Affordable Methods To Move A Car To Another City

Moving your entire household possessions is tough enough not to talk of the stress of transporting your vehicle in addition to it. But know that there are some stress-free solutions to moving your car in the middle of a stressful move. When compiling your task list for your cross country move, remember to plan for the way to move your vehicle besides hiring the best cross country mover.

Affordable Methods To Move A Car To Another City

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Even though the easiest way to relocate a vehicle to a new state is to drive it to the destination yourself, the process becomes a bit complicated when you are driving the moving truck yourself or if you own and are moving more than one vehicle.

We have everything you need, including your preferred door-to-door service or a cost-saving plan for your move.

Hitch the Car to your Moving Truck using a Tow Dolly or Car Carrier

Some moving truck rental companies also offer devices that enable you to hitch your vehicle to the truck and tow it safely to your new home for rent. The type and the size of the car you are moving will determine whether you will rent a tow dolly or a car carrier.

Even though this option is great if available, note that only a few vehicles are perfect for towing this way. If you own a low-front or front-air-damn car, loading it onto the ramp might not be possible.

Backing up in the moving truck is also made impossible when you have a tow dolly or car carrier on your rental moving truck, so you need to be ready for mobility limitation.

If this option interests you, consider hitch devices availability during your rental truck research and make sure you ask many questions so you can make sure it will be perfect for your vehicle.

Asking a Non-Professional to drive the Vehicle

Do you need a cost-effective way to transport your car? Try asking a friend, student, or someone reliable who could drive your car for extra bucks. Even though some glaring risks are involved, hiring a non-professional driver to drive your car has its benefits.

Firstly, the option is affordable, and a person means to move your car. Be sure to agree on a particular price in advance of your move, and pay the driver after completing the move. Also, verify if potential accidents are covered by your car insurance.

Driving it yourself

Definitely, you can always count on the old-fashioned way of moving your car. Driving your car yourself is one of the best means to haul your car to another location. If your moving distance is closer, then this route is highly recommended.

This will not only save you some money; you can also be assured that your vehicle will be in safe hands. If you are moving to another state or across the country, this option will not be easy, but performable.

You can consider flying to your new home, move in your belongings, and then fly back to your old location to bring your car. Another option is to drive your car to the new location at the start of the move.

Hiring a professional moving company to move most of your household belongings will be much easier. You can easily concentrate on the upcoming road trip and not on driving a large moving truck. Let’s shed more light on this.

Hire a Professional Auto Transporter

If you plan to move a vehicle to a new state without dealing with it at all, then hire a professional auto transporter to get it done. Professional auto transporter requires you to pay for your car’s loading onto a large open-air or enclosed moving truck bed.

The size of your car, the moving method you choose to load it, and your start and destination locations will determine the amount you will spend. The professional auto shipping rate starts from $600 to $1,000 and more based on CostHelper.

Make sure you research different auto transport companies to locate the best, reliable, and reputable auto transport company for your need if you choose this option.

Check our auto transport page to get started. Check online reviews and if the company has any complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Also, ensure that any auto shipping company you decide to partner with is insured and licensed by checking their United States Department of Transportation number on the FMCSA website.

Transporting the Car through Amtrak’s Auto Train

When making a decision on how to move your car, you may have forgotten or not knowing that you can transport your car by train.

If you are moving to any location along the East Coast between Washington, DC, and Orlando, FL, you can load your belongings in the car and then load your vehicle onto the auto train. Amtrak states that its Auto Train can move cars, Motorcycles, SUVs, and more. For further information concerning how to ship cars through trains, click here.

Getting your Car prepared for a Cross Country Move

If you choose to tow your car with a professional auto transporter, you need to take some preventive steps to get your vehicle ready for travel.

Be sure to ask for the requirements from your rental trailer or auto shipping company that is supplying you with the hitch, but generally, you should do the following:

  • Inspect and take a photo of any existing damage on your car
  • Be sure your tires are well inflated and in good shape
  • Remember to check your fuel gauge as it shouldn’t exceed one-quarter full
  • Take away your personal items from the vehicle. If you are moving the car with a tow dolly or car carrier, the vehicle will need to be totally empty. You may be given an allotted weight for your auto shipping even though enough and need your vehicle to be empty.
  • Get rid of any valuables from your vehicle, with GPS devices and all vital documents from the glove compartment
  • Remove or retract your car’s antenna
  • Make sure your car battery is fully charged

Your car immediately reaches its final destination, quickly checks for any damage, and is sure to take photographs. Even though you will not file a claim if you transport the car yourself, professional auto transport companies offer procedures to cover damage claims.


You need to locate a professional auto shipping company. Obtain free auto shipping quotes through Moving Feedback. All our auto transport partners are licensed and insured comes ready for all the difficulties related to your car shipping needs.

We sure believe that these companies we partner with are the best at what they do and deliver your belongings with peace of mind that nothing will go wrong with your move. Avoid adding unnecessary stress to your move planning because of your vehicle move. Consult our list of the best car shipping companies and will be glad you do.

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