Hire Professional Moving Services in USA

Moving house is not something everyone can handle on his or her own. This is because many things are involved, and most of these things can be handled by professionals who are skilled and trained in these fields.

Starting from decluttering your home to packing, boxing, loading, unloading, and arranging your belongings at your new home, you would agree with me that is not something you can do alone. Luckily, there are specialists for each of the stages of moving listed above.

Hire Professional Moving Services in USA

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There are two major ways to handle relocation exercise; hiring a professional moving company or opt for do-it-yourself (DIY) move. Each of these methods can be further classified, and there are professionals for each of them. Whichever methods you choose, the focus is to ensure that you use the best companies to handle any stage you had decided to contract out to professionals.

I think the first step to your journey to a new home is to decide which moving option to employ for the job; either do-it-yourself (DIY) move or a professional mover, or something in-between the two options. First, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option to make your decision. While it may be confusing to know which option to go for, choosing the best moving service for any option you chose is very vital. The truth is that there is no way you would move without using any of the moving services. If you don’t use a professional moving service, you will use a truck rental service, or loaders, or moving storage containers, or any other one.

The post aims to share some top hand-picked national moving companies that stand out in different categories regarding service delivery, pricing, online reputation, easy claims, equipment, and other attributes. It may seem long, but it promises to be one of the most informative content on the internet. Take your time to read it to the end.

Different Types of Moving Services in the Moving Industry

There are different types of moving services, and each of them has its own functions in the moving industry. To make the right decision, it is important to have in-depth knowledge about the different classes of moving services you can employ for your move.

Which one is the most appropriate for your kind of move? Moving companies can be classified according to the specific services they offer in the industry. They have been broken as follows:

  • Professional Moving services
  • Moving Containers services
  • Moving supplies services
  • Relocation services
  • Storage services
  • Moving truck services
  • Moving quotes services

Each of these companies performs one function or the other and has its scope as designed by the services it offers. We will be discussing them one after the other and list out top picks for each category.

Our top picks were hand-picked based on nationwide availability, strong safety record, reliable customer services, flexible claim policy, customer ratings and reviews, and much more. Now, let’s start with professional moving services.

The Best Professional Moving Services

Professional moving services are the major moving vendors known by many people. The typical moving companies are expected to load all your stuff, transport them to your new home, and have a sound storage track-record for your belongings.

The best professional moving service should be reliable with promising online reputation for customers’ optimal satisfaction and quality service delivery.

However, to select the best moving companies for your move, you would need to call for quotes from different professional long distance moving companies and compare their prices based on what they propose to offer you.

To help your search and make the work easier for you, we have selected some picks that stand out in terms of reputation for customer satisfaction, easy claims, and transparent pricing. They will be discussed one after the other.

Our picks for the best Moving Services:

1. United Van Lines

United Van Lines

United Van Line has earned the top spot as No. 1 American moving company by providing top-notch relocation services to their customer and always ensuring stress-free moving exercise.

The company is equipped with one of the latest technologies in town to make moving activities easier and less hassle. United Van Lines’ services ranging from full-service moving to storage and packing services.

Its’ packaging offers increased value protection with options of technical and cleaning services. The services of this company aim to offer the most affordable moving service options to the consumer in a view to enhance their moving experience.

There is no limit to the distance United Van Lines can cover. In fact, the company answers almost everything the moving services require. Below are the services offered by the company:

  • Residential Moving Services
  • Local Moving Services
  • Long-Distance Moving Services
  • International Moving Services
  • Corporate Relocation Services
  • Government Moving Services
  • Auto Transport Services
  • Storage Services
  • Full-Service Packages

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2. Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines has been rated as one of the largest networks of household moving in the United States and its neighborhoods.

With over 430 agents available in different warehouse locations and equipment, the company provides reliable moving and storage services you can count on.

Atlas Van Lines is equipped with a variety of branded vans with big, stylish and unique color designs. Atlas prides itself on offering reliable, stress-free service to its customers all over the world.

The company is globally recognized for its quality service deliveries at the most cost-effective you can find in the moving industry.

Having reviewed as one of the most customer-friendly moving companies, Atlas Van Lines commits itself to provide the best service when it comes to relocation activities – bringing relief to consumers.

The services offered by the company are not limited to the following

  • Auto Transport
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Moving Supplies
  • Valuation
  • Furniture Movers
  • Local Moves
  • Long Distance Movers
  • Small Moves
  • Military Moves
  • Government Moves
  • Moving Special Items

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3. Wheaton World Wide Moving

Wheaton World Wide Moving

When you are looking for a moving company that pays attention to details of jobs, Wheaton World Wide Moving is an option to consider.

The team usually gives its customers the attention and resources they need to handle every stage of their moves. Wheaton World Wide Moving prides itself on offering exceptional customer services by going beyond expectations.

With over 70 years of experience in moving businesses, the company can professionally handle any size of moving tasks without issues.

