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Moving a Piano - Moving Feedback

Pianos are heavy and large and as such moving them or relocating them from one place to another either locally or cross country requires the use of the right tools and equipment. This is one major thing to consider in selecting a professional piano moving company, make re your selected moving company has the right tools and equipment to seamlessly help you relocate your piano without any damage done to it.

Improper handling of pianos can result in altering the original sound intended to be produced by the piano. Moving a piano should be handled by professional piano moving companies.

Safety is important in everything we do and that scenario is not different as far as moving your piano is concerned. The safety of your piano is paramount to make sure it is safely and securely moved to your preferred destination as at when due. Hence it will not be out of place to consider some safety tips to be observed while moving your piano from one point to another.

The Following are Some Vital Tips to Safely Move Your Piano:

1. Employ Qualified Hands:

The most important thing in moving your piano is to ensure you engage a professional piano moving company that is licensed and insured to do the job. Engaging professional movers will save you a lot of headaches and hassles as you can attend to other daily pressing issues while the moving company gets the job done for you.

2. Make Sure the Company is Insured: This is important as it will help you cater for any eventuality in the process of moving your piano from one place to the other. If your moving company is not insured, then it will be difficult to recoup your loss in case of any form of damage to your piano in the process of transiting.

3. Wrap the Piano: Wrap the piano with a blanket or padding and secure it with a packing tape and do not allow the tape to touch the piano surface. The padding and blanket must be thick enough so that the piano is properly protected when the truck encounters bumps on the way.

4. Lifting The Truck: Do not lift the piano using its legs when you are lifting it into the truck or into the furniture dolly, the legs can be fragile. The piano should be kept in the upright position as laying it on its side may cause damage to the inner mechanics.

5. Properly Secure the Piano in the Truck: Make sure the piano is properly secured in the truck, it is safer to use a wood plant so as to ensure a level flooring for the piano because most truck spaces are usually not level

6. Pack Safely: Make sure you take extra precaution while packing to avoid any form of damage to the piano.

7. Proper Padding: All moving parts of the piano should be well secured and padded while in transit and the trucks used in transporting the piano must be equipped with special air ride system to prevent jostling organs or pianos while in transit.

Top Piano Moving CompaniesPiano Moving Companies - Moving Feedback

Top piano moving companies are not so difficult to identify if the right survey and inquiries are diligently carried out, there are a number of top piano moving companies available today. Some of them include Sterling Van Lines, Two Men And A Truck, Great Guys Moving, Modern Piano Moving, Gentle Giant Piano Moving Company, A-1 Piano and Organ Moving company and Quality Piano Moving among others. Do your own research to add to the numbers mentioned here, there are a lot of other several reliable piano moving companies around you. Top piano moving companies should have the right tools, equipment, personnel, and they must be insured. If your moving company is not insured, please do not bother to engage such a company as pianos are expensive and in case of any damage due to some unavoidable or unexpected occurrences you should be able to be at peace knowing fully well that the company has a good insurance cover in place.

Moving pianos from one point to another can be quite demanding (whether it is long distance or short distance) when the whole process is not being handled by competent and experienced personnel who know the rudiments of what the assignment entails. Hence, knowing fully well that a piano is a delicate equipment that should be properly handled, it is paramount to ensure that when the need to relocate a piano arises, the task should be handed over to a competent, qualified, reliable, and insured piano moving company.

Some Reliable and Competent Piano Moving Companies are Listed Below:

1. Gentle Giant Moving Company ( )

Gentle Giant is one of the best piano moving company out there, it is a national moving company based in Massachusetts and was founded in 1980 to offer full-service moving solutions to their clients. They have over 200 competent moving specialists and movers who they refer to as giants. They offer piano moving services both locally and cross country and you can always count on their expertise to deliver quality moving services.

2. Sterling Van Lines Inc. ( )

Sterling Van Lines Inc. is a moving company based in Los Angeles offering both moving and storage facilities for over 50 years, they are a member of a couple of moving organizations that only reputable companies can be identified with. Some of these organizations include the American Moving and Storage Association and California Moving and Storage Association among others. They offer local, long distance moving, cross country moving, storage facilities and piano moving services among other several other services.

3. Modern Piano Moving ( )

Modern Piano Moving began operations in 1935 with moving only pianos before they later began to offer other moving services and storage facilities. Today, they serve 48 states in the United States and their services also extends to parts of Canada, they usually have two-man teams on every piano move, their major area of specialization is in moving pianos from one place to another.

