Moving to Florida: 20 Best Things To Know Before Moving

Looking to move to Florida? You need these pieces of information.

While moving to a new state is daunting, our moving team wants you to know that we are here to provide quality services and also help out with knowledge. We want you to have all the necessary information to make a good decision about whether changing the state to Florida is best for you.

Also, we want to reveal to you how you can enjoy your move after deciding to move to Florida.

Certainly, you will get surprised by any new place. That is one of the aspects of moving; exploring a new location and doing what is necessary to make it feel like home.

However, there are certain things you may need to know before you reach your destination to ensure you have a smoother and enjoyable transition.

Below are 20 things you should be aware of before you go.

Moving to Florida: 20 Best Things To Know Before Moving

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1. Florida is Diverse and Large

Drive from the north to the south and you’ll find out a state that is as diverse as its length. North Florida is said to have more Southern influence ironically, with a set of countryside style and a great love for college football, thanks to Florida State University and the University of Florida.

There is more ethnic variety in South Florida, as well as influences from Latin America and the Caribbean, including some larger cities and enjoyable nightlife. You will experience a laidback lifestyle that has numerous amenities and culture in Southwest Florida.

2. Florida is Home to Many Cultures

The fact that Florida draws in people from all around the globe is one of the many best things about the state. This has significantly influenced the environment as regards culture.

Florida is indeed a destination with a cultural melting pot from the Spanish settlers who started St. Augustine in 1565 (which makes it the oldest city in the US) and the Seminole Tribe, to the varieties of peoples who have moved here since then from different parts of the country and the world at large. The diversity in Florida is just one of the numerous great things that make it so unique.

3. You’ll quickly love the Beach

Living in Florida means that you are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, on top of numerous bodies of water inside the state. You generally can get out of bed and go swimming, boating, surfing, tanning, fishing, and scuba diving to see marine life, hidden treasure, and reefs.

4. Florida is Home to Many Seniors

Even though Florida is not the state that has the highest average age, it is on the top list, though. It is a common destination among retirees, partly because of its warm weather and its retirement tax-friendliness.

That doesn’t mean Florida is not for young professionals. There are many things the state has to offer people of different ages. The state is even popular for millennials who desire to become a homeowner.

5. There is a Political Division in Florida

With different people and locations in the state of Florida, swinging is so much common to the state when it comes to election. That is why our state receives much attention and is usually talk of the country every four years during the election for president.

6. You have a Lot to Do than Just Disney and Beaches

When a lot of people think of Florida, what they see is to imagine that everyone is always hanging out on the beach and Disney World all day and all time. Our outdoor activities are for one innumerable.

Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, boating, scuba diving, and fishing are only parts of the various activities that residents of Florida partake in. We also have different parks, museums, entertainment communities, thriving arts, aquariums, and a variety choice of restaurants and shopping. There are always lots of things to do.

7. You can hang out with a Dolphin

Almost everyone in Florida swims with dolphins, the sea-friendly creature at certain points, at different places on the state like Marineland Dolphin Adventure and Discovery Cove. There is no feeling that matches that of swimming with a dolphin leading you.

8. Remember the Cost of Living

Yes, aside from housing and home remodeling costs, there are also other factors to consider when living in Florida. You must factor in utilities, transportation, and taxes in your moving budget for your new Florida living.

Fortunately, most costs of living are comparable to other states, and some allow savings. Because of the warm weather, you can get ready to spend a lesser amount on winter clothing on heating fuel than any other location in the country.

However, the biggest saving is from the state income tax as it is not charged in Florida. That’s right; you won’t have to pay state taxes in your salary in Florida, meaning you will have extra money to spend on what you wish.

9. The Wildlife is beyond just Alligators

There are lots of attention to alligators in Florida. It is highly dangerous wildlife in the state that gets into the press more often. You will hear news about gator encounters and snake under porches even more than you’ll hear and read about any other wildlife.

However, if you love to be outdoors, you will enjoy exploring the varieties of ecosystems of the state and seeing so many critters of Florida.

10. Baseball is a Huge Thing

For almost a century starting in late February to early April, Major League teams gave come together all over the country for spring training. Just only in our region, you will find out the Pittsburg Pirates at LECOM Park located in Bradenton, the Tampa Bay Rays at Charlotte, Sports Park in Port Charlotte, the Baltimore Orioles at McKechnie Stadium located in Sarasota, and soon enough, the Atlanta Braves will be going down to the new spring training stadium located in North Port.

11. Get ready for the Weather

The climate in Florida makes the weather too harsh and sometimes unpredictable. While we are widely known for our beautiful sunshine, we also experience many thunderstorms and hurricanes. We understand how to get ready for it, though.

