How Much Do National Moving Companies Cost?

Written By Thomas Curry | Updated: Dec 21, 2021

How Much Do National Moving Companies Cost?

Early estimation of your moving cost is the best house moving technique to ensure proper adjustment to your budget. As mentioned above, the best means to figure out the moving price in advance is to ask for accurate cost calculation from the top-rated national movers.

And still, it is best to know in advance the actual price from national moving companies even before you contact them.

There are two ways in which knowing the average cost of long-distance moving companies will help you:

  • You will be able to better protect yourself and your move from any possibility of moving scams, and
  • You will certainly be able to reduce moving price with the use of effective price reduction strategies.

So, What Is The Average Cost Of Nationwide Moving Companies?

National moving companies are not that costly. Remember that while local movers charge by the hour, national moving companies charge a flat price depending on various price factors like the weight of goods, move distance, and additional services.

If you are relocating into a new home that is 1,000 miles far from your current home, below is the approximate charge you should expect from national moving companies:

  • To move out of a studio apartment (approximately 1,800 lbs.), prepare about $1,200 with no additional services.
  • To move out of a 1-bedroom apartment (approximately 2,200-3,200 lbs.), prepare about $1,500 to $2,200 with no additional moving services.
  • To move out of a 2-bedroom apartment (approximately 5,000-6,000 lbs.), prepare about $3,500 to $4,200 with no additional moving services.
  • To move out of a 3-bedroom apartment (approximately 9,000 lbs.), prepare about $6,300 with no additional moving services.

The good news is that immediately you know the cost factors that determine the moving price, you will have total control over it since you will have a direct and indirect influence on the price factors.

Cost Determinant Factors

The question to start asking yourself all through your moving preparation is why should I spend a lot of money on moving when I can spend a lesser amount?

Below are factors that contribute to your national moving cost:

  • Distance: There is a huge difference whether the distance of moving between two locations is 50 miles, 500 miles, or 5,000 miles. Greater distance attracts more money because of increased transportation costs.
  • Shipment weight: Moving more items to your new place also attracts a higher cost of moving because of the increased total weight. The good news is that unlike the distance of your move that remains the same regardless of your actions, you will have actual control over the number of items you decide to move to your new place.
  • Extra services: The cost of your move can greatly increase if you ask for extra service from your national moving company, like packing, furniture disassembly, or short-term storage. Also, the perk here is that you can opt to handle popular additional moving service (packing) and thus save a lot of cash in the process

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  • Specialty items: You will be charged extra when moving any special belongings by your national movers because of the increase to the move complications in line with the specialty items you plan to move. For instance, moving a piano long distance can be charged at $1,000 to $2,000.

Things To Understand When Hiring National Moving Companies

Getting the quality services of the leading national moving companies will present you with many benefits. The professional movers will carry the heavy burden for you and will reduce the overwhelming stress of moving to another home.

Below are the top five things you must be aware of when hiring reputable and reliable national moving companies.

What national moving companies won’t move: There are some household belongings that national moving companies just won’t move. Your national movers won’t accept to move belongings that are considered hazardous for humans or other similar items, or highly fragile items that may not survive the move. These include:

    1. Dangerous substances: Corrosive, flammable, or explosive materials are prohibited from moving so you have to properly get rid of them or give them away before the day of your move.
    2. Perishables: Foods that can go bad and cause damage to your or the movers’ property are prohibited from entering the moving truck.
    3. Pets and plants: Sadly, you will have to find another means to move your pet animals and household plants to your destination home
    4. Valuables: Ensure you keep all valuable stuff with you through the whole moving process. No matter the nature of the value (monetary or sentimental), do not make the notorious mistake of leaving your precious belongings to movers.

Only move items you need: Before you begin to pack, consider whether you need to transport your whole household goods from your old home to the new apartment. Don’t forget that aside from the distance of your move, the other factor that dictates the overall moving price is the weight of items to be moved. Or, each extra household stuff will cost you extra money in transporting it. Therefore, it is best to reduce your cost of moving by making a comprehensive inventory of your belongings and then sort them out carefully into three different groups:

  • Items you need and like (to be moved with you)
  • Items you don’t like or need (to be sold or gifted out), and
  • Items of no value or damaged items beyond repair (to be disposed or recycle)

Pack by yourself to make savings: Full moving service from national movers will offer varieties of extra moving services to ensure your residential move is easier. However, each extra service will increase your total cost.

It can relieve you of stress when you leave everything into the hands of your national movers but your moving budget may not be accommodating for the costs of that luxury services. So, save money on your long-distance move by taking care of packing your belongings on your own.

So far you have sufficient time, you don’t necessarily need professional packing services to pack up your books, clothes, or your shoes. You can even take over the tedious task of packing up your delicate belongings like glasses, artwork pieces, jewelry, electronic equipment, kitchen plates, lamps, and so on. Being a bonus to your bid to move affordably, you should be able to get the most packing supplies you need for your move without paying a dime for them.

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Be prepared to negotiate with your national moving companies: Are you prepared to negotiate with your moving company? The national moving quotes provided for you by your national movers will have many rates from moving companies and the cost of each additional service that you have asked for or needed to get the long-distance move into completion.

Fortunately, you may be able to reduce the overall price by asking the national moving company for current deals, discounts, promotions, or package deals that you can benefit from.

It’s always better to speak up and you have nothing to lose, as they can only tell you NO.

One other way to pay a reduced price is to try to negotiate with your nationwide moving company. Contact them and let them know that you certainly wish to use their moving services but a better deal has been offered to you by their competitors. Let them know the lower bid and see if the national moving company will be willing to negotiate a fair deal that you can both agree to.

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Know the amount to tip national movers: If you are nervous about tipping your movers, then you shouldn’t. In reality, you don’t have to tip movers if you don’t see the need to do so. It’s simple. If you are happy with how your national movers take care of your move from start to completion, then tipping each of them is worth considering showing your appreciation for a good job.

However, if you find the job they did rather badly in general, maybe they damaged some stuff or were not respectful, then don’t even consider tipping them at all.

So, what amount do I tip national movers? For a satisfactory job, consider a $40 tip for each mover for the day. For a job well done beyond your expectation, appreciate their effort each by tipping them from $50 to $60 per day. Sure you can also decide to be more generous if

  1. Your national movers performed excellently well in packing and moving your valuables, and
  2. You can afford it.


Hiring a moving company for your upcoming national move is a very wise decision. If the cost is giving you sleepless nights, we suggest you contact some moving companies to get moving quotes. Even if you pay higher costs to complete your move, you will sincerely appreciate that you let a professional moving company handle your household move.

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