4. Two Men And A Truck ( )

Two Men and a Truck offers exceptional moving services and have been in operation for over 30 years providing moving solutions for local, long distance, and international relocation, packing services, storage facilities in over 300 locations spread within and outside the United States.

5. A-1 Piano and Organ Moving Company ( )

A-1 Piano was founded in 1958 by Jim Flobert who started the company as a small piano moving coy; they provide top quality piano moving services with the help of their trained and expert movers who understand the trade of relocating piano from one point to another. They offer other services such as storage facilities for pianos and rentals. You can always count on A-1 Pianos to always get the job done anytime you call on them.

The following table displays the top piano moving companies:

No.Top Piano Moving Companies
1.Gentle Giant Moving Company
2.Sterling Van Lines Inc
3.Modern Piano Moving
4.Two Men and a Truck
5.A-1 Piano and Organ Moving company

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano?

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano?

How much cost required to move a piano is dependent on several factors such as the size of your piano, your location, whether you are moving locally or across the country as the case may be. The cost or rate also varies for different companies. On the average, the cost of moving an upright piano is between $380 to $650, if it is a baby grand piano; then the price may increase by an additional $100, and if it is a grand piano; the price may increase by an additional $150 to $200.

The total cost will be dependent on the type of piano; its age, whether there are a set of stairs, and the distance you are relocating it to. The weight of an average piano ranges from 300 pounds upright piano to about 1,200-pound grand pianos. Piano moving companies usually charge an additional fee for each set of stairs they have to scale through.

The size of the piano also plays a role in deciding the rates as a bigger piano attracts higher moving rates. All these put together will give an idea of what the cost of moving a piano from one place to another will be.

Prices For Local Piano Moving

Prices for local piano relocation differs from company to company depending on your distance and unique needs that are to be served. The cost usually depends on the type and size of the piano, billing type, distance, and if crating is required. Moving a piano across town usually cost as little as $100 or more depending on the size and distance to be covered. If stairs or flights are involved, then it can go as high as $200 or more as the case may be.

  • Prices for an Upright Piano: To move an upright piano within local towns cost between $125 to $600 depending on the stairs and distance to be covered.
  • Prices for a Baby Grand Piano: For a baby grand piano, it may cost up to $600 or more depending on the stairs, distance, and difficulty that may be encountered.
  • Price for a Grand Piano: This may cost up to $850 or more depending on the distance and if there are stairs to be scaled.

Prices For Cross Country Piano Moving

Prices for relocating pianos whether long distance or cross country also differs from company to company just as we have for local piano moving services, it is also dependent on the distance you are moving to. Moving a typical high-end, big or grand piano across country or across long distances may cost as much as $600 depending on the location or as the case may be.

  • Prices for an Upright Piano: This may cost up to $600 depending on the locations and circumstances as the case may be.
  • Prices for a Baby Grand Piano: To move a baby grand piano across country will cost at least $1,000 or more depending on the distance, location, and stairs involved if any.
  • Price for a Grand Piano: The price for moving a grand piano can cost up to $1,200 and above depending on the distance and difficulty that may be involved in transporting the piano.

The following table displays piano moving cost:

Prices for Moving a Piano Upright PianoBaby Grand PianoGrand Piano
Local $125 – $600$600 – $850$850 – $1000
Long Distance$600 – $1000$1000 – $1200$1200 – $1500

It is important to note that stairs may cost an additional $2-$10 per step. Other things to be considered include the best time to move a piano, the right moving equipment, piano storage facilities to be used, safety, and how to get a quote among others.

Getting Piano Moving Quotes

Getting Piano Moving Quotes

Getting a quote for your piano moving task can be through visitation or direct contact with the moving company or requesting for a quote from the company by visiting their website online. Usually, the billing or quotes are based on two major ways;

  • Hourly Rate: Hourly rate is common with household movers. The minimum hours required is usually 3 hours and that is the base rate.
  • Flat Rate: This is the type of rate that is usually used by piano moving companies and the following factors are considered in arriving at the rates;
  1. The type of piano being moved; whether it is grand or upright.
  2. The distance that will be covered from home to home, and piano to a truck.
  3. Time restraints.
  4. Challenges and Difficulties that may be involved, these may include grass pulls, stair flights, and tight turns among others.
  5. Waiting time as it may apply

All these are factors that will be put into consideration before arriving at a rate for moving your piano either locally or across country.

The Best Time To Move A Piano

The best time to move a piano should be during weekdays and it is recommended that such a move should be scheduled as early as possible on the moving date. Moving during the week is cheaper compared to when you move during the weekend.