The communication of the company is excellent among other moving companies on this list. They are equipped with trained movers who are committed to ensuring smooth and seamless relocation processes.

Wheaton World Wide Moving offers but not limited to the following services:

  • Household Moves
  • Corporate Relocation
  • International
  • Military
  • Specialized Moves

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4. Moving APT

Moving APT

This list will not be complete without mentioning Moving APT. This company has come a long way in less than two decades they started the journey to moving business.

It is licensed and insured to operate and offer brokering and able and professional mover that can handle interstate moving service without m in the United States and its environs. Below are some of the services offered by the Moving APT:

  • Packing Services
  • Residential Moving
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Long Distance Movers
  • Cross Country Moving

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5. All My Sons Moving & Storage

All My Sons Moving & Storage

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a family operated company that works as a team to solve consumer moving needs. This four-generation of moving experience has been offering full-service moving in the moving industry for over 20 years, and it continues to become stronger by day.

The company provides comprehensive moving services either do-it-yourself (DIY) through truck rental or professional moving services and delivers top-notch service on all.

All My Sons Moving & Storage takes time to understand your relocation needs and offer the best help to make your moving stress-free and affordable.

The company has both human and material resources to ensure that your move goes smoothly and seamless and every advice offered is to save you money on your move.

You can rely on this company to handle your move without disappointment. Some of the services offered by All My Sons Moving & Storage include:

  • Local moving
  • Long distance moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Commercial moving
  • Storage facilities
  • Packing services
  • Packing supplies

The Best Moving Containers Services

Moving container services are in the form of renting out containers to consumers to load their belonging and drive it to their destination. Each moving container service operates almost the same way.

While PODS is well-known on the internet, U-Haul is the most affordable with quality storage containers for your move.

Below are our picks for best moving container companies:



PODS has earned the most reputable moving container company in the moving industry. Its containers are available in three different sizes ranging from 7’’x8’’, 12’’x8’’, to 16’’x8,’’ and they are usually without a ramp (means they rest on the ground).

PODS are rented over a period of one month and can be renewed after the first month; hence, you have enough time to load and unload your items, unlike other moving container companies.

However, the only con to PODS is its inability to cover many locations – PODS only available in 43 states. For example, if you are located in North Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming, West Virginia, Vermont, or Montana, PODS is not meant for you – look elsewhere for your moving containers. Apart from this, PODS is the best for the job.

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2. U-Haul


U-Haul is popularly known for its moving truck rental but has also been reviewed as one of the best moving container service providers that offer excellent services. Its moving container is called U-Boxes.

If you want the fastest local move, U-Haul is your best option. It moves your container from one location to another in just one or two today. They are equipped with different sizes of containers to accommodate even a king-size bed and other household items.

U-Boxes are the cheaper containers for moving on a budget. Its price can be cheaper up to 50% compared to other moving container companies. However, its delivery time for a long-distance move is longer than others in the same category and cannot be tracked within this long shipping period.

Above all, U-Haul leads others in terms of its cost-effectiveness moving containers.

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3. U-Pack


When you are looking for efficiency, U-Pack stands on the top spot. Unlike U-Haul, U-Pack only takes seven to nine days for long distance container moves.

The company is available in all states of the United States except Delaware and offers two styles and sizes of containers referred to as “Relocube” and trailer.

Its standard sizes are 6’x7’x8’ for Relocube and 28’x8’x9’ for trailer respectively. It has one of the shortest time windows (3 days) for packing and unpacking your container before it is moved to your new location or returned to U-Pack center.

Hence, if you need an accelerated move, this company is an option to consider for the job. However, U-Pack containers are small in size, only match for small apartments.

Also, U-Pack is expensive compared to some other companies; yet, it is the best for small room move where only one container is required.

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4. 1-800-PACK-RAT


1-800-PACK-RAT usually rings bells whenever issues of moving and storage container services are mentioned. The company has gone a long way with a reasonable number of locations in the US and Canada.

Though the company cannot be compared with PODS or U-Pack in terms of facilities, 1-800-PACK-RAT’s unique moving container construction, availability of multiple container sizes, weatherproof moving containers, free locking system and as well as an added advantage of perks for long distance move make the company one of the best in moving and containers service.

However, the company requires that consumers finalize their quotes over the phones, making it less flexible in estimation.

5. SmartBox


SmartBox is best suitable for a small move, say a one-bedroom apartment or college room. So, if your move falls within this category, consider SmartBox. It is the smallest among the top five moving and storage container companies on our list. Its containers are usually small (about 5” x 7” x 8”) to accommodate one room apartment.

If you a college student and you want to relocate, SmartBox is the best option for your move, especially if you are on a budget.

The company has a price-matching policy considered to be the best for a small move. However, if your move is large, look for an alternative company on our list that matches your move.

