Top 5 Reliable Office Movers Around You 2022

It can go from exciting to daunting too soon when moving a corporate office. There are lots of factors to consider whether you are moving in or out of the city, scaling up or downsizing for efficiency, moving closer to the consumers, and much more.

Moving Feedback Recommended Top 3 Office Movers

United Van Lines

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Bekins Moving Company

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National Van Lines

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Top 5 Reliable Office Movers Around You 2022

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Moving offices can seem like a daunting experience whether the current office capacity cannot contain you or your lease is coming to an end. The thought of moving all equipment, your whole team and all of those pieces of furniture can seem like an impossible task as you look around your current office.

Office Relocations, however, are happening almost every day around the country with shorter lease terms and faster-growing businesses. The big office move can become almost entirely hassle-free with some experts’ advice and a bit of forwarding planning. Check out our step-by-step guide to relocating offices.

We include everything you need to know when preparing for your office move in this guide. Let’s start by briefly look at the essential moving office checklist.

Relocating an office requires careful planning and logistics regardless of business size. For this reason, you need to hire a company that will guide you through every step of the way, the best office moving professionals.

A 24 hours service will be offered by a professional office mover, as they will limit any disruption to your business. A removal manager who will design a tailor-made office relocation plan will be assigned to you, including a full inventory and floor plan.

Here is The List of Office Movers

Moving to a new office can leave one with an exhausting and frustrating experience. For this reason, booking an office moving company during the planning stage is highly recommended.

You will be able to focus on other important things related to office relocation once you hire a professional moving company. Find our picks of top office movers below:

1. United Van Lines

United Van Lines

This company is termed as the mother of all moving companies. It is one of the top rated moving companies in the United States of America. The company offers amazing services, and they have a satisfying amount of customers; hence, they have a good reputation.

The United Van Lines are very good at relocating offices from one location to another without causing damage to your office items and they also help with all kinds of relocation services.

They will bring your furniture out safely for quick disassembly and reassembly after they are moved to the new place and they also offer installation of electronics in your new place.

When you choose to work with United Van Lines, storage options are also an added advantage you will get.

if you want to learn more read the full United Van Lines review.

2. Bekins Moving Company

Bekins Moving Company

Bekins should always come to your mind whenever you are in need of a confident office moving company that understands the job. The company is a full-time relocation company that satisfies all the requirements of the moving industry.

Once you explain the details of what you want them to do for you, Bekins will do a perfect and clean job for you. The prices they charge on storage if you want to move your stuff in the future are very reasonable.

No matter the size of the furniture, Bekins also provides the usual assembly and disassembly of furniture.

They make sure there is no stumbling block in delivering the best services ever. Another selling point for this great company is that they have excellent customer service.

3. National Van Lines

National Van Lines

National Van Lines has a lot of experience in the relocation business and is also an internationally accredited company. The company has been very active in the business until today despite being established in 1929.

They offer office removal or office relocation and make sure your items are safe and sound throughout the entire moving process. They offer moving trucks, planes, and boats for the movement of items to make the relocation process a smooth and quick one.

They make sure all their customers smile before, during, and after the move as they are more concerned with customer satisfaction. From packing to wrapping up until the items are delivered to the desired location, they participate in the entire process.

4. North American Moving Services

North American Moving Services

North American Moving Services is another great relocation company you can hire for your office move. They have a great team of experts that helps make a move happen with their average customer service.

If you need any of your items kept safe before moving to the new place, they provide you with storage options apart from the office removing services they provide.

If you have to relocate cross country or from one state to another, they can also help you with that.

You will be offered a link where you can click to start the moving process by requesting a moving quote once you get to their website. They also offer furniture disassembling and reassembling services in addition.

5. 1-800-Pack-Rat


Though 1-800-Pack-Rat is popularly known for portable container services, it has been reviewed as one of the best options for moving businesses. When you request a moving quote, they offer very comprehensive detail and also make sure you bargain to a reasonable point.

You get the luxury of relocating between Canada and the United States of America with Pack Rat. You can count on them if your office relocation is between Canada and the USA or the other way round.

You will be informed if anything will go wrong with the move as they have a timely delivery date. So that you can have a real-time status of your items, the company provides a tracking system for you to stay less worried.

They offer different size containers to move worthwhile instead of using the traditional moving truck to move your items.

The Following Table Displays the Best Office Movers

No. The Best Office Movers in the US Website
1 United Van Lines
2 Bekins Moving Services
3 National Van Lines
4 North American Moving Services
5 1-800-Pack-Rat

Compare Services for Office Move

To have a successful move, you need precise planning. An experienced and highly reputable moving company should handle this difficult task. The tools and men required to do the job with ease is available with the professional moving company.

There are movers that specialize in an office move, even though hiring national moving companies is one of the most serious tasks when it comes to office moves.

It is important that the moving company is reliable and that the services offer for the cost are worth it like any other household relocation.

Ask some questions, conduct research, and request an in-office survey for your move.

There are probably many moving companies in your locality and online. Try as much as possible to get many price quotes from at least 5 professional long distance moving companies. With this simple and easy strategy, you can get the best price for your move.

You should also try as much as possible to check out the reviews on the professional cross country movers. You may have found a professional moving company that offers moving services at a lower price, for instance; you need to find out the company’s performance over the years.

