Complete uShip Reviews 2024: Pricing System

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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uShip is a widely known shipping service that links people trying to send their belongings with transporters offering the service. They are popularly known for shipping items at affordable rates and also their ability to help you ship your entire item.




uShip Auto Transport

  • Easy shopping for finding the best price
  • Ships more than just cars
  • Great for customized moves

Regardless of the type of item you are shipping, they will definitely handle it all at once, except for some unlawful items. uShip was established in 2004 and had a team of experienced staff that gives you rest of mind from making reservations and delivery of your item.

The company connects customers to reputable shipping companies such as large freight carriers, private operators, and brokers in order to make the shipping of their items simple and affordable.

You have the chance to contact the carriers to confirm their working experience, safety records, customer reviews, and other information you may want to know about them.

There are features like status and location updates available on uShip’s mobile app, which enables you to have real-time information about your shipment at any point in time throughout the shipping process.

We will be talking about all you need to know about uShip services and offers. This post will highlight various packages offered on the uShip platform and share some help on how to play safe using the site.

What is uShip?

uShip is an online shipping forum/marketplace that provides safe connections between clients (who are looking to ship vehicles or other items) to reputable shipping contractors who can help them with the process.

Importantly, you will be dealing with the shipper directly unlike some other related platforms. Kindly note that uShip is just an online marketplace but not a shipping company that provides shipping services; you act on the marketplace as your own broker.

The CNBC likened uShip to eBay when it comes to shipping. However, there is no way you can ship illicit drugs through uShip, as the platform frowned again such item.

However, you can ship other household items with maximum safety and insurance. A full-service relocation can also be planned with uShip.

How does uShip work?

You will be required first to list your car on uShip when the need to ship it arises. You will receive bids from different carriers, giving you the opportunity to choose the best among the bids that perfectly fit your budget. The site has a secure payment section in place for you.

uShip might be your best option if you require an instant estimate and you wish to handle a complex move. The first step is to visit the company’s official website and choose the exact item you want to ship from the list of various categories.

You will see a list with many options, and you will then be required to choose your item.

The next step is to supply your shipment details, such as:

  • Measurements,
  • Dates,
  • Collection and destination,
  • Makes and models, and other related details.

Your contact details will be requested, and once supplied; you will see a bell curve that will contain what other clients have paid for the same type of shipment. You will then be presented with two options:

  • Get Quotes Now– if you select this option, your request will be processed, and a range of options will be given to you in some hours later.
  • Determine Your Own Price– if you have a specific price in mind, then set your price and have the carriers start bidding. Although there is no certainty that any of them will opt for your bid, it is still good to try it out. When an estimate is given to you, the name of the auto shipping company will be on it, and as well as the estimated price and shipping feedbacks from previous clients.

If all the bids you receive are beyond your budget, then you can rent a moving truck from Enterprise or U-Haul and handle your own relocation. Kindly wait for the shipping company, and then show them your shipment on a moving day so they can load it up.

What does uShip do?

Consider the following features to understand what exactly it is that makes uShip the best option from the rest. uShip is simply an online marketplace where those who are looking to ship their items post it and receive bids from many vendors.

Customers can ship varieties of items through uShip such as cars, household items, animals, and so on. uShip also helps customers to find shipping companies for customers looking to ship items of larger sizes for any type of distance.

Conduct research on service providers and make a comparison of their history, services, and rates. Identify the carrier that perfectly fits your needs and budget. Contact them directly to figure out their style of communication and expertise.

uShip enables you to do all these things on a single platform. Locate shipping companies who are ready to ship your item, request quotes, have a direct conversation with them, and research their shipping history.

Below are services rendered on uShip:

1. Shipping a Car through Dealership

As a car dealer, you need to hire the service of a professional car shipper to help you in completing a car sale with the added value of transporting the car to the customer, or as a buyer.

You also need this as well to help you ship your newly purchased vehicle from the dealer to your location. Make sure you, as a dealer, conduct proper research on the shipping company to be sure they have experience in this type of shipment.

Knowing that customer service is added to the experience after the car is delivered to the customer is an important part of the service.

This will help you keep your customers and also help in getting referrals. You might need a car delivery service when you purchase cars from a distant place, or you cannot reach the dealer.

Try to locate a carrier on uShip that will help you ship the vehicle to you if the dealer cannot get the car to you. The experience of the service providers as well as their pricing must be considered.