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The Best Moving Supplies Companies

Moving cannot complete without some essential moving supplies used to pack items for easy loading into the moving truck. There is no doubt moving supplies make relocation exercise smooth and less stressful.

The roles of moving supplies such as moving boxes, packing tapes, bubble wraps, mattress bag covers, dish packs, packing papers, and much cannot be overemphasized in securing your belongings in place during moving activities.

Moving supplies make it easy to make your entire home mobile until you get to your new home. However, many consumers find it difficult to get quality moving supplies or get enough supplies as required by their moves; hence, they are forced to improvise or used non-recommended containers and items to pack their stuff. This has many times failed, and household items lost or damaged during moving.

Luckily, there are some companies whose their services are to manufacture and supply moving supplies to ease consumers’ packing for relocation purposes.

Out of thousands of these companies, we have hand-picked top five moving supplies companies who offer and supply quality moving supplies and have stood the test of time.

Below are our picks for moving supplies companies:

1. Box Engine

Box Engine

Box Engine is chosen as our #1 moving supplies company who has been reviewed to supplying quality and a wide range of moving items for your easy packing and moving. Box Engine offers varieties of moving supplies in different categories to meet your moving demands and needs.

You can shop for different sizes of moving boxes (ranging from small, medium, large, x-large boxes to other specialized boxes such as wardrobe moving boxes, kitchen boxes, mattress boxes and much more), moving kits for various sizes of apartments, and other moving supplies like bubble wrap, packing tapes, etc.

All their moving supplies are quality and affordable based on your budget. Apart from moving supplies, Box Engine also offers tons of moving tips and resources to enlighten prospective movers on how to handle their moving in a more effective way.

You learn from their tips such as how to pack glasses, dish appliances, and a lot more. What makes Box Engine stand out among others is that they are the manufacturer – there is no middleman; hence, all their prices are cost-effective compared to others in the same category.

Box Engine also offers free shipping on all their supplies. You can contact the company for your moving supplies package today!

2. AB Moving & Storage

AB Moving & Storage

AB Moving is one of the best moving supplies companies that sell quality packing and moving supplies widely used by professional movers across the globe. The company is committed to delivering your moving supplies at your doorstep just the way you order them on their page.

Avoid unnecessary visits to various supplies stores in the town by getting your moving supplies delivered to you at home. If your want to save yourself time and stress of sourcing for moving supplies from stores and warehouses, enter all your moving supply needs on the AB Moving packing and supplies page and your order will be processed within just 24 hours.

Besides moving supplies service, AB Moving also offers professional packing services in case you don’t have time for packing.

The company pride itself to supply quality and reliable moving and packing supplies that will make sure your properties are safe and protected during loading, transportation, and unloading.

3. U-Haul


U-Haul has been found to be an all-round service provider in the moving industry. Its outstanding services in truck rental and moving storage have also been applauded in moving supplies.

U-Haul offers and supplies a variety of moving supplies including moving boxes, and other essential moving services. With U-Haul moving boxes, you don’t need to struggle with sizes.

All their boxes are made to standards with required strength of each size to support your items and enhance easy stacking and loading during moving or storage.

If you are looking for customized moving boxes, U-Haul will design them to your satisfaction and customized them for your moving needs.

The company has been credited as one of the highly-rated moving supplies service providers that make up the robust retailer of moving boxes and supplies in the moving industry of the United States.

U-Haul offers free standard shipping of all your moving supplies to the contiguous U.S on orders above $99.

With over 15,000 dealers located in the different states of the US, U-Haul offers the most affordable moving supplies to consumers across the United States.

Also, it offers 100% buy-back guarantee to their consumers by buying back unused U-Haul boxes after their move. There are also many other discounts on U-Haul moving boxes and supplies.

4. Public Storage

Public Storage

Public Storage has come to the limelight of moving supplies and storage supplies. So, when you are moving or planning to store your stuff, the company has one of the largest arrays of moving supplies and as well as the expertise to assist you in packing, stacking, and protecting your belongings.

Public Storage has a variety of moving box sizes for packing different sizes of household items ranging from small, medium, and large, to oddly shaped items, wardrobe, and HDTV.

There is no amount of moving supplies you are looking for that you cannot find at Public Storage. They have various locations that you can visit to make your request if you cannot use their online resources to browse your moving supplies needs.

The company is equipped with experience and friendly teams who are ready to help you pack your stuff and ensure your move is smooth and you get everything you want.

5. Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck is highly recognized for its competitive prices of moving supplies such as moving boxes, and as well as other packing supplies including paper pads, packing paper, markers, tapes, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, and other essential supplies to make your move smooth and less-stressful.

They have a wide range of both moving and packing supplies which can be delivered at many locations of the United States with a minimum order of $50 and above.

Also, just like U-Haul, Two Men and a Truck offers full refunds for boxes not used after your move. You will get different sizes of boxes in their store at the most affordable prices that may be difficult to find in other stores.