Once you refresh your knowledge of the weather, be alert, and get yourself ready, it doesn’t have to discourage you from moving to the state because you stand to gain a lot in the state.

12. One capital cannot satisfy Floridians

Capitol building is located in Tallahassee back in 1845 when Florida became a state, and which is now found on the National Register of Historic Places. However, there is now a new capital in Tallahassee building from the 1970s that stands right behind the old one. You can judge the one that looks the best from the two.

13. South Florida and North Florida are not the same

You can sometimes take South Florida and North Florida as different states. South Florida has more diversity and represents more of the Caribbean and Latin America’s influence.

The southern part of Florida is also where you see more nightlife. North Florida is where the state’s capital is situated and has a different climate from the southern part of the state.

If you are thinking to be a homeowner in Florida, it is worthy of note that South Florida is experiencing the effect of rising sea levels as well as other events related to climate change. North Florida is not as susceptible to climate change.

14. There is Low Taxes in Florida

Florida is one of the few states that don’t charge state income tax, and the cost of living here is low as well. On the contrary, gas taxes in Florida are high so you might want to be careful to mix errands and love closer to your place of work to save money and gas.

Just seven states in the country don’t charge income tax, and good news, Florida is one of the few. Florida doesn’t charge inheritance tax or estate tax, which means no port of your possession will be sent to the state.

15. You Might Want to improve your Hurricane Safety

For your move to Florida, and especially if South Florida is your final destination, it is always nice to find out more on hurricane safety and watch out for weather alerts in hurricane season.

You might have to add a board to your windows or have a shelter in a place that doesn’t have electricity. If you conduct a little research before you experience your first hurricane season in the Sunshine state, you will easily survive it.

16. Visiting Disney World even once is worth it

Visiting Disney World can be expensive, but it is a top Florida experience. You can add it with a trip to Universal Studios as well. Due to distance, you might not want to visit Disney World if you live in South Florida.

However, we are counting on your kids to be able to convince you whether now or later. Just travel safely on the road. A recent Smart Asset study reveals that Florida ranks first as the state that has the worst drives.

17. Florida is a Golf State

If you love golf, consider Florida as a home. The state has many golf courses and hosts different golf tournaments across the year. If you have no experience playing golf before, you might want to give it a try after your move to Florida, even if it is to just see what the fuss is all about.

18. Careful of snowbirds

As you adapt to the unstable tourists, you also need to beware of snowbirds. These simply mean that the people who live in Florida but only live there seasonally and not the birds that travel to and from Florida.

Snowbirds are usually retirees who relocate to the south during the winter months from their residence in northern locations, such as New York, Michigan, or Vermont. They will live in the state with you during the warm winter season, then they’ll leave the state to their homes in the north immediately after the climate changes.

19. There are many things to do

Baskets full of outdoor activities are offered by Florida all through the year to keep you busy. Together with the beautiful beaches for surfing, swimming snorkeling, and other water-based activities, Florida has many rivers, parks, springs, and lakes.

Residents and visitors can enjoy fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Golf is one other common activity as there are many top-notch golf courses in the state that draw top golf players across the country.

Certainly, there is no way we can forget about Mickey and his friends. One of the major attractions in Florida is Walk Disney World. Together with Universal Studios, Sea World, and other great parks located around Orlando, these are playgrounds for adults and kids and are worth visiting even for if once.

20. Housing in Florida is above the Country’s Average

One other major thing that often comes up on the list of things to know in Florida is about the Housing market. Whether you are buying or renting a home, you necessarily need to know about housing costs and the types of homes that are common in the region.

Florida offers an average home value a bit above the national average, at $206, 476. As you might expect, some neighborhoods located at the beachfront are costly than other areas of the state.

Zillow reported in its estimate that the average list cost for housing in Florida is $161 per square foot. This website also predicts an increase of 2.5% in housing prices in the coming year. If you plan to rent, you can prepare about $1,800 as rental cost.

Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

Regardless of where your move leads you to in Florida, there are some merits and demerits that apply to most of the state’s population just like in any other cities of the world. Relax and reflex on how the factors might affect your daily routine now and in about five years to come.

For example, can you really endure the heat? Even though factors like this may look unnecessary, however, the weather condition is capable of affecting how you live your life beyond what you may imagine.

Nevertheless, Florida still remains one of the best cities to live and enjoy your stay. Let’s look at both pros and cons of living in Florida.

Pros of Living in Florida

Let’s first consider why Florida should be your next location. Below are some great things that Florida has in stock for you. You have to decide whether they are worth considering out of other states of the United States.