Make sure you do not opt for the cheapest carrier all in the name of saving money as a good thing doesn’t come cheaper.

2. Getting a Car from an Independent Seller

Talk to your car seller on how to get the vehicle you bought from them delivered to your location. Ask them to recommend carriers for you or if they can deliver the vehicle to you by themselves.

It is advisable to consider the options you have if they have no solution to the shipping of your vehicle. Come to uShip and conduct thorough research on carriers who may be ready to get the car.

Make comparisons on their services, pricing, and talk to them to determine their kind of experience. Communicate your choice of carrier to the seller and the pickup time.

3. Open Transport for your Vehicle

This is the standard vehicle transport system in the industry. These car carriers are always on the toad, moving many different cars. Regardless of the condition of the car you are moving, open transport is the most affordable method to ship a vehicle.

Most transport services make use of an open trailer to transport cars, meaning that you will be opened to any opportunities to get the best deal when you choose this option.

4. Enclosed Vehicle Transport

This option might be the best for you if you are moving a very expensive vehicle like a vintage car, exotic car, or vintage race car. Your vehicle gets enough protection while in transit with this option.

Your vehicle is protected from elements such as dirt, rain, wind, and others that may damage your car if you use an open car transport.

Although this option is a little bit expensive to open transport, however, this option is greatly recommended for cars that are very fragile, and of the great value of a minimum of $50,000.

5. Door to Door Car Shipping

This option is being provided by many auto transport service providers. The company will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to your home or anywhere too.

Kindly note that trailers and semi-trucks are not allowed in some residential streets. It is advisable to get an accessible parking space for loading and unloading with your carrier in advance.

6. Expedited Vehicle Shipping Services

Do you need a vehicle to be transported to a specific location within a given time? Most auto shipping companies provide premium services that can speed up your vehicle shipping.

The starting period of this service is generally within the next day or 2 from when the order was placed with the shipping companies.

7. uShip Tracking

Your shipment can be tracked using the uShip mobile app at any time, and you will also be sent push notifications when your vehicle gets picked up and delivered. Make sure you confirm the availability of this feature before you book and make sure that the location-sharing feature is turned on by your driver.

8. uShip App

Provision is made for communication between you and your driver on the uShip mobile app so you can ask questions, receive important updates and notifications, and also pay for the service upon delivery.

A customized source of communication and organization is provided for the drivers by the mobile app. You can also follow your current jobs, the bids you’ve submitted, and also respond to customer’s questions all in one mobile app.

What is the Cost of shipping a Car on uShip?

The cost of shipping cars on uShip varies based on an individual company that bids for your car shipping. Apart from this, your preferred trailer, the distance, and the criteria for your pickup are the basis on which the average cost of shipping a vehicle using auto shipping companies on uShip depends. Shipping a car within 200 miles and below will cost $2.92/mile while for a thousand miles and above (1000 miles+) will cost $0.78/mile.

You can check the company’s index on shipping cost which includes many completed auto transport shipments via the uShip marketplace if you are still not sure of how much to ship your truck, car or van will cost. The cost of shipping a car internationally or within the country will also be found there.

The cost of transporting a car locally from a dealer or Craigslist from another state is also there. To receive quotes directly from auto shipping companies in your particular shipment, create a listing on the platform and wait for various companies’ bids.

What is included in Car Shipping Quotes?

Many factors are considered to come up with a quote for your car shipping. This is one of the reasons there is no one-off cost of shipping a car. Below are determinant factors of shipping quote:

1. Distance

This is a major factor when calculating the cost of shipping a car. If the distance is not much, the overall cost will be reduced, but the per-mile cost will be higher. The amount of fuel used to transport the car is also included in this.

2. Vehicle Height

The height of the vehicle you are shipping is also important for costs. The average height of SUVs is within 63 to 73 inches while that of most sedans is 57 inches. With the difference in the heights, transporting SUVs are generally expensive than sedans.

Sedans are sometimes shipped over or under taller vehicles when special SUVs are being transported because they are taller.

3. Vehicle Length

Vehicle length is being used by some car shipping companies to calculate the shipping cost of a car. Vehicle under the average length of 189 inches (such as sedans) is cheaper to transport.

