Verified Van Lines Review 2024

By: Harrison Gough Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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Moving Feedback conducted extensive research on Verified Van Lines, going undercover and asking for quotes so you can see if they’re the right choice for the job.




Verified Van Lines

  • Highly Professional
  • Great customer service
  • Budget-friendly pricing

Our Methodology

As part of our research, a member of the Moving Feedback team went undercover as a customer and got in touch with Verified Van Lines. We asked about three different moves to get a better picture of what Verified Van Lines can offer on a moving day, and we took notes on how the whole exchange went down.

If you’re in a rush, we’ve got you covered. Skip down to our pricing table to see how much Verified Van Lines will cost, and jump ahead to our detailed review of their services. Otherwise, read on for some more background information about Verified Van Lines.

About Verified Van Lines

Verified Van Lines is a nationwide moving company, and they’re committed to long distance moves that are designed for each of their customers.

They’ve grown into a full-service moving company with multiple locations across the United States, and their emphasis on custom moves means they offer a wide variety of services.

Verified Van Lines knows that every move is different. It’s why they offer a wide range of moving services, including packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, and storage options. They pride themselves on their personalized approach to moving, and the versatility is extra helpful.

  • Nationwide coverage makes long distance moves extra convenient.
  • Personalized approach allows customers to tailor their moves to their exact needs.
  • Wide variety of services, including storage, packing, and corporate relocations.
  • Professional staff with a commitment to exceptional customer service throughout the moving process.
  • Competitive pricing keeps custom moves relatively affordable.
  • Limited availability of certain services.
  • Certain additional services may net additional fees.

How Does Verified Van Lines Compare to Our Best Movers?

4.2 4.7 4.9 4.4 4.1
Best For Customizing Best for Long Distance Best Overall Best Customer Reviews Most Affordable
Not Disclosed 18% Flexibility Discount 15% Seniors & Military Discounts 20% Seasonal Discount 15% Student Discount
$4809 - $7782 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $5000 - $7800 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $4,861 - $7,763 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2850-$6350 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2300-$5600 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom)
Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote
Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review

Features and Services

1. Long distance moving

Verified Van Lines specializes in long-distance moves and offers comprehensive moving services to help customers relocate across the United States.

2. Packing and unpacking

Verified Van Lines also offers professional packing and unpacking services. It’s great peace of mind knowing your stuff is all packed and secure, and if you choose their packing services, you won’t have to handle a single box.

3. Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading services make your moving process easier and more efficient. Verified Van Lines makes sure that the team handling your move is the best at what they do.

4. Storage solutions

Moving can be uncertain. You may not know if all your stuff will fit at your new place, and you may not know your exact move-in date. Fortunately, secure storage options can give you the flexibility you need.

5. Corporate moves

If you’re planning on relocating your office, Verified Van Lines has you covered. They’ll work closely with you to make sure your business gets moved without a hitch, and they can even set up your new office afterward.

How Much Does Verified Van Lines Cost?

When we called Verified Van Lines, we found that their rates for long-distance moves typically fell between $4809 and $7782.

We asked about three different moves, and we were informed that our pricing would vary depending on factors such as the distance of the move, the number of belongings being transported, and the level of service requested.

Distance of Move Size of Move Cost
CA to TX 7000 lbs $7782
CA to NY 3500 lbs $4809
IL to TX 7000 lbs $7116

Move 1: California to Texas

For our first move, we asked Verified Van Lines about a long-distance move from California to Texas, with a shipment of approximately 7,000 pounds.

We received an estimate of $7782.50, which is within the range of the company’s typical pricing for long-distance moves.

Verified Van Lines - CA-TX

Move 2: California to New York

For our second move, we asked Verified Van Lines about a long distance move from California to New York, which involved a shipment of approximately 3,500 pounds. We received an estimate of $4809.75.

Verified Van Lines - CA-NY

Move 3: Illinois to Texas

Finally, we asked Verified Van Lines about a long-distance move from Illinois to Texas, with a shipment weight of about 7,000 pounds. We received an estimate of $7116.50.

Verified Van Lines - IL-TX

Our Experience with Verified Van Lines

Overall, we had a positive experience with Verified Van Lines. From our initial call to getting our quote, we’re happy to report that the team at Verified Van Lines was completely professional, helpful, and efficient.

In this section, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of our experience with Verified Van Lines so you know what you can expect.

Did We Have to Wait?

One of the first things we noticed when we called Verified Van Lines was that we didn’t have to wait very long to speak with a real moving agent. While most moving companies have automated systems in place to handle callers, it was refreshing to be able to connect with a human right away. It set a good tone for the rest of the call.

