The Best Moving Companies in Chicago 2022

A reliable moving company is essential for your move whether in or out of Chicago so that your possessions can be safely moved from one point to another. Between the harsh winters, traffic jams, and difficult parking, the moving process can be so much more challenging. Since we are well vast at knowing moving companies, we’re available to find you the right Chicago Movers that fit your needs.

Top 3 Recommended Chicago Movers Around You

2 Guys and a Van

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The Professionals

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Moovers Chicago

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The Best Moving Companies in Chicago 2022

In this article

Hence, we compiled a list of top moving companies in the Chicago area.

These moving companies have been tested and passed thorough requirements that prove them to be the best moving companies in Chicago. Later in this article, you can also read about the best ways to move around Chicago. Also, find out the interesting and attractive neighborhoods to live in Chicago.

We also frequently asked questions about Chicago as well as other important information to help you settle down easily.

Moving experts from Moving Feedback have performed deep research to figure out the best movers in Chicago based on important factors like reliability and reputation, reviews and testimonials, legal and licensing, experience and expertise, commitment, and punctuality.

List of Top 10 Chicago Movers of 2022

The company you hire depends on the distance of your move, your budget, and the size of your home.

Below are the top 10 moving companies as contained in the list provided by our experts and based on average Google reviews, and other factors used to vet them:

1. 2 Guys and a Van

Guys and a Van

When it comes to moving your things easily, then you might consider hiring 2 Guys and a Van. They have a motto which is “moving made simple,” and this is true in the services they offer.

This is a family-based company and has years of experience in the moving industry. They have been in operation for over 10 years and have earned the trust of the people of Chicago through their diligence.

They are fully licensed, honest, very reliable, and do not add any hidden charges to their fees. When you meet with them, you can expect nothing less of quality. They are also very excellent in handling moves under very short notice.


  • No hidden charges
  • Quality moving service
  • Quality moving service


  • Limited availability
  • Low online presence

2. The Professionals Moving Specialists

The Professionals Moving Specialists

Professional Moving Specialists is one of Chicago’s finest moving companies. They are also very reliable and will deliver nothing but the best quality when they are hired.

The services they provide range from residential moving services to commercial moving services too. They are based only in Chicago, and that means they do not extend their services to other states.

Like every great moving company, they are insured and licensed. The touch of professionalism you get from them also comes at an affordable price.

Many customers have turned out very satisfied after trying out their service, and the promote promises to be consistent in giving top-notch moving services.


  • Residential and commercial moving services
  • Insured and Licensed movers
  • Affordable moving services
  • Satisfied customers


  • Local moves only
  • No instant quote

3. Moovers Chicago

Moovers Chicago

Another best of Chicago is the Moovers Chicago. They offer both professional residential and commercial moving services and guarantee to provide you with the best results.

They have a special department that also focuses on helping to move studio equipment. Trust me, if you have been worried about how to move your belongings with the elevator, Movers are up to the task.

They also give their customers a special treat of assembling and dissembling weighty and large furniture. Their trained experts know how to use power tools in getting the job done smoothly and excellently.


  • Accommodates special moving requirements
  • Assembling and dissembling service
  • Relevant moving equipment available


  • No interstate move
  • No tracking of shipment

4. New City Moving

New City Moving

Seeking a company with a handful of experienced, well-trained staff, and a job is always done well, then your choice has got to be New City Moving Company.

With over 70 trucks and over 180 well-trained, professional movers, your move can rarely go wrong. Moving can be very challenging, but they help to make the process worth it.

They started out in 2009, and now they have been in the business for a decade, making sure customers are happy.

They also help to guide their customers on what they need to do if they do not have any idea where to start from when they need to move.


  • Well-trained staffs
  • Many moving trucks and workers
  • Prioritizes customers satisfaction
  • Works closely with customers


  • Not long in the moving industry
  • No quick moving quote

5. Collins Family Movers

Collins Family Movers

Collins Family Movers are excellent when it comes to moving. They are always keen on the safety of all your belongings and items. Added to their principle of safety is affordability.