Vehicles with higher length from 196 inches and above require special attention because they don’t fit perfectly inside shipping truck, and thus causes an increase in the shipping costs.

4. Vehicle Make and Model

The make and model of a vehicle is a factor that also adds to the shipping cost of a vehicle, and that is the reason uShip requests these details while creating your listing on the website.

The size or weight of the vehicle added to the car vehicle carrier will determine the shipping rate of the carrier because there are restrictions on the weight of cars the carrier can move.

5. Transport Type

There are different types of auto transport, as discussed above. You can choose between open transport and enclosed transport with each option having its advantage.

6. Vehicle Condition

A perfectly working vehicle will receive affordable shipping estimates than a non-operative vehicle. It is advisable to state the condition of your vehicle during listing for this reason.

7. Pick-Up and Delivery Locations

There are many shipping trucks available at the urban and metro areas as well as shipments which make the shipping cost maintain its lower rate than a rural area.

Including a rural stop to transport, the route is difficult, and the extra time and fuel will be needed, causing the total shipping cost to increase.

8. Seasonality

Transporting a vehicle during winter is cheaper than shipping in the summer. This is because snow and ice affect most trucking lanes in most places in the U.S, which leads to an increase in car shipping price.

The item you are shipping will determine your uShip cost. Although uShip is one of the leading auto transport companies, it can, however, help you transport varieties of items such as animals, household items, livestock, and so on.

Although transporting a single couch is cheaper than shipping a car, shipping your entire household will cost more. The company you choose is also a factor in determining your uShip cost.

The company’s business model links carriers and movers with people who need to move smaller items. These moving companies and carriers most of the time provide different quotes for transporting the same items.

uShip Pricing System

Enter the item you want to ship and the destination to receive bids and quotes. It is advisable to check each company’s customer review and service history before you order their service. Below terms are worthy to understand to know in-depth about uShip pricing system:

  • uShip Estimate:An instant and free uShip estimate will be sent to you immediately you submit your information based on their data on pricing.
  • uShip Bidding: Some shipments have revealed prices that can be booked immediately. You can choose whether to receive varieties of bids from different carriers or state your own price and wait for the companies to accept it if your shipment doesn’t contain a published rate.
  • uShip Fees: uShip service charge will be deducted once you book. There is no list of fees, as the shipment will determine the prices; you will, however, see the service fee besides your bid at checkout, meaning that you will know the amount you are paying before you complete your payment.
  • uShip Payments:You can book, deposits or use uShip options when you submit your request for shipment via uShip based on the type of item you are shipping. The differences are as explained below:
  • Booking Deposits– this is a part of the overall shipping cost that can be paid at checkout.
  • uShip Payments– this is the total shipment costs being paid at checkout.

uShip payment is mostly required when the cost of shipment is not more than $2,750. A secure system is being provided by uShip, and you can make payment for your shipment through it.

You will then use the “Release Payment” feature which will be enabled on the Booking confirmation page to finalize the payment to the carrier immediately after your shipment arrives.

This function is purposely designed to give protection to clients against any form of fraud, and the transaction will remain incomplete until you release your payment code.

Booking deposits remain the only payment option for deals above $2,750. A deposit will be paid to uShip directly while the balance will be paid to the carrier once the shipment is delivered.

The deposit includes a part of the bid amount, which is the service provider fee, together with insurance and service charge.

It is suggested by uShip that you should be patient until the driver delivers your shipment before you pay the balance to him.

What are the Moveable Items that can be shipped by uShip?

uShip transports cars and other items. The company is widely known as a car shipping company but not restricted to other services. As a matter of fact, uShip handles shipping of all kinds of items.

Below are few of the categories included on the uShip website:

  • Cars
  • Trailers
  • Car parts
  • Motorcycles
  • RVs
  • Livestock
  • Furniture
  • Cats Waterslides
  • Jacuzzis
  • Household appliances
  • Home moves
  • Construction equipment
  • Dogs

uShip can be used to transport your highly expensive vehicle as well as your old grandma’s couch. This implies that uShip is particularly useful for all kind of moves.

For instance, circumstances may lead you to want to fly to your new home when relocating from one state to another while you send your items through a carrier. You need to transport your dog, your household items, and your car to your new home.

You also might want to send your grandpa’s piano to your brother since there is no enough space in your new home. Ideally, you would have to make arrangements for separate transport services for all the tasks.

