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Hire Top Rated Movers in Boston, MA

Local and long-distance Boston moves require expert moving assistance to ensure that your belongings arrive safe and sound. But with the hundreds of potential options for moving companies in Boston to choose from, it sure can be difficult to select the best one for the job.

At Moving Feedback, we make finding and hiring top-rated Boston movers easy and hassle-free. With detailed search tools that allow you to read customer reviews and compare prices, our online marketplace simplifies the process of finding a reputable mover in your area. 

Moving Feedback also offers many resources and tools that help coordinate the moving process making our site the perfect one-stop-shop for those planning a move to or from Boston.

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24 Denby Rd, #28, Boston, MA 02134

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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25 Dorchester Ave Rm 1, Boston, MA 02205, United States

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76 Ashford St, Boston, MA 02134, United States

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Clean Cut Movers

695 E, 4th St., 3 South Boston, MA 02127-3141

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Eagle Lines Moving & Storage

225 Franklin St. 26th floor. Boston, MA 02110

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Boston, MA Moving Guide

As the most populous city in New England, Boston offers plenty for everyone. Use our comprehensive Boston moving guide below for information on everything from how to find the best moving companies in Boston to tips and advice for before, during, and after the move.

Hiring Boston Movers

Full-services movers are the ideal way to complete a Boston move. If you are planning a local or long-distance move, consider the following before making a decision.

When to Start Looking for Movers

It is essential to start searching for and comparing moving companies no less than eight weeks before your moving date and, ideally, at least 12 weeks beforehand. The head starts on searching for reliable and reputable moving companies will provide you with enough time to research potential options, get quotes, and read reviews.

Additionally, giving yourself plenty of time before the move to organize and hire movers in Boston ensures that you will get the best price and availability.

Moving companies tend to be heavily booked during peak moving season, and waiting until the last minute to hire a moving service may result in having to pay a premium for their services.

Remember that the process of finding a reliable and licensed mover is not always as easy as inputting your move details into an online form and waiting for quotes to come in.

You will likely need to devote some time to reading customer reviews and researching each company’s moving services, credentials, and policies before deciding which one to hire.

Fortunately, Moving Feedback makes it super easy to compare moving company prices and reviews in one place so you can confidently make an informed decision about which moving companies in Boston to hire based on previous customer feedback, licensing information, and moving services provided.

What to Consider When Looking For Movers


When looking for movers, it’s recommended by our moving experts to only consider those that are fully licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). This licensing is required for any company that plans to complete moves that cross state lines.

If your move is a local one, then you’ll need to ensure that the company you are considering is fully licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s Department of Public Utilities (DPU). In either case, all of our moving partners are fully licensed and insured, so you can breathe easy knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Moving Services

When considering movers in Boston, you’ll also want to look for a company that offers the specific moving services you require, such as:

  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Appliance disconnection and reconnection
  • Storage options
  • Cleaning/junk removal services

While full-service movers will include loading, transport, and unloading into their moving quotes, these additional moving services can turn a good move into a great one.


It’s common practice for moving companies to offer free in-home and virtual moving quotes for local or long-distance moves. However, there are specific things you should look for in the moving quote to ensure you are getting the best possible price from moving companies in Boston. When reviewing your moving quote, be sure to check for the following:

  • Are there any additional or hidden fees not included in the estimate?
  • What is the company’s policy on changes to the original quote?
  • Does the company offer a binding or nonbinding estimate?

By understanding what is and isn’t included in the quote, you can avoid any last-minute surprises or unexpected costs on moving day.

How To Move To/From Boston

When moving to or from Boston, there are a few things to consider to help the process go smoothly, such as:

Organization and Planning

Organizing and planning your move extensively is the cornerstone of any pleasant moving experience with movers in Boston. Be sure to have a moving checklist that details all of the tasks you need to complete before, during, and after your move.

This will help ensure that nothing gets forgotten or left behind as you get ready for your big day. Some of the most important things to add to your moving checklist include:

  • Packing and unpacking all of your belongings
  • Booking travel, if you are moving out of state
  • Changing your address
  • Disassembling furniture
  • Deciding what will and won’t go with you
  • Figuring out which packing materials are needed to keep objects safe
  • Canceling or transferring any utilities or memberships

By getting everything on your checklist done well in advance, you can avoid any last-minute stressors or complications on moving day.

Packing Process

Moving companies in Boston recommend packing little by little in advance of moving day. Start with non-essential items that you don’t use or need until after your relocation.

After non-essential items are packed, move on to other items such as clothes, books, and other household items. And finally, focus on packing the most essential items last, such as electronics, toiletries, and valuables.

This packing process will also help declutter your home along the way so that you aren’t stuck with a ton of junk to get rid of at the end. In addition, with less objects to pack, you can actually save money on the overall cost of movers in Boston.

Moving Day Tips

On moving day, it’s best to stay out of movers’ way. Make sure to label all of your boxes clearly so that the movers know where everything goes. Also, be sure to have a plan for where you want the furniture to go in your new place.

After the move, be sure to inspect each box and piece of furniture for any damage that might have occurred during transport. If there is any damage, document it with photos and file a claim with the moving company as soon as possible.

Boston Cost of Living

A chunk of your moving budget for movers in Boston should also factor in initial living costs to ensure you aren’t left without any money for essentials like food and shelter.

If you are renting a home or apartment, be sure to have enough saved for the initial deposit. In Boston, the rent deposit is usually the first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit, which is typically one month’s rent.

So in the case of a two-bedroom apartment that averages $2500 per month, you should expect to need $7500 upfront just for deposits.