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The Best Relocation Services

Relocation services can be described as corporate moving services that help consumers to cross the country or state. It is a specialized service offered by some professional moving services in the moving industry.

Family or business may decide to relocate to another state or abroad; hence, they need a professional to help them plan and handle the moving process to ensure smooth and successful relocation.

Relocation (either residential or commercial) requires extra efforts because many things are involved starting from relocation pre-move survey, paper arrangement, packing, transportation, as well as unpacking at your new location.

Whether it is only you (employment relocation) or the entire family, or comprehensive office relocation (corporate relocation), having an experienced relocation company to handle the whole process makes the move easier and successful.

There are a variety of relocation companies in the United States you can choose from. However, we have researched and come with top 5 relocation companies you can consider for your relocation service needs.

Our best picks for relocation services:

1. Pricing Van Lines

Pricing Van Lines

On the very first spot is Pricing Van Lines. The company is equipped with corporate relocation experts and agents across the states and globally. They will help you in the entire process from the initial stage to the destination and ensure the job is done in a most professional way without delay.

Pricing Van Lines’ relocation services involve personal, corporate moving service that helps you perfect all moving arrangements and make it as simple as possible.

They use their experience in relocating many families and businesses to help you choose the reliable and professional mover that can handle interstate moving service without mistakes.

Pricing Van Lines will also assist you in moving budget and planning using a reliable professional moving company’s general quotes to help you present an affordable budget for relocation move.

Pricing Van Lines’ website is also equipped with enough relocation tips and resources to help you plan your relocation move.

2. Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines is #2 on our list due to its outstanding relocation services. The company’s relocation service is efficient and has been rated as one of the best for corporate relocation.

All their teams are skilled and experienced in planning and handling any type of relocation activities. Atlas Van Lines understands that policy is paramount in the relocation process especially corporate relocation.

Every organization or family needs qualified and trustworthy relocation service providers to advise and process their move to their new destinations.

If you are planning an interstate or international move, you would need a professional mover and Atlas Van Lines is all-encompass in both relocation and moving services. Either local or national, the company is up to the task.

You can get proven and useful tools and resources that will add value to your relocation needs. With Atlas Van Lines relocation option, you will enjoy the following:

  • Comprehensive Relocation Services
  • Simplicity Small and faster Moves
  • Technology
  • Industry Intelligence
  • Advocacy
  • Tariff Pricing

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3. Mayflower


When you are talking about relocation services, Mayflower speaks the language you understand. The company offers expert move management and flexible relocation solutions to both residential and commercial home and abroad mover irrespective of the company size and needs.

Mayflower has been in the moving business for over 75 years, and they had not relented on their efforts to provide the best moving service especially relocation service. Mayflower will perfect your relocation arrangement by paying attention to details as requested by you.

The company has decades of relocation experience to handle any relocation need including the corporate and family transition to local areas or cross country.

With Mayflower relocation services, you will enjoy the quality and top-notch moving resources with their national agency network. Send mail to their business development team for more information on their relocation service.

4. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines is one of the leading relocation companies that has been tested and respected for relocating many families and employees in the United States.

This company is committed to offering any relocation and other associated services to both corporate and family. North American Van Lines is known for tailoring their services to their customers’ relocation needs.

When compared to other relocation services, North American Van Lines offers not only cross country moving but also storage services to provide their customers with much-needed optional services during their relocation exercise.

These additional services are designed to help consumers get settled after they finally move cross country. The company has a wide range of affordable relocation services which include packing, supplies of packing materials, vehicle shipping, storage services, and complete relocation services.

You don’t need to worry about your move when you choose North American Van Lines for your relocation service.  The company’s personalized approach to relocation services makes their service unique among others.

They are equipped with teams of dedicated employees who are experienced in customized relocation services irrespective of the size of the move.

5. Bekins Van Lines

Bekins Van Lines

While relocation activities can be stressful and tricky for both employees and employers and as well as household members, giving the job to a professional mover like Bekins Van Lines can change your orientation about relocation.

The company is experienced in helping people relocate with their wide range of relocation services. No matter the location, Bekins is widely connected with their different branches located in every part of the world.

They treat each move according to the needs of the clients; so, there is no service for all. Bekins understands that people do relocate for different purposes; hence, they customize each relocation services based on the purpose whether corporate or casual.

Their teams of cross country movers are ready to offer any help customers may need when they get to their destinations. With a call to their customer support service, Bekins will solve your relocation problems.

The Best Storage Services

The storage services category is another moving service used by many people in the moving industry. Different types of services for varieties of moves to suit the purposes of each move.

Storage services serve the needs of consumers who are looking for a way to store their belongings before they finally move.

On the other hand, some people are simply downsizing their stuff to move to a smaller size city apartment; hence, they need to rent a storage unit to keep their valuable items for a specific period.