However, using uShip, you get to make everything simple by making use of the website and bring the carriers to you directly.

It is not certain you will receive a shipping estimate immediately as stated before, you will list your item on the website and wait for bids from carriers.

What are included in uShip Insurance?

Cargo insurance is in place for physical damage and/or loss to your shipment by uShip. You will not have to go through the stress of dealing with a third-party carrier’s insurance company because it has been eradicated by uShip insurance. Dealing directly like this means you will receive your claims faster.

You can purchase the insurance during the booking, and it is supported by Lloyd’s of London. Up to $500 will be paid to you for damage or loss (if occur) by uShip from the ship with the confidence they provide.

The experience you have with uShip as a customer will be determined by the service you opt for as the company offers a variety of options.

The company, however, doesn’t provide a guarantee on risk or full-value shipment insurance. This implies that you will be given up to $500 compensation if there is loss or damage to your belongings, most especially when the item’s value is more than the compensation.

The only problem presented by uShip is that the majority of the companies bidding for shipping jobs on the site are not properly researched, and this can lead to customers having headaches as indicated by BBB.

uShip Moving Experience

Your moving experience strongly depends on the moving company you opt for on the platform, but uShip will work on your behalf. You will see that customer service from uShip give a response to almost all the negative reviews on the uShip reviews.

This is not an easy thing to come by as not many companies can do this. Be sure to complain if the experience you have is bad so that uShip can provide you support.

Your uShip estimate is where everything starts. This kind of flexibility is not common among companies; you begin with the type of item you want to transport and end with many bids from the carriers when you use uShip. Here is how it works:

You start off by choosing the item from a list on the uShip website. For instance, let us consider transporting our sailboat. You only need to click the Vehicle button; you will then see more options.

Click on the particular item, and you will then supply details on makes, quantity, models, delivery dates, measurements, and other details.

Some basic details about yourself, such as name, phone number, and email address, will also be required after which you will be given some answers.

How to Avoiding uShip Scams?

uShip has recently been cloned and impersonated to perpetrate a scam. It happens thus: a site that looks exactly like uShip pops up when you search for uShip on the internet, only a little difference exists on the URL. Many clients all around the globe are scammed using this impersonation of the original uShip.

In most cases, customers would make direct payments to their service providers, and they will never hear from the service providers again.

These service providers request full payment upfront through services that cannot be traced, such as MoneyGram or Western Union. Many victims of this uShip scams have lost their items during the scam.

This also happens again when people purchase items from online classified websites. The seller will claim most of the time that the item buyer is requesting is being sold or in uShip’s possession. They also impersonate uShip emails, transaction numbers, shipment information, and invoices.

Fraudulent emails can be identified by checking the domain address on the address. Note that any email that is not sent from can be a potential fraud. uShip puts in a lot of effort to make sure scammers stay away on the site and also to help users to settle issues.

Customers have received many reports on hiring national moving companies they found on the uShip website. There have, however, been some positive reviews as well. Service providers on uShip may charge at a reduced price compared to what is being charged by most moving companies.

In summary, uShip can save you some money while you still get quality services. The negative reports we have received concerning larger shipments was because the customer chooses a service provider that is not licensed and with inadequate insurance.

Any moving company that doesn’t have a valid license issued by USDOT may not have insurance in place and is also not following all the safety criteria and regulations laid down for licensed service providers.

You may end up at great loss if there is any damage/loss to your possessions when you hire an uninsured mover for your items.

The vehicle conveying your belongings may be impounded by state authorities if it is not properly registered, and this would cause you serious stress before you can get your belongings to your location.

We strongly recommend hiring licensed and insured long distance movers for a long-distance move. There are many relocation companies available that offer quality service and still follow all the regulations and criteria laid down by DOT.

There is no point in trying to save money on your move by hiring a mover that is not licensed and insured. The relocation industry is being regulated for certain reasons; hiring a company operating outside these regulations is like treading a dangerous path.

Choosing a Vehicle Transporter

Choosing the car transporter you are satisfied with is the factor that determines which quote you will go for on uShip. Choosing right will help you to avoid uShip scams as much as possible.

After quotes have been sent to you by different carriers, you are left with the decision to choose but in a limited time. Determine the type of shipping service you are hiring, and also be sure the service you need is being offered by this company you book.

You may decide to choose any of the auto transport services depending on the duration, your needs, and your budget.