Also, the best period of the year to schedule your piano relocation should be from September through April as demand for moving pianos during this period is minimal and that makes the rates a lot cheaper during this period of the year.

There are other things to consider while scheduling your move; make sure the climate is clement as moving during a bad weather condition can ruin the whole process, consider work hours and also put into consideration other factors that may be personal as the occasion may demand.

Piano Moving Equipment

Piano moving equipments are tools or devices needed to facilitate easy and fast relocation of piano either from its base into the moving truck or from the truck to the desired location where the piano is to be stationed or installed.

Examples of equipment used in moving a piano include skid boards, stair rollers, dollies to dual carry trucks, piano board straps, organ dollies, buckles, filters, electric dolly, and dollies for grand pianos among others. A professional piano moving company should have all these tools readily available for easy execution of their job.

Piano Storage

The piano storage facility may be needed if your home is undergoing one form of renovation or the other and you need to find a place to securely keep your piano while the renovation work is being carried out, then you can look out for piano moving companies that offer piano storage facilities.

There are a couple of piano moving companies who also offer piano storage facilities, do your findings and compare quotes of different companies around. You can also request for a climate-controlled storage space that will help to keep your piano in shape so that it does not deteriorate while it is not in use.

Piano Movers Near Me

Piano moving companies are all around your localities, take your time to look around, enquire from those who have used their services in the past, read up on their company profile, and make sure they are insured and you are good to go with them as far as they are capable of offering you your desired services. The regulations, licenses, and rates vary from city to city and state to state, do well to do a thorough finding in selecting your preferred piano moving company.

Local Piano Movers

Local piano movers are needed when you are moving across town and they can be easily found in your area.

Long Distance Piano Movers

Long distance piano movers can be engaged if you are moving your piano from across long distances that are not within your town. Make sure you engage a capable moving company that has the required technical know-how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to retune my piano after it is moved?

Most people assume that if their piano is moved to another house or across the country, it needs significant retuning. But it is not always the case.

One of the most important factors in the tune of a piano is humidity. If the piano travels through areas with varying levels of humidity, it may require retuning. If the humidity is a similar level throughout the journey, it may not require any further tuning.

Is it safe to move a piano across the same room without professional assistance?

It is very common for piano owners to move their piano across a room after it is delivered by a moving company. Perhaps you are rearranging your furniture and you have finally landed on the ideal spot for your piano.

We would recommend that you exercise extreme caution when moving your piano. It is not so much about the piano, but yourself and your home.

Pianos are very heavy and dragging them on your floor may damage the wood floor or carpet. Meanwhile, trying to lift a piano by yourself or with one other person can be dangerous, as they are very heavy.

What should I do to prepare for the individuals who are coming to pick up my piano?

One of the best things that you can do is to clear the space where the movers will enter to pick up your piano. Ensure there is a clear path between the piano and the door. It is also a good idea to clear the staircase and any other areas where the movers may go to get your piano outside.

Another helpful tip is to ensure there is space for the movers to park the moving van. It should be close to the door of your home or apartment building to make the process easier.

What happens if the movers damage my piano during the moving process?

The most reputable movers that offer piano moving services take great care to ensure that your instrument does not suffer any damage. But there are no guarantees when you are lifting and loading heavy objects.

It is best to purchase insurance from the moving company for your piano. They will offer you several plans, and we would advise that you choose the plan with the most comprehensive coverage.

Such coverage ensures that you receive financial compensation if your piano is damaged or lost.

Is it better to move my piano before or after my other possessions are loaded onto a moving van?

Time is not always a commodity available to people who are moving long distance. You may have no choice but to schedule your piano moving for a specific date or time.

If you do have the option, we recommend that you schedule your piano moving for AFTER your other possessions are loaded onto a moving truck.

Moving your piano at the end ensures that your rooms are clear. It means that movers can easily shift the piano across the room and get it to the moving van. If you have furniture and valuables throughout the rooms of your home, moving a piano becomes more challenging.

Can I help the movers shift my piano into the moving van?

It is imperative that you ask the moving company beforehand if you want to help during the moving process. Some companies may not allow you to participate in the process, beyond holding a door open, as it is an insurance liability issue.

There is no need to help in most cases. Moving companies have a lot of experience dealing with heavy items like pianos. So long as you are upfront with them about the conditions of the move, they will bring the necessary personnel and equipment to shift it safely.

In conclusion

Engaging the right professional piano moving company already guarantees that the moving of your piano will be done in accordance with generally accepted standard using the right tools and equipment to ensure the process is carried out safely and securely.

Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.

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