While rent will take up a significant portion of your overall living costs, there are others to consider, such as:

  • Utilities: $100-$200 per month
  • Internet and TV: $60-80 per month
  • Phone: $50+ per month
  • Food and grocery: $250-$300+ per month
  • Personal care and entertainment: $100-$150+ per month
  • Transportation: $100-$150+ per month

Best Neighborhoods in Boston

Moving companies in Boston help people settle into new places all over the city. Here are a few of the best neighborhoods in Boston for different types of people:

Boston Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

The South End is a great neighborhood for young professionals. It is centrally located, near public transportation, and has plenty of restaurants and bars. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the South End is $2500.

Another great option for young professionals in Charlestown. It is slightly more expensive, with an average rent of $3000 for a one-bedroom apartment. But it offers a lot more space and is closer to the city center making it easier for movers in Boston to get to.

Boston Neighborhoods for Families

Families tend to gravitate towards the suburbs, where there is more space and fewer people. But there are still some great options for families in Boston proper. One great neighborhood for families in Dorchester. It has a small-town feel with all of the amenities of a big city. The average rent for a three-bedroom apartment in Dorchester is $3500.

Another excellent option for families in Jamaica Plain. It is slightly more expensive, with an average rent of $4000 for a three-bedroom apartment. But it offers more space and excellent schools.

Make Boston Moves Easy With Moving Feedback

Hiring the right moving companies in Boston is the key to a successful move. Moving Feedback can help you find the best local and long-distance moving companies for your needs and budget. Our database of moving partners is comprehensive and only includes licensed, vetted, and insured companies.

Moving Cost Boston, MA

At Moving Feedback, we know that it is important to stay within your moving budget so that you have enough funds left over to cover initial living expenses in your new place. To that end, we have gathered data on average moving costs in Boston, so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Essential Moving Costs

Essential moving costs are those that are needed to complete the move. Full-service moving companies in Boston typically include loading, transporting, and unloading into their moving quotes, so you know exactly how much you need to budget.

If you are completing a local move, you can expect the essential moving costs to be charged hourly at a rate of $35-$100+. This usually includes a few movers and a moving vehicle.

For long-distance moves, essential moving costs are charged by the mile and weight of items, bringing the price range from $2,500 to $5,000+ depending on the specifics of your move.

Optional Moving Costs

Optional moving costs are not essential to completing the move but can make it easier or more convenient. Optional costs for moving companies in Boston can include:

  • storage ($200-$500+ per month)
  • packing and unpacking services ($100-$400+)
  • car transport ($400-$2000+)
  • crating (varies by company)
  • a heavy objects moving like pianos, hot tubs, pool tables (varies by company)
  • specialty moving such as antiques, art, office spaces (varies by company)

The cost of these services will depend on the company you choose and the specifics of your move. Additionally, these services can be charged hourly or by item, so it is essential to get a quote from your moving company before assuming the cost.

Hidden Moving Costs

There are also hidden moving costs that are not always immediately apparent but can add up quickly and can sometimes be referred to as access fees. Access fees are assessed when there are obstacles or challenges that movers in Boston may encounter during your move. This can include things like:

  • flights of stairs ($2-$5 per step)
  • long carry over 75 feet from truck to door ($100+)
  • shuttles for when a large truck cannot access your home ($100-$200+)
  • elevator ($35-$75 per hour)
  • hooking or unhooking appliances from gas or water sources ($50-$100+)

While some of these fees may be avoidable, many are not. Therefore, it's important to be prepared for them so that they do not come as a surprise during your move. This is also why an in-home estimate is vital to getting an accurate quote for your move so that moving companies in Boston can assess any potential access fees.


Insurance coverage from movers isn't always comprehensive. Typically, the basic insurance coverage will reimburse you for a percentage of the value of any damaged or lost items.

If you want full coverage for your belongings, you will need to purchase additional insurance from a third-party provider. This is typically called released value protection and usually is charged at a percentage of the total value of items - typically 1%-4%.

The average cost of a two-bedroom Boston move will vary between $1500-$7000+. The most significant determining factor to the price will be if you are performing a local or long-distance move.

Secondary to that, the price will vary if you require additional services from moving companies in Boston, such as packing, car transport, or storage.

Piano moving costs will vary depending on the company you choose and the specifics of your move. Generally, companies charge hourly rates or by the item for specialty moves like pianos.

For example, some companies in Boston may charge $100-$300 per hour for piano moving services, while others may charge a flat fee starting around $500.

There are a few ways you can save money on your Boston move. First, if you have the time and ability, you can do the packing and unpacking yourself to save on packing services from moving companies in Boston.

You should also consider getting rid of items you don’t need to take with you to lower the cost of your move.

Additionally, you may qualify for discounts from movers if you are active military, a veteran, a student, or a senior citizen.

Ultimately the best way to save money, as well as time on your move, is to hire full-service movers that can handle everything from start to finish.

These types of companies will typically provide you with an all-inclusive price that can save money and the hassle of coordinating different services.

The best time to move in Boston will depend on your specific needs and situation. Many people choose to move during the summer months when the weather is more favorable.

However, this is also the busiest time for moving companies, so you may have to book your services further in advance to ensure you get the particular moving company and moving date you want.

You can also consider moving during the winter months when there are typically fewer people moving.

This can sometimes lead to lower rates from moving companies in Boston as they seek to fill empty slots in their schedule.

However, you do need to be aware of the potential for inclement weather, which could complicate or delay your move.

Boston is full of excellent neighborhoods that make great places to live. Some of the most popular places to move in Boston include the South End, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Charlestown, and the North End.

These areas offer a mix of historic charm, excellent dining and shopping, and easy access to public transportation.

If you don’t mind commuting or being a little further from the city center, there are also many great places to move to in the Boston suburbs.

Some of the most popular suburbs moving companies in Boston help people transition to include Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline, and Newton.

These areas offer more affordable housing options, green spaces, safety, and quiet.