They make sure they keep the highest standard of quality at an affordable and friendly price. Moving can be hard, yes, but with the Collins Family Movers, you can have reduced stress. They will make sure you are satisfied with your move all the way.

They are only based within Chicago and do not extend to other states. But those in Chicago who have tried them out can attest to their amazing quality of services.

You have nothing to worry about as they are keen about customer satisfaction.


  • Prioritizes safety of customer’s items
  • Quality and affordable moving services
  • Focuses on customers’ satisfaction


  • No interstate moves
  • Nothing on insurance coverage

6. Expert Movers

Expert Movers

Just as the name implies, Expert Movers are one of Chicago’s best moving experts, and they stop at nothing to keep their standards up to par. Part of the services they offer are packing, planning, and also execution.

When you hire the services of Expert Movers, you know you are in for an excellent service from the very beginning up until the end.

Expert movers ensure double excellence in their services by being licensed and insured. This will help you keep your mind at peace. All staffs in the company are of course experts and are well equipped to bring a touch of success to every move.


  • Packing services
  • Licensed and insured movers
  • Well-trained staff
  • Quality moving services


  • No instant quote
  • No long-distance move

7. Chicago Marathon Movers

Chicago Marathon Movers

Chicago Marathon Mover is next on our list for the best moving companies in Chicago. They made it to this list because of the quality of service they also deliver in every single move job they do.

No move is too small or too big for them to handle, and all moves are done correctly. During the job, only the best types of materials are used to pack and move the customer’s work.

They offer some of their services for free and use only the best tools to bring about a fantastic job done. Their services include residential moving, local moving within Illinois, packing and unpacking, interstate move too. So yes, you can use them to move out of Chicago.


  • Quality moving service delivery
  • Handles all size of moves
  • Add-on services
  • Interstate moving services


  • Lengthy quote process
  • Low online presence

8. H2H Movers

H2H Movers

The H2H movers offer you a great way to move within Chicago. They offer you excellent customer relationships and a way to ease down the stress of moving.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving from the city to the suburbs or vice versa, they are always willing and ready to help you out. They have the experience as well as the able hands to bring out the beauty in every move.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential move, they have you covered. Even when you might not have the time to do the coordination and planning yourself, H2H comes in to help you make everything watertight and ensure a smooth move.


  • Excellent customer relationship
  • Experience movers
  • Performs all types of move


  • Moving cost may be expensive
  • Nothing on insurance

9. USA Moving & Storage

USA Moving & Storage

The name USA Moving and Storage denotes that they help with various moves in the USA. They are based in Chicago and can help Chicago residents move, with more coverage.

They can also help you with a perfect interstate move, where all you need to think about is the time of arrival. Everything is always under control with them.

Added to their services is a free storage service for a month. They also help with office moves and residential moves. Anything that has to do with storage can be covered by them. Whatever the situation is, they are capable of handling it.


  • More coverage area
  • Free storage service for a month
  • Office and residential moves
  • Expert movers


  • The long- the move may take much time
  • The long- the move may take much time

10. Pack-Men Movers

Pack-Men Movers

Finally, on our list of top ten movers in Chicago, we give to you Pack-Men and Storage. They give you a full personal and business moving service.

With them, you can either choose between do-it-yourself services or you let them handle the total of the moving process. When you place a call to them, you can get estimates by using a moving cost calculator within minutes, and it’s absolutely free.

They help with assembling and disassembling your bulky furniture. Packing and unpacking services are something they help you do. You can trust them to help you with a decent move any day.


  • Personalized moving services
  • Partial or full-service moves
  • Instant free moving estimate
  • Add-on services


  • Low online presence
  • Mixed customer reviews.

The Following Table Displays The Best Moving Companies in Chicago:

No. Moving Companies in Chicago 2022 Website
1 2 Guys and a Van
2 The Professionals Moving Specialists
3 Movers Chicago
4 New City Moving
5 Collins Family Movers
6 Expert Movers
7 Chicago Marathon Movers
8 H2H Movers
9 USA Moving & Storage
10 Pack-Men Movers

What is the Cost of Movers in Chicago?

