Your Moving Delivery Day Checklist

By: Harrison Gough Last Updated: Oct 19, 2023

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Arrange your delivery day with our complete delivery day checklist. Manage unloading and organization, and gain essential moving tips for a smooth transition.

Your Moving Delivery Day Checklist

Is your Moving Day costing you some sleep? Are you still wondering if you have got it all sorted out? Do you feel like you still need to do some things for a smooth transition? Let’s go over everything that needs to be done on delivery day. We will discuss a comprehensive Moving Day delivery checklist you’ll need to complete for your relocation.

We have broken down the moving timeline into two broad phases: Before delivery day and Moving Day checklist. Additionally, we will also explore the crucial Moving Day checklist for our readers’ benefit.

Before Delivery Day

1. Prepare Schedules in Advance

It’s a good idea to double-check the correct time and delivery date. Make sure to prepare yourself for the delivery in advance. Clear your other plans and make yourself available for the moving delivery.

2. Plan Early

Prepare the plan of the rooms beforehand. It will reduce your work later and make the delivery process more efficient. Special attention must be given to heavy items on the list, such as furniture.

3. Keep a List of All the Packages and Items Handy

Keeping a list of all the items and packages handy is essential. Keep checking them as they arrive at your new destination.

4. Keep Your New Neighbors and Community Informed

Learn about the new neighbors and community. Make them aware of your delivery. That way, they would be mindful of any noise or traffic.

Moving Day Checklist

1. Inspect the Packages

On delivery day, the most important thing to do is to inspect all the items carefully. As the crew offloads moving supplies from the moving van, ensure the number of packages is accurate. Make sure that the packages are not damaged in any way. If they are, make a note of it to check them out later.

2. Stay Updated With the Delivery Crew

Keeping yourself updated about the moving process is vital, as it ensures you are well-informed about the progress and any potential changes with the moving crew.

The delivery crew might have other engagements; thus, you would want to get all essential updates from them. Ask about their arrival time, and ensure you are present on delivery day.

3. Access and Pathways

Ensure the pathways, doorways, and hallways are clear of obstacles, making it easy for the movers to navigate with your belongings. Clear access helps prevent delays and potential damage.

4. Fragile Items

Fragile items are handled with special care by the best movers. However, it is still advisable to be cautious. Pay special attention to delicate and valuable items.

While checking the inventory, the essential packages need to be pointed out and noted down. You must provide detailed and clear instructions on how we expect them to handle certain items.

Fragile items include :

  • Glassware like wine glasses, drinking glasses, and delicate glass decor
  • Electronic items like television, computer monitors, laptops, and audio equipment that are sensitive to impact
  • Mirrors and picture frames
  • Ceramics
  • Any kind of antique furniture, decor, or sculpture made of glass, ceramic, or delicate metals
  • Musical instrument

5. Check off the Inventory

It is your responsibility to check your inventory. Don’t rely on the moving company.

6. Furniture Placement

As mentioned earlier, you must have a set plan of the different rooms and where you want to place your furniture. Share the plan with the delivery crew during furniture delivery and ensure objects are placed according to your plan. Exercise increased caution with oversized items like wardrobes and sofas, considering their complexity to replace at a later stage.

7. Check for Damages

One of the most important things you must do is check for damages. The first step is to check for any external damages to the packages. If there is any damage to the packages, keep them separate to double-check their contents.

Even if the external packages aren’t damaged, checking the items during unpacking is recommended. Note any damages to your inventory and take photos as evidence if necessary.

8. Assembly

If the moving company took apart the furniture during the move, ensure they correctly put it back together upon delivery. Make sure you provide instructions for reassembly. This can save you time and effort later on.

9. Payment and Paperwork

We recommend taking care of all necessary paperwork, including the payment process, on the day of delivery. This practice guarantees the comprehensive handling of administrative duties during the crucial delivery phase.

10. Refreshment

It’s always nice to provide the moving crew with light refreshments. Offering the movers water, beverages, or light snacks is always a good idea. This gesture shows your gratitude and helps keep everyone energized during a busy day.

11. Settle and Celebrate

Take a moment to appreciate the milestone of moving into your new home. The whole process of packing and unpacking is tedious, and this significant accomplishment deserves a small celebration.

Moving Checklist

This will not be a comprehensive list of what must be done on a moving day. There are separate articles for that. We will cover the most essential ones.

The following is the list of a few things we need to remember:

  • Prepare a moving inventory list.
  • Segregate the items. For example, keep fragile items that are not meant for movers separate.
  • Keep light refreshments ready.
  • Clean the old home and remember to turn off essentials like electricity, water, etc.
  • You can even take photos to record the condition of the packages.


Should I arrive at my new home before the movers?

It is essential to arrive at your new home before the movers do. There are several reasons for that. For starters, it will help with home organization. That would significantly reduce the hassle during delivery day.

By arriving early, you can ensure the security of your new home. You can be present to greet the movers and verify their identity before allowing them access to your property.

Also, arriving before the movers allows you to ensure that essential utilities like electricity, water, and gas are functioning. This utility setup ensures a comfortable transition into your new home.

What if I notice any damages to my items during unloading?

Take a photograph if you come across any harm to your belongings while unloading. Promptly inform the moving company about it.

How do I ensure that my valuable items are handled with care?

Indicate any valuable or delicate items and emphasize their importance to the movers. Let the crew know if you have specific instructions for handling the items.

Can we reschedule the delivery day?

Yes, most long distance movers allow rescheduling of the delivery day. For that, we need to inform the moving company beforehand. Usually, there is no additional fee for doing so. However, for prolonged delays, there may be some additional fees. Make sure to contact your moving company and ask what’s possible.

How much will long distance moving cost?

Moving logistics for long distances surely doesn’t come cheap. For a distance of more than 2500 miles and considering a house of 2-3 bedrooms, it could be anywhere between $3900-$7500. You could refer to any moving cost calculator for a much more personalized quote.

Is the Moving Day Checklist Worth It?

Your moving day delivery checklist is among the most important things to consider before receiving the moving crew. It has the potential to save you both time and effort. It prevents you from additional hassle after the moving crew leaves.

By understanding the nuances of the checklist, you set yourself up for a smooth delivery process. You ensure a smooth and efficient move by confirming delivery details, preparing your new space, and overseeing unloading.

Embrace these steps and commence your journey with self-assurance.