Who Helped Us Out?

We were helped by Justin, who was pleasant and professional on the phone. He created a file for us, took down our contact information, and asked us plenty of questions about our move. We appreciated his attention to detail, and it was a good sign that he had our best interests in mind.

Our agent, Justin, was incredibly helpful throughout the call. Not only did he create a file for us, but he provided some of his own insight so we were well informed. It’s always nice to know your agent’s looking out for you.

What Kind of Services Do They Provide?

Justin also walked us through a comprehensive list of the services that Verified Van Lines offers. It was clear that Verified pays close attention to what its customers need, especially considering their emphasis on customized moves.

It’s worth noting that every move is different, so it’s great that Verified Van Lines provides a range of different services to meet different needs.

Justin reminded us that they work with customers to create a customized plan that works for them, rather than trying to fit them into a pre-made package.

What’s the Insurance Situation Like?

Verified Van Lines offers the federally-mandated minimum amount of coverage – $0.60 per every pound of belongings lost, damaged, or destroyed. However, they also offer more extensive coverage at an extra price.

Justin filled us in on the insurance options that were available to us. He made sure we understood the differences between the different levels of coverage so we could make an informed decision about what would be best for us.

Were We Offered Any Discounts?

Our agent mentioned that Verified Van Lines usually offers discounts in the form of promotional coupons, and typically knocks the price down a little if customers don’t require storage.

He also encouraged us to check with Verified Van Lines to see whether we qualified for any additional discounts, such as discounts for flexible delivery dates and early booking.

What Were Their Delivery Options Like?

When we asked about delivery options, Verified Van Lines was only able to provide us with an overall window for when they’d be able to pick up our moves.

According to them, the date of the arrival depended on the exact carriers who handled our stuff. While it would have been nice to have a more specific timeframe, we appreciated that they were upfront with us about the general window for delivery.

Distance of Move Size of Move Delivery Window
CA to TX 7000 lbs 2 – 14 Days
CA to NY 3500 lbs 3 – 25 Days
IL to TX 7000 lbs 2 – 18 Days

Verified Van Lines Around the Web

We went beyond just a phone call – we also searched the web for authentic reviews of Verified Van Lines.

Here’s some real customer feedback so you can see what others are saying about their moves.

“Everyone from top to bottom at this company was fantastic! Justin, Joe, Tonya, and the foreman and drivers were top knotch. They helped make, what could have been, a stressful time into a wonderful experience! All of our items were handled with care. They were willing to go the extra mile!”

Jennifer Scott. Via Google

“We had a great experience with them. There was an under-estimate, but I expected it based on the way they determine their numbers. The adjusted quote was handled on the spot during a speakerphone call where they, the movers, and I were all present, and we had all our belongings in two days. We had white glove service for the move and enjoyed the experience.”

Eric W. Via BBB

Verified Van Lines FAQ

Does Verified Van Lines offer discounts?

Verified Van Lines offers discounts, but you should call ahead to see if you qualify. Our agent told us about discounts for flexibility and booking a move in advance, as well as promotional coupons that get sent out throughout the year. Check their website or contact them directly to see if you qualify for any discounts or promotions.

How long will my move take?

The duration of your move will depend on various factors such as the distance traveled, the size of your move, and the level of service you require. Verified Van Lines will provide you with an estimated timeframe during the booking process.

When is Verified Van Lines most busy?

Like other moving companies, Verified Van Lines is most busy during peak moving season. This is typically from June through July. Avoid the summer if you can, and try to schedule your move away from major holidays and vacation dates.

Does Verified Van Lines offer insurance?

Yes, Verified Van Lines offers insurance coverage for your move. They provide basic coverage as required by federal law, and you can also purchase additional coverage for an extra fee. Our agent also told us that we can purchase third-party insurance as needed.

Does Verified Van Lines subcontract movers?

Verified Van Lines does subcontract movers, but it’s how they manage to offer completely customized moves for their customers. They have a whole network of specialty moving, storage, and transport specialists so you can get a totally tailored move, all managed by Verified Van Lines.

Our Recommendation

Based on our experience with Verified Van Lines, we can confidently recommend them to anyone looking to move long distance. Our moving agent was there for us and kept us in the loop, and we appreciated the level of detail provided in their moving plans.

Overall, we were really satisfied with our experience with Verified Van Lines, and we have no problem encouraging anyone in need of a custom move to reach out to Verified for their next steps.

Keep Up With Us

There you have it – another review put together by the Moving Feedback research department! Thanks for checking out our Verified Van Lines review – don’t forget to check back with us for more mover reviews, recommendations, and moving tips in the future.