rapid increase in recognition of moving pods has made a lot of customers realize they only require help with loading and/or unloading, and there are many moving labor companies in this category.

Moving helpers can also help you with packing, wrapping, or furniture disassembly/reassembly if you wish. Hiring the exact amount of labor you need enable you to save some money.

However, since there is no rule guiding moving labor companies, their responsibility to provide a professional labor service for customers without causing much or no damage to their belongings gets reduced.

Scam artists can also easily swindle unsuspecting consumers, so make sure you go through online reviews and/or complaints and obtain references.

How it Works

In summary, moving labor companies are best described as professional movers without the moving truck. They add strength to relocate your belongings and the expertise to load/unload your items in the right and efficient way.

When you decide to move, but lack the strength and couldn’t get from your friends, moving laborers will come in for you. You first rent the moving truck or container or trailer and then hire helpers to do any task you need to be completed.

Labor-only helpers charge by the hour, so make sure they only perform certain tasks like all your heavy lifting of items like furniture and appliances so you can reduce your cost.

You are in control to make sure your job is done perfectly well. Also, hiring moving labor is not specific to only a permanent move or a house move.

Deciding on the Amount of Help to hire

Your task to be completed will determine the size of the crew you will hire. A minimum of two movers will work on your average moving labor job for an average of two 2-hours, and the work includes 15-mins increments.

If you require more movers or time, just inform them during booking. Normally, the size of the home and budget always determine this. More time or more people is often required for a larger home.

Typically, three movers are the most efficient, as 2 movers can haul the item to the moving trailer while the team leader remains in the equipment sorting the items.

You may also look into getting help from family or friends with the packing and loading of your smaller items, then get a smaller team of movers to take care of the fragile and heavier belongings.

For further information on how to load or pack a moving truck like a Pro, click here and obtain a great idea of the level of assistance you will need.

Scheduling Labor

We suggest you have your movers come right after delivering the moving equipment to prevent scheduling issues. For instance, if they drop off the equipment on a Wednesday, the loading laborers should arrive on Thursday.

You have enough time to schedule the moving crew to avoid downtime since you have three business days or more with some companies for loading and unloading.

Getting ready for the Crew

With by-the-hour help, you will enter an agreement directly with the labor providers for customer-directed help. They will render help under your direction; just instruct them on what they should do.

Your crew of mover will only come with a dolly and tools for small disassembly and reassembly. But you are responsible for making any loading equipment such as straps and moving blankets available.

We suggest you check our loading tips in the above link to have a clear idea of how the thing works and where you might require help. Making water and snacks available on-site will also be a nice idea to show appreciation for their services.

Find out more here on how to tip your movers.

Traditional Movers – All you need to know

The moving industry can be divided into two categories moving labor and full-service movers. Let’s discuss further what this means:

Full Service Moving Companies

Based on the move’s distance and the states involved in the move, licensing may be required for a moving company hauling household possessions with their truck.

Note the following:

  • If you are moving to another state, your full service out of state moving company must possess an active United States Department of Transportation license to relocate household possessions from one state to another. This policy is for you, your household possessions, and others on the highway by ensuring the moving company satisfies minimal safety and quality standards.
  • Suppose you are moving within a non-regulated state like Maryland, Delaware, Alaska, Tennessee, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Maine, Idaho, Utah, Mississippi, Arizona, Vermont, New Hampshire, and DC. In that case, there is no need for a license from your full-service local mover.
  • If moving from, to, or within a well-regulated state (other states not mentioned above), your interstate moving company is expected to possess a license to move household belongings by your state’s regulatory board.

Moving Labor

With help from these companies, you can get your packing, loading, and unloading of your rental truck or storage container done, move belongings in and out of your house, or to the garage. Some can even drive your rental truck with no special household belongings license.

These companies offer various laborers for most types of businesses, from craigslist to well-established and top-rated companies that in handler moves.

Warning: Be cautious when hiring Moving Labor. They are not regulated and so they may not perform professionally and may not control the amount of damage caused to your belongings. Also, since most are not registered businesses, they don’t have robust scheduling systems and may not be trustworthy or even arrive when urgently needed on your moving day. This is doesn’t mean they are all not professional; some moving labor companies have been found reputable in the industry.

Portable Storage Container Movers

Companies like PODS, U-Pack, and others deliver portable storage containers or pods to your home or a specified location and then load the portable storage container yourself when you have the time or hire a moving helper to handle it.

When you are set, the Portable Storage Container provider will pick the storage container and transport it to your new address, where you will again unload it yourself or hire Moving Helper in your new town or city.