All these demands have led to a new trend of service to offer a solution to storage issues, and this is referred to as full-service storage service.

Things have been made easier for consumers with the system of coming to them to pick up their stuff on request and deliver the same to the storage unit size as agreed with the company.

Many companies are now offering these services in the United States, and they have been proffering solution to storing needs of the Americans.

However, this on-demand, full-service storage alternatives require integrity and honesty on the parts of the storage companies; hence, we have researched and reviewed thousands of full-service storage companies to handpick the top 5 with top-notch services in the category.

If you are not sure about where to find one, check out our pick for storage services you can consider for your storage needs.

Our best picks for full-service Storage Companies:

1. MakeSpace


Our first pick for storage service is MakeSpace. If you have not tried storage service before or you have been disappointed by one before, try this company and report back here.

It offers storage service in Chicago, DC, Los Angeles, and New York City. MakeSpace has been reviewed to provide one of the quality storage services with integrity and honesty.

The company will provide free wardrobe boxes and bins to their customers and what is expected of the customers is to fill the provided boxes and bins with their stuff and the company come back to pick them and drop them off at their secure storage facility.

The items will then be delivered back to the customers whenever they schedule delivery on MakeSpace’s website or mobile app.

MakeSpace has one of the easiest processes of storage service compared to others in the same category. There is no limit to what this company can store for customers ranging from couches, beds, and exercise equipment to bikes and devices.

They come to you and pick them – so, no stress of transporting the items to them. MakeSpace offers affordable pricing for space your items occupied throughout the period the items are in their custody and the pricing system is based on the city. You can visit the site to use storage calculator on the site.

2. RedBin


According to RedBin’s website, the company aims to solve the storage needs of the American. The platform claimed they saw the need of some people who are looking for a way to proffer solution to item cluttering in their homes or want to move to another home at the expiration of their rents.

So, if you want to store your stuff for whatever reason, consider enlisting this company. They are equipped with quality facilities of different sizes and capacity. RedBin makes the work easier for you by taking your request and drop off plastic bins to your door step.

You are to pack your stuff into the bins, and the driver comes on the scheduled day to take an overhead picture of the bins. These images are uploaded on the site under the customers’ account, taking inventory of items and keep the record intact online.

The bins are then picked up and drive down to their distribution center to secure the warehouse.

RedBin has been found to charge one of the lowest monthly cost per storage bin. It charges $5 per storage for regular items while seasonal items including AC units, skis, golf clubs, and other related items cost an average of $25 per month.

3. Clutter


This is another high-ranking full-service storage company that is technologically inclined to storing items for consumers.

Clutter has very wide range coverage available in New York City, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Santa Barbara, Seattle, California, and New Jersey.

At first, it only takes a phone call to schedule a pick-up from the company, and subsequently, all other pick-ups and deliveries can be easily processed online.

You can choose the storage size you want from their different storage plans. Clutter has the following storage plans for your selection:

  • An item plan
  • A closet plan
  • A garage plan
  • A studio plan
  • An apartment plan
  • A custom plan

Each one has its package policy, and you are expected to choose a plan based on your storage needs. Once a customer has chosen a plan, Clutter offers packing supplies for the customer to pack his or her stuff.

The company’s movers then take photographs of the items in each box for proper inventory and tracking. Unlike other companies discussed above, the movers assigned unique barcodes with a stamp on each item stored with the company.

Hence, the consumer can easily retrieve anything whenever it is needed. After the mover ascertain that everything is packed properly, the mover then loads them onto the truck and move them to the storage center of the company.

Like other storage companies, Clutter returns your belongings whenever you need them without wasting time. To schedule a return, you only need to go to the platform and log in with your account details, select the item or items you want to be delivered.

However, the cost charged by Clutter is quite higher than other storage companies earlier discussed with a low monthly rate of $1,000 to $2,500 protection plans.

For more info about Clutter’s storage plans and other details, you may want to know, visit their site.

4. Cubiq


To complete our list for best picks for storage service, Cubiq must be included. This full-service storage service is branded “personal storage concierge,” and the storage armies of Cubiq (referred to as concierges) are experienced in all types of storage needs.

The company also serves the Greater Boston Area with its durable and business-grade cubes for packing compare to other storage services. To use Cubiq storage facilities, customers are required to sign up and book their cube online.

The ordered cubes selected by the customer will then be delivered to him or her by a Cubiq concierge on that day.

The company’s cubes have a standard size of 22″ x 18″ x 12″ which is enough to pack any item you may want to pack for storage. Cubiq offers its customers to pack and prepare the cubes within seven days.

The inventory of the items inside each cube will be taken and recorded in inventory cards. After all these processes have been followed, the cube’s inventory will be photographed and security-sealed before they are loaded into the truck and transported to the warehouse for storage.

Customers can access their accounts to manage their storage either online or on a smartphone or both. The pricing system of Cubiq is slightly varied from other full-service storage services.