Unlike local moving companies, the cost of moving long-distance is given by weight. If you are moving all the contents of a two to three-bedroom home on average, about 7,500 lbs at 1000 miles in Chicago, the cost would range from $4,500 to $5,000.

While a lot of companies offer long-distance moves, it is important to understand that many local movers in Chicago specialize in local moves within the city.

Most people consider price as the ultimate factor to choosing a moving company. The average cost to hire a mover can differ but it is generally based on the size of the move.

Also, it is important to remember that cost of moves within Chicago is determined by hourly rates. Although hiring a moving company may be a convenient option, it is important to look closer at the costs before you choose whether it is worth the cost or not.

Let us discuss the typical cost of hiring a Chicago moving company.

Home Size No. of Movers Base Cost (2hrs) Cost per Hour No. of Hours Avg. Total
Studio 2 movers $250 $70 per hr 3 hours $320
One Bedroom 2 movers $250 $70 per hr 4 hours $390
Two Bedroom 3 movers $313 $90 per hr 6 hours $671
Three Bedroom 4 movers $391 $115 per hr 7 hours $964
Four Bedroom 4 movers $391 $115 per hr 9 hours $1193
5 Bedroom+ 5 movers $488 $147 per hr 12 hours $1956

Remember these are only average costs. The items you move and the location will also affect pricing.

Transporting a huge antique wardrobe over multiple flights of stairs will certainly cost you a bit more. One more thing to remember is that buildings like high-rises and managed apartments may sometimes need you to give a copy of the moving company’s insurance.

Read How much does Long-distance movers cost?

Getting Around Chicago

Chicago is a city that encourages walking, and having the second-largest public transit system in the country, including rail (the popular “L” train) and bus options, one can easily get around the city without owning a car.

Chicago city also offers bike-sharing through Divvy. If you are driving your car, however, you sure are not alone.

There are 7 mainline and 4 auxiliary cross-state highways that run across the city, with two of them (the Kennedy and the Dan Ryan) considered as the busiest in the state.

Chicago presents work commuters with challenges with many frustrating long rush hours starting from 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m., but the good news is that Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) can move you to any part of the city.

You have many options when looking into transit:

Take the L.: The Chicago Transit Authority offers buses and elevated trains also known as the “L” for getting around the city. The cost of trains per ride is $2.50 and buses are charged at $2.25.

For total convenience, obtain a Ventra card: you just tap the card against the turnstile entrance, and the fare is automatically deducted from your account.

Choose the Pedway: This is the downtown pedestrian walkway and is a system that links over 40 blocks in the Central Business District through underground tunnels and overhead bridges.

It is a quick, safe, and convenient way to move around downtown (in winter especially) and is often used by a lot of commuters every day.

Opt to bike: Biking around Chicago city offers a lot of flexibility (and also better than walking). Biking has become a norm in Chicago that Divvy, a new bike-sharing company, launched rental stations all over the city.

Call a cab: There are many taxis in Chicago and most of them take credit and debit cards. In poor weather, put your Hailo app to use by hailing a cab with just your smartphone.

Share a ride: Uber and Lyft are smartphone apps that connect you with local drivers who will drop you at your exact destination for just half the price of a taxi.

If you have time flexibility and want to save some money too, choose their carpool option (Lyft Lune or Uber Pool), which will pick up passengers that are going in the same direction.

Places to Live in Chicago: Best Neighborhoods to Consider

We sure don’t want to make you feel intimidated, but there are over 200 neighborhoods in Chicago. Chicago is the city’s official marketing site and it categorizes the city into four divisions: Downtown, North, South, and West, providing a list of about 50 of the commonly known neighborhoods.

To simplify it, we are listing out one of our favorites from the list.


It is one of the few largest areas in the United States. Chinatown prides itself on over 65,000 Chinese residents. In this neighborhood, you will not just experience Chinese culture in each part, such as public art, genuine restaurants, and specialty shops, you will also be closer to Chinatown Square which is the largest Chinese mall in the Midwest.