You will get to know if the company’s services have been found satisfying by their previous clients by checking out the reviews on that particular company. To get reviews on any moving company, you can use the internet.

Steps for Moving Office

This office moving checklist takes you through all you need to do to achieve a successful office move. Unlike home move, office move entails some fragile equipment which must be handled carefully not to disrupt your operation during and after your move.

The below steps will help you a lot if you follow them with seriousness.

  • Locate a new office space for business.
  • A checklist of all that you need from this new space must be created. Budget, parking and public transport, amenities, IT, telecoms, size and space, including other belongings in your list of essentials must be considered.
  • Prepare a project plan for your office relocation.
  • Designate different roles for your team members, including the project manager role.
  • Hold meetings frequently with your team.
  • Make sure your team understands their role and how to perform well on it.
  • Keep the whole team apprised of every new development.
  • Mark out important dates in your office relocation project plan such as when you decide to move to the new office when you need to move out of the current office when you need to create clients’ awareness, and so on.
  • Plan well on your office relocation budget. Factors like refurbishment costs, the amount needed for new furniture, the amount to be spent on the relocation, telecom and IT installation, etc., should be considered.
  • Seek an expert’s assistance if needed. Experts like building contractors, office designers and decorators, Relocation management services, solicitors, and probably a professional cleaner can be consulted while you can as well include their contact information in your project plan.
  • Actualize your design idea. To turn your sketches into a reality, utilize a professional office design company.
  • Before moving the team in, make sure your new office is fully ready.
  • To make sure everyone knows what they should be doing, have a meeting with them a day before the move. Your office move should complete smoothly once you utilize your team of experts when needed.
  • Make sure your former office condition is restored to the way it was before you moved in if it is leased.

Working around your Office Removal

Since the main idea behind the office move may be to upscale or increase the efficiency of operations, you will have to do everything necessary to avoid disruption to your business. It is advisable to adopt a business as usual approach to your office relocation.

Keeping your Office Connected

One of the biggest issues with any office relocation is a technical breakdown. To ensure a hitch-free crossover of service, inform telephone and IT providers in advance about your office relocation. To maximize productivity, make sure all is planned well, as transferring of equipment takes some time.

Moving Out of Office Hours – Best Time to Move Office

Your office relocation should work smoothly with a professional commercial moving company. To minimize business disruption, make sure the bulk of the removal is done after office hours.

Highlight the best window for your office relocation out of your normal working hours as only you know your operations better than anyone.

Business during your Office Relocation

The morale and abilities to carry on with day to day operations and productivity are some of the major effects removal processes will have on your employees. Adopting a business approach is the best way to avoid this.

You will have more chance of carrying on with work right up until the relocation if you are organized and if you are using a relocation manager to handle the arrangement.

Moving Office Storage

Office moving companies will help you with office storage, which is essentially needed for your office relocation.

Some businesses may require temporary storage before they finally move. In this case, you can arrange with your mover for office storage.

Cost of Moving Office

If you gain the right environment and space to grow your business, moving office will entirely worth all the money even though it can be a costly engagement.

Buying commercial property is a big and expensive commitment, whether you are upgrading to a larger work environment or you are buying your first office.

It is important to have a clear understanding of how much it will cost and check if you have the required funds to keep your business running before you decide on your new location for your office.

Below is a breakdown of the average costs involved with buying and relocating to a new office:

  • Commercial Mortgage: If you are not purchasing outright, this is needed to secure the property. Expect to pay between 0.5% and 1.5% of loan value even though arrangement fees do vary.
  • Surveyor Fees: You will be paying the acquisition surveyor 0.5% to 3% of the cost of the property purchased.
  • Solicitors Fees: These fees range between 0.5% and 1.25% of the property value.
  • Stamp Duty: This fee varies from 1% of property value and can rise to 4% if the property costs more than 635,950 USD. It is payable for most commercial properties.
  • Office Removals: To ensure your office is moved professionally, hiring a professional commercial moving company is important. The amount of staff and workstations, extra specialized services such as IT relocation, and the size of the office are the factors that determine the price.
  • Business Costs: You will need to calculate the total cost of your business being out of operation during the relocation in addition to these fees.

It can be deduced that it is essential to know all these factors before one can categorically state an office moving cost.

Get Volunteers for a Moving Committee

Avoid trying everything all by yourself; seek assistance from people around you is a way to go. Before you make your appeal, ensure you outline duties.

Below are some standard responsibilities:

  • Planning
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Organizing
  • Office designing and decorating

See if your supervisor can approve this idea for the team to complete any work related to relocation during working hours. You will get more volunteers with this.


Here, the set date for the move has come. This basically won’t feel too intimidating if you have drafted a well-researched office relocation project plan. You may also request the assistance of few experts to help you along the way as everything should be carefully mapped out.

To ensure everyone on your team knows what role they will be playing on the day, it is best to have a meeting with them a day before the move. Once you do this, everyone will get on with their tasks without the need to micromanage the relocation.

Do not forget to leave the old office the same way it was when you moved in. This tip is very important. Before you hand over the keys back; you may need to have a professional cleaner worked in the office as it may also require a lick of paint on the walls.

After a practically smooth move, now you can enjoy your new office space. You should be ready for any eventuality as we’ve walked you through moving office step-by-step.

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