  • No income tax from the state
  • Lower housing costs than most part of the nation
  • Top-level beaches and much outdoor entertainments to be enjoyed
  • No snow, everywhere is warm all through the year
  • Discounts are given to Florida residents to acclaimed beauties
  • There are many communities committed to snowbirds and retirees.

Cons of Living in Florida

Now let’s see why many people have a lot of excitement about moving to Florida but end up vacating the state a couple of years later. Maybe they are tired of any of these disadvantages. Can you cope with the following?

  • Hurricanes and excessive heat and humidity
  • Florida is very flat and has no mountains and valleys
  • The state has more tourists and temporal residents than other states
  • Higher insurance costs in the state than anywhere else in the country
  • Presence of larger bugs, snakes, and alligators in the state

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent moving scams in Florida?

The bad news is that south Florida, all through the state and the entire nation, are facing scams. Regardless of any mover, you choose to hire; we always recommend that you dig national moving companies thoroughly.

Let your major concentration be on aspects like the estimated pricing, availability of supplemental insurance, and adequate licensing. Also, confirm their reputation as a quality moving company through online reviews.

Why should I conduct thorough research before relocating to Florida?

Due to the recent pool on Gallup, most Florida residents don’t see their state as one of the best places to live in the country. You may probably end up feeling the same way if you are planning to relocate there. Conducting research before moving will clear your doubt and feel confident about where you are moving to.

What are the average water temperatures of the beaches in Florida?

Check the National Oceanographic Data Center website to check the chart of median water temperatures at beaches in Florida for Atlantic Ocean temperatures as well as Gulf of Mexico temperatures. In general, the water temperature anywhere in the state will be warm enough for swimmers between the month of April and October.

How can I know which beaches and state parks accommodate pets?

All Florida state parks allow domestic pets in some day-use regions. The pets must be on a hand-held leash of six feet long or shorter and also behave well all through the visit. Pet owners are expected to take care of their pets and nicely get rid of their droppings. No pet is allowed on the cabins, playgrounds, beaches, bathing areas, concession facilities, or park buildings.

Pets’ restricted areas may differ from one park to another. Read more to know about Pet policies in Florida State Parks. Check to find out which park in Florida allows dogs. You will find the top 10 dog beaches in Florida on this website, as well as many other cities.

What is proper proof of vehicle insurance in Florida?

You may use any of the following document’s original or copy as proof of vehicle insurance:

  • Auto insurance card from Florida
  • Florida insurance policy
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Binder
  • A detailed original affidavit duly signed by the insured driver

What do Florida SHOTS mean, and how does it work?

Florida SHOTS, which means State Health Online Tracking System is a free, centralized online immunization registry across the state that assists parents, schools, and health care companies to monitor immunization records.

Request for a personal ID from your health care provider so you can check the immunization history of your children as well as print a copy of the Certification of Immunization known as DH Form 680 in Florida for your children.

What is the Drug Court in Florida?

To limit the number of addicted individuals and to enhance rehabilitation, a drug court system was introduced in the state of Florida, and it concentrates on the treatment of addiction rather than incarceration.

The state believes it can lower recidivism on non-violent, first-time offenders through the treatment and also help give the opportunity to the defendant to have control over their lives once again.

Florida is the first state in the country to establish a drug court system in the year 1989, while other states have followed the part after seeing the outcome.

What happens if a Drug Test turns out Positive?

Beating addiction is very difficult. Fortunately, the state understands this, and even though a single positive drug test won’t lead to the removal of a defendant from the program, it may, however, lead to more enhanced treatment.

However, the defendant may be removed from the drug court system, and the case is reclassified if tested positive again while in the program. This implies that the case will pass through normal criminal court channels.

Who controls the affairs of moving companies in Florida?

Any mover performing local moves in Florida is required by chapter 507 of Florida Statutes to register with the state’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

Can I use my disabled parking car permit from the U.K. while I am driving in Florida?

Disabled parking car permits from European countries are not recognized in Florida for parking in spaces allocated for disabled persons. A citizen of another country in Florida as a visitor can get a temporary disabled parking permit from the state.

Once you arrive in Florida, kindly visit the office that produces Driver’s license Tag (or locate the nearest one to you by checking and come with the following items:

  • A copy of the two sides of your permit or your international disabled parking permit
  • Your passport for ownership verification of the international parking permit
  • Your driver’s license given by your residential country
  • $15 payable by cash or credit card.


If you decide to move to Florida, we are here to help you. Our professional moving team can help you get settled immediately you get here. When you are choosing a mover to move to Florida, don’t just choose anyone. Hire from the best out of state movers that are experienced and reputable servicing Florida.

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