They have three major plans customers can purchase from. The plans include:

  • Tier 1 – $29 for 4 cubes
  • Tier 2 – $59 for 8 cubes
  • Tier 3 – $99 for 16 cubes

Customers can as well buy cubes individually if they don’t want to purchase the plans as listed above.

The Best Truck Rental Services

Truck rental service is another category of moving services in the moving industry. Almost all categories of moving services finally make use of a truck to transport consumers’ belongings from one place to another.

However, when you are considering a do-it-yourself (DIY) move, you cannot but hire a truck rental service. This service is the backbone of a DIY move, as the two terms go together.

While there are local truck rental services, there are also top national truck rental services that can deliver beyond top-notch services in the industry.

We have handpicked below top 5 truck rental services based on their available truck sizes, quality service delivery, rental locations, and other added facilities.

Below are our picks for best truck rental services:

1. U-Haul



U-Haul tops our list of best truck rental services because it was reviewed to have the best truck selection and as well as additional equipment such as car carriers, hand trucks, furniture pads, and other related facilities to make your move smoother and easier.

You can easily find locations on the U-Haul’s website. U-Haul is the most popular truck rental company that has locations in all 50 states of the United States and other locations in Canada with over 20,000 locations.

The company is equipped with a variety of moving truck sizes, cargo vans, and pickup trucks. The trucks are designed to save cost on fuel for affordable household moving with easy loading and unloading technology.

Apart from U-Haul’s truck fleet, it also provides car carriers and moving trailer rentals in case you chose to use your vehicle for your move.

All the trucks are designed with overhead storage compartment and attic to accommodate more pieces of luggage and for fragile item separations from other loads respectively.

The company is also involved in selling packing materials and boxes and as well as renting out furniture pads and hand trucks.

U-Haul can also assist in finding truck loaders to make your move less stressful for you.

U-Haul is responsible for every inconvenience caused by the company through its package – for every piece of equipment reserved but not available, the consumer gets $50.

You can reserve your needs with cash, debit or credit cards. Below are the available vehicle types and sizes:

  • Trucks: 10’-, 14 -, 15’-, 17’-, 20’-, 24’-, 26’- foot
  • Trailers: Cargo – Utility – Car
  • Pickup Cargo Vans:

Read full U-HAUL review by experts

2. Penske Truck Rental

Penske Truck Rental

Penske is among the best when it comes to truck rental services. The company offers local and one-way, long distance move with their large truck and pickup fleet of about 50,000 situated at different locations of the United States and Canada.

Penske serves the needs of people who want to move their belongings with a truck or want towing service for both local and long distance.

The company offers flexible prices, as you can negotiate to have a discount on your move with their trucks. This can be possible with their friendly and well-mannered customer service which is available 24/7 to give you the assistance required for your move.

This quality and as well as other commercial and logistics businesses have made Penske to take over the market of truck rental.

The company is committed to offering a better customer service experience with the current size of the company. The website of Penske is responsive and easy to navigate and highly equipped with a lot of content and safety tips for both movers and consumers.

They have different sizes of trucks ranging from 12’-, 16’-, and 22’-, to 26’- foot in over 2000 pick-up/drop-off centers and home depots.

The company partners with truck loading service known as Moving Labor to assist customers with the loading and unloading process. However, consumers need to make a reservation in advance, say 48 hours.

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3. Budget Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental is our #3 pick for the best truck rental services. The company is known for its ability to offer the best price ever compared to other companies.

It always tries to match the prices of competitors to offer coupons and promotion to consumers. According to various researches and reviewed, Budget Truck Rental offers the best rates to users who book their truck in advance, say between late weekends (Sunday) to mid weekdays (Thursday).

Apart from this, there is a special discount package for students, seniors, and AARP, firefighters, EMT, military personnel, Bar Association members, veterans, and motor club.

However, the company has limited truck size offers compare to U-Haul that is equipped with a wide range of designed truck sizes. Budget Truck Rental has only 12’-, 16 -, and 24’- foot truck sizes at their over 1,700 locations in the United States and Canada. It also collaborates with MoveLift to make your move smooth.

MoveLift offers professional loading and offloading services to their client at the most affordable rate based on request. In addition, Budget also rents out furniture pads and hand trucks to assist you in loading your load smoothly.

If your load is not up to the big truck, the company offers pickup truck rental that can convey your belongings.

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4. Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise Truck Rental has over 270 locations situated in 44 different states of the US and other states waiting to be covered. When you think of moving with the truck, think about Enterprise Truck Rental. The company was picked as #4 on this list due to its quality service delivery.

Enterprise offers a wide range of different types of vehicles such as trucks, pickup van, cargo vans, and parcel vans for various relocation purposes.

Its’ charges are quite different from others, as their rates are a little bit higher than others with a major focus on local distance moves.