North Chicago: Wicker Park/Bucktown

These two are combined neighborhoods with rich live music, coffee shops, art galleries, and many shopping in Chicago. If you like to walk at your leisure, the 606 is a 2.7-mile-lonmile-long recently abandoned railroad track that links many different parks and public art setups across the area.

Also, if you are a live-music love, Subterranean is one great site to catch a show. Rent in this neighborhood begins from about $1,250 and increases from there greatly. If you are planning to buy a home, prepare up to $1 million.

West Chicago: Humboldt Park

This neighborhood boasts of a Spanish-Colonial structure, national pride, and murals of bright colors, as a huge part of its residents are descendants from Puerto Rico.

You will not only find the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture here, but also where many real restaurants and specialty shops are located.

The neighborhood also hosts two main events each year, the Fiesta Boricua and the Puerto Rican People’s Parade. If you plan to buy in this area, houses are much affordable but might need some renovation work. The rent, however, costs from $800 upward.

South Chicago: Bridgeport

Bridgeport is a busy neighborhood where politics and art clash with White Sox Pride. The cost of rent here is about $850, and houses and condos for homebuyers cost about 130,000.

Even though Schaller’s Pump, the oldest tavern in Chicago, has just closed down after 136 years of business, don’t fret. There are many other treasures, like Nana, Bridgeport Coffee Company, Pleasant House Bakery, Godzilla superstore known as Monster Island Toys, and Let’s Boogie Records & Tapes. Yeah, it is a toy store that sells only Godzilla merchandise.  

Printer’s Row

This is a neighborhood located in central Chicago, by the wets of Grant Park, in the middle of Chicago City. Printer’s Row population is at 3,729 and it offers a dense city feel with loads of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and outdoor space options.

This area is perfect for young professionals and most people here are renters. The average rent is $2,061   

Clarendon Hills

This is a neighborhood located in Dupage County, on the West of Chicago, and was rated first by Niche as the best place to live in the Chicago-land area.

The village has a population of 8,711 and is ranked well for its jobs, schools, housing, and residents concerned regarding fitness and health.

The average home price here is $561,700 and rent is only $985. A great number of people are homeowners in the Clarendon Hills area.


What’s Chicago’s living cost?

Living in Chicago city is expensive. The cost of living in the Windy City is around 12% more than the national average. The average home price in Chicago is $210,700, and the average rent is $995 per month.

The average income in Chicago is $50,755, which is below the national household income which is $61937 annually.

What are the safest Chicago neighborhoods?

There are certain areas in Chicago where criminal activities are common, and you will be able to discover that some areas are safer than others. Neighborhood Scout reported that some of the safest areas are located in Chicago’s north side, such as:

West Devon Avenue & North Central
North Western Avenue & West Grace
North Caldwell Avenue & North Lehigh

Beverly is, however, the safest neighborhood in Chicago, located in the southwest section of the city closer to South Western Avenue and West 99th Street.

In general, Chicago is 7% safer than other cities in the country. It has a general crime rate of 42 per 1,000 residents, which is above the national average for cities of similar size, as reported by Neighborhood Scout.

What salary is good for comfortable living in Chicago?

Considering housing, transportation, groceries, and utilities, you will need to earn about $94,917 as a renter in Chicago, or $84,765 as a homeowner to live a comfortable life.

Sadly, most Chicago residents earn an average income of just $52,497, leaving an average difference of $32,000.

Is finding a job in Chicago hard?

In general. Getting a job anywhere is difficult unless you are an engineer or you have scientific knowledge. That said, Chicago may be the best city to look for employment. Many businesses of various types, corporations, and industries are not in much competition as NYC or Los Angeles.

Are You Set To Move?

Whether you are relocating to get an adventure in a new city, moving for business, or to be with your family, you will easily fall in love with the Windy City.

If you choose to hire movers, be quick to contact your friends at Bellhops. We take care of local and long-distance moves in Chicago and we are ready to help.

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