Here are some things to note concerning Portable Storage Container Movers:

  • Estimate your shipments: Be sure to have the right size of containers for your move.
  • Where to place it? Be sure to secure a legal place to park the storage container at your current and destination location. For instance, parking containers may only be allowed for specific hours by some tight city areas or high-rise buildings.
  • Additional services: You may have to hire extra moving services if you don’t plan to load and unload yourself. Moving is a stressful time already; you may want to hire other companies to perform your actual move.

Specialized Moving Companies

Some movers specialize in certain areas. These include safe movers, art and antique movers, piano movers, pool table movers, Jacuzzi movers, and so on.

Make sure your hired full-service mover can perfectly handle any of your specialty items listed above. Else, you may require a specialized moving company to take care of your special belongings.

Why Moving Labor?

A full-service moving company is the most convenient option; however, they are more expensive. You can prepare to save about 40 to 60% average on your moving cost by joining moving labor with a rented moving truck, trailer, or container.

The expensive cost of full-service movers is not the only reason most people prefer moving labor. Let’s discuss some of the other important differences between a moving labor company and a traditional full-service moving company.

Quality of the Movers

The majority of companies hire helpers, also known as career movers. Although they have enough experience, they are often not as friendly or polite and not elite. Moving labor companies, in contrast, pay their movers twice and more than the industry average.

This is because labor-only moving companies are smaller and generally don’t possess the big contracts enjoyed by full-service moving companies from the government and large corporations. This implies that movers’ performance is very important.

Versatile Experience

Both full-service moving companies and their movers have experience loading and unloading their moving trucks, not rental trucks, containers, or different sizes and shapes of moving solutions.

However, labor-only moving companies provide loading and unloading services for different containers, trailers, and moving trucks.

We don’t just specialize in loading and unloading; we are also experienced in all types of do-it-yourself moving methods as well as their different sizes.

Impartial Advice

A traditional full-service moving company will always endeavor to sell you their moving or storage service, not minding your needs or budget. We all have different situations and needs. Suppose you are storing your belongings for 6 months.

In that case, a full-service moving company will load your belongings, unload them into one of their storage units, load your possessions when you require delivery, and then unload them at your new residence.

That, when counted, is four touches. Four times your belongings are facing the risk of being damaged, lost, or stolen.

Aside, it is also four opportunities to be billed by the full-service moving company and increase your cost.

How much does it cost to hire Moving Labor?

Just like local moving companies, moving labor companies charge. You will be charged hourly between $60 and $80/hour for two movers when you hire a labor-only mover.

Below are other things you should understand about moving labor rates:

  • Each extra moving laborer will cost you extra. For instance, you hire two movers for $60/hour. Hiring one additional moving helper will cost you $30/hour, which brings the total amount to $90/hour for three movers. This implies that hiring five movers will cost you $150/hour.
  • At least a 2-hour minimum will be charged by moving labor companies.
  • Usually, the billing time commences when the moving crew arrives.
  • The median working hours are often billed in 15-min increments.
  • Best labor-only companies don’t charge any surprise fees, so you shouldn’t be charged surprisingly during the payment.
  • Moving labor companies may or may not charge a mileage fee (travel fee). This is the time it takes the labor-only movers to reach your home. Some moving labor does not charge a mileage fee when the job site (your old home) is about 40 miles round trip or 20 miles to and from it. The travel fee often equals an hour of work.
  • Moving labor companies include the use of moving equipment in the price, so it is free.
  • In general, the prices mentioned above for moving labor don’t change for all moving labor services such as furniture disassembly and assembly, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, etc.

When you understand how the cost is determined, you will have a better chance of reducing your moving costs. Now, many factors will determine the cost of moving labor:

  • Each moving labor company
  • Exact home location
  • Additional moving labor services needed by the customer
  • Moving of specialty items such as a hot tub, a pool table, a grandfather clock, a piano, and more
  • Moving duration (timeframe)

Why are Movers so costly?

Generally, you need to understand this since it can help you reduce the cost of your move more. This is possible by reducing the amount of time moving labor experts spend on your move.

This implies that completing more tasks on your own will reduce the amount of time needed by the moving experts to work, which will then reduce the cost of your moving labor services.

Assuming you couldn’t get a hold on your friends to assist you with packing. You are considering hiring a labor-only mover for packing, this will increase your overall cost unless you pack the smallest and easiest items like clothes, books, toiletries, bedding, and so on, and allow the labor-only movers to handle the hardest task (such as your appliances, breakables, large electronic devices, furniture, specialty items like a pool table, and so on) for protection since they are well experienced dealing with these items.


Being prepared for your labor-only moving companies before arrival reduces your cost because they charge an hourly rate. Make sure everything is set to load, just like when you hire a national moving companies.

Once your helpers arrive, the clock starts ticking. Even when they are standing waiting for you to complete packing, your clock is ticking. If you also hired them to pack, ensure the hours are reduced on the job by doing some of it. If you are moving your office or business, make sure you don’t work on a moving day because it will slow down the moving process.

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