Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. Review 2024

By: Harrison Gough Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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The Moving Feedback team scouted out Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. to make sure they could handle your move with the care you deserve. Read on to see how they stack up.




Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc

  • Easy Quotes
  • Informative staff
  • Great discounts

Our Methodology

To get you the best info available, the research team at Moving Feedback went undercover and posed as potential customers. We called up Interstate Moving & Relocation and asked about three different moves, taking notes on the services they could provide and the customer support we received.

If you want to skip right ahead to the pricing details, check out our in-depth pricing breakdown. If you’d rather cut straight to our experience with Interstate Moving & Relocation Group, check out our experience with Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. Otherwise, read on to get some important background information about their team and see how they operate.

About Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc.

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. is a prominent player in the moving industry. They’re a full-service brokerage, but they go the distance to make sure they stand out from the sea of other brokers out there. Unlike many less-savory moving brokers, Interstate Moving & Relocation Group is licensed and certified, and they make sure that their carriers are up to their strict standards.

Interstate Moving & Relocation provides a wide range of helpful services to make your moving day easier. They can handle local and long distance relocations (including special packages for military moves), and they can also help with corporate moving if you’re looking to relocate your business. As for your needs on moving day, they can also get you auto transportation and packing services.

  • Diverse Services: Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. covers various moving needs, from households to businesses, streamlining the entire process. You can pick and choose what services you’d like to add on.
  • Professional Packing: Their skilled packing services alleviate stress, ensuring belongings are handled with care and efficiency. Even if you don’t pay for full packing, they can still provide blankets and other protective equipment. Boxes and boxing costs extra.
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear and upfront pricing models help clients avoid unexpected costs during their relocation. It was also great to get an emailed quote without needing an in-home estimate.
  • Experienced Crew: With a seasoned team, Interstate Moving & Relocation brings 25 years of expertise to execute moves effectively and minimize disruptions.
  • Customer Support: This is where they really stand out. Even during our call, we experienced responsive customer service and in-depth information - not just about our move, but about how the moving industry works.
  • Inventory List Preferred: Like some of the other movers we’ve reviewed, it’s best to provide a detailed inventory list if you want a totally accurate estimate. If you just want a rough estimate, you can go by cubic feet, but it’s strongly recommended to have a list.

How Does Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. Compared to Our Best Movers?

4.3 4.9 4.7 4.4 4.1
Best Teams Best Overall Best for Long Distance Best Customer Reviews Most Affordable
20% Military Discounts 15% Seniors & Military Discounts 18% Flexibility Discount 20% Seasonal Discount 15% Student Discount
$5157 - $7735 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $4,861 - $7,763 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2900-$6500 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2850-$6350 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $4200 - $7150 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom)
Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote
Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review

Features and Services

  • Residential and Commercial Moving Solutions: Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. caters to both residential and commercial clients. They can tailor their services to meet the specific needs of both homes and businesses.
  • Professional Packing and Unpacking Services: With a skilled team of packers, Interstate Moving & Relocation makes sure your items are carefully packed for safe transportation and efficiently unpacked upon arrival.
  • Auto Shipping: If you don’t feel like driving your car from point A to point B on moving day (or if you just have more cars than you can handle by yourself), Interstate Moving & Relocation can help you haul your cars with a vetted and verified transporter.
  • Furniture Moving: Aside from packing and unpacking, you can also opt for furniture moving. With this service, you can get partial disassembly and extra TLC to make sure any large pieces of furniture are shipped with care.
  • Storage Solutions: During our call with Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc., we learned that they offer storage in case you need a little more flexibility. Keep in mind, storage options aren’t featured on their website, so you’ll have to ask.

How Much Does Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. Cost?

When we Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc, we got prices that ranged from $5157.74 to $7735.96. The exact price for your move will depend on a few different factors, including when you’re moving, how far you’re going, and how much you need to haul.

An important note about pricing: If you want an exact quote, Interstate Moving & Relocation prefers having a full inventory list. It’s not the first time we’ve encountered this requirement, but it does take a bit of extra work on your end if you want a really accurate estimate.