If you are renting small vehicles, Enterprise does not charge mileage rates, only if your distance is more than 300 miles.

The business is not only into truck service but also offer larger box truck rent, hand truck, and furniture pads.

Enterprise Truck Rental invested so much on their website. You can get all you need on the platform including the complete list of all their locations by state.

Beside larger box trucks that require a conversation with their representative on the phone, most vehicles can be reserved online via their website.

Enterprise is an excellent truck rental option when it comes to a small- and medium-size truck for an instant and local move.

Below are the vehicle types and sizes available in Enterprise Truck Rental:

  • Straight Trucks: 24′- foot and 26′- foot
  • Cabover Trucks: 16′- foot
  • Stakebed Trucks: 16′- foot and 24′- foot
  • Cargo Vans
  • Pickup Trucks: ½ ton, ¾ ton and 1 ton
  • Parcel Vans: 15′- foot

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5. Ryder Truck Rental

Ryder Truck Rental

With over 500 pick-up stations across the United States, Ryder Truck Rental is one of the top leading moving trucks recognized in the US, especially for moving purposeful items such as weather-resistant or temperature sensitive materials.

If you need a spacious truck, consider hiring a Ryder truck or van to convey your belongings to your new home, but only cover the local distance. No other truck rental service offers this special service.

They offer a variety of affordable sizes of vehicle from their various locations and require their truck to be returned to the same location.

Ryder rents a few options of truck size compared to other truck rental services. Ryder’s booking and cancellation is flexible and straightforward with their effective customer support service.

Not all locations are offering comprehensive services like others. Ryder offers specialized daily rates to be one of the preferable companies in the business.

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The Best Moving Quotes Companies

A mover’s quote aims to give the consumer an accurate estimate of what the entire move will cost before it actually takes place.

Moving companies can give you a general estimate of your move over the phone or online before they finally come for a physical inspection of the stuff to move.

However, many potential consumers are not properly exposed to reliable moving companies to get these quotes from them; hence, they are in the dilemma of who to handle their moves.

Fortunately, some companies are out to solve this problem and help you get the most affordable moving quotes from professional moving companies.

They believe that when you are well-informed, your move will go smoother and you will be happy. Hence, they research and provide you with cost-effective moving quotes based on your request and budget.

Moving quotes companies bring you the best quotes for your move and follow it up. It only takes a few seconds to enter your moving information and requirements into their form and hit the submit button.

There are many companies offering this service in the moving industry, but Moving Feedback has handpicked only the best 5 moving quotes companies that you can use to get reliable and cost-effective quotes for your move.

With these companies, you don’t need to go through the rigorous process of choosing the best professional moving service, as these companies have done that on your behalf.

Below are our picks best 5 moving quotes companies:

1. iMoving


iMoving tops our handpicked reliable moving quotes companies you can consider for your move. The company was founded to solve the problems faced by consumers on moving day.

iMoving saw how people face sudden price increase at the eleventh hour of their moving, and movers’ bad experiences including late arrival, rude staff behavior, loss or damage of items during moving, lack of integrity and transparency from the part of the company which many at times have forced helpless consumers to pay additional as against their agreement with movers.

iMoving has been reviewed has one of the best platforms to plan a secure local or long distance move with affordable quotes from professional moving companies.

With iMoving services, you will have access to the best, licensed, and insured movers that were handpicked for their quality service deliveries and cost-effective services.

You only need to enter your moving information, and you will get a quote for your move without wasting time.

You can compare prices to choose the best fit for your move. There are many previous users’ recommendations and reviews on the platform to assist you in choosing the right mover.

Your payment is secured and protected and comes with a money-back guarantee, should in case something goes wrong during the entire process.

iMoving has been rewarded for accurate moving quotes of moving categories. If you want to get instant moving quotes for your move, iMoving is a platform to go.

Read full review of iMoving Marketpalce

2. Unpakt


Unpakt is one of the prestigious moving quotes and moving guide platforms that get you what you want. They are equipped with in-depth knowledge of consumers’ moves and as well as connected with many professional movers.

Unpakt understands that consumers are faced with the problems of making the right choice among the numerous movers in the USA. You can easily find, analyze and book movers based on your moving needs.

By entering your move request in the form provided, you will be receiving moving quotes from professional and reliable moving companies, so you can compare and choose one based on their submission.

Unpakt ensures all their moving companies on the site are licensed and insured to provide both local and international moves.

You can also find moving guides and other resources to help you plan your moves on Unpakt. Check out their platform today.

3. 9kilo Moving

9kilo Moving

9kilo Moving is another moving quote platform to get cost-effective quotes for your move. They help with the best moving services in Phoenix and its’ environs.

9kilo Moving partners with many licensed and carefully selected professional moving companies who are specialized in both local and long-distance moves.

Whether you are moving within the country or abroad, 9kilo Moving provides you with one of the most affordable quotes that are hard to come by when you directly meet with the movers.

