Moving Container Frequently Asked Questions

Customers of the portable moving containers are offered a proper, cost-effective way of relocating or storing their household belongings. However, many of them still desire an answer to several questions about these storage units.

We’ve gathered and provided answers to the frequently asked questions regarding storage containers to get the answers you seek.

Moving Container Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving containers are portable storage units specially made to move the goods of an apartment or a home. Moving containers can be moved from one place to another by a large moving truck.

They can also be stored in a storage facility easily for an unlimited amount of time. Portable storage containers can also be stored on the customer’s property for the desired time, as most of them are weather-proof.

Moving containers, unlike moving trucks come directly to you, and you do not have to drive. You just have to pack and unload your portable container.

One of the top container companies offering moving containers to people is PODS. Others include Go Minis, U-Haul, 1-800-PACK-RAT, and Zippy Shell.

PODS brings the unit to you, so you don’t have to do any driving. You are left to load your container at your own desired period and keep it on your property, or they will come to pick it and haul it to a secure storage warehouse where you have easy access to it.

Once you are ready for your belongings, we bring the storage unit back to you or your new address, whether in a close distance or a home. Regardless, you load and unload your household belongings just once, and at your own free time.

Portable storage units are available for monthly rental, and it includes the time spent by the unit in your driveway, storage, or while on its way to your new home if you are relocating. This enables you to load and unload at your own time and on your personal arrangement.

Durable moving containers are built with galvanized steel corners and string walls. Portable storage units are often built with tie-down rings, waterproof materials, contain smooth interior walls, and have a translucent roof that allows ventilation in so you can see the contents during loading.

The storage container will be placed by the company wherever you asked them to within reason. Although these moving containers are built to easily fit on a driveway, most homeowners who park their vehicles in the garage will prefer to have the container set towards the curb.

If you are parking your storage unit on a sloppy driveway, then it will be positioned in such a way that the opening will be facing the upward slope of the way.

There are different sizes of containers available such as 16 by 8 by 8 units with close to 900 CB-ft. of storage space. This is perfect for fitting household goods from a home that measures 1,500 sq-ft of living area, though you may need another unit for goods stored in the basement, attic, garage, and patio.

Large items and furniture can be loaded in the container easily. In order to be accurate with the size of the unit you need, you can make use of the space calculator, which can be found on most moving container companies’ websites.

Even though there are wheels on the storage unit, the wheels are locked into place once the unit is delivered and placed. This is why it is important to inform the representative that is working on your order of the actual place you want the container to be placed by the driver, especially if you won’t be around when they make the delivery.

Normally, the average storage unit can contain about 7,500 lbs. worth of belongings; customers are often able to fill the container with just 4,000 – 5,000 lbs. due to the packaging and size of items.

The average 7,500lbs capacity should be perfect for an average home. However, you are allowed to exceed 7,500 lbs. limit if you are moving a lot of boxes, magazines, books, and much other heavy stuff.

Based on the company you decide to work with, you may be supplied with a key to your moving container or secure the unit with your personal lock. Regardless, you will be the only person in possession of the key to your moving container so you can be certain it is secured.

Customers are responsible for securing their belongings while inside the container. Normally, the container’s belongings are covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy while on your property and in transit. Check the terms in your current policy to be sure of this.

Certain moving container companies have what it takes to deliver to another state or country, so make sure you find this out before you hire the company you are looking into for your interstate or overseas moves.

For interstate moves, it is more convenient to move with moving containers as it reduces stress, unlike renting a moving truck. You can load the portable unit at your own time and get rid of the risks associated with driving a large truck.

Also, loading a moving container is done at ground level, which is easier than carrying stuff on a narrow ramp to load them into the moving truck.

The majority of moving container providers have well-experienced movers available should you need help with loading and unloading your moving container. This service often comes at extra cost, so be sure to ask the agent before you accept help.

You can pack your household items into the moving container yourself or leave it for them to load at an extra fee based on the quantity of help you require and your budget. If the company is doing the packing and loading for you, be sure to do the packing professionally.

There is a list of items that are not allowed into the moving container by each company. These generally include any flammable, corrosive or hazardous materials, plants, animals, or any frozen or unpreserved foods.

A moving container company with a good reputation always provides safety and loading instructions and tips to ensure its customers have a successful relocation. You can find this out by contacting the customer service of your provider.

The entire cost of your move is contained in your free, online moving quotes. It includes:

Monthly storage: Monthly cost to store your moving containers in our secure storage facility.

Delivery to and from your home: A home delivery fee may be charged.

Shipping your container: When shipping from one place to another.

There is no reason to worry about surprise costs such as hotel lodging, gas, additional driving time, and so on. You will get the convenience of ensuring you can keep your belongings with us until you are ready when you use U-Box containers.

Proper packing of your moving container is the easiest way to ensure it doesn’t shift while in transit. Heaviest belongings should be loaded at the bottom-center of the moving container, and the weight evenly distributed. About 2000lbs worth of goods can be loaded in each U-Box container.

If you own much heavy furniture, you may want to distribute the parts among several containers. Each belonging’s weight should not be up to that of the item loaded below it.

Also use pillows, sofa cushions, and furniture pads to fill extra space as you pack the moving container. Items will not shift in the moving container while in transit if you make sure there are no air gaps between loaded items; this is also applicable to your moving boxes.

If you need loading assistance for your container, just contact professional, highly-rated moving labor companies to load your moving container when booking your U-Box containers online.

You may need to get a parking permit for your unit in some cases. Contact your moving container agent to find out the best way to get these permits if necessary.

Get multiple quotes from different moving container providers. You may discover their prices vary as well as the quality of the services they offer to customers. There are certain factors to consider when choosing the best container company that you can only determine.

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