1. Customer service

Contact the carriers with the question and answer feature on your listing and on their estimates. You can provide a solution to each other’s questions here and both reach an understanding of the essential information before you order.

2. License

Confirm if each carrier has MC numbers on their profile. All auto transporters are by law required to be registered with the DOT and must possess an active MC number as well. Click on the numbers on the carriers’ profiles to double-check their registration status.

There are certainly licensing and quality services in place for you with registered carriers. These companies restricted themselves to higher standards; you should do the same.

3. Insurance

Check the shipment insurance coverage and liability of your transporter on their profile. Insurance is a requirement for a transporter to get their MC number. Most of the carriers we use have their insurance information posted on their profiles.

Make sure you request a written insurance proof from any carrier you book. Kindly note that a vehicle in transit will not be covered by most household insurance policies, so it is important to review your various insurance company before you make a reservation to see if rider policies are included. Make sure you read the policies over and over just as you do with anything that involves money.

4. Reviews

Check customer’s feedback on your carrier on their uShip profile. You will get to see the carrier’s past experience, history, and performance. You will also get to know how well they handle shipment in time past and their success rates as well when you check their ratings.

We strongly recommend that you also leave feedback on their profile once your transaction runs to completion. Doing this will help the potential customers to decide on which vehicle carrier to hire.

The best way to say thank you to your carrier for the successful completion of the job is to leave a feedback score and review. Choose a car transporter. This decision will be determined by the carrier’s ability to work on your time schedule, insurance, credibility, the type of service, and their price.

To have a safe and smooth transaction, use your sense, and also stick to uShip’s terms and conditions when deciding on the carrier to hire.

uShip FAQs

Can uShip be used for my full-service relocation?

No! This is because the quality of service you receive when you use an online marketplace solely depends on the service provider that wins the bid. If you are planning a full-service relocation, it is important to hire a full-service mover. You can as well rent a storage container and do the packing at your own pace.

How legitimate is uShip?

uShip is real, genuine, and legitimate. uShip is an online marketplace (load board) that enables people or businesses that need to ship larger items to post their shipment and receive bids from relevant service providers.

What are the insurance requirements of uShip?

The value of your belongings will determine the insurance premiums from uShip, although deductibles are around $50. Claims are to be submitted within five days of delivery. Items like cash, engines and motors, animals, jewelry, and so on don’t have insurance on them. Areas like Nigeria, Mexico, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and the independent commonwealth States are also under geographical restrictions.

What items can I Ship using uShip?

The first service uShip set out to offer is a solution for vehicle shipping. The company has, however, expanded its services to establishing connections between customers and service providers who are looking to ship any item such as animals, construction equipment, and pets and so on.

This option is great for people with complicated relocation, who want to speed up their household relocation, vehicle transport, and animal transportation in a single place. You will be connected to available carriers by uShip on your specified route that is ready to handle your type of shipment at the best and reasonable price.

Is it possible to make money on uShip?

uShip provides drivers with the opportunity to make money. Jobs are available for you as a full-time moving truck driver or even earn some additional money while in transit. Although a fee will be charged by uShip on all jobs booked, however, this can be a great way to get more jobs in a single place.

How safe is uShip?

Although working with third-party service providers is a risky thing to do, uShip provides a ship with a confidence program that will see you get paid up to $500 if any damage or loss occurs to your shipment even though uShip states that those cases are rare.

Our says on uShip

Your shipping estimate will be sent to you directly on the site when you use uShip. We advocate for you from the start of the transaction to the end. You will be able to get your transport rates and conduct all of your research in a single platform.

Various carriers are submitting their bids for your job and also reducing the prices while the support teams at uShip are readily available to assist you throughout the process. Disregard any email that comes from different carriers and concentrate on uShip to save money and stay away from fraud.


uShip offers a lot according to our research. The company is, however, not the only one that provides you with an instant estimate calculator. Although their payment service is safe and secure, this is, however, nothing to be worried about when you use licensed insured and bonded carriers who have been investigated on all grounds such as quality services and delivery.

We figure out from our research that uShip lacks significantly in this aspect of vetting service providers. The only solution to that is to read as many as possible reviews from previous customers about the service providers before you hire them. Ensure you get a written proposal from them together with the contract for service. Make payment using a PayPal account or a credit card.