They used their connection and strategic to get the best price for you.

With a click on “Get Quotes” button on the site, you will start receiving free moving quotes right in your inbox. Are you wondering how much may be the cost of your move? 9kilo Moving is ready to make the work easier for you by connecting you with reliable, licensed movers that had been reviewed by the company.

9kilo Moving prides itself on getting you the best quotes that others cannot beat.

4. Top Mover Quotes

Top Mover Quotes

Top Mover Quotes is committed to helping people who are ready to move to a new location to find top moving companies at lowest prices ever.

It is rated as one of the best moving quotes companies in existence, established by moving industry veterans who are experienced in moving processes. Top Mover Quotes helps you find reliable moving companies across the US.

They offer consumers peace of mind by working with only reputable movers in the moving business while making sure you get value for your money.

Quotes are collected in such a way that moving cannot hide any cost from you. Enough of suddenly increased cost and all sorts of attitudes, Top Mover Quotes guides against such acts by pre-screened and undergone Top Mover Quotes’ quality assurance before allowing them to submit quotes on the site.

Using this platform guarantees quotes based on quality service deliveries from leading professional moving companies. You can visit the site for more information.

5. USAMovingCompanies.com


USAMovingCompanies.com makes our top 5 moving quotes companies that stood the test of time. The platform was born out of consumers’ needs for accurate planning and budget for their moves.

USAMovingCompanies.com aligns with reliable and well-respected insured and licensed local/national movers. The platform deals with moving companies that are members of the American Moving & Storage Association; hence, you are sure of accurate quotes and quality services.

USAMovingCompanies.com trusts them to protect the community and adhere to the integrity of the site. USAMovingCompanies.com will pair up consumers with its handpicked moving service providers to submit quotes and deliver a quality job.

With USAMovingCompanies, you can relocate, store, or transport your stuff with top moving services in a way that is free of scam, comfortable and in a manner that is economically possible.

The platform has done more than required to scrutinize the service providers to provide these services without an element of fear.

What are you waiting for?  You can get quotes right away on USAMovingCompanies.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money on packing supplies, if I am choosing to pack my belongings myself?

When you choose to pack your belongings, it is not necessary for you to invest in expensive packing supplies from moving supplies companies. It is very easy to procure free moving boxes, depending on where you live.

You can pick up a few USPS flat rate boxes from your post office, as you only have to pay for them if you are shipping something. Boxes may also be available at your local thrift or second hand store, while many companies throw out moving boxes in recycling containers outside their place of business.

If you need packing tape, buy it through an online retailer, as it is a lot cheaper than getting it from a local store. Other packing supplies may not be necessary, as you can use clothes, towels and linens in place of bubble wrap and packing paper.

If I am moving across the country, will the same company handle every aspect of my move?

There are two options for how you wish to handle your cross country move. You could select a nationwide mover such as Allied Van Lines, as those companies have the capacity to handle your move from start to finish.

Another option is to choose three different companies, one in your current location, one to handle the transportation, and another in the city where you are moving. The first company packs up your items and loads them onto the moving truck, which the second company drives to your destination. The third company unloads and unpacks your items.

It is a complex endeavor, but it may save you money compared to hiring a major mover for the entire long distance move.

Can long distance movers transport my car and motorcycle to the destination as well?

Long distance moving services focus on your household possessions. You may be able to request that a bicycle is placed into the moving truck, but cars and motorcycles do not go on those trucks.

If you require vehicle transport, you must request it independently. Some larger companies may offer car or motorcycle transport as a separate service, but in most instances you will have to find another company to handle that relocation.

Do movers guarantee a specific date for the delivery of my possessions?

If you are moving locally or to a nearby state, it is easy to get a guaranteed delivery date for your possessions. Local moves are handled the same day, while any moves that involve more than five or six hours of driving should be complete on the next day.

With long distance moves, however, it is more challenging to get a specific estimate. Most movers do not promise a delivery date, as they are aware that too many factors can speed up or delay the move.

For instance, weather, traffic, road accidents, problems with the truck and other factors all influence how long your long distance move may take. Reputable long distance movers can promise a specific week for delivery of your possessions, but not a specific date.

If I am renting a truck for my move, can I ask someone else to drive?

Yes, but you must inform the truck company when you are taking possession of the vehicle. Companies require you to register every person who is set to drive the truck, as it protects all parties in the event of an accident.

If you allow someone to drive who is not listed with the truck company, and you get into an accident, you could be liable for hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages.

To sum it up

Moving industry is a large industry with a wide range of different categories of moving services. All these categories were created to offer a solution to the moving needs of people, and from there, the industry has continued to grow. This post has explained all you need to know about the major moving services and all moving options available to you. Each of the companies handpicked in each category was reviewed and confirmed to be among the best in the industry. You are free to use any company on the lists. Stay tuned for more informative posts on this page!

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