Comparing Truck Rental Vs. Professional Movers

When people are about to move, many compare the difference between a moving truck rental and using a professional moving company. Even though both options offer perfect solutions to moving needs, the moving cost becomes the deciding factor at the end of the day.

Even though the cost can be a huge factor in deciding your moving method, you will have to consider lots of other parts before you decide.

Comparing Truck Rental Vs. Professional Movers

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Difference Between a moving truck rental and Professional Moving Company

1. Size of your Move

If you are moving fewer items, self-move could be a breeze, so going with the most cost-effective option might be the best thing to do. However, if you have many items to move, you may not have the time and effort requires to tackle it yourself. If you don’t think you can handle it, the best might be to hire professional movers.

2. Moving Cost

Your cost-effective option can be to rent a moving truck for a do-it-yourself move if your budget is very tight, especially if your moving distance is shorter.

Moving truck rentals often charge based on the size of the truck needed, distance traveled, and the duration of use. However, the cost of hiring professional movers is determined by the number of hours spent on the move.

During a truck rental, you will pay for toll charges, fuel, shipment protection, and other possible fines and penalties. However, if you hire a professional mover, you may not be charged additional fees.

You only pay your quoted price for the whole move. Truck rental is still the cheapest option, even at that.

3. The distance of your Move

Renting a truck is obviously the best option for a local move. Since you are traveling a small distance, you will only drive for such distance and avoid the risk of being tired.

However, to go on a long-distance move, you may not be driving the moving truck yourself for a longer time, which can be tough, especially if this is your first time of driving large and heavy vehicles. In a case like this, spending additional money to hire movers might be the best option.

4. Loading the Moving Truck

Loading a moving truck is challenging since it requires lifting heavy items and positioning them strategically across the moving truck. If you are not sure of the right means to load the moving truck, you could injure yourself or damage your possessions.

You may also need several tools and accessories to load heavy furniture onto the moving truck.

You can possibly get some of your family and friends to assist you with the lifting and loading. However, if you plan to handle this yourself and it seems a bit much for you physically, it might make the most sense to hire a full-service moving company as this would make the move very easy and convenient.

Or, you can hire moving help alone for loading and unloading of your belongings; while you drive the moving truck to your new home yourself.

5. Moving a Vehicle

Transporting your personal car or minivan across a long distance can be challenging. You may need to either tow the car with the rental truck or hire a driver to transport it for you for a do-it-yourself move. Or, you could hire a professional car shipping company to transport your vehicle for you while you drive the moving truck or let the person move your belongings while you drive your car.

Pros and Cons of Moving with a Truck Rental

Things we like about moving truck rental providers: Your most affordable option when looking to move cheaply is generally to rent the best moving truck. If your moving budget is tight, you may need to locate one of the best truck rental companies to move on to your budgeted cost.

Things we don’t like about moving truck rental providers: It is popular for moving truck rental companies to add hidden costs in the overall bill. You need to clearly read the written document and ask relevant questions before you go with the right moving truck rental company for you.


  • Very affordable than hiring professional movers
  • Several companies will offer different sizes of moving truck
  • Largely available across the United States and Canada.


  • You will handle the truck driving as well as pay for gas
  • Truck rental companies often have hidden fees
  • You will obtain a variety of quotes from each company.

Pros and Cons of Moving with a Professional Moving Company

Things we like about professional moving companies: If you like to move with the lower risk involved, then hiring a moving company helps reduce some of your liabilities. They will take control of the driving, and many interstate moving companies offer protection options for your belongings from damage.

Things we don’t like about professional moving companies: Hiring professional movers for most moves will be costly. There is not much flexibility from moving companies when hired, and their reputation for hidden fees persist. It would help if you also were careful about moving scams.


  • Lower possibility of accident or damage to your belongings
  • The moving team will do the heavy lifting you have
  • Unlike a DIY move, your move will go quicker
  • All moving supplies will be supplied by the moving company
  • A moving company provides special options to move your specialty items like fine art, a piano, fragile items, or electronics.


  • Unlike a moving truck rental, hiring a moving company is more expensive
  • Not the same level of flexibility is available, unlike a DIY move
  • Moving companies are popular for hidden fees, moving scams, as well as last-minute cancellations.
  • Be sure to hire a reputable long-distance moving company with good online customer reviews to avoid these popular issues.

The Cost of a Professional Moving Company and Truck Rental Company

You may find it tricky when trying to determine the cost of hiring a moving company, unlike a truck rental. A lot of factors are considered when calculating the cost, which includes:

  • Your move-out location
  • Your move-in destination – distance
  • The number of items you are moving – inventory
  • Your moving date – season or out of season

The cost of your truck rental will be based on mileage in most cases. It will also be based on the location of return after using the rental truck. A 1-way truck rental cost will vary from renting a moving truck for a local move.

Local Move Cost

Size Moving Company Truck Rental
1 bedroom $240 to $500 $20 to $200 + per-mile
2 to 3 bedrooms $320 to $800 $20 to $50 + per-mile
4 to 5 bedrooms $640 to $1,500 $40 to $100 + per-mile

Cost for a Move less than 250 Miles

Size Moving Company Truck Rental
1 bedroom $1,400 to $3,500 $289-$350 + fuel cost
2-3 bedrooms $1,800 to $5,300 $289-$350 + fuel cost
4-5 bedrooms $2,400 to $7,000 $300-$600 + fuel cost

Cost for an interstate move

Size Moving Company Truck Rental
1 bedroom $2,700-$6,000 $800-$1,900 + fuel cost
2-3 bedrooms $4,000-$8,900 $1,200-$2,850 + fuel cost
4-5 bedrooms $7,600-$13,200 $1,800-$3,100 + fuel cost

What to choose between Truck Rental and Professional Movers?

After making a comparison between moving truck rentals and hiring a professional mover, you will be left with no definite answer to the better option. You can generally save money with truck rentals while a moving service will save you several efforts.

Compare the price and weight of the risk factors, exploring all moving alternatives, and choosing the best method that suits your needs are the best things you can do.

We hope this post has helped you in making the right decision.

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