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Moving State Guide Utah

This article focuses on all you need to know to pertain to moving to the Beehive State, the 13th largest state by area in the Mountain West sub-region of the United States.

Since this might be your first time hiring a mover, we take a look at a couple of things you should look out for in one, as well as a quick look into what factors influence prices charged by movers in Utah.

Choosing The Best Moving Company in Utah

The importance of this must be overtly stressed, hiring a reputable moving company is the key to having a problem-free move. Below, you’d find a few key facts that you should put into consideration before picking a moving company in Utah.

Request for at least three different moving quotes to get a roughly accurate idea of what your move will cost.

Choosing a moving company in Utah without proper research could lead to a frustrating experience.

To get the best moving quotes, call up to three moving companies to make an in-person estimate of your house and tell you how much your move will cost.

These are done for free, it is to help you make sense of rates charged by movers in your area—then going for the most favorable.

Negotiate your most estimates to get the best possible prices

Moving companies in Utah generate moving estimates for both local and long-distance moves based on—but not limited to these factors:

  • Distance of the move.
  • Weight of your possessions.
  • Labor costs.

This is another reason to request multiple moving quotes, this helps you understand moving prices better thereby leaving you with the ability to negotiate with the mover better. Never be afraid to negotiate for a price that appeals to your budget.

Know your type of move

Before hiring a moving company, you need to understand what type of move you want to make. Some moving companies in Utah are better equipped to handle long-distance moves, some can handle both local and interstate moves, and some only offer specialty moving services. Make sure to hire the right mover, it will save you from a lot of stress.

Some other things to consider before choosing a mover in Utah:
Make sure the mover is licensed and insured
Ask for references
Use the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to view their service history
Inquire if they are capable of handling your move
Confirm their reputability by reading online reviews

Things To Know About Utah

Utah is known for its high quality of life, low crime and beautiful landscape; it is also more affordable than neighboring state Colorado so it’s a no-brainer as to why you’re moving to the Beehive State. A couple of things to know about Utah are:

1. Utah is home to five national parks, if you’ve seen pictures of some of the stunning rock formations in Utah, you’re probably already excited to check out the state’s scenery.

2. With over 500 inches of snowfall per year it is no surprise that snow sports are a big deal in Utah, there are several major ski resorts within Salt Lake City.

3. Utah is known for software and information technology, aerospace, energy and a host of other industries so you are more than likely to find a job that suits your needs.

4. Utah is known to be business-friendly with its limited regulations coupled with its low and competitive tax rates.

There are a lot of great places to live in Utah if you’re moving to Utah, but these three are worth highlighting:

1. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the cultural and business heart of Utah and is one of the best places to stay in Utah regardless of your age group. It is filled with historic buildings but still maintains its progressive and inclusive nature.

2. St. George

St. George was once a retirement town, however, the city is slowly shifting demographics and is filled with students and entrepreneurs. It is a great recreation and entertainment spot with Las Vegas under two hours away.

3. Kaysville

Kaysville is a family-oriented city, it is a short drive from fun and entertainment centers. It is ranked highly because of its education system and low crime rates. Home prices in Kaysville are at about $695,000 according to

By now you should be well-equipped to choose the right movers in Utah.

Utah is attracting many new residents who are drawn to its landscape, economy and quality of life. If you want to join the wave of folks moving to Utah, taking time to choose the right mover is paramount.

Utah Moving Cost

Local moving costs tend to range between $500 and $3,500. These prices widely vary because they are influenced by the size of your apartment and the weight of goods being moved. A long-distance move for a similarly sized apartment will range from $5,000 upwards.

Moving companies in Utah will also charge for labor by the hour at a rate of $70 to $120.

Factors Influencing Your Moving Cost

Just as we mentioned above, moving companies don’t just take a look at your house and go ‘yep, that would be $5,000–you look rich’, moving companies in Utah follow the same criteria when making moving quotes so prices are bound to be similar. They include—but are not limited to:

1. When you plan to move

Moving during certain months automatically means you would have no choice but to accept the increase in charges by movers in Utah. Moving companies in Utah charge more when there is an influx in the demand for their services, and this usually happens from April to September. You can get prices at least 20% cheaper if you move during the off-peak season.

2. Volume and Nature of Your Belongings

Heavy goods need a larger crew and might require more vehicles. Moving companies in Utah will charge more if you will be moving heavy and many delicate items.

3. Accessorial charges

Accessorial charges are fees for additional services performed by the moving company in Utah beyond pick-up and delivery.

Stairs carry: The first flight of stairs will be free at pick-up and delivery, but additional flights will be charged at $75 per flight or will be based on the carrier’s tariff.

Elevator use: Moving companies in Utah will collect a one-time charge of $75 if the use of an elevator is required at origin or destination.

Long carry: If movers in Utah must park greater than 75 feet from your doorstep, a charge of $1 per foot will be incurred.

Shuttle services: Extra charges will be included in your moving costs where the use of a smaller vehicle is required to get to places inaccessible by a van.

Movers in Utah generally provide three types of protection for your goods in case they are lost or damaged:

  • Limited Liability
  • Added Valuation
  • Full Value

Although a claim should be filed as soon as possible, you have nine months from the date of delivery to file a claim.

If I do my own packing, is the mover still responsible if something is lost or broken?

Yes. The mover usually has a tariff provision that allows it to repack moving boxes if they feel they have been improperly packed.

Although a claim should be filed as soon as possible, you have nine months from the date of delivery to file a claim.

At the time of the estimate or before the move, the moving company in Utah must supply:

  • A copy of the written non-binding or binding estimate
  • Neutral dispute settlement/arbitration program information
  • Contact information for the mover for inquires and complaints

Local moving costs tend to range between $500 and $3,500. These prices widely vary because they are influenced by the size of your apartment and the weight of goods being moved.

A long-distance move for a similarly sized apartment will range from $5,000 upwards.