Fortunately for our research team, Interstate Moving & Relocation was able to provide estimates based on a ballpark weight and square footage – but they did recommend making a list and getting back in touch so we wouldn’t be charged more than necessary.

Distance of Move Size of Move Cost
CA to TX 7000 lbs $7735.00
CA to NY 3500 lbs $5157.00
IL to TX 7000 lbs $7333.00

Move 1: California to Texas

For our first move, we requested pricing for a 7,000-pound move from California to Texas and received a quote for $7735.96.

CA-TX Interstate Moving & Relocation

Move 2: California to New York

Our next move was 3,500 pounds from California to New York, to the tune of $5157.74.

CA-NY Interstate Moving & Relocation

Move 3: Illinois to Texas

Finally, our 7,000-pound move from Illinois to Texas would cost us $7333.46.

IL-TX Interstate Moving & Relocation

Our Experience with Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc.

We called up Interstate Moving & Relocation Group, Inc., and we were blown away by the customer support we received. We hadn’t even booked a move, and their rep was still really helpful and informative. It was great to know we had a knowledgeable moving agent on the line, and it made the rest of the call smooth and simple.

Did We Have to Wait?

Most moving companies have an automated robo-menu to filter out calls and send you to the right department, and Interstate Moving & Relocation is no different. Fortunately, it took one keystroke to get where we wanted to go, and about 10 seconds of waiting (if that) to get in touch with an actual human.

Who Helped Us Out?

After our sub-10 second wait, we connected with Rob, our Interstate Moving & Relocation guru who’d help us through the rest of our call. We’ll say it right now so you don’t have to ask: He was SUPER helpful. Lots of moving agents will give you info about what you may need on moving day, but Rob actually gave us insider tips about the moving industry itself – especially after we mentioned our cover story that we got a weight estimate from another, less reputable moving company.

Our call with Rob really exceeded expectations. When he heard that we had been in touch with another NYC mover, he even asked about that moving company so he could tell whether they gave us an accurate estimate or not. He took the time to explain some common scams and unsavory practices that other movers like to pull, and he reassured us that there’d be no such sketchiness with Interstate Moving & Relocation.

What Kind of Services Do They Provide?

We walked Rob through the three different moves we wanted to organize, and he took it all in stride. This was pretty admirable, considering most customers probably only call for one move (and have much less questions). When he heard that we were organizing several different moves, he opened up a VIP account for us so it’d be easier to manage everything.

Rob also told us about the packing, storage, and auto transport services that we could request from Interstate Moving & Relocation. In terms of packing, their team can provide blankets and other moving supplies, but boxes and boxing will cost a little extra. Fortunately, if a move turned out to be less weight than expected, this difference would be subtracted from our final price.

A Note About Quotes:

In the moving industry, there’s three types of quotes: binding, non-binding, and non-binding, not-to-exceed. A binding estimate means you’re charged for what’s on your quote – nothing more, nothing less (even if you end up needing less services). Non-binding quotes can be adjusted withing 10% of your quoted price, so you need to be careful with those.

On the other hand, a non-binding, not-to-exceed quote means your price may be adjusted before, during, or after your move – but only down from the quoted price. While Interstate Moving & Relocation Group issues a quote for your move, it’s good to know they can adjust the price downwards if you end up moving less stuff than expected.

What’s the Insurance Situation Like?

When we chatted with Rob, he pointed out that Interstate Moving & Relocation isn’t an insurance agency, so they can only offer the federally-mandated $0.60 per pound of coverage in the event of damage, destruction, or loss. However, he also referred us to Baker Insurance and in case we needed full coverage.

While we were talking with Rob about insurance, he also mentioned that we may be able to extend our homeowners or renters insurance to cover our move. This was great info to know, but it was also great that Rob was willing to keep us in the loop about how we could make our move safer and cheaper.

Were We Offered Any Discounts?

Discounts? Oh, yeah. The biggest discount we actually got was the tariff discount (59% off in one case) which, according to Rob, was because 2024 moving season was uncharacteristically quiet. We also got a cool $1000 off just for being a little flexible on our moving dates. Discounts like this are hard to beat, so try to keep your moving date as loose as you can if you want major savings.

What Were Their Delivery Options Like?

For all three of our moves, Interstate Moving & Relocation Group gave us about a 20 day moving window. Rob explained that with smaller moves, customers may end up waiting a little longer while carriers make pickups and dropoffs along the way. However, if you manage to fill an entire moving truck with just your stuff, you can expect a much faster move.

Move Weight Distance Duration
Los Angeles to Austin ~2,100 pounds (inventory list) 1,383 miles 10-20 Days
Los Angeles to New York City ~2,100 pounds (inventory list) 2,799 miles 10-20 Days
Chicago to Austin 3 Bedroom Home (Phone estimate) 1,120 miles 2-9 Days

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. Around the Web

Don’t take our word for it – check out what Interstate Moving & Relocation Group’s customers are saying:

“Andy, Daniel, and Connor did such an awesome job moving us from our apartment. They were SO quick and able to pick up items from my boyfriend’s place as well as drop others off at my sister’s. I’m glad they cap at 5 hours for a single move so the workers can get breaks (and probably have more energy for your next move). Would HIGHLY recommend using them. Friendly, affordable, professional, and a lot easier to communicate with and use than other companies.”

Diego Santos Via Reviewmovers

“I was extremely happy with the service I received from Interstate Moving & Relocation Group. They were courteous, punctual, and all around a pleasure to work with. Everything was handled with care and there were no issues at all. I will for sure be using them again in the future!”

Christian Via ConsumerAffairs

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. FAQ

Does Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. offer discounts?

When we chatted with Interstate Moving and Relocation, we scored some hefty discounts. Like many other best moving companies, they offered a solid discount for a flexible moving date, but we were really impressed by the massive savings we’d get for planning a move during a down season. Try to schedule accordingly and you’ll save big.

How long will my move take?

Every move is different, but all of our hypothetical moves would take about twenty days. If you have a small apartment (or just not a whole lot of stuff) your move may take longer, since moving companies don’t like to send half-empty trucks around. Instead, your move will get bundled with other moves that are dropped off and picked up along the way.

When is Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. most busy?

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group is most busy during the summer. June, July, and August are the most popular months for moves and relocations, and this means prices are much higher. If you can, try to avoid a summer move.

Does Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. offer insurance?

Unfortunately, Interstate Moving & Relocation Group isn’t an insurance provider. This means they can only give you the bare minimum in terms of moving coverage: $0.60 per pound of items lost, damaged, or destroyed. Fortunately, Rob referred us to a few different moving insurance providers (Baker Insurance and Movinginsurance), and he also recommended checking with our homeowners or renters insurance provider for additional coverage.

Does Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Inc. subcontract movers?

As a moving brokerage, Interstate Moving & Relocating Group does subcontract movers, but don’t let that throw you off: They go to great lengths to ensure your moving contractors are vetted and verified, and some of their contractors are Interstate Moving & Relocation exclusives – they can’t even be booked without going through Interstate Moving & Relocation in the first place.

Our Recommendation

Overall, we were really impressed by our call with Interstate Moving & Relocation Group. Our moving agent, Rob, was super helpful – and when he got word that we had been considering other movers before giving them a call, he even took the time to provide some tips and tricks to make our move easier (including how to recognize and avoid scams). That kind of attention to detail and genuine care really won us over.

Aside from our call, our quotes were pretty impressive, too. We got some hefty discounts, and while Interstate Moving & Relocation Group does prefer a full inventory list for an accurate estimate, it was great that they were able to give us an estimate with just a pound and square footage number.

If you’re planning a move, we can confidently recommend Interstate Moving & Relocation Group. Take some time to inventory your stuff, give them a call, and see how much you can end up saving.

Keep Up With Us

That wraps up our review of Interstate Moving & Relocation Group – thanks for making it all the way to the end! At Moving Feedback, we’re committed to making sure you get the best move possible, so if you’re ready to pack your bags and get moving, go ahead and give Interstate Moving & Relocation a call.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check back in with us at Moving Feedback. We’re always on the hunt for quality movers, and we’re always publishing new tips and tricks